Saturday, May 26, 2018

AR-15's Military Platform is Not the Point

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

There is an assault in place against the 2nd Amendment.

The argument seems to be circling around guns like the AR-15.  The liberal democrats and their knuckle-dragging minions call it an assault weapon.  The conservatives argue it's not.

The facts are simple.  The AR-15 is built on the same platform as the Army's M-4(A1) and the Marine Corps' M-16.  They use the same size caliber ammunition and come with a 30-round magazine.  The difference is that the military versions of these firearms have the option to fire in automatic bursts.  The AR-15 cannot.

Both the military version and the civilian version of the firearms are semi-automatics, which means a separate action in addition to pulling the trigger is not necessary to fire the next shot.

The leftists say that such military-grade weapons like the AR-15 has no business being in the hands of the average American.  Only members of the military and law enforcement should have access to these kinds of weapons.

The 2nd Amendment was written for the purpose of enabling the citizenry to be armed not only for protection of one's life and home, but to be armed against a potentially tyrannical government.

Which brings us back to the left's argument about the AR-15.

As I said, the 2nd Amendment was written so that we may protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.  The Democrats claim that Donald Trump is a fascist, a Nazi, and a tyrant.  Yet, they want the Trump government to enact gun control, and not only take guns away from law-abiding citizens, but make sure that only the authorities (military, federal officers, and law enforcement) are armed with such deadly weapons.

Why are they in favor of a tyrant taking our guns, and making sure that only government has access to them?

What could go wrong?

My leftist friends say, "but Doug, the AR-15 was specifically built for the purpose of killing people."

After which I responded, "All guns are capable of killing people. That's actually the point of the 2nd Amendment . . . to kill bad guys should the system be taken over by them.

Here's a question for our leftist friends.  Do they really think that it's a good idea to be disarmed by the government they claim is currently being run by a bunch of fascists?

How stupid can you get?

Every time there's a shooting, they want to initiate gun control against law-abiding citizens.

When there are car crashes, should we take away driving privileges from good drivers?

When there are stabbings, should we put into place knife control?  Blame the cutlery industry?  Attack any organizations in place who claims to defend the rights of knife owners?

Maybe when the car crashes happen, we should ban all Hummers and Jeeps, you know, since they are built on frames also used on military vehicles.

Maybe if we ban all of the big, scary looking cars, car crashes will become a thing of the past.

The absurdity of the gun control lobby is staggering.

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