Saturday, May 19, 2018

Constitution Radio: Trump's Round-Table

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs

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First Hour: Crystal Ruiz, Mayor of San Jacinto, Mayor Ruiz met with President Trump last Wednesday at a round-table meeting at the White House over California's rebellion of cities who are opting out of S.B. 54 (Sanctuary State)

We will hear Crystal's amazing first hand story at the top of the first hour of the program.  Then, we will discuss the ...

Second Hour: Forensic Accountant Alan Meyers - Let's talk about money and the Federal Reserve, and the real danger we are in because of our monetary system

CarStar/AllStar Collision 
Big Stories of the Week, 
May 19, 2018:

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⬝ It's Official . . . The U.S. Embassy is now in Jerusalem

⬝ California Chases Communism

Corona Opts Out of Sanctuary State Minus one Council Member

⬝ Blue Wave?

Cold War over Two Constitutions

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