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Iran Working With the Los Zetas Drug Cartel Threatens The US National Security

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 21, 2018: Op Ed # 388       

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the fiery leftist former mayor of Mexico City, with a double-digit lead in the opinion polls heading into the July 1st national election for the  Presidency of Mexico, vowed on May 18th to hit back at US President Donald Trump, if elected.  By turning a blind eye to the threat that Iran and the Los Zetas Drug Cartel has created in Mexico, outlined below, Republican, Democrat, and Independent members of Congress who continue their opposition to building a secure Border Wall contribute toward undermining the National Security of the United States.

The left of center liberal media establishment continues to cover up the below listed information about the terrorist training programs in Mexico initiated by Hezbollah (Iran’s proxy), the Iranian Republican Guard, and the Quds Force (the Quds Force carries out Iran’s Worldwide terrorist operations).  Since the mid1980, Hezbollah has been operating out of reach in South America in the Tri-Border area, where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet. 

Over the last 8 years Iran has moved operations north into Mexico where Hezbollah, the Quds Force, and the Republican Guard has been setting up terrorist training camps, to  give their Radical Islamic Terrorists, a back door entry into the United States; over those sane 8 years, numerous sleeper cells have been set up across the US. 

Along the 2000 mile border, there are forty-five Mexico/US crossings, with 330 ports of entry crisscrossing the wide open southern border; there are numerous entry points, along the wide open southern border----it is impossible to police it without a secure Border Wall.  All smugglers have to do is drive their trucks with massive amounts explosives and weapons across the wide open southern border.  If the US Border Patrol hopes to prevent terrorist from pouring across the US border, the Border Wall is desperately needed.

Hezbollah and the Quds Force have aligned themselves with the ultra-violent Los Zetas drugs cartel, the most sophisticated and second most powerful drug cartel in Mexico.  Iran’s goal is to make millions of dollars in the drug trade to fund expansion of the  infrastructure of terrorist sleeper cells in the United States, and develop contingencies plans to strike targets in the United States.   

Hezbollah has developed an expertise in evading border patrols in their smuggling operations along the Israel border, it is sharing that expertise with the Los Zetas Drug Cartel.  “Hezbollah and Quds cadres are training “Muslim street soldiers” to construct sophisticated explosive devices, to become experts in urban warfare, to train in ambush techniques, to become effective snipers teams, and to learn how to construct sophisticated tunnels from which to enter the US, of the type it has perfected in Gaza, and along the Lebanon-Israel border to thwart Israeli patrols.”(Al-Arabian News).

Over the last 8 years, a large contingent of Lebanese Muslims from throughout South America have migrated north, and settled in Mexico to become foot-soldiers, and drug mules.  The Quds Force and Hezbollah have been radicalizing moderate Muslims, in order to develop a Quds Force Army of Radical Islamic Terrorists to carry out spectacular attack on US soil when given the order from Iran.  That makes the terrorist training program in Mexico, sponsored by Iran, extremely dangerous to the National Security of the United States.  

Leftist Mexican politicians, in the pocket of Hezbollah, the Quds Forces, and the Los  Zetas Drug Cartel, are developing alliances with Americans of Mexican descent, running for office in the United States, by donating substantially to their campaigns.  You might consider forwarding the below listed article to associates, in order to familiarize them with the border security threats facing the Republic.   Informed American voters, who read the below listed article, will be able to easily evaluate which Republican, Democrat, and Independent members of Congress are ignoring the National Security threat posed by Iran and the Los Zetas Drug Cartel to the United States.  

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