Saturday, May 12, 2018

Oprah's False Narrative: "How bad things are, how terrible it is"

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

While speaking to a class of graduating seniors at the University of Southern California (USC), media mogul Oprah Winfrey advised the college kids that hysteria is gripping today's politics. She then went on the advise the young minds about how "everyone [is] talking about how bad things are, how terrible it is."

President Trump is presiding over the lowest unemployment rates in 17 years, a growing economy, a growing labor participation number, North Korea is willing to come to the negotiating table, and every time the man turns around he's making history.  His presidency has become the "peace and prosperity" presidency, and she's complaining about how "terrible" it is?

She was warning everyone to not meet the craziness with craziness (or perhaps I should say "hysteria with more hysteria"), but the attitude that President Trump is making things terrible is just not true.

Her response to it all?

"Vote! Pay attention to the people who claim to represent you and your values."

Yes . . . and no.

Yes, we need to vote.  Yes, it will take a large voter turnout to get things turned around.  However, remember that Winfrey is a member of an ideology that pushes pure democracy.  Pure Democracy leads to mob-rule, and as John Adams pointed out, "There has never been a democracy that did not commit suicide."

 These are the same people who wish to ban the Electoral College, hers is the same ideology pushing to directly attack Christianity in the name of homosexuality with legislation like that in California that could end up making it a criminal offense to possess a Bible, claims to despise "hate" yet defends the comedian who delivered a massive hit of hate at the White House Correspondents Dinner, called Republicans "obstructionists" while their President was in office but are now doing all they can to block each and every one of President Trump's judicial and other office nominations, and has the gender madness so out of control that they've even convinced the Boy Scouts to drop the word "boy" from their name.

But, Oprah blames her opposition for the problems.  While it is her allies who have committed violence in the streets, she blames the GOP for the "hysteria."

Oprah is so blinded by her ideology, she can't even recognize common sense when it slaps her in the face.  That's not hysteria.  She suffers from stupidity.

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