Saturday, June 23, 2018

Constitution Radio: Restoration

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs

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The Democrat Party has gone so far off the deep end that even lifelong liberals are leaving the party.  The anger, the hate, and the deception is becoming too much for even the leftist faithful.

As Democrats run for the hills from the progressive liberals of the Democrat leadership, the reality of their corruption at the very top is also becoming common knowledge.

Donald J. Trump ran as an anti-establishment candidate and operates as an anti-establishment President who is working to dismantle the corruption and make America great again . . . could he be the president that also exposes the liberal left for who they really are?

Over 50 years ago Congressman Herlong introduced to Congress a list of 45 Communist Goals for the Takeover of the United States . . . are today's Democrats following that list?  Are they the communist invasion from within?

During the first hour we explore all of these questions on Constitution Radio.

Then, during the second hour, Alan Myers joins us once again, this time to discuss our economic war with China.  Is China guilty of economic aggression as President Trump has stated?

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June 23, 2018:

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