Saturday, June 09, 2018

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs - Post Primary Election

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs

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Tuesday's California Primary Election worked out well, and not so well, depending upon the race.  Politics, my friends, is the game of the possible.  We must always swing for the fences, but we have to realize, especially in California, that more often than not we will be stuck with the trimmings that fall on the floor.

Travis Allen, when it comes to conservatism, was a prime cut of Grade A.  The Democrats and Establishment Republicans, launched a successful campaign to convince GOP voters to settle for John Cox, with the attached insinuation that a conservative can't win in California so we should feel lucky that Cox is in the mix.

We fell for the same argument with Neel Kashkari, Meg Whitman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Now, we have John Cox.

Is it possible to win with John Cox?  Yes, but the chance is not as good as what we would have had with Allen.

Do we want John Cox to win in November?  I am not sure.  Will he be just another failure as governor, as was Arnold?  Likely.  But, from where I sit, just about anyone is better than Gavin Newsom.

We will be talking about the election during the first hour of today's program, and believe it or not, there may be a saving grace . . . maybe.

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