Friday, June 15, 2018

Miss America Joins Boy Scouts in Fall to Cultural Marxism

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Cultural Marxism is being waged against America. Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev once said, "We will bury you," and it turns out that through the Democrat Party, and their societal allies, the communists truly are.  The war is being waged all across our culture.  Academia, in the political realm, entertainment, and the media, are all doing what they can to wage the war and destroy our American system.  The warriors are working to destroy our system of liberty, dismantle our free market system, and wipe out the white, male, heterosexual power structure (their words, not mine).

They believe we live in a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system, and all of those things are oppressive and must be washed away before America can be clean, fair, and equal.

They view their movement to be a revolution, a resistance against the capitalistic enemy, and a chance to change the world.  They are fashioning their movement after Karl Marx's teachings, but they are careful not to be so bold to say so out front, because some of us remember that Marx was the father of communism, the grandfather of the Soviet Union, and the man whose ideas lead to hundreds of millions of deaths through genocide after genocide against anyone and everyone who dared to stand against The State.

It is a new Bolshevik Revolution, and President Donald Trump, and the Republican Party, have become the targets of those Marxist revolutionaries.  

I've heard of this kind of thinking before.  History provides example after example of it.  Nazi Germany.  The Soviet Union.  The Khmer Rouge.  Science Fiction writers have constantly warned of the Gray Tyranny, the faceless automatons of society who become nothing more than faceless numbers wearing gray outfits, shaved heads, and a mindless allegiance to a mass collective built on equality in misery.

While Thomas Jefferson wrote that we are all created equal, the Lord gave us unique skills, talents and personalities.  Equality stops at the starting line.  After that, it is up to each of us individually to use our opportunities to create better lives for ourselves.  We have incentives to do well, be it profit, personal satisfaction, or a desire to be the best.

Individualism cannot be trusted, say the Marxists.

In the world of the Cultural Marxist, possessions must vanish, and personal ambition is a crime.  In the world of the Cultural Marxist we are sexless, genderless, colorless, and equal to each other in all ways.  Individualism and anything unique about us that might give us some advantage in the competition of life must be eliminated, so that we are all cookie-cutter copies of each other. In their minds, equality means equity. Therefore, pretty women cannot be allowed to have an advantage in beauty pageants, so the swimsuit competition is being done away with.  

We hear that the Boy Scouts are now welcoming girls to the scouts, and condoms are being handed out to accommodate the change.  Remember, to be a scout, you must be under eighteen.

Coming soon at a near future Miss America Pageant, Miss "so and so" of "such and such" State, who used to be a guy gave their answer to the big question asked.  "World Peace, and love through a large gay rainbow patch I got when I was having sex with my transgender councilor in Scouts.  My gray featureless night gown is made of canvass, and was designed by my local Democratic Socialist Party representative.  All hail the Democrat Party Supreme Leader."

No wonder they want to get rid of the swimsuit competition.  The guys who think they're gals would probably have experienced a bulge problem in their bikini bottoms, and such a thing might remind us that there really is a difference between men and women. . . and we just can't be having such horrible, normative thoughts.

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