Monday, August 06, 2018

Venezuela Assassination Attempt Unsuccessful

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Drones with bombs.  Venezuelan heir to dictator Hugo Chavez's socialist failure, Nicolas Maduro, survived, and then blamed the capitalist corporations, Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos, and his domestic opposition.

The U.S. denied any involvement.

Seven soldiers were wounded during the attack on a military parade in Caracas, and Maduro's government promised "ruthless punishment."

Maduro also made sure everyone understood, "No forgiveness."

"Justice! Maximum punishment! And there will be no forgiveness," he warned, sparking fears of an anti-opposition offensive in a country already reportedly holding some 248 political prisoners and on the verge of a massive and bloody civil war.

"I am fine, I am alive, and after this attack I'm more determined than ever to follow the path of the revolution," added the successor to the late author of Venezuela's socialist revolution, Hugo Chavez.

"It was an attack to kill me, they tried to assassinate me," Maduro said.

Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said there was "an explosive charge... detonated close to the presidential podium" and in several other spots along the parade held in central Caracas.

The opposition got their message out.  "We cannot tolerate that the population is suffering from hunger, that the sick do not have medicine, that the currency has no value, or that the education system neither educates nor teaches, only indoctrinating communism."  They also accused the Venezuelan regime of having "made public office an obscene way to get rich."

Maduro has remained in power in oil-rich Venezuela despite a collapsing economy and a long-running political crisis.

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