Friday, May 30, 2014

Jay Carney Pulls The Ejection Lever

by JASmius

This is turning into Resignation Friday - could Barack Obama's be next? <hopeful look>:

After more than three years of jousting with the White House press corps, President Barack Obama's chief spokesman, Jay Carney, will step down next month to pursue yet-to-be-named opportunities, Obama announced on Friday.

Carney's deputy, Josh Earnest, will take his place, the president said.
Technically, I didn't call Eric Shinseki's ouster, but I'll give myself Carney's.

Every man has his limit for self-humiliation.  I guess the same thing applies to whatever the hell Carney's gender is.  Which indicates an at least barely detectable degree of self respect with which I never would have credited him.

Even knowing how much I'll loathe and laugh at Josh Earnest, I can't envy him the hand he's been dealt.  But then, I'd almost guarantee that "Earnest" is a stage name, anyway.

It's almost a pity that Duck Dynasty wasn't canceled after all.  I know I'd watch Obama White House daily press briefings if Phil Robertson was delivering them.

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