Sunday, July 01, 2018

Mexican Marxist Wins, Promises Animosity Towards United States

By Douglas V. Gibbs
, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former mayor of Mexico City who styles himself as a champion for rural Mexico, anti-Trump, and during the campaign urged illegal immigration into the United States, has won the presidency in Mexico.

If AMLO (as he's also known in Mexico) is indeed a hard left socialist as we are being told, it is time to put up the wall, because Mexico is on its way to becoming a disaster like Venezuela, and the United States is not capable of absorbing the resulting flood of refugees that would result.  AMLO's plan of increased social programs, and increased government control (though he says he's not going to nationalize everything . . . don't hold your breath on that one) are the same policies of Hugo Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela minus the iron fist.  In other words, if Marxist AMLO brings down Mexico as I think he will with the same kind of policies that brought down Venezuela and Detroit, and has California on the verge of complete internal annihilation, he will drag the United States down with Mexico if possible . . . and the only thing standing in the way of a fallen America due to an even larger invasion force from Mexico as a result of a collapsing Mexico is Trump's wall.

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