Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's the Point?

I hear the question, "What's the Point?" often. It seems that folks are becoming tired of business as usual, but don't seem to think their voice carries much weight in the broad scheme of things. Republicans of late desire a resurgence of conservative values, a kind of Red November, hoping for the emergence of some kind of Reaganesque candidate, but quickly realizing that none of the Presidential Candidates fit the bill. It seems as if Conservatives fear that during these uncertain days only the worst possible scenario looms on the horizon.

And as the concern for a return to conservatism arises, the news offers little solace. In Annapolis a Middle East Peace Summit is about to embark. The West, headed by President Bush and Condi Rice, wishes for Israel to give up more land, it seems, in search for peace (as if they haven't given up too much as it is in the search for peace). And even if such concessions results in the so far elusive brand of peace they desire, the peace will be temporary as proven by history. Besides, the Islamic radicals don't want the peace conference to occur anyway, because they don't wish for peace. The wish for the destruction of Israel, and death to America. Fact is, these radical jihadists understand only one thing to be true in their eyes: There is no durable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem outside of the destruction of Israel.

A cease in hostilities will only be temporary. Negotiation is futile. Palestinians and her Muslim neighbors will not rest until Israel is destroyed and the United States is under Sharia Law. I appreciate the fact that there are those to this day that wish to find a peaceful solution, and I commend them for trying - - - but in this bizarre world of Islamic Hatred against all non-Muslims, and a special hatred for Israel and The West, there is no resolution that can be bought, negotiated, or begged for.

During the 1930's Great Britain behaved similar to today's Democrats. They proclaimed that they were weary of war (World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars, wasn't it?), and they did not truly believe that Hitler would actually act upon his threats. Winston Churchill, after proclaiming that Britain should begin to build her military again in preparation for a clash with Germany, was called an alarmist and war monger. They even sent Neville Chamberlain to Germany in an effort to appease Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideology.

Sound familiar?

Generations of Islamists have grown accustomed to this turmoil, fueled by a hate for Israel and America that we, as individuals, I doubt will ever understand. Besides, the leaders of these Jew-hating nations have made it a point to blame Israel for every one of Islam's woes. Peace sought by The West is a noble hope in that region, but to truly believe that those Islamic nations will actually abide by such accords is simply playing into their hands, and will place Israel in grave danger.

And as Bush, some members of the Republican Party, and the Democrats place their hopes into an Annapolis Middle East peace conference doomed to failure, Iran is hosting an alternative meeting aimed at countering the U.S. hosted peace conference.

Bush believes that peace "requires difficult compromises," while Iran's Ahamdinejad believes that chaos is the plan of the day. I am sorry, President George W. Bush, but I disagree with you. Compromise is all that Israel has ever done, and what it has given her is grief, and a long line of broken promises by her neighbors. Imagine, if you will, if we had made such difficult compromises with the Nazis, Japan, or the Soviets?

In short, the only thing that these Islamic Jihadists understand is strength and military might. They will take advantage of every concession, shake hands with their fingers crossed behind their backs, and stab you in your back with the hand they shook yours with. History shows this to be true. The words of the leaders of these nations support my opinion on this.

Simply put, we need to be tough on our enemies.

And with victory approaching nearer and nearer in Iraq, this is not the time to let up, run away, or give concessions to the cold blooded murders of the Jihad.

After all, terrorism is still out there, and they still target American Targets (as proven recently with their plans to attack a facility in Arizona with the aid of Mexican drug cartels).

Well, since our President seems to have holes in his positions of National Security, and none of the candidates for president seem to fit the mold, it is imperetive that we choose Congressional candidates that best represent what we desire in regards to a Red November. One such candidate, one that I believe represents the conservative perfectly, is running for the 12th district in Pennsylvania against John "The U.S. Marines are cold blooded killers" Murtha. This Conservative Candidate's name is William Russell.

William Russell is a true conservative that believes in the sovereignty and security of this one nation, under God. He believes the primary role of government is to provide for the common defense and a legal framework to protect families and individual liberty. He supports the need for a strong National Defense, the need for strong borders, and for us to create a system that breaks our culture of dependence upon government. He embraces the sanctity of life and proclaims that life begins at conception. He undertands that marriage should be between one man and one woman and that children should always be loved and sometimes spanked. He maintains that all children in our school systems should be educated in English and taught the civic duties and responsibilities of citizenship and patriotism.

And William Russell is the guest of Political Pistachio Radio on Wednesday, November 28 @ 10pm Eastern Time. Tune in live to listen and participate, or catch the archive later. If you tune in live, please feel free to join the chat room, yahoo instant message me at douglasvgibbs, or call into the show at 646-652-2940.

Oh, and to answer the question, "What's the Point?" - - The point is that we can change government, and turn things around for conservatism. Our power lies in our votes. The power of the people is in the ballot box.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Andrea Shea King

WDBO AM 580 is a radio station in Florida, the very station that Andrea Shea King airs on Sunday Nights at 9pm Eastern Time. You can access the shows, and archives, by visiting WDBO. Andrea also hosts a show on Blog Talk Radio during the week at 9pm Eastern time. On Monday Nights I co-host with her.

But now she has also branched into participating on another venture, a podcast show called The Voice of Liberty Podcast. The shows are put together by a gentleman by the name of John McJunkin, and the final product is a thing of beauty. But don't take my word for it, visit the site.

Also, coming up this Wednesday on Political Pistachio Radio our guest is William Russell, the Republican Candidate going up against John Murtha (re-scheduled from earlier show). The show will air at 10pm on Wednesday. Join the chatroom, call in (646-652-2940) or send questions by Yahoo Instant Messenger ID: douglasvgibbs

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ziegel Brothers - American Heroes

The wedding photo above has made its rounds. The photograph is of Ty and Renee Ziegel on their wedding day in 2006. Ty was severely injured in a suicide bomb attack in Iraq in 2004. When he returned home he faced a long, grueling recovery which included a litany of surgeries and medications. His life was a continuous battle filled with uncertainty. His love, however, was far from uncertain.

After all of the rehabilitation and surgeries the reality of his injuries sank in. One arm was a stump, and the other ended with a hand containing only two fingers, and his big toe grafted on to replace his missing thumb. One of his eyes is blind and milky, and his ears have been burned away. The top of his skull had been so damaged that it was removed and inserted by doctors into the fatty tissue of his torso so that it may remain viable and moist for future use.

Renee, his future wife, refused to allow the injuries to turn her away. They were married in 2006.

Now, Ty's brother is a United States Marine in Iraq. On Veteran's Day CNN linked the two of them up. It is an emotional exchange, and the class of Ty shines throughout the interview, most impressive when the host asks about his frustration.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is Sarah Palin Vice Presidential Material?

Red November week begins today (@ 7pm Eastern Time), as we welcome a panel of experts involved in a grassroots effort to assist Sarah Palin procure a spot as the Vice Presidential running mate of whoever gains the Republican Nomination for President of the United States. The panel will include Adam Brickley, Steve Maloney, and Trish Houser. Trish will be a first time participant on Political Pistachio Radio, and she is also a member of Sarah Palin's campaign for her 2006 successful run for Governor of Alaska. If there is a conservative that best fits what conservatives are currently looking for in the Republican Party, Sarah is it. Oh, and I have sent an e-mail to Sarah offering her to call into the show. One never knows.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Message about Self-Reliance

I call myself a Conservative, but I am registered as a Republican. The two terms used to be synonymous with each other, but not anymore. It seems that the long time hallmark of the Republican Party, self-reliance, is no longer a popular notion. In fact, it seems to me that people around the world have determined that it is in their best interest to sit back and wait for government to do something about whatever it is that bothers them. And if the government doesn't do anything, that is just fine, because somewhere there is an American charity that will chip in instead.

I believe American charities are a perfect example of the self-reliance culture that resides in the United States. I appreciate the charitable organizations, and I believe relief for the poor, or for those ravaged by natural disaster or war worldwide, is better supplied by private charities than some government bureaucracy. But what is interesting is that it is primarily Americans, for the most part, providing this kind of help around the world. Yes, I realize there are agencies from around the world that provide assistance where needed, but not nearly as much as American organizations do.

But I suppose that is the point, isn't it? Since 1997 the rate of global assistance by Americans has steadily increased 12.5 percent each year, and rose 20% last year. Isn't that fascinating? It is a perfect example of my point. Americans, despite the media's claim of the opposite, have recognized that government cannot fix all of the problems plaguing the world, and so our culture has worked through private organizations to do what government can't. We provide, privately, more for the world's needs when faced with disaster than any of the governments have provided.

And I think this trend is also evidence of how important cutting taxes is. Think about it. Lower income tax rates place more money in the pockets of Americans, who then in turn contribute more to charitable causes, not only because they have more money, but because of the further tax relief they will receive for such giving. In Europe, for example, as taxes have risen, giving has gone way down.

Basically, it is a culture of self-reliance that is able to give, and is willing to do so. It is the self-reliance of America that is able to dip a little deeper and reach out to helping our global neighbors. And hopefully, through the generous giving by self-reliant Americans, the rest of the world will take notice, and quit waiting around for government to take care of their ills, and become self-reliant themselves, and join American charitable organizations in spreading the surplus that results from said self-reliance.


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And don't forget that Friday Night I often am a member of the panel on CIR Radio, and on Monday Nights I co-host the Andrea Shea King Show.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

The state of Washington has determined that Thanksgiving should not be a joyous occasion, but a time of mourning because of all the horrible things we have done to the Indians.

Native Americans disagree. According to an article at Fox News, they enjoy Thanksgiving much in the same way as we do.

And don't forget to call into Political Pistachio Radio on Thanksgiving Morning (10am Eastern Time) to tell us what you are thankful for this year!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Governor James Gilmore for Senate, William Russell for Congress, John Bootie for President, Sarah Palin for Vice President & Jim Gilchrist on My Point

The need for a Red November in 2008 is constantly on my mind. Everywhere I turn, I see idiotic moves made by Liberals, and it reminds me that it is imperative that the Republican Party not only keep the White House, but regain Congress. I don't think that a Red November is so imperative because the Republican Party is so wonderful. In fact, to be honest, many Republicans are not exactly on my good list. A Red November during the election in 2008 is important primarily because the Democratic Party and the Liberal Left they cater to is so horribly bad.

Need an example?

Well, how about Cambridge, Massachusetts and the sudden battle erupting there because the Boy Scouts are being seen as political for collecting care packages for American Troops in Iraq, a no-no apparently because the boxes for collecting the items for the care packages were, in some cases, too close to polling stations.

Huh? Collecting items for a care package is a political statement?

According to the Liberals in Cambridge, yes. Hear Andrea Shea King's take on this on the Voice of Liberty Podcast Network.

Governor Jim Gilmore announces he is a candidate for the U.S. Senate

ALEXANDRIA -- Former Virginia Republican Governor Jim Gilmore said today he is a candidate for the U.S. Senate, setting up what the media has labeled "Clash of the Titans 2008" as Gilmore takes on former Democrat Governor Mark Warner for the honor of succeeding U.S. Sen. John Warner.

"We have a great many challenges facing our country." said Gilmore. "Of course, serious problems and crises are nothing new for America. But today, I'm sorry to say, we also find too often that our leaders just aren't up to the challenge."

"America has a lot of work to do and doesn't have the right leaders to do it," the former Virginia Governor said.

Although America is facing great challenges Gilmore said he remains optimistic about the future. "We haven't lost what's down deep in all of us, and what really keeps us together despite all the problems that seem to have descended on us of late," said Gilmore.

"I'm running for the United State Senate from Virginia because I want to be one of those leaders who call on the spirit that is common in all of us, and use it to restore our country for the benefit of our people and in the eyes of the world."

The Gilmore announcement sets up a high profile contest between the two Virginia candidates for the U.S. Senate. Gilmore, a nationally recognized authority on homeland security, has spent years addressing the issues of national security, terrorism and border security. Mark Warner raised taxes as Governor after promising as a candidate that he would not increase taxes.


I have asked Governor Gilmore, who appeared on Political Pistachio Radio last July 21st to discuss his decision to withdraw from the Presidential Race, to come on my show again to talk about his decision to run for Senate. I will keep you posted on that opportunity, and how important it is for Jim Gilmore to succeed. The date I requested is the 29th of November, the day after I have William Russell on as a guest.

William Russell For Congress

Congressional Candidate William Russell is the Republican running against John Murtha next year for the Pennsylvania 12th District House of Representatives seat, and he will be joining Political Pistachio Radio on November 28th. One question I have in mind already is, how will Mr. Russell accomplish beating a foe that is so entrenched in pork for his district? Tune in on the 28th at 10 pm Eastern Time for the answer.

John Bootie for President

John Bootie is of the Conservative stripe, a stripe so conservative that the Republicans should be more like him. He is campaigning as The Next Lincoln/Reagan, and claims he is so conservative that he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal. He joins Political Pistachio Radio Wednesday Night, November 21st (Thanksgiving Eve) to talk about his campaign, and the importance of giving thanks where it is due this Thanksgiving. *Special Note, John Bootie and I will also do a Political Pistachio Episode the Saturday before CHRISTmas regarding the War on CHRISTmas, and political correctness's attempt to kill Christianity as a faith in America!!!

Sarah Palin for Vice President

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has an approval rating that Federal Politicians could only dream of having. She is articulate, intelligent, and conservative. So why hasn't her name come up more often when names are being thrown around regarding the Presidency, or at least the Vice Presidency? Ah, but it has been. Well, a couple of National Review Online Pundits have indicated that she ought to be Vice President, anyway. Why not? On Saturday, November 24th, three of the brightest minds in blogging, and Sarah Palin supporters, will be on my show. Two of them, Steve Maloney and Adam Brickley, have been on the show before. Trish Houser is the other guest, and she participated in Sarah Palin's campaign for Governor of Alaska. Trish may give us some insight about Sarah Palin. Oh, and I sent a second e-mail off to Sarah hoping to gain her attention - perhaps we'll be graced by her presence too. Anyhow, tune in Saturday at 7 pm Eastern Time to Political Pistachio Radio to listen to this fantastic panel regarding Sarah Palin.

Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project on My Point Radio!

8 pm Eastern Time on November 21st, a couple hours before my show begins, My Point Radio will have Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project as their guest. Need I say more?

Oh, and while it's on my mind, Thanksgiving Morning I will have a Special Morning Edition of Political Pistachio Radio - - - Call in with your words of thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Little Mosque On The Prairie

The Islamization of Europe is in high gear. The Islamization of Canada is on Europe's heels. America is just behind Canada.

Don't believe me?

Well, last Saturday on Political Pistachio Radio my guest made light of it, saying that the Jihad is just about a poor, down-trodden people looking for a better life.

After all, he reminded us, we can't go after every little country that makes a threat against the United States.

The Islamic Jihad is not some little, two-bit, movement hoping to make its little niche in this vast world. The Islamic Jihad is a centuries old war against non-Muslims, and the goal is a worldwide caliphate. The strategies of Islamism are simple. They simply use our liberties and freedoms and kind hearts against us. They get us to do what you, the liberal left and politically correct people, are doing. Thanks to everybody being so afraid of offending these people, they are taking advantage by slowly, through creeping incrementalism, changing our society by demanding concessions here and concessions there. I am afraid, if this continues, that we will be defeated, and the United States of America will be ruled by Sharia law, in the near future - and it looks like we will go down with a whimper, rather than a fight.

What is wrong with you people?

Little Mosque on the Prairie is a comedy created by a Muslim woman named Zarqa Nawaz, and the show airs on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) television network on Wednesday nights in primetime. The program summary says the show is a comedic look at how really, in comparison to Islamists, we are all similar as a people. It pokes fun at what is emerging as stereotypes against Muslims, and wishes us to just laugh and remember they are just people looking for a better life (sound familiar?) The episode slated for November 21st is about suspicions that are aroused when CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) agent Nancy Layton (The Daily Show's Samantha Bee) comes to visit Mercy, the town in Saskatchewan the Mosque is located in. The agent says she's in town to fish, but one of the Muslim characters thinks she's up to no good. Amaar argues for common sense: of course the government wouldn't spy on a mosque... would it? Meanwhile, another character opens a store in the mosque to sell Islamic merchandise.

Seems harmless, right?

Let's start with the CSIS agent being up to no good. Since when is a government official making sure that a group of people related to an enemy faction by religion is not practicing Jihadist activities being up to no good?

If they have nothing to hide, what in the hell is the problem?

Of course the leftwing lunatics will not understand what's going on, nor will they understand my fears in relation to this show.

In fact, based on the arguments of those that believe Islamism is just an innocent little ideology misunderstood and wishes for a better life. Well, I am also reminded that it is only an ideology that not only proclaims its dedication to the destruction of Western Civilization and the annihilation of Israel, but it is also an ideology that forces women into honor suicides, wages Islam's war with the dead in order to wipe out all evidence of the existence of a competing religion, destroys the idols of competing religions, is taking control of countries in Europe by purely overwhelming the population by sheer numbers, refuses to recognize Israel (and vows to liquidate the small Jewish State), will not accept anything in concessions when it comes to Israel - only Israel's destruction, uses video games as a form of propaganda, propagates the lies of the al-Durah affair, has a leader (Ahmadinejad) seeking nuclear weapons for use against the West and Israel because he believes it's his duty to create chaos for the coming 12th Imam, declares that our war on terror is an insult (but 9/11, I suppose, wasn't?), penetrates the FBI and CIA and takes classified information, cause riots in Paris and riot worldwide over cartoons, riots over a youth being shot for assaulting the police, have their fingers in our economic fishbowl, have infiltrated our school system with their teachings, destroys Jewish archaeological remains, declares that only Islam is acceptable in society, punishes rape victims, considers defensive tactics in Britain offensive, is working on overrunning Britain with sheer numbers, is continuing terror attacks non-stop even as I write this, considers defense measures in Los Angeles offensive (and of course the LAPD stuck their tails between their legs and shelved the program), is rewarded for remaining terrorists, have put out a call to assassinate the President of the United States, pressures American corporations until they succumb to CAIR thuggery, has already begun the Madrassa movement in the U.S. (Madrassas are Muslim Schools attached to Mosques), publishes a variety of anti-Semitic propaganda, is willing to kill to keep English education out of their countries, have not quit trying to hit the U.S. with terror attacks, have infiltrated the U.N., and look like they are in full throttle to make America an Islamic State by 2050. And they are simply an ideology that is misunderstood? Right. Sorry, that is not something I can accept.

Oh, by the way, the Jihadists would like Hillary Clinton to be our next president.

One more note: I co-host with Andrea Shea King tonight on Blog Talk Radio.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

William Russell and a Political Pistachio Debate

For those of you that tuned in for William Russell last Thursday, he regrets that he was unable to call in to the show, and has been re-scheduled for November 28. For those of you not familiar with him, he is the Republican that will be running against John Murtha next year, and he is an Iraq War Veteran. www.williamrussellforcongress.com

Saturday, November 17 is another dandy of a show. Longtime troll of Political Pistachio, and liberal blogger that loves to blog garbage about me, is going to join me for a debate. Rules of the debate? No screaming and shouting, and it's just mano-y-mano with a U.S. Constitution expert (Loki) on the line to keep it clean.

Tune in for the fireworks live at 7pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalpistachio.

Friday, November 16, 2007

CIR Radio Tonight

I co-host with an all-star panel tonight on CIR Radio at 9pm EST.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hope For A Red November Extends Beyond Presidential Campaign

In a world where political correctness has gone so nutty that Santa Claus has been banned from saying "Ho, Ho, Ho," because it may frighten children and is derogatory to women, and in a political climate that enables OPEC the have the cajones to boldly declare that they and they alone will determine when oil production needs to be increased, and now is not that moment, rejecting a U.S. appeal to boost output, and where petty dictators like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threaten the Spanish King to apologize for telling him to shut up or else there could be some real economic suffering, and where people like Hillary Clinton makes decisions based on the tide such as in the case of suddenly proclaiming that she does not support driver's licenses for illegals after (under pressure) New York Governor Spitzer withdrew his proposal for such (and you know dang well that if Spitzer's idea had been met with positive encouragement, she would have supported it), there is a real need for a Red November in 2008.

The need to place Republicans in the White House, rather than a Marxist like Hillary Clinton is of the utmost importance, but the drive for a Red November does not stop there. What about Congress? Is it possible to take control of the House of Representatives and Senate away from the Democrats possible? Judging by their poll numbers, I would say that it is possible, but it won't be an easy task.

One such member in the House of Representatives that Conservatives would like to see removed and replaced by a Republican is John Murtha. You remember him, don't you? Murtha was the Democrat that said, in reference to the U.S. Marines in Haditha, Iraq, the Marines "killed innocent civilians in cold blood." Now that the investigating officer has recommended charges should be dropped, and in response, the charges were, Murtha has refused to issue an apology or to comment on the dishonor of our troops he voiced when publicly prejudicing United States Marines as "cold blooded murderers" long before the investigation was even complete. Next year this bag of worthless flesh is up for reelection, and who better to be the Republican to run against him than an Iraq War Veteran, William Russell?

On November 2, 2007 Congressional candidate William Russell renewed his call for Congressman Murtha to publicly apologize to the Haditha Marines. As an Iraq War Veteran, and American with common sense, William Russell recognizes the slander by Murtha to be nothing less than a tactic to undermine the efforts of the United States to stabilize Iraq. Murtha also forgets that the members of our military face an enemy that plays by a very different set of rules than we do. Any atrocities caused by the Jihadists, in the eyes of such, are not atrocities at all. They hide behind civilians, and use any civilian casualties as a propaganda opportunity. The enemy plays on the emotions of the anti-war movement in the U.S., well knowing that anytime innocents get caught in the cross-fire, they can utilize it to the fullest against the American presence in Iraq.

People forget that far left Democrats like Murtha actually only truly represents a small portion of the party. 19% of Democrats actually believe that the United States would be better off if the U.S. loses in Iraq. The other 81%, I am thinking, are not too thrilled by folks like John Murtha who caters to the 19%. It is this pool of people William Russell must appeal to. If only one out of every three Democrats in his district casts a vote for him, John Murtha will lose, and the Iraq War Veteran, William Russell, will replace Murtha in the United States Congress.

William Russell is slated to join Political Pistachio Radio tonight at 10pm Eastern Time. Join us as we discuss the issues, and the need for a world with less people like John Murtha in office.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Capt. Ed and Blog Talk Radio on CNN!!!! & Political Pistachio's Schedule for this week - - -

Political Director of Blog Talk Radio and owner of Captain's Quarters talks about the townhall meeting plant:

This Week on Political Pistachio Radio:

Wednesday, November 14 @ 10pm Eastern Time: Gates of Vienna authors Baron Bodissey and Dymphna will be on the show to discuss the Islamization of Europe, America, and the world.

Thursday, November 15 @ 10pm Eastern Time: William Russell will be going up against John Murtha in next years election for a Congressional spot out of Pennsylvania, and he joins us live to talk about it - - - by the way, Mr. Russell is an Iraq War Veteran too!

Saturday, November 17 @ 7pm Eastern Time: Liberal Blogger, and former troll of Political Pistachio, Tom from Tom's Neurosis will come on the show to debate with me the issues that face us in today's political environment - - - Listen Live for the Fireworks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brooklyn Teen gunned down - hairbrush is mistaken to be a gun / and other news!

On the surface the story regarding a Brooklyn teen gunned down by New York Police seems to be an obvious error and act of negligence on the part of the Police. However, now information being released on television indicates that the victim proclaimed, "Come and get me, shoot me! I have a gun, let's do this right now." This comes after the unraveling details also shows evidence that the neighors and witnesses all thought the young man was armed. Also, when the mother called 911, the teen could be heard in the background claiming he had a gun. The police, according the New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, were advised before arriving that the young man was armed.

The police, operating under department guidelines after recognizing the youth as a threat, fired upon the Brooklyn youth, firing as many as twenty shots, killing him. One witness, however, claims that the young man appeared as if he was surrendering when he was shot. And of course, Al Sharpton's National Action Network plans to launch an investigation. Deja vu?

O.J. is back in Court

In the recent arrest of O.J. Simpson regarding an incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, Simpson has maintained that he never saw any guns or asked anyone to bring them to the hotel room. The testimony of those involved say something differently. A witness has indicated that Simpson not only knew of the guns, but told the men to "bring some heat."

Explosion in the Philippines Kills 2, Injures 9

The Philippine House of Representatives was the scene of an explosion that killed a congressman and a driver. It is believed to have been a bomb, but the type of device remains unknown. No group has taken responsibility yet, but Muslim militants have hit targets in the capital in the past.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are threatening to deny funding for the Iraq Battlefront again

Today Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid echoed Nancy Pelosi's similar statement from last week saying that the Democrats will not approve more money for the Iraq war this year unless President Bush begins to bring troops home. Sounds like a blatant act of extortion if ever I've seen one. But that is how the Democrats work. They are unable to win the battle through normal political means, so they resort to coercion and intimidation. As I have said before, this Jihadist enemy we face is like no enemy we have ever encounterd before, and rapid withdrawal in the manner being pushed by the Democrats would result in disaster, and a greater loss of life by emboldening the enemy and placing them into a belief that they achieved victory. Such an emboldenment may then result in greater activity by the Islamic Terrorist networks that may result in another strike against the United States. Any troop pull-out should be under the conditions of victory, and even then, some American troops should remain in the region just as American troops have remained in Japan and Germany since World War II. Those that believe the Shia and Sunni will just kill each other off are failing to recognize that both groups desire worldwide Islamization and if united under a single leader can be a force impossible to stop.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Confirms Plant During Townhall Meeting

Mo Elliethee, the spokesman for the Hillary Clinton Campaign, admitted that the campaign planted a question, and that it would not happen again. The campaign arranging for some of the questions for Hillary Clinton was originally claimed to have been without Hillary Clinton's knowledge. However, later the plant came forward, indicating there was a number of plants, and that Hillary may have known to call on her. The plant, Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, also told CNN that she had a question she wished to ask instead and the campaign told her not to (watch the video too).

United Nations Official Warns that it would be "Criminally Irresponsible" to ignore warnings about Global Warming

The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has established, based on their research, that the climate has begun to change because of greenhouse gases emitted by humans, including Carbon Dioxide. The IPCC believes that global warming will threaten the very survival of some people, most likely those residents of this planet in the poorest nations. Yvo de Boer, director of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change said at the conference, "Failing to recognize the urgency of this message and act on it would be nothing less than criminally irresponsible."

Well, then, I guess that makes me criminally irresponsible. However, I see it differently. I think that jumping on the man-made global warming bandwagon is irresponsible, and very ignorant. It is almost laughable how the beaurocracies regarding Man-made Global Warming act when it comes to those that disagree with them. People like myself are considered to be heretics. Disbelievers, according to them, must not care about the environment at all. From their point of view the planet is doomed and it is all the fault of anyone who is not willing to pull a little more money out of their pocket and spend it on the asinine programs and protocols they have put into place. The IPCC, Al Gore followers, and other members of the Church of Man-made Global Warming seem to conveniently ignore the fact that the Earth has warmed and cooled numerous times over the centuries, that at one time the ice age glaciers expanded well into the Midwestern United States, by studying air bubbles in air ice sheets and ice core samples the rise in Carbon Dioxide has historically followed warming tendencies rather than preceding them making it apparent that Carbon Dioxide increases do not cause Global Warming but are instead caused by the warming of the climate, that those not accepting the lie of man-made global warming are fully aware that any computer model can say anything you like if the variables are entered in just the right way, evidence shows that the sea ice in the Arctic has been melting (of which on 10% of the total is under our observation) and shrinking while in Antarctica the ice is actually growing, that in 1895 a scare regarding global cooling surfaced, only to be followed in 1929 by a warming scare, and alarmists again proclaimed global cooling in 1972, water vapor makes up 95 percent of all greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is the last major greenhouse gas of which most non-human living things produce in percentages much larger than mankind is capable of producing and in reality the amount of carbon around the globe is fixed and what changes is how much carbon is held in sinks (places that hold carbon out of the atmosphere like soil and the oceans), around the year 1000 the Vikings inhabited Greenland and farmed the soil that is now permanently frozen, Mars is also experiencing a warming trend providing more evidence that points to the fact that the warming trend is due to Sunspot activity and cosmic rays rather than the carbon dioxide spewed out by SUVs and jet planes, Gobal Warming hasn't made hurricanes worse as predicted, and they fail to recognize the benefits of a warmer Earth should the trend continue as long as the alarmists proclaim. (Data obtained from "The Sky's Not Falling" by Holly Fretwell, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism by Christopher C. Horner)

Fred Thompson, Abortion, and the National Right To Life

Fred Thompson opposes federal legislation ending abortion, saying to Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press "I do not think it is a wise thing to criminalize young girls and perhaps their parents as aiders and abettors." He then went further: "You can't have a [federal] law" that "would take young, young girls . . . and say, basically, we're going to put them in jail."
This statement sounded familiar, because jailing women is a spurious issue raised by abortion rights activists. No anti-abortion legislation ever has proposed criminal penalties against women having abortions, much less their parents. Many members of the Pro-Life Right saw Thompson's statements as revealing an astounding lack of sensitivity about the abortion issue. However, now the National Right To Life organization recognizes that as a blunder, pointing to Thompson's voting record as Senator for proof that he is solidly pro-life, and evidence that he would appoint judges who would reverse Roe v. Wade. Abortion supporters, quick to proclaim that if Roe v. Wade is overturned it means that women would be jailed fails to recognize that the penalty would be directed at doctors for performing the procedure illegally, not the women and children.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Security of the Seas, Space, Homeland, and T-Shirts?

As discussed on The Andrea Shea King Show tonight, China has sprung on the United States Military an unexpected surprise. It seems, according to the British publication Daily Mail, that a Chinese submarine popped up near a United States Carrier Group undetected. That's right, our superior technology did not detect the 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine that came within viable range for launching weapons at the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier.

A Carrier Group consists of a dozen ships which support and protect the aircraft carrier. These "escorts" consist of frigates, destroyers, carriers, battleships, oilers, repair ships, and such. They provide a physical and technological shield of protection that has now been compromised by a Chinese submarine. What is even more shocking about the Chinese pulling such an action, however, is that they had the augacity to actually do it in the first place. The arrogance portrayed runs right along the lines of their recent show ten months ago of the ability to shoot satellites out of the sky.

China is flexing its muscles, and are not afraid to do so. They wish to convey with their arrogance that the United States is not the lone superpower, and that we don't have complete safety from them on the seas, or in space - which also means that our Homeland is not as secure from them as we'd like either. And with such capabilities, they will surely consider entering the complex situation that is in the Middle East, fueled by their ever increasing need for more oil.

Recently the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate voted to recommend ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty. The Treaty was created in 1982 by the United Nations with the intention of enabling the U.N. to govern activities on, over, and beneath the ocean's surface. Its primary focus is on navigational and transit issues, containing provisions regulating deep-sea mining and the redistribution of wealth to underdeveloped countries. The treaty also has provisions regarding marine trade, pollution, research, and dispute resolution.

As with most poor ideas the intentions are noble. But when picking apart the treaty, the true nature of it, and its disregard of the real world, surfaces. What the treaty does, essentially, is restrict. It restricts the claim on oceanic resources, restricts the supply of the world's minerals, and it restricts autonomy by setting the United Nations up as the regulator of maritime issues involving fisheries, marine environmental protection, and preservation, research, and navigation, thus weakening the U.S. argument of autonomy if the United States were to refuse to submit to the International Criminal Court being run by the United Nations - which has proven through past actions to be anti-American - to no surprise since the leading nations stand against the U.S. normally on the world stage. The United States is the mightiest naval power in history, and in the best interest of liberty and freedom needs to retain its unfettered ability to act in its interests and the interests of free nations in the world.

On the Homeland Front, Monday was the day that Veteran's Day was observed by businesses, federal offices, and such. Veteran's Day fell on Sunday, and with it came Veterans Day parades designed to show our appreciation to our troops and veterans that have fought to defend liberty and freedom. Veteran's Day celebrations are necessary to keep the emotion of honor and gratitude warm and alive. Over one million of our fine men and women have died in service to the United States of America. We are the stewards of the freedom and liberty that our brave military men and women have fought and died to protect, and it is our duty to remember their sacrifices, and to honor our living veterans for putting their lives on the line. So, it sickens me that the anti-war crowd is not happy with just having their war protest marches during the rest of the year, or crashing the funerals of our fallen. It is downright obnoxious that these people did whatever they could to disrupt Veteran's Day parades, even using their children as human shields to block military cargo shipments to and from Iraq. I am appalled by it. Utterly appalled. What's next? Them saying that the display of guns in the parades are too violent as has groups in Britain over the show of guns during Remembrance Day parades? Heck, I was surprised when Google, for the first time since 1999, actually recognized Veteran's Day.

Reminds me of what the Islamic Jihadists do in the Middle East. Hamas opened fire on Fatah members at a memorial rally for Yasser Arafat. This is how they do it. Now that the defeated faction of Fatah has been ousted, the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip opened fire. Disgraceful. I am not defending Arafat or the members of the Fatah. I am only recognizing that this is yet another example of how dangerous these Jihadists are, and how merciless they can be. Right now the fighting is there. We pull out of the region, and such a pull-out will be seen as a victory for the Jihadists and it will become a unifying factor of the region. I believe they will view such an abandonment of the region as weakness, and the violence will follow our retreating troops to the shores of America.

And with Pakistan under the threat of falling to the Jihadists, at which time they would gain possession of nuclear technology, how long before such weapons would be turned against American troops in the region, against Israel and our other allies, and eventually against the United States? We can't take the emerging crisis in Pakistan lightly. Pakistan is falling apart under pressures from the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Resurgent Muslim nationalism in that country is a very dangerous possibility.

Of course the candidates of the Democratic Party could care less about the potential of the enemy. Members of the Democratic Party would rather you believe that man-made Global Warming is the truth (despite all of the evidence against it, and even the The Weather Channel's Coleman proclaiming that Global Warming is nothing more than a huge scam!). Their supporters in Hollywood would like you to think that Hugo Chavez is a really great guy, even though, to my surprise, that even the King of Spain has finally resolved to telling the dictator of Venezuela to "shut up" despite the fact that they were all attending a leftist rally comprising primarily of leftist leaders from Latin America, Portugal, Spain, and Andorra. Of course, such anti-Americanism in a leftist rally of Spanish speaking countries (and Portugal) wouldn't bother the Democrats anyway. After all, Barack Obama isn't even willing to put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem with the flag displayed. If that isn't a show of anti-Americanism, I don't know what is (not that the Democrats cared, or the Liberal American Press noticed).

This relativism toward American Values doesn't stop there, either. Even a simple T-shirt serves as an example as to how bad patriotic and moral relativism has gotten. A kid can wear a shirt with the Playboy Bunny symbol on it, and it is totally accepted. After all, it's just a harmless icon, right? People forget that such a symbol represents pornography from its beginnings. Hey, I am not telling you that I wish for your right to read Playboy should be taken away, that is your choice. But how bad is it when a kid can wear a shirt with a Playboy Bunny symbol on it to school without notice, but if a child wears a shirt to school with a Christian Cross on it, they are sent home to change out of the offensive piece of clothing?

We are so busy trying to make everybody happy, that we have turned our backs on common sense. Christianity has become the enemy in the eyes of society as the Islamic Jihad threatens us. And when the LAPD makes plans to map Muslim Communities for the sake of security, everybody gets all upset (thanks to the Bootie Campaign for the link). Heck, speaking of John Bootie, he seems to be the only candidate willing to work for the American People, rather than for some political agenda. The Democrats would never do that. Heck, I'm surprised the Democrats haven't sunk so low as to plant questions-askers at the debates. Oh, wait, oops, that has happened - Hillary Clinton confirmed it and promises she'll be good in future.

Right, like I'm gonna believe that.

Hillary Clinton has shown us time and time again that she is not to be trusted. Any promises from her, aside from her promise to take things away from us for the common good, or her promise that she has a million ideas, none of which America can afford, are simply foolish to believe.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

USMC 232nd Birthday Yesterday, Veterans Day Today

God Bless our troops, and Veterans

Political Pistachio Videos has video dedications to our Veterans.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Atlas Shrugs talks about the CounterJihad Conference in the EU on Political Pistachio Radio

Atlas Shrugs, last month, attended the CounterJihad Conference in Brussels. She is joining Political Pistachio Radio today at 7pm Eastern Time to discuss her trip, and the conference.

Atlas was joined by warriors, bloggers, scholars, and politicians, from across the globe who converged in Brussels in the EU to strategize against the onslaught of the Islamization of the West. She attended the conference with Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad and the forthcoming Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and Robert Spencer, Director of Jihadwatch and author of several books on Islam.

You Don't Want To Miss This Broadcast!


And after my show ends, Halls of Valhalla begins, followed up by MDConservative's CIR Radio.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Gambling, Morality, and The Show

Ever said something, and then later decided it could be better explained in another manner? That happened on Political Pistachio Radio during my interview with Jay Lakin. I meant to use pornography as an example of creeping incrementalism, but it came out weird.

Okay, let's set it up. The guest says, "Why ban online poker but not online horse racing or gambling on Fantasy Sports? It should be all or nothing."

From a moral point of view, he is exactly right. And in my book, it should be all banned. Then, when the guest seemed to not think gambling is that big of a deal, I meant to use porn as an example why it is a big deal, and how it could destroy a society. Gambling is like sexual immorality. It begins with the little pictures, moves to movies, then eventually you have people (because of the addictive tendency with any addiction to have a never ending need for more and more) moving in directions both dangerous and highly illegal (such as pedophiles and such). All from the innocent pictures that started it all.

Same thing with gambling. It starts small, and builds into disaster.

However, I recognize the rights of people to have the opportunity to gamble (or purchase a Playboy Magazine), and as I admitted on the show, I go to Las Vegas on occasion and play the slots or the craps table. Difference is, I have enough self control that once I lose the money I planned to use to gamble I stop there.

And yes, I am proclaiming there are people out there without the same kind of control. Maybe that is a little bold of me to say.

Does that make me a hypocrite since I also proclaim I am not pro-gaming?

I don't know. I suppose it depends on how you look at it.

And I suppose the way to explain it is I think that it is a good thing that certain assault weapons are banned (although I don't agree on all of them), but I believe that other guns should remain available for private ownership. Using Mr. Lakin's all or nothing theory, that would be hypocritical - either all guns should be legal, or all should be made illegal.

That's idiotic.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to say that I believe that gambling is a dangerous activity as it is when limited to places like Vegas or Atlantic City. I watched it destroy the marriage of a friend who's wife became addicted to gambling, to the point that she was gambling away their mortgage money. And situations like that are not merely the exeption. It can be dangerous, and best left in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo. It has no place in my community, and no place on the internet where it can be accessed by the kids. Yes, parents should have control of their children too, but there must be a shared responsibility. Gambling is too dangerous to be left unchecked and readily available in that manner.

While we are at it, by the way, porn on the internet should be banned too - because as discussed on the radio show, age verification is darn near impossible. At best, be made more limited, perhaps by replacing the www prefix with an xxx prefix instead.

That's my two cents.


Tune in Saturday to my radio show. Atlas Shrugs is going to join me to honor our Veterans for Veteran's Day coming up on Sunday. The show begins on Saturday at 7pm Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rudy's part in the Search for a Red November

Red November is more than a blogroll, it is a hope for the future. Every election conservatives get together and decide that the upcoming vote will be a defining decision for our nation. Truly, every election defines this nation, and sends our political environment into a new direction. This is what is so great about freedom. This is why I love my country so much. We have a choice.

Last Sunday night, as I listened to Andrea Shea King on a live stream from WBDO AM 580, in the chat room a discussion about Rudy Giuliani broke out. Many of the commenters determined, as I have, that Giuliani is no more than a Liberal dressed up in an elephant's costume. His policies in New York when he was mayor shadow those programs and actions that Hillary Clinton proclaims she desires to put into place once she gains royal control of our fine nation. In the eyes of those commenters in Andrea Shea King's chat room, aside from his willingness to continue to fight the war on terror, Rudy Giuliani is just as dangerous, and perhaps more dangerous, than Hillary Clinton, should he find his way into the White House.

Hillary Clinton, at least, with her social programs and Marxist ideas, would be in check constantly by the Republicans in Congress and the world of Conservative Talk Radio. Every move she could possibly make would be scrutinized, and through hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dr. Michael Savage, and writers like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, and so on and so on, she would be checked every step of the way, and the public would be made aware of her idiotic moves as President of the United States every step of the way.

Rudy Giuliani, however, with his history as mayor of the city struck by terrorists on 9/11, has become America's darling. People view him as a viable consolation prize when compared to the crazy liberal leftiness of the new Socialist Democratic Party. "He understands the need for the battle against the terrorists," people proclaim. "Who cares if he is liberal in every other way?" "What good are those issues if there is no America remaining because we live under Sharia Law?"

Each argument is a good one. I agree that whether or not we are a nation that aborts our unborn children, or mercifully gives them the chance for life; or whether or not we welcome same sex marriages into our Christian Institution of Marriage, will not matter a single bit if we abandon the war on terror, and allow ourselves to be swallowed up by Islamo-fascism. The fact that Rudy Giuliani desires to remain in the war, and to fight the world of terror with every last ounce of strength is an advantage - but is it the only advantage? And are those other issues, the social issues which define us as a moral society, something we are willing to compromise?

What about Mitt Romney? Is his history of flip-flops and the fact that he is a Mormon too much for the Conservative Voter? What about his hard stance against Hillary? What about what he has said in the debates? Has John McCain's maverick attitude damaged his chance too much, despite the fact that he is a war hero and quite conservative until campaign contributions or the illegal alien issue arises? After all, McCain has picked up the endorsement of Senator Sam Brownback, a Kansas conservative, and favorite of many evangelical Christians, who recently withdrew from the field of GOP candidates. What about Mike Huckabee, minister and governor with great conservative values, a message of faith - family - freedom, though a record that befuddles most? After all, he's intent on outlawing the IRS and instituting The Fair Tax. And what about the actor, Fred Thompson? Is he seasoned enough? Is he truly conservative? Is what he says in sync with his past voting record as Senator? Does the fact that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations bother the voter? And of course, there is Duncan Hunter, the best candidate with the least chance. Can he pull it off? Is his values enough to catapult him suddenly into the race again? Would Hunter, or any of the other candidates in this paragraph, stand a chance against Her Royal Pantsuit?

Then there is the Libertarian that thinks he is a Republican. What about him? What about Ron Paul and this rabid Ron Paul Revolution? His followers are ardent, able to create a day for the record books recently by raising $4.2 million in one day (local election day). Why have so many people invested so much in Ron Paul? He's against remaining in the Middle East, desiring to pull out of all of the theaters, and then there is his position of legalizing Marijuana. However, despite all of that money in one day, only so many times can the same 35,000 people contribute, and Ron Paul is not finding new followers to be added to his lump of supporters because The Right recognizes the importance of the Global War on Terror, and The Left is scared to death of his pro-life, pro-gun, anti-courts attitude.

Which brings us back to Rudy Giuliani. Despite his positions on supporting abortion and gay activities in the public forum, is he an acceptable choice as the GOP nominee? Pat Robertson, a member of the old school Fundamental Christian Coalition, has decided that Rudy Giuliani is fine as a candidate for people of faith. Pat Robertson recently said, "I thought it was important for me to make it clear that Rudy Giuliani is more than acceptable to people of faith. . . some on the fringe of the social conservative movement may see Giuliani as an unacceptable nominee, but the core know better. . . those disagreements pale into insignificance when measured against the import of the fight against global terrorism and radical Islam. We need a man who sees clearly how to deal with that issue."

Though I am quick to point out that Pat Robertson and his 700 Club may not be a representative voice of Christians any more than Bush may or may not be of conservatives, I wonder if the "compromise" regarding Giuliani's stance on social issues is worth it, as Robertson points out.

After all, just having the label of "Republican" will give Rudy a lot of passes on Liberal activities and attitudes.

I guess I am asking this: Should we, as conservatives, look the other way regarding his social beliefs just so that we can keep a Republican in office, and a Marxist like Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the White House? And if Rudy did get into office, would he be more dangerous because his liberal activities would be unchecked based upon who he is, unlike Hillary, who would be scrutinized every step of the way?


And for a little added news, Mrs. Pistachio and I are celebrating the birth of our first grandchild. The song dedication to him is on Carried By Christ.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Documentary Remembering our Vietnam Veterans

Thank you to: Flag Gazer

Remembering Vietnam - The Wall at 25

The Smithsonian Channel is airing this as part of the weekend programming on 'America's War Stories.'

Jan Scruggs calls it the 'best documentary about the wall I've ever seen."

The program will be streamed on the Smithsonian Channel website


Veteran's Day - Sunday, November 11

8pm EST / 5pm PST

For more information, go here.

For those of you who have Directv HD TV - the Smithsonian Channel airs on 267.

Veteran's Day programming will begin Friday, Nov 9 - Sunday, Nov 11

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pakistan Turmoil, Hollyweird Strike, King Tut, Kucinich's Cheney Attack, Hillary Papers to be held past election.

Pakistan's President, Pervez Musharraf, has declared martial law. The Pakistani constitution has been suspended, and their Supreme Court has been silenced and thrown out. There is a global outcry over his emergency rule - but better his dictatorship that is America-friendly, than allowing the Islamic nut-cakes getting their hands on Pakistan's nuclear capabilities.

Writers Guild of America has gone on strike, leaving Jay Leno without any jokes because he's not bright enough to come up with his own material. Who cares?

Turns out that King Tut, according to people that claim they can figure such things out, died in a hunting accident.

Kucinich has an impeachment resolution against Cheney that remained alive in the House of Representatives, and then moved to Committee. I find it interesting that rather than spend there time doing things like, oh, I don't know, running the country, the Democrats in Congress would rather spend all of their time attacking the Republicans, and essentially preparing for their final push for the White House. Amazing, really. It seems obvious to me that their search for power is more important than the running of this country. Oh, by the way, Kucinich's attempt to impeach Cheney was foiled.

And of course any papers that may be incriminating to Hillary Clinton will not be made available until after the election. After all, we wouldn't want the facts of Hillary's past misconduct to affect the voters in their decision for president in the 2008 election, would we? This stinks to high heaven of Democratic Party meddling, and Liberal Media bias (not that we expect the Liberal Left to behave any differently). But, hey, it's not like Hillary is a criminal, or anything. Right?

Hmmmm, let's ask Hsu.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Green is Universal, NBC as seen on Sunday Night Football

Last night I began to watch Sunday Night Football on NBC and during the pre-game show they turned out some of the brighter lights on the show. Something about going green. I wondered what they meant. Were they going to start drinking green tea? Had their color filter malfunctioned and they were going to broadcast only in green? Was somebody sick? Green with envy? Had they hired the Incredible Hulk?

Okay, fine, enough goofing around. NBC/Universal has decided that The Goreacle (a.k.a. Al Gore) is putting entirely too much money in his pocket over this man-made global warming thing, and they want some of that money too - so in a cheap marketing ploy, they are embracing environmentalism, and the myth of man-made global warming.

Don't misunderstand me here. I agree that we should be good stewards of the planet. We should do what we can to curb our appetite of pollution spewing things simply because it may be the responsible thing to do. But I am not going to play into the hype that the doomsday environmental activists proclaim, and I do not think we have much of an effect on the atmosphere, or at least not to the extent that Al Gore and his citizenry of the Socialist Church of Man-made Global Warming seems to advertise.

Do I appreciate clean air, open space, and drinkable water? Sure I do. But I don't believe that pumping money into a skewed propaganda campaign, and turning off a few lights, is the key to keeping this planet healthy.

In fact, if you consult science (real science, not that phony crap that the Global Warming Druids are pushing) you will take note that the number one contributor to greenhouse gases is water vapor. And where does that come from? The oceans of the world. Second place on the greenhouse gas attack are volcanoes. Humanity produces a minute amount compared to the grand scheme of things. So small is mankind's influence that an insect colliding into your helmet while you are riding a bike is more likely to knock you off that bike, than for our small contributions to the atmosphere to change weather patterns as people like Gore suggest.

Fact is, this is the same old hype that appears periodically. In fact, this type of hype seems to appear in a cyclictic manner, in sync with the natural cooling and warming cycles our planet experiences without our help, or the help of big bad SUVs and full size pick-up trucks.

In 1895 the scientists, and the jumpy press, warned that another ice age was coming. Heck, that one lasted well into the 1920's before the alarmists realized that the ice wasn't coming. In 1929 a warming spell began, and guess what? That's right, alarming headlines proclaiming the Earth was heating up, and that warming spell lasted well into 1969. And interestingly enough, the culprit pinned down in 1938 was Carbon Dioxide. Then the 1970's arrived, and suddenly, we were heading for another ice age again. Alarms went off, magazines and papers proclaimed we were no doubt heading for a big freeze over. And now, long after the years we should have been forced to wear mittons and heavy jackets, we have Gore, once again changing the hype, and trying to convince everyone that we are going to drown in a sea of warm water, and our coastal cities will be destroyed. Maybe if we're lucky, San Francisco will be one of those.

Unless it starts [gasp] to get cold again!

Besides, all of this carbon footprint garbage, like the rest of the man-made global warming theory, is a straight out lie. It turns out, after studies of Antarctic Ice Cores, that an increase in carbon dioxide levels, the much hyped 'cause' of global warming, actually happens long after the warming has started. In other words, an increase in Carbon Dioxide levels does not cause the globe to warm. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The rise in global temperature causes an increase in atomospheric carbon dioxide levels.

So as much as I hate to say it to NBC and Universal and all of those other "Green is Universal" participants: "You are gullible, and have fallen for a well calculated, and very lucrative, lie."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to jump into my gas guzzling truck so that I can buy myself more lights. I plan to turn on as many lights as I can to offset the idiocy of the Global Warming crowd.


Ah, and don't forget that tonight at 9pm Eastern Time I co-host with Andrea Shea King on her BTR Show

And tomorrow is my special 50th episode of Political Pistachio with the MyPoint crew, Dave and Jenn!