Saturday, August 12, 2023

Mr. Constitution Hour: WWI, Globalism, & Communism


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Mr. Constitution Hour on KPRZ is a radio broadcast that looks at The United States Constitution through the lens of Christianity. The program is hosted by Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs.

This episode: Mr. Constitution Hour by Douglas V. Gibbs: World War I, Globalism, and Communism -- At first President Wilson followed George Washington's advice to stay out of foreign entanglements, and he even ran his reelection on the slogan that he kept America out of the World War that had erupted in Europe. During Wilson's second term, however, the U.S. entered the war. After the war ended a spirit of globalism swept across the world, with Woodrow Wilson leading the way with his League of Nations. However, globalism failed, and communism was on the march after it took over Russia, and launched the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. A Red Scare in America made it clear that the United States population was not interested in socialism, yet through various methods, and the rise of labor unions, socialism was beginning to make its mark in the Democratic Party. History shows us that when it comes to political spectrums, however, pendulums swing, even when everything seems to be to the left of the U.S. Constitution.

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