Monday, August 07, 2023

Video: Climate Change Hysteria

 Carbon Dioxide, Green Energy, Renewable Energy, Heat-Related Deaths, Rising Oceans, Damage to the Great Barrier Reef, Struggling Polar Bear Populations, Cattle Methane Emissions, Plant Based Foods to Save Animals ... all of those things are catch terms and phrases we constantly hear regarding Climate Change. But, as critical thinkers, we need to ask: Is CO2 the culprit it has been made out to be? How environmentally safe are green energy measures and strategies? Who are the people suffering from heat-related deaths, and where are these instances occurring? Are the polar bears and Great Barrier Reef truly victims of man's contribution to green house gases? How safe to the environment, and to wildlife, is the production of plant-based foods? Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs presents commentary, and five mini-videos in this presentation to answer some of those questions, along with whether or not the federal government even has the constitutional authority in the first place.

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