Connecting the Pieces to Restore Our Republic!

Connecting the Pieces to Restore Our Republic!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dark Thunderstorms

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I awakened to a lightning blast in the dark sky.

California's drought rages from receiving little rainfall during the rainy season, yet during the summer, when we are supposed to receive no rainfall, the dings of falling water dots the roof of my house. Along with the rain, a potential raging flood, dines the clash of godly power, as the thunder booms and the lightning strikes. 

The rumble led my wife to ask, "Are we having an earthquake?"

"It is only thunder," I replied, as the window lighted up with a crack of lightning over our neighbor's home. 

"God is angry," she said.

"That would be 'Mother Nature,' if you were a liberal progressive," I chimed.  "They voted God out of their party."

After six hours sleep, my stomach and back pain resembled the war in the sky, so I turned off the fan, and walked through the darkened house - that was not so dark with the momentary blasts of lightning. The bowling pins fell, the pinpricks tapped upon the tin top of my office roof. "God's angry," she had said. "That may not necessarily be the reason for the pounding in the dark sky," I thought to myself, "but she's right. With a glance at our world, I have no doubt He is indeed angry."

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Corona Constitution Class - Presidential Oath

Join us tonight at Allstar collision at 522 Railroad St. In Corona. Tonight at 6:00 pm we complete Article II, The Executive Branch.

Democrat Cities Are Dangerous Places To Live

by JASmius

St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York City, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Oakland, Cleveland...what do they have in common? They are all run by Democrats, and all have problems with police brutality.

Hard Starboard Radio: A History Of "Criminal Politics"

Perry on Donk indictment: "I wouldn’t change a thing"; "Criminal" politics used against Perry, Walker, Christie, D'Souza - and they're far from the first; Video surfaces of drunk DA accusing Governor Perry of "abuse of power" (an encore presentation); Rich Lowry catches up to me on the real Donk motivations for the Perry persecution; Three diametrically opposed forces are now in play in Ferguson; Is the enemedia the new criminal justice system?  For whites and Republicans....yes!  It!  Is!; Contra smug liberals, riots in Missouri are a far cry from sectarian violence in the Middle East - but they're getting there.

"DUCK!!!" at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

ISIS To America: "We Will Drown All Of You In Blood"

by JASmius

First of all: that promise is blatant gimmick infringement, and the Klingons will NOT be pleased.

Nor the copyright lawyers for 25 Ta Life....

At least these assholes are honest about the "god" whom they serve.

Now to the particulars:

The Islamic State militant group that has seized large parts of Iraq and drawn the first American air strikes since the end of the occupation in 2011 has warned the United States it will attack Americans “in any place” if the raids hit its militants.

The video, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of snipers, featured a statement which said in English “we will drown all of you in blood”.

I interpret that as "Please stop bombing us."  Or maybe, "You boys might want to improve your aim just a smidgen."  Or perhaps, "Who do you infidels think you are?"  Probably a mix of all three, given that they've already vowed to "confront" us.  Frankly, I've never paid all that much attention to what an enemy has to say after they've gotten something of what they had coming to them.  Other than to smile.

Which would mean that if Jonathan Gilliam were calling the shots, that smile would gusher up to multiple orgasm territory:

"Here's how you fight a war. You go in and you decimate an enemy."  Ahhhh; almost makes me feel like lighting up a cigarette.  If I smoked, that is.

Guess that means we go out with a little Earth, Wind & Fire.....

Democrats Must Denounce Perry Indictment

by JASmius

Well, somebody's living in the land of make-belie....

Wait a minute - Lanny Davis?:

Democrats know a lot about criminalizing the political process — and the terrible consequences to our nation and our democracy when it happens....

Davis spends most of his column recounting the particulars of this outrage, and then comes this:

If a Republican prosecutor had obtained this indictment against a sitting Democratic governor, and Republican partisans rushed to imply wrongdoing, much less guilt as a result of an indictment before trial, is there any doubt we Democrats would be publicly outraged?


The double standard cannot be tolerated.

McCarthyism is McCarthyism — accusation and innuendo and "investigations" used as surrogates for facts and truth and due process — whether by the left or the right.

Democratic elected officials, especially Democratic attorneys general and district attorneys across the nation, must call on the Travis County district attorney to withdraw this absurd indictment, and Democratic Party leaders should publicly ask Texas Democrats who have rushed to public judgment of Gov. Perry to withdraw their comments . . . and apologize.

There can be only a single standard when it comes to our belief in the due process clause and the implied presumption of innocence in our Constitution.

The headline might as well have read, "Lanny Davis Switches Parties".  Because he has, you know.  He just doesn't realize it.

Case in point:

Have these Democrats rushing to make public comments any clue that a prosecutor almost always can, as has been said by many lawyers for a long time, "indict a ham sandwich" if they wish? The grand jury hears only a one-sided presentation of evidence by the prosecutors. No rebuttal is allowed. No cross-examination fundamental to due process is allowed.

In fact, an indictment is evidence of nothing. It is literally just an accusation, not even close to proven facts. Yet I read some Texas Democrats calling for Perry to resign — resign!

These cannot be Democrats who care about civil liberties or due process, much less the credibility of our party, which has always denounced those who presume guilt or even suggest wrongdoing after an indictment alone.

That's right, Mr. Davis.  Because your party does not give a rat's patoot about civil liberties or due process for anybody who is not a Democrat or member of any of its crazy-quilt of lazy, indolent, gimmie-gimmie, racist, jihadi-symp constituencies.  Rick Perry is none of those things, AND he attempted to hold a Democrat public official politically accountable for her reprehensible actions.  So [BLEEP] him to the outer darkness, or a century in solitary confinement, whichever comes first.

If you don't recognize your own party anymore, Mr. Davis, rest assured: We do.

Ferguson Curfew and the Constitution

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As the stories continue to pour out of Ferguson, Missouri, one reader asks, "I'm disappointed you're not addressing whether the curfew is Constitutional."

When I responded she has to remember the difference between local and federal authorities, she responded, "I haven't. Bill of Rights a floor, not a ceiling. Mo constitution cannot take away natural 1st Amend right."

The headlines are all over the violence, and the curfew, but one thing is true, nobody is talking about rights, and government authorities, so let's take a look.

Based on Kris's argument, the curfew is a violation of the citizens' right of free speech as provided in the Bill of Rights.  And, since that is a natural right, a God-given right, it cannot be limited in any way, shape, or form.

I believe that the Bill of Rights only applies to the Federal Government, as the founders originally intended, but the same rights of free speech and to peaceably assemble are also listed in the Missouri State Constitution.

The people are not peaceably assembling, so law enforcement has every right to attempt to return the chaos to peace.

Article I, Section 8 tasks the Congress with calling forth the militia to suppress insurrections.  Shays' Rebellion was the lesson, however, that it takes more than a militia, sometimes.

Article 4, Section 4 tasks the United States Government with protecting the States against domestic violence.

But at what point do we recognize that the government is making a play for a police state?

As for the curfew, that tends to be the tool of tyrants.  Curfew is a way for the government to control the people.  Is it authorized?  Is it a tool that should be used when there is domestic violence, and assembly that is anything but peaceful?

The reality is that what has been going on is not just some legal case, or some isolated case of violence where up and down rules of authorities and confrontations are all that matters.  The riots in Ferguson are not a mere case of political speech, or civil unrest.  The unrest is the result of generations of conditioning, generations of dependency on government, generations of the left's schemes of racial division, and generations of Black Nationalism as we see pushed by people like Farrakahn, and Jeremiah Wright.  This is what killed Detroit, and now it is the illness that is spreading through America.

The scary part about it is that the liberal left Democrats are trying to do what they can to keep it going, to increase the division, and fan the flames of the anger.  That's why Holder called for another autopsy, and that's why they were quick to release the evidence to the public that Michael Brown was shot six times.  They don't care about justice, and they don't care about the people.  It was a political move to create chaos and crisis.  They did it to keep the riots going.  Crisis is what they want, because, as Rahm Emanuel put it, they need crisis to do the things they could not normally do.

Does this mean we are moving even more rapidly toward a police state?  Is martial law on the menu?

A government that imposes curfew is definitely one willing to head in that direction.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Militant protesters in Ferguson growing in number, many coming from out-of-state...


BUCHANAN: 1960s-like Riots Could Cause Voter Rebuke For Obama...

KURTZ: Some Liberal Outlets Creating 'Almost Lynch Mob Mentality'...

Trayvon Martin's Mom: 'We Will Make Them Feel Us'...

More Arrested as Police Use Tear Gas

Witness Conversation a Game Changer in Ferguson?

New Autopsy

Shot Six Times

National Guard Called In

Obama's Racist Remarks

Autopsy Disproves Eyewitness Accounts that Brown Was Shot in the Back

Monday, August 18, 2014

AFDI Rally For Israel

by JASmius

For the first time, defenders of Israel and representatives of minorities persecuted by Islamic jihadists from around the world gathered together to stand for life and for freedom. Finally, the truth.

Our speakers provided harrowing insight into the full breadth and depth of the havoc and destruction that Islamic jihadists have unleashed upon the world. New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind gave a stirring appeal for Israel in its struggle against the jihad, and was seconded by the eloquent Ethiopian Jewish spokesman Mordechai Tasman and an IDF soldier who spoke of his own experiences. Dr. Mordechai Kedar flew from Israel for the rally, and showed how the jihadists are proceeding according to quranic imperatives.

What was unprecedented and groundbreaking about our rally was that these strong defenders of Israel were joined by others: Yazidi spokesman Haider Elias, the toweringly courageous and eloquent Sudanese freedom fighter Simon Deng, Palestinian Christian Mazzen Warra, Pastor Matthew Singh of Christians United for Israel, Indian human rights activist Arish Sahani, and Kurdish spokesman Salar Motidi — all of them recognized that we all face the same foe, and all of them ringingly affirmed the necessity for us to stand together for freedom.

Hard Starboard Radio: Who Lost The Cities?

Ferguson, Missouri employees and their bosses worry about what may happen next, because the cops have effectively abandoned them; Is a witness conversation unknowingly captured at the scene of the Ferguson shooting a game-changer?; The DOJ should be investigating, but it’s exceedingly unlikely they can legitimately prosecute a civil-rights violation - they will therefore do so anyway; There is more wrong with Ferguson than the Brown case; Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted on charges of restoring the border and even large swaths of the Obamunist Left are balking.

Welcome to Overreach, Texas at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

Video Surfaces Of Drunk DA Accusing Governor Perry Of "Abuse Of Power"

by JASmius

Here is Texas Democrats' idea of the highest standards of public integrity and moral probity:

Oops, sorry, wrong video.  Honest mistake.  Though the late Foster Brooks probably had better legs.

Let's try that again:

A police video has surfaced of a district attorney being arrested for drunk driving, a case that eventually led to Texas Governor Rick Perry being indicted on abuse of power charges.

The video shows Democratic Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg acting belligerently to the arresting officers in Austin, Texas, after her car was stopped for driving erratically, the Washington Times reported.

She had to be physically restrained by two cops, and was found to have an open bottle of vodka in the vehicle. as well as a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.

Sheesh, at least Mr. Brooks played a jovial lush.

The judge in the case called her behavior "deplorable" and sentenced her in April last year to 45 days in jail, of which she served 21 days.

Following the incident, Perry vowed to pull the funding for the integrity unit of Lehmberg’s office unless she resigned, saying that she was not fit to be in charge of the department, which investigates ethics violations and tax fraud cases.

After she refused to quit, Perry followed through with his promise and withdrew the funding for an agency that the Texas GOP had often claimed was basically engaged in politicized prosecutions, according to the Times.

In short, Lehmberg handed Governor Perry a, er, "loaded" weapon and he was more than willing to pull the trigger.  But, naturally, because Perry is a Republican and Lehmberg a Democrat, that gets the concept of "justice" completely bass-ackwards, so it's the fine, upstanding public servant in the second vid who served half of a six week sentence who is not just the moral exemplar but the one empowered to put the "tyrant" in the Austin governor's mansion behind bars until the early twenty-second century.

Which harkens back to another old saying - "Don't hunt what you can't kill":

Bloomberg’s editorial board said, "This is more likely to rally Republicans to Perry’s side — earning him new supporters and donors — and to make Texas Democrats look as craven as the Republicans who are seeking to impeach President Barack Obama."

You know, the man who re-wrote the book on and set the new standard for Executive abuses of power.

Waco, Texas, tea party leader Toby Marie Walker told the Times, "The indictment actually helps the governor. He will be made into a political hero; his polling will go up. It will only hurt if they can prove the DA isn’t a drunk."

Lotsa luck with that one, no matter how much the media embargos it.

BREAKING: Former Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords Dead @ 80

by JASmius

For us older generation patriots, former Vermont Senator "Jumping" Jim Jeffords, the Senator who screwed the GOP in 2001 by switching sides to caucus with the Democrats, shifting majority control of the Senate, passed away this morning.

No word on whether he slipped on a banana peel:

Diane Derby, a former aide, says Jeffords died Monday in Washington. She said he had been in declining health.

Jeffords had announced in 2005 that he would not seek a fourth term, citing his and his wife's health problems. His wife, Liz, died in 2007.

I'm not glad he's dead - rest in peace, most assuredly, Senator - but I sure as hell was glad that he was gone.  At least Bernie Sanders admits that he's a pinko.

The "Forrest Gumping" Of American Education

by JASmius

Sci-Fi Author Jerry Pournelle recently re-published a sixth grade reader from 1914. In his latest "Firewall," Bill Whittle explains how full comprehension of a single paragraph from that hundred-year-old elementary school textbook eludes virtually all of today’s college graduates; shows why it is such a sin, and reveals the hard-Left "Struggle for Stupidity" in all of its undeniable venality.

Almost Entire U.S. Economy Is In A Bubble

by JASmius

Well, you don't say; you mean the "Obama Recovery" is nothing but an inflated, overstuffed fiction?  Really?  Say it ain't so, Danny:

Bubbles are brewing everywhere, says consumer advocate Dan Barnabic. And not surprisingly, he warns that many of us may suffer when those bubbles pop.

"The stars seem to be aligned for the bubble to burst within almost all sectors of the economy. This may spell a serious hardship for an average American," Barnabic writes in an article for MarketWatch.

"Whether it's going to happen later on this year, or in the next three years, isn't a question anymore. The question is, how severe will it be and are Americans going to have enough resources to sustain and recover from it?"

Sectors such as....the stock and real estate markets.  Picture the October 1929 stock market crash (a 90% devaluation) combined with the Panic of 2008:

Stocks might be in the third-biggest stock bubble in history, he notes, adding that financial consultant Andrew Smithers of Smithers & Co. estimates stocks are now 80% overvalued.

Barnabic calculates that real estate is overvalued by at least 35% and maybe up to 50% in some crowded urban areas.

"If real estate was to crash simultaneously with the stock market, the future doesn't bode well for the North American economy," he cautions. [emphases added]

It would bode well for Barack Obama's lifetime presidency, though, wouldn't it?  Even somebody as "in over their head" as he would be able to exploit a crisis of that magnitude.

Perhaps that's why traditional American optimism has died:

Should we hold a funeral for American optimism?

In its most pessimistic reading ever, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicates that most Americans, 76% to be exact, are not sure their children's generation will be better than their own. Less than a quarter (21%) believe their children's generation will lead better lives than their own.

What's more, 71% think the country is on the wrong track, 60% believe the United States is in a state of decline, and 54% say the widening income gap is undermining opportunity.

The pollsters say the survey reveals "a strong undercurrent of pessimism about the economy, the political system and the U.S. role in world affairs."

Welcome to the "New Normal," folks.  Beats me why it's been almost six years and you're still not acclimated to it.  And no, Barack Obama is not being held primarily responsible for it; congressional Republicans are, near as I can tell:

President Obama received his lowest approval rating ever, 40%, in the poll....

Or, in other words, the Left still loves him, while the middle and the Right have long since bailed; or, in still other words, pretty much the status quo going back to early last year.  Or, in the final rhetorical incarnation, The One's polling floor, as media protection and his skin color will prevent his numbers from ever plumbing Truman/Bush43 territory, as they deserve to.  I don't refer to O's as the "Affirmative Action presidency" for nothing.

....Congressional Republicans received an even worse approval rating, just 19%, while Congressional Democrats had a 31% approval rating.

Which reflects media coverage of House Republicans and Senate Democrats, respectively.  Doubtful that it means all that much, since the GOP is currently on course to pick up additional House seats, seven Senate seats and the Senate majority along with it.  But it's still requisitely annoying.  After the bubbles burst?  Expect the "rally 'round Dear Leader" effect if it happens under Red Barry, and a public crucifixion if it unfolds on a President Walker's or President Perry's watch.  Or a beheading, depending upon Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi's preference on the particular day in question.  He'll almost certainly be calling the shots by that time.

But that's another "bubble".

Feds Head To Ferguson - Obama Injects DOJ Into Brown Case

by JASmius

Well, this was inevitable:

Yes, let's toss race-baiting Eric "The Red" Holder into the equation.  Just what this toxic stew needs.

As one commenter said:

Two autopsies completed on Michael Brown's body, bullet wounds found to be in Brown's front only, each time.

Apparently, no bullet wounds in Brown's back won't square with what A.G. Holder's "understanding" of what happened. I suppose the Attorney General thinks a third autopsy, this time by a federal autopsy physician, will find that elusive bullet wound where Michael Brown's companion stated Brown was shot in the back while running from the police officer....

Holder wants a third autopsy of Brown, I think the police should be grilling Brown's companion at the same time, he could have made up a story that they were trying to run away. Holder apparently hasn't asked for that.

Barack Obama may get his martial-law-justifying national race war, yet.  What that has to do with actual justice is anybody's guess.

'Criminal' Politics Used Against Perry, Walker, Christie, D'Souza

by JASmius

Connecting the dots, anyone?:

The news that Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted Friday for conducting a lawful act has Republican strategists and others steaming about a pattern of abuse by Democrats: When they can't beat Republicans at the polls, they try to indict them in criminal court.

The Perry indictment focuses on his threat to veto funding for the Travis County (Austin) district attorney's public integrity unit after D.A. Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for driving under the influence....

Pundits of the left and right see little chance of conviction, but Republicans note a disturbing trend by Democrats in misusing the criminal justice system for political purposes.

In 2010, it was District Attorney Lehmberg who pushed a Travis County grand jury to indict [former] Texas-22 Congressman and Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on money laundering charges relating to state races in 2010 that helped Republicans gain control of the legislature.

Last year, a Texas appellate court overturned the DeLay conviction, saying it was "legally insufficient."....

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in a similar position over his Bridge-gate scandal.

A state legislative panel, run by Democrats, and the U.S. Attorney's Office, headed by a Democrat appointed by Obama, are running separate investigations into whether Christie had any personal involvement when members of his staff purposely shut down lanes on the George Washington Bridge last fall, reportedly for political payback.

Christie has yet to be linked personally to the scandal and denies any involvement.

Another Republican governor with possible White House aspirations, Wisconsin's Scott Walker, already has survived a recall election over his stand to limit collective bargaining by state employees.

More recently, Walker has faced a probe by Democratic Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm over allegations the governor coordinated with conservative fundraisers to illegally violate state election laws.

Walker has called the allegations "nothing more than a partisan investigation," noting that two judges, one in federal and one in state court, have ruled he did nothing wrong....

Filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza was forced to plead guilty in May to illegally funneling approximately $20,000 through third parties to help a friend running for U.S. Senate in New York.

His plea agreement calls on him not to challenge a prison sentence of 10 to 16 months.

D'Souza has been a frequent critic of Obama, releasing two documentary films on him. The most recent, "2016," was in theaters this summer.

Criminal experts have said that considering the small amount of money involved, the federal government would typically not even investigate the matter.

Sorry for the big run-on quote, but there's an overall point to be made about this phenomenon.  Okay, several.

Democrat criminalization of partisan policy differences is nothing new.  It began after the first big hole got punched in the heretofore impregnable wall of unchallengeable left-wing rule with the election of their worst nightmare, Ronald Reagan, to the presidency.  The first to feel abusive Donk wrath was the Gipper's first Secretary of Labor, Raymond Donovan, on trumped up corruption charges having to do with accepting gifts from contributors or some such.  It was during Donovan's trial that the term "sleaze factor" was first coined.  He was eventually acquitted and cleared of all charges, but because the wheels of justice turn slowly while the 24-hour news cycle is a quantum slipstream drive, it barely mattered.  Donovan didn't go to jail, but his ability to earn a living was devastated, and he was finished in politics.  Or, as he plaintively put it on the courthouse steps after his not guilty verdict was rendered, "Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

The Dems didn't fear Raymond Donovan; rather, they used him to try and erode President Reagan's popularity.  To no avail, as it turned out, since that sort of nickel & diming was woefully insufficient to such a herculean task.

That's where Iran-Contra came in.

It was the perfect setup: in 1982 and 1983 Democrats attach an unconstitutional amendment to an unrelated appropriations bill (the Boland Amendment), forbidding the President from aiding the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua.  A few years later, President Reagan makes the serious error in judgment of attempting to ransom the American hostages Hezbollah was holding in Lebanon, the funds for which came from clandestinely selling weapons to the Iranian mullahgarchy, both then and today an enemy of America.  However, unbeknownst to him, the excess funds were diverted equally as furtively to the Contras in contravention of the aforementioned Boland Amendment.

Should the Reagan Administration have challenged the Boland Amendment directly?  Absolutely.  Was negotiating with jihadists a grievous mistake?  Absolutely.  Was funneling aid to our allies in Nicaragua "contra" to a heretofore obscure but blatant violation of the Separation of Powers, which allocates conduct of foreign policy to the Executive, a "scandal"?  Absolutely not.  If congressional Democrats wanted to slap back at the Reagan White House, they did control the House and could have used the power of the purse to express its displeasure.  And they did hold interminable public hearings on the matter.

But they had a 1986 midterm election to win, and this was the cudgel they used to do so.  The GOP lost nine Senate seats, many by razor-thin margins.  The final two years of Ronald Reagan's presidency were effectively gutted.  But that wasn't the "big fish," as it were, as Dems rode Iran-Contra right into the 1988 presidential campaign in order to take back the White House as well, an effort which fell maddeningly short.  So they kept on flogging that same dead equine via more and more hearings and a runaway independent counsel (Lawrence Walsh) who, as all members of that species do, couldn't find anything but didn't let that get in the way of "MSUing" his way through the Bush41 term until the same tiresome dynamic, in the form of the outrageous indictment of former Reagan Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger - which was quietly withdrawn two weeks after the 1992 election that finally put the White House back in Democrat hands.

Fast-forward to Bush43.  Looking for any conceivable way to demolish President Bush43's post-9/11 popularity, Democrats finally came up with what became known as "Plamegate," the supposed "outing" of the identity of a "covert" CIA operative - the aforementioned Valerie Plame - in violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act as retaliation for her husband, Joe Wilson's, burying of a report that indicated that Saddam Hussein had, indeed, been attempting to procure weapons-grade uranium for a planned nuclear arsenal.  It was the kickoff of the anti-Iraq War "insurgency" that ultimately put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.  Except, of course, that Mrs. Wilson - oh, my apologies, "Ms. Plame" - wasn't covert at the time her identity was revealed, and it was revealed by then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage for the purpose of setting up the White House, in a deft bit of RINO-Donk collaboration.  Who, by the way, was never investigated or even criticized by the Left for his actions.  Meanwhile, media hysterics compensated for the absence of hysterical congressional hearings, and another out-of-control independent counsel was foolishly appointed who couldn't find anything but MSU'd until he collected a semi-noteworthy scalp - "Scooter" Libby, "Darth Cheney's" chief of staff - on charges of not being able to verbatim remember the details of conservations that took place several years before.  Or, as it's known inside the Beltway, "perjury".

The same dynamic was at work against Governor Christie - right after his crushing re-election to self-evidently abort his presidential ambitions in the proverbial crib - as well as Governor Walker, where the attempt has twice backfired, adding to his momentum toward re-election this November and a likely White House run beyond that, and now Governor Perry, whose courageous leadership in fighting Barack Obama's quasi-treasonous border erasure gambit has revived his political "star," as it were, and looks to be backfiring just as spectacularly as the assault on the Wisconsin governor.

The persecutions of Tom DeLay and Dinesh D'Souza, by contrast, are not motivated by electoral shortcuts, but sheer retribution.  DeLay's 2010 prosecution was quite obviously motivated by the failure of the Dems' first crack at him - of which he was also exonerated - to "teach him a lesson" about staying out of Texas politics, and the Democrats' way.  And, you know, the first prosecution having failed to put him behind bars.  Whereas D'Souza isn't a politician at all, but simply an American citizen who had the blasphemous gall to make, market, and distribute a movie that actually vetted Barack Hussein Obama in advance of the 2012 campaign as he never was in 2008.

For these iniquities, DeLay and D'Souza had to be destroyed.  And D'Souza effectively will be, as his coerced plea bargain disgracefully makes clear.

The saving grace of the moment is that Dems in Wisconsin and Texas have so egregiously overreached that it's triggering a wide backlash.  Perhaps, if there is a 2016 election, that will blunt the American Left's relentless jihad against conservatives and the GOP by once again unifying the federal government until not just Republican, but perhaps even Tea Party-ish, control.  Certainly the Obamunists' worst nightmare.

But remember this: that jihad will never end.  Indeed, the advent of a Walker or Perry Administration will simply be the next chapter.

30 Years Marriage, High School Sweethearts, But It Wasn't Easy

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Today is the 30th Wedding Anniversary of my wife and I.  We met in high school, and married the summer after I graduated.  I immediately enlisted in the United States Navy, bypassing college opportunities that was piling up in my mailbox.

For twenty years we fought like cats and dogs.  We have nothing in common but our kids.  We separated, at one point, and I was sure it was over.  But love kept us together.

It almost sounds like a song.  Now, our children are grown up, and we have six grandchildren.

At about the twenty year mark of our marriage, things began to turn around.  My growth in the Lord threatened to enable me to leave her in my dust in the terms of growth.  I was in The Word, and she wasn't.  She had a choice, and she chose to welcome Jesus Christ into her life.

Immediately, our marriage became one that people long for.  Sure, we still have our moments, but now we are evenly yoked, and our marriage is completely in God's Hands.

What's the key to a long marriage?


-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Utopia without Doug

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Last night I saw a commercial for Fox Television's new show, "Utopia," and I just had to grin.

Last May the producers of the show approached me and asked me to be on the program.  As much as I wanted to, one of the requirements was complete loss of connection to my life, save a phone call on occasion to my loved ones.  I have a life, I have work to do, I have responsibilities.  No thank you.

The concept is to take a bunch of strangers, and see what political arrangement they decide to go with to make their society work.  The producers told me they had no strong conservative voices, which is a part of why they wanted to include me in the group of reality show participants.

Reality shows like Utopia usually wind up with jobless, mindless, leftist kids usually around college age, or shortly after that age.  Anybody with a life just can't do that kind of show.  It will be interesting to watch.  Let's see if they try socialism, and then start to starve to death.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

David Gregory Leaves NBC with $4 Million in Hush Money

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The liberal left likes to keep people silent.  They silence their opposition through personal attacks, and ridicule.  They make assumptions, project, and spread propaganda whether it is true, or not.  Accuracy is usually not a concern.  The agenda is.

When it comes to their own, they don't attack.  Collectivists can't be seen bickering, or turning against each other. It hurts the narrative.  Usually, liberal leftists that behave badly, or must be silenced, are either given a step up (like Elizabeth Warren), or they are paid off to keep their criticisms to themselves.  In the case of David Gregory, he was paid $4 million to leave NBC, and to do so without any criticisms against the network. . . even though he was crucified on the way out.  In fact, NBC went so far as to have him sign a contract not to speak out against the network.

Gregory's dismal ratings may have not been his fault.  People are avoiding liberal programming.  Folks are also moving away from network television, and cable television for that matter.  Today's generation doesn't have the patience for long shows, live television, DVRs, and anything they can't have in the manner they want it, at the time that they want it.  The younger generation has grown up with technology.  They know nothing different.  They use their phones and their game systems to access information, so David Gregory is simply nothing more than a remnant of a dying breed, and NBC is too stupid, or too conceited, to realize that.  While they try to silence him to keep anything he could say from hurting their network, the reality is that the asteroid has already hit, and the dinosaurs of network and cable television are becoming extinct.

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Gregory got $4 million to quietly leave NBC - Page Six

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trevor Loudon and the Communist Takeover of America

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs

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Limiting Choice Kills Liberty

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The American Form of Government, Under President Barack Obama, Has Become an Intrusive Government That Limits Liberty Through a Demand for Conformity through Fear .

Limited Government is the Essence of Liberty.

We must figure out a way to connect the pieces to restore our republic.

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We can turn this around.  I believe in our ability to accomplish the impossible.  Without liberty, we are no longer a nation.

Join me in the fight.

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Weakness In War on Terror Changes Everything

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The above headline I originally wrote in 2009.  The post has been sitting on my unfinished drafts pile for five years.  I wrote often then, as I do now, that peace is achieved through strength.  The reality of that statement is even more true when it comes to Islam.

I don't know what you think of George W. Bush, and I really don't care.  He was weak on domestic issues, and the wars were not carried out in the decisive manner they should have been.  However, there is no doubt that the man loves America, and he was willing to do whatever it took to protect us from the terror threats that Islam continuously levels against the United States.  He was the right man in the right place when it came to the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Under Barack Obama, the military prowess of the American Forces has become a joke.  He is Mr. Retreat, and is doing anything he can to not only limit our activities, but to limit our capabilities.  I get it, we can't be the world's police, but when America's armed forces are fierce, and ready to act on a moment's notice with a leader behind that military that is willing to use it as a force for good against the madness of tyrants and terrorists, the world behaves.  During Barack Obama's time in the White House, the world has become a very scary place.  His weakness in the face of terror has changed everything. . . as I predicted five years ago with the writing of the title of this piece.

Our way of life is at risk.  Our hopes and freedoms can be swept away in a moment.  As war threatens to erupt in Eastern Asia, between Russia and Ukraine, and as war rages in Gaza and along the path of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, our President is golfing, fund raising, and blaming everyone else for the cataclysmic consequences of his failed foreign policies.

Islam seeks world domination.  Their drive is based on cultish religious fervor created by a false prophet that was nothing more than a barbarian and a pedophile.  If they are able to advance in their war against the infidel, they believe it is Allah's will, and they will do more and more to advance their violent beliefs.  If the followers of the false prophet Muhammad are being fought back, they will go into recession, bide their time, until they believe it is Allah's will for them to go into terrorism-mode again.  Weakness emboldens this enemy.  They don't care about negotiations, or Obama's "feel-good" policies.  They don't care about sanctions, or pin-prick bombing.  They only care about killing Christians, killing Jews, and creating a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

Islam's war rages worldwide at varying degrees of intensity.  In Gaza, and under the barbaric march of ISIS in Iraq, war rages in a fierce manner.  In Europe, as we saw in Paris with the violent riots against Israel, the war against infidels is starting to gain momentum.  In America, the marches and demonstrations are showing us that the presence of the Muslim zealotry is apparent, and ready to expand.  They hate all non-Muslims, and their goal is to kill or convert all of those people that dare to stand against them.

We keep hearing about peaceful Muslims, and my response so the concept of peace-loving Muslims is two-fold.  First of all, the peaceful Muslims, living in fear and unwillingness to do anything, are irrelevant.  They do nothing, just as the German people were irrelevant and inconsequential during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.  Second, most of those so-called peaceful Muslims still reject the existence of an Israeli State, and were dancing in the streets with delight when the twin towers in New York City were burning, and collapsing.  They may claim to be peace-loving, but in the end the majority of them want the same thing the radical extremists of Islam wants - the worldwide domination of Islam.

Mosques are emerging worldwide, hailed as peaceful places of worship.  But these mosques are not what they seem.  They are training grounds, breeding grounds for more terrorists, more zealots, more death against the infidel.

The United States is a prime target.  We are ripe for the jihad.  Islamic hatred and terror is ready to erupt in America.  And as the threat worsens, our government fails to secure the national border (some sources say that as much as 40% of border crossers are of North African and Middle Eastern descent), and is literally bending over backwards to accommodate the enemy.  The Muslims are calling for the death, destruction, and damnation of the American people, and we are inviting them to dinner.

I get it, the people have been deceived.  Muslims are simply souls without Christ.  I do believe we need to provide The Word to them as much as we can, but that does not mean lying down, and allowing the madness of political Islam to slaughter us in the process.  I do not believe that the extremists in Islam is but a small minority.  Extremism is mainstream in the Islamic world.

Political Correctness, and the good nature of Christian America, has made us unable, or unwilling, to recognize the reality of Islam.  We refuse to accept the nature and the extent of the threat presented by political Islam.  We close our ears to their call for jihad, and resign ourselves to believe that the war with Hamas is over a small piece of land, or that ISIS is but a minority in Islam that has gained access to the weapons of war.

Islam's war on America is nothing new.  My guest yesterday on Constitution Radio, John Guandolo, presented evidence that Islam's war is real, and will not stop.

In the guest pitch for John Guandolo I was originally sent, this was in it:

“(Mohammed) declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…The precept of the Quran is, perpetual war against all who deny that (Mohammed) is the prophet of God.” -- President John Quincy Adams, Son of President John Adams

It is a historical fact that America’s first war following the Revolution was a war with the Muslim (Barbary) states. In 1786, two of America’s greatest founders, John Adams (Ambassador to England) and Thomas Jefferson (Ambassador to France) met with the emissary of Tripoli to Britain – Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja to discuss the Barbary Pirates demands for tribute from U.S. ships. After this meeting, Adams and Jefferson submitted a report to Congress detailing Adja’s answer to why the Muslims were attacking the U.S. ships without any provocation. The report reads, in part:
“The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their prophet, that is was written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

Islam's war against America is nothing new.  It is a war we must fight, not because we are war-mongers, but because the war is being waged against us, and to not fight it is to relinquish our survival and sovereignty.  Americans do not realize the power of the Islamic call to jihad.  Their grievance is our Christian culture, our support of the freedom of religion, our protection of the freedom of speech, and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  Theirs is a goal to replace our culture with theirs, to destroy our society and replace it with Islamic authorities, to destroy our civilization and turn America into a Muslim nation.

Islam is waging a war for world domination.  If we don't recognize the imminent threat, and if we don't act upon those threats as if they are declarations of war against us, we will succumb to Islam, and will become a part of the worldwide caliphate.

Bloody war and chaos is their tool.  We must stand against it, or be destroyed.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Constitution Association Of Western Washington: The Strategy To Convene A Convention For Republic Review

by G.R. Mobley

WHEN: Monday, August 18th, 2014, 5:30-8:30 PM PDT

WHERE:  Bellevue Gun Club/West Coast Armory, 13216 SE 32nd St, Bellevue, WA (map), Conference Room #1

PHONE: (425) 641-2877

I apologize for the short notice, but it has taken us a little while to find a forum. I appreciate the suggestions and help.  Please come early so we can start on time.

I hope you find the time to come learn about a rapidly growing concept of a Constitutional movement as to how we (all of us) can save our Constitution, the Republic, and our liberties and sovereignty through a simply Constitutional process. This process is not a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the Constitution, nor is it the arduous process of the Article V Convention to amend the Constitution, nor is this a Convention of the States. G. R. Mobley will present the concept of Republic Review and possess the power to undo any and all unconstitutional roles, responsibilities, and powers (RRPs) that have been usurped or unconstitutionally assumed by our general government. This is a two part presentation.

Part 1

Based on the premise that, reasonable people equally informed seldom disagree, please join G. R. Mobley as he speaks concerning the power of the Republic, and a Constitutional path that will lead to preserving our Constitution, liberties, and the Republic, by using the Republic’s Constitutional and versatile tool called a Convention for Republic Review.

There are and can be other conventions, but a Republic Review is the intent of auditing the size, roles, responsibilities, and powers that the general government is exercising – in comparison to the enumerated powers within the Constitution, which they are Constitutional constrained by. Therefore, all unconstitutional powers either must be amended to the Constitution or removed from the general government as a role, responsibility, or power.


Overview on Historical narrative on liberty
The innovation a New Nation
The Obfuscation of the Constitution
The Constitutional Fix
What we can do to change the course of our nation
The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review
The Tactical Plan
Top Level Collaboration or Command and Control

Part 2

The presentation will focus more on the ground strategy and what needs to be done. Instead of standing with a sign in your hands in the heat of the sun or in the pouring rain, we will cover:


What was previously covered
Why 3 books
The Strategy 101
The Tactical Plan
Top Level Collaboration or Command and Control
The Strategy 201
Details on Local and State Organizations
What, why, who, where, and how regarding Command and Control
Statement of Facts

This may be a bit of a reach (too far to drive) for some, but you may have friends and fellow Patriots who live in Washington that would be interested in attending such an event, especially those looking for hope and a viable answer to stopping this Federal Tyranny. So please forward this to those friends and Patriots in the area that can make it to West Coast Armory in Bellevue Monday Night. For those who use social media our Facebook page is here:

Please promote it to others, and we have set up a twitter account Mobius Strip Press ‏@MobiusStripNews for people to follow... If you would like a preview of an event in SoCal you can view it here by watching the videos below.

Perry On Indictment: "I Wouldn’t Change A Thing"

by JASmius

Damn straight:

Texas Governor Rick Perry, indicted late Friday on abuse of power charges, said he would make the same decision if the situation repeated itself.

Perry is accused of threatening to withhold funding from the Travis County District Attorney's Office after D.A. Rosemary Lehmberg, who was arrested for driving while intoxicated and seen in a police station video kicking a door and demanding to see the sheriff."

This is not the way we settle differences —  political differences —  in this country," Perry said of the indictment in an appearance on "Fox News Sunday." "You don't do it with indictments. We settle our political differences at the ballot box."

No, Governor, we used to settle our political differences at the ballot box.  Now no political differences from the Obamunist party line are allowed, and dissidents will be severely punished.  With, in Rick Perry's case, a century in prison.

How ludicrously overboard-vindictive is this Donk fatwa?  Feast your bulging eyes on this tweet:

Unless he was demonstrably trying to scrap the ethics unit for other than his stated reason, Perry indictment seems pretty sketchy. 

When the 'stache thinks you've gone too far....well, let's just say it's like al Qaeda taking a look at the actions of the Islamic State and saying, "Woah, dude....."  And, of course, they have.

Perry addressed the actual veto and not his threat to withhold funds on Sunday, but said he has no regrets.

"If I had to do it again I would make exactly the same decision," he said.

"Regrets," as Spock once said, "are illogical."  Especially when you've not only not done anything wrong, but emphatically did the right thing.

And as Spock also once said, "Threats are illogical" as well, "and payment is usually expensive."

Especially at the ballot box.

UPDATE: Alan Dershowitz - "outraged":

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz calls himself a "liberal Democrat who would never vote for Rick Perry," but he's still "outraged" over the Texas governor's indictment Friday on charges of abuse of power and coercion.

The charges are politically motivated and an example of a "dangerous" trend of courts being used to affect the ballot box and politics, he told Newsmax on Saturday.

"Everybody, liberal or conservative, should stand against this indictment," Dershowitz said. "If you don't like how Rick Perry uses his office, don't vote for him."....

Further, Dershowitz said, such indictments are something that's done in totalitarian countries and should not be done in the United States.

In such countries, "if you don't like them, you indict," Dershowitz said. "In America, you vote against them...this should be up to the voters. There is no room in America for abuse of office charges, and this has to stop once and for all. This is a serious problem."

And indicting a politician, rather than fighting back through a ballot box, "is so un-American." [emphasis]

Evidently we are now a totalitarian country, Professor.

Former Clinton and Obama Regime strategist Jonathan Prince tweeted:

Have to say Perry indictment seems nuts. Gov[ernor] has constitutional power to veto. Gov[ernor] uses power. Grand jury indicts b[e]c[ause] they don't like reason?

Yep.  With intent to lock him up, effectively, forever.

Vox's Matt Yglesias:

"Hard for me to imagine these Rick Perry charges sticking," Yglesias wrote, adding, "Does anyone think this Perry indictment makes sense?"

Translation: Does anyone think this won't backfire against the Dems?  Big time?

New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait:

My *very* preliminary reaction to the Rick Perry news: I don't understand what law he broke.

I.e. it's not anything a Democrat governor wouldn't have done, and not been questioned about it in the slightest.

Think f'ing Progress:

"Though the state legislature probably could limit this veto power in extreme cases — if a state governor literally sold his veto to wealthy interest groups, for example, the legislature could almost certainly make that a crime — a law that cuts too deep into the governor’s veto power raises serious separation of powers concerns."

And in case you had any lingering doubts about what an incompetent, mafia-esque, retaliatory hit job this is for Perry's nationally prominent leadership on Obama's Border Crisis....:

"We call on Governor Perry to immediately step down from office," Gilberto Hinojosa, president of the Texas Democratic Party, said. "Texans deserve real leadership and this is unbecoming of our governor."

Except, of course, that Perry is stepping down at the end of this year anyway.  Hinojosa can't wait a few more months?  Ah, but what would RP do after that, with his presidential star on the rise?

Bingo.  Maybe Texas Donks can't literally bury Rick Perry alive, but they can, they believe, make sure his retirement is aggrieved, impoverished, and persecuted, so much so that he'll rue the day he ever did what no Republican is ever supposed to do: get "uppity" and forget their second-class citizen "place" on the lower societal caste, the bottom of the rightfully-Democrat-ruled political food chain.

Or maybe President Perry will shove it up their collective ass sideways, completely with vibrating razor blades.  Something Rosemary Lehmberg might have enjoyed, come to think of it, if she were drunk enough.

UPDATE II: Detailed legal analysis, if you're interested.

Liberalism: Rule Through Moral Ambiguity and the Silencing of the Opposition

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 led to sweeping changes in Russia that led the populace from a Dictatorial Monarchy to a Communist Totalitarianism that still remains influential, if only in the very memory of its existence, in the region.

Germany followed a charismatic leader by the name of Adolf Hitler, voting him into office democratically and peacefully.

Americans have been conditioned over the last century to embrace the failed policies of statism.  We are being asked to set aside our individualism, to lose a little liberty for security, and abandon set standards written on the pages of the Holy Bible, and the United States Constitution.

We are being asked to let go of the rule of law, and embrace the rule of man.  We are being told that the interpretation of the law by men with political preferences that oppose the law as it was written is in our best interest, and the opinions of these judges and politicians are the necessary fuel for the greater good.  Theirs is only a benevolent intent for the collective.

The United States prospered, and has become the greatest nation on the face of this Earth, because of the principles we have followed contained on the pages of the Holy Bible, and the United States Constitution.  Sure, we stumbled a few times along the way, but America's exceptionalism has always righted wrongs, and had led this nation to the greatness that God intended for it during its founding.

The founders declared independence with a firm reliance on the protection by divine Providence, willing to put on the line their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.  Now, as a nation, we are letting go of those freedoms, relinquishing our liberty, in the name of distractions, noise, and government dependency.  We gained our liberty through a process of forging this nation into existence beginning with the shot heard around the world.  We are losing it with a whimper, as we collect government checks, and play games on our electronic devices.

The liberal left uses political correctness, moral ambiguity, and fear to silence its opposition.  Many voters don't vote Democrat because they love liberalism, but because they have been conditioned to hate Republicans, Conservatives, and Tea Party members.  They have been convinced that The Right is evil, wants a theocracy, are a bunch of racists, hate women, are a bunch of plutocrats, and so on and so forth.  The average voter believes the propaganda, and votes for Democrats because they are convinced that the GOP is evil.  They will vote for incompetence any day of the week over evil.

The daunting task of turning this mess around is upon us.  Three percent of the population fought the Revolutionary War.  Only a third of the population in the colonies supported the drive for independence.  Only a few people got the Murrieta immigration protests rolling, but it became a national story.  We can do this.  We can take back America.  We can save the blessings of liberty for our posterity.  All we have to do is pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, rely on the protection of divine Providence, and do the work it takes to get the job done.

The Revolution has begun.  The resistance is in place.  It is time to fight the good fight.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

A Call for Scottish Independence

By Douglas V. Gibbs

With the turmoil of war, and economic chaos, gripping the global arena, let's throw some more kindling on the bonfire, shall we?

Scotland, according to a recent poll, has a lot of people thinking that the northern kingdom is ready to exit the United Kingdom, and become its own, sovereign entity.  The support for secession is not quite enough to get the job done, but support for the idea is increasing.

Among the greatest concerns is whether, or not, to keep English currency.  The pound is not exactly performing brilliantly, but pollsters are not necessarily convinced that a Scottish currency would fare much better.

Supporters of the "Yes" movement are travelling for a meeting to the seaside town where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320 in a highly symbolic move that recalls the historic document signed by Scottish nobles rejecting English rule.

Independence campaigners welcome the rise in Yes support, calling the poll "encouraging," and proclaiming that as an independent country, Scotland could put its wealth to work in ways that is not possible as part of the United Kingdom.

Critics of the campaign for Scottish independence questions why the Scots are not 
offering a positive vision of Scotland within the United Kingdom.  Those that oppose independence assure voters that a "No vote" would secure more powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Better Together, a group supporting a "No vote," has placed a lot of importance upon the need to keep the currency together.  "The currency matters. It matters to our jobs. It matters in terms of how much we pay for our rent and our mortgage and it matters to our pensions, savings and benefits."

Fears also fuel the drive for rejecting independence.  "This poll shows people are rejecting, by a margin of two to one, the risk and uncertainty of independence. If we say No thanks, we can have the best of both worlds in Scotland: a strong Scottish Parliament with more powers guaranteed and the strength, security and stability of the UK."

The vote is about two weeks away.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary