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Sunday, December 17, 2017

FBI Investigation Revealing Disdain of Conservatism by Deep State

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Deep State extends into the FBI.  President Trump realizes how far the deep state extends, and even while in front of FBI graduates said that he knew the liberal left poison is still working its way into our system. "You are great people doing an incredible job," he said. "But I hope your families know that. I’d say 90 percent, probably 90 percent, are great, right? The other 10 percent, that’s not working out so well."

I think he was being optimistic.  The liberal left's religiosity is likely pumping into the veins of our republic their disdain for America as it was founded at a rate much higher than 10% of the graduates.

The Deep State is a shadow government.  It is a filthy liberal left oil streak mixed deeply into the unseen parts of the clean and clear flowing waters of freedom, masking itself as just another part of the system, another cog of liberty, while in reality it exists to bring down the system and inject Marxism at any possible juncture.

They are watching us all of the time.  Surveilling us.  They were funded to do so, once again, in the latest NDAA.

They assist in the continual feeding of the establishment machine.  It's their source of power, and money, and hopes for a socialist America.  And when Donald J. Trump emerged on the scene, he was unlike any Republican they had ever seen in a very long time.  Trump is outside the system, and determined to drain the establishment's swamp.

Some of the members of the hard left Marxist deep state consider themselves modern-day saviors of leftism.  They are the latter-day prophets of Marx, Lenin and Stalin.  To save the revolution they believe they can do whatever is necessary to stop their opponents.  No lie goes too far, and no crime is too criminal.  Peter Strzok is one such person.  He believes himself to be a super-revolutionary.  He believes himself to be a part of the last line of defense of the slow and gradual transformation of the American System.

Strzok is the FBI mastermind whose text messages are revealing how toxic of a person he really is, and how he was a part of a deep strategy to do whatever it took to stop the Trump Train.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office - that there’s no way he gets elected - but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Was Strzok suddenly a super-agent who could take down America's choice all by himself?  Was he the guy who believed he had every right to tell the American people to stick it so that he could eliminate what he realized to be a major risk to the Democrat Party's leftist agenda?  Apparently, elections don't mean anything to these people.  Only their agenda and their narrative exists, and Strzok was willing to do whatever it took.

Strzok was also the one who got Hillary Clinton out of legal danger. He changed Comey's statement, changing "grossly negligent" -- a criminal standard -- to "extremely careless" -- an ethical standard, when referring to Clinton's email server scandal through Comey's testimony, thereby allowing Clinton to stay out of legal jeopardy.

Strzok's girly friend, Lisa Page, said in one text message, "God, Trump is a loathsome human."

"Yet he many[sic] win," Strzok responded. "Good for Hillary."

Later the same day, Strzok texted Page, "Omg [Trump’s] an idiot."

"He’s awful," Page answered.

"America will get what the voting public deserves," said Strzok, to which Page responded. "That’s what I’m afraid of."
Robert Mueller, the special investigator of alleged Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign during the 2016 Presidential Election fired Strzok from his team five months ago.

The electronic messages disparaging Trump put into words what the liberal leftists were all already thinking, but were unwilling to say.  They hate Trump, not because he's Trump, but because he turned out to be a realistic threat to their narrative and agenda.  They already hated the Republicans, but now that the GOP has largely gotten behind the new President who refuses to play nice with the liberal left, their hate for anything outside their progressive hive mentality is now off the charts.

The Democrats have lost all grasp on reason.  Thanks to Trump, they are realizing that they are no longer the pilots of their own destiny.  Trump took it away from them, he won when he shouldn't have, and the final turn around a left-hand corner into socialism has been delayed for perhaps a generation.  Now, the Mueller team is willing to act illegally to stop the bleeding.

According to Trump's team, Mueller obtained the transition emails passed between people of the Trump transition team illegally.

How far into the world of criminality are the liberal leftists willing to wade into?  Nothing exists, but they still search, and Mueller is willing to create a crime out of thin air, if he has to.

At the time of the damning text messages between Strzok and Page, Peter Strzok was deputy director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division.  Lisa Page, the recipient and battery mate regarding those messages, was an FBI attorney.

Congressman Darrell Issa, Republican member of the House of Representatives from California, referred to Strzok’s “strident” texts as creating an appearance of impropriety and was one reason to appoint a second special counsel to look into wrongdoing within the FBI and the Justice Department designed to “hang” Trump.

“Were you aware of just how biased Mr. Strzok was?” Representative Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, asked Rod Rosenstein during the Deputy Attorney General's recent testimony.

“No, I was not,” Rosenstein replied.

The deep state flows through the entire government, and includes the FBI.  Mueller, and his team, share the same level of bias, partisanship, and conflicts of interest that Strzok did in his texts; but, they've been smart enough to not place it anywhere the public can find it.

Originally, the public was not supposed to ever find out about Strzok's text messages with Page.  But, when the Office of Inspector General conducted an internal review of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct official business as secretary of state from 2009 through 2012, the text messages came to light.

It was too late, however.  Hillary Clinton had already been cleared, and FBI Director James Comey had already been fired by Trump.  As far as the Democrats were concerned, it would all become forgotten history.  Silent footnotes from a conspiracy that would never likely see the light of day, or the courtrooms of justice.

The dates of the text messages by Strzok and Page range from August 2015 to December 2016, and officials have been reviewing more than 10,000 messages.

Strzok was lead investigator in the probe of Clinton’s secret email setup.  Talk about a conflict of interest.

And, yet, these officials are saying with a straight face that they believe there is no bias in the investigation by any members of the Mueller team.

Mueller's "dream team" is investigating the very person for whom they have such disdain.  How could there be no conflict of interest?

We're not talking a mild disagreement.  We're talking "hate," a kind of hate that led Strzok to be willing to do anything to stop Trump.  The kind of hate that lead to the Democrats doing what they could with fraud and false accusations of sexual impropriety to stop another person they loathe, Roy Moore - and they are so brazen they don't even fear admitting to their illegal activity in front of a camera.  They believe they are bullet-proof.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

14th Amendment Intent

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I received an email from a recipient of one of my books, and I thought you'd enjoy the discussion:

Hi Mr. Gibbs

I have been reading your book “25 Myths of the United States Constitution”, and have been enjoying it.

I just read “Myth 12 - The Bill of Rights Applies to the States” and have a question regarding your conclusion.

I have been doing some research and found this in Library of Congress documents:

Library of Congress. 1866, 39th Congress (Senate) Session 1

Congressional Globe

Page 2764 (starting at lower right bottom of page) - page 2766

Senator Jacob Meritt Howard speaking to the Senate on behalf of The Joint Committee on Reconstruction, AKA The Joint Committee of Fifteen, regarding intent of the 14th Amendment (23 May 1866):

“The great object of the first section of this amendment is, therefore, to restrain the power of the States and compel them at all times to respect these great fundamental guarantees”. Page 2766

Now for my response:

Thank you so much for your email.  

The Congressional Globe is the appropriate source.  In reference to your quote by Senator Howard, I believe the context of that quote was that he was referring to the citizenship clause.  That said, it is possible he was also referring to John Bingham's equal protection and due process clauses, but I don't have the source with me at the moment, so I can't be positive.  That said, like all of the legislators of his time, they were juggling some very interesting concepts and issues.  While the Bill of Rights was never intended to allow the federal government to "guarantee" our rights, that was a conversation piece among the representatives who possessed the task of debating the Reconstruction Era Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  Remember, while they wanted to try to preserve State autonomy, they also felt that the southern States must be punished and not be allowed to do what they did, again.  While on the surface it seemed perfectly logical to dictate to the States what they could or could not do regarding our rights and liberties, the potential consequences regarding the constituency and sovereignty of the States were not good.

The 14th Amendment was written for the purpose of ensuring that the States (more specifically the Southern States) were restrained in their effort to treat the newly emancipated slaves in any manner that could be considered unfair.  Article IV., after all, called for the citizens to be equally entitled to the privileges and immunities of the several States.  It was a difficult juggling act for Congress.  A tightrope walk, to be honest.  How do you ensure that the States treat everyone equally under the law, and that all citizens have equal access to due process, without allowing the federal government to become a dictatorial ruler over the sovereignty of the States?  The intent was to force the States to play nice, but do so in such a way that it didn't force the States to be under the rule of a powerful centralized government.

John Bingham, the abolitionist congressman from Ohio, had every intent when he wrote the equal protection clause and the due process clause to use an iron fist to force the Southern States into compliance, and to incorporate the Bill of Rights to the States - creating a scenario establishing the federal government as the guarantor of our rights (which would ultimately lead to the federal government also defining our rights).  It was Congress who essentially responded with, "Yeah, we need to corral the States into compliance of treating everyone equally, but we have to allow the States to govern their own affairs as much as possible, too."

As I like to explain, if the federal government must dictate to the States what they can and can't do internally, what's the point of having State Constitutions?  

The language of Bingham's clauses also reveal something that has not necessarily been followed.  The clauses specifically instructs the State governments not to pass laws that do not provide equal protection under the law, or deny one's rights without due process.  It does not address other entities, such as businesses.  Not that I would condone discrimination, but the 14th Amendment does not apply to business owners or individuals, it only applies to State governments.  This is where cases like the Colorado Christian Baker drives me nuts.

We must also remember, our rights cannot overextend into other people's rights.  What I mean by that is I have the right to swing my arms, but I don't have a right to swing my arms into your nose.  I have a right to pursue care to fix my broken ankle, but I do not have the right to force a particular doctor to administer the care necessary to repair my broken ankle.  While a gay couple may have the right to have their relationship, they do not have the right to force a particular pastor to marry them or force a particular baker to make their wedding cake.  And, while someone of color may have the right to pursue a meal, there is no right to force a business to accommodate them at the lunch counter.  Please don't misunderstand me.  Racism is something I hate with a passion, but we can't force by law someone to not be a racist.  That must come from within.  And, they have a right to that racism, even though it is a disgusting way to think.  That said, if a lunch counter refuses service to a black man, or a baker refuses to bake a certain cake because the message goes against their religious beliefs, or a pastor refuses to perform a ceremony for a couple for any variety of reasons, or a doctor refuses to fix my ankle for whatever reason they may muster, the culture should then be the factor that encourages the entity to do something, or not.  As in any situation in a free market, they would then either reap the benefits, or the consequences, of their actions - and the future of the prosperity of their business, or church, or whatever, will be dependent upon those consequences.

At least, that how a system of liberty is supposed to work.

Douglas V. Gibbs
Fellow, American Freedom Alliance
President, Constitution Association
Radio Host, KMET AM1490
Author, "25 Myths of the United States Constitution," "The Basic Constitution," Concepts of the United States Constitution," and Silenced Screams: Abortion in a Virtuous Society."

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On April 27, 2002, Ronald da Silva was standing with a friend in his driveway when he was shot and killed by an illegal alien who had been previously deported. The illegal alien was sentenced to 21 years in prison but will be released in 2020. Ronald da Silva’s mother, Agnes Gibboney, has made a powerful statement, “The guy that killed my son has a determinate sentence in prison but I have a lifetime sentence of grief and pain.”

On July 1, 2015, Kate Steinle was visiting Pier 14 with her father in San Francisco when she was shot and killed by an illegal alien who had previously been deported five times.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was cleared on first and second-degree murder charges, November 30, 2017.

Agnes Gibboney is joining Constitution Radio today during the first hour of the program to discuss her feelings regarding the Kate Steinle verdict, and to inform us of the projects she is involved in which are designed to combat the problem of illegal aliens crossing our borders in total disregard for our immigration laws, American lawmakers doing what they can to keep the national borders wide open, and the violence our country is suffering as a result of dangerous criminals being mixed into the population of illegal aliens and our American neighborhoods.


During the Second Hour of Constitution Radio, we will discuss the CarStar/AllStar Big Stories of the Week - December 16, 2017:
  • 226th Anniversary of the Ratification of the Bill of Rights
  • Was the Alabama Special Election between Judge Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones Stolen through Fraud?

  • U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments regarding the Colorado Baker's Gay Cake Refusal case

Did Democrats Fraudulently Steal Alabama Special Election?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Like most conservatives, I was sick by the end of the evening on Tuesday, December 12, when it was determined that Doug Jones, a hard left Democrat, had beaten Judge Roy Moore in a critical special election for Jeff Sessions' United States Senate seat in very red Alabama.  It was close, and I immediately assumed that the "sexual predator" tactics by the Democrats had paid off, though by only a narrow margin.  I found it interesting that suddenly all of those accusers went silent once the election was over.  I have been hoping that Roy Moore would take them all to court for their blatant character assassination.

Then, theories of fraud began to arise.  Here in California we are no stranger to voter fraud.  In the last election the stories I received from poll observers were absolutely incredible.  According to one eyewitness account, poll workers in Riverside County (a usually conservative leaning county that surprisingly went to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election) literally opened the box of ballots, removed any who voted for Trump, and tossed them aside to be trashed later.  When the observer said something, she was dismissed as a minor irritant, and given a threatening look.  When it was reported, she was brushed aside as if out of her mind.  Much of the fraud was caught on video, and has led to the filing of a lawsuit by Election Integrity Project California.

Could the same thing have happened in Alabama?  Was fraud the deciding factor in the special election that resulted in Roy Moore's defeat?

In the special election that put Doug Jones into the U.S. Senate, a much higher than normal black voter turnout occurred.  Unfortunately, the black community has largely fallen for the empty promises of equity through government mandate put out by the Democrats, and have cashed in any hopes for liberty for the promises of a socialist America that would ultimately put all Americans into political chains of bondage.

On the surface, the higher voter turnout by blacks in Alabama seems fine. After all, the Democrat Party's attacks on Roy Moore's character were thorough and devastating, and one could see how important such an election may seem to those who would believe the propaganda - and in turn encourage them to vote in larger numbers.

Then, evidence began to trickle in.

Roy Moore has refused to concede, stating a recount is necessary, and that if the votes are recounted a different result may be reached.  As for the fraud, among the many methods allegedly used in Alabama, one is the busing of voters in from out of State.

“I am hearing rumors that black voters from MS were encouraged to cross over into AL and vote,” Conservative radio host and Trump supporter Bill Mitchell said on Twitter. “Anyone else hearing this? Anything to it? That might explain the 30% turnout higher than population percentage. Just reporting the rumor.” Bill Mitchell, 12:40 PM - Dec 13, 2017

Alabama has some of the strictest voter ID laws in the country, so such a move by the Democrats would take some inside help.

Brandon B@KingBee0102 4:48 AM - Dec 13, 2017 added to the conversation: "Check out time stamps. Write in vote numbers dropped as Jones count went up. Trump then tweets about write ins being the key. They knew. This was a sting and #Dems are about to be hammered on voter fraud."

How about this one: "Trump won in Alabama by 28% and all of a sudden judge Moore loses this race. I ask the state to look into voting fraud.7:38 PM - Dec 12, 2017

@PresWallace went on to say, "This Alabama election will go to litigation. These cheating counties had better have strong evidence to support their vote counts. My speciality is security & I passed CPA Auditing exam. I will audit them if someone wants to pay me."

Susan Says@TellingMyTruths 7:28 PM - Dec 12, 2017 "I have no doubt Roy Moore won & voter fraud gave it to Jones. Both dems & establishment republicans didn't want Moore so they made it happen. McConnell is as dirty as the dems & felt threatened by Bannon. RNC played their role also to avoid being blamed & Fox lied to give cover."

I believe that fraud by the Democrats was likely.  They knew that the false accusations of sexual impropriety might not be enough, and Wayne Allyn Root has a point about how the blue counties waited until the last minute, and then it was suddenly a scalpel-precise win for Doug Jones.

Alex Jones also has chimed in, claiming that illegally bused in votes, and the usual antics of dead people voting, won it for Democrat Doug Jones.

We'll see how long Moore can hold out, and if this election changes after all of the dust settles.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Today's topics:

- President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

- U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Regarding Christian Baker in Colorado forced to bake Gay Cake

- Liberty Fire in Murrieta reveals reality of Inland Empire Fire Danger

- Chad Mayes Ads on Local Radio funded by Environmental Groups

- Trump's Travel Restrictions Executive Orders Approved by U.S. Supreme Court by 7-2 Vote

- CNN: Fake News is the New Normal

- ISIS Inspired Suicide Bomber in New York City foiled

    Interesting Conspiracy Theory Regarding Las Vegas Shooting

    Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs
    AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

    From Facebook:

    I received this story and it has a very interesting version.

    Last night, I was on radio discussing the Las Vegas shooting and the connection to what is happening in Saudi Arabia.  They are connected.  I'll start at the beginning.
    There was a King Fasal who had a son, Prince AL Waleed, been Talal.  King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as king in his place.  King Salman has named his so an heir to the throne, instead of his brother's son Prince Al Waleed.  Al Waleed is a Wahhabi. Salman is Suni.  Wahhabi is extreme Islam.  Salman wanted a more modern, non extreme Islam for Saudi.  That's why he named his own son as heir.
    In Las Vegas, Prince Al Waleed owned the upper floors of the Madalyn Bay resort including the 32nd floor.  That was one of the points of shooting at the strip.
    I say one of the places, because the witnesses were all correct. There were other locations.  The Madalyn Bay has a Heli Pad on the roof.  That is important, because that was the escape route after the carnage.
    Paddock was a pilot.  He was also a gun runner between the Philippines and the US
    He was running guns for Prince Al Waleed. He didn't win at the casino. Those millions came from smuggling.
    On the night of the attack, I found out that King Salman was in Las Vegas. (I didn't know that part until after the show and I received a missing piece of info.)  Salman was at the Tropicana.
    The FBI knew Paddock was running guns.  They were tipped off.  They didn't know there was going to be an assassination attempt on Salman by Al Waleed just down the strip.
    Paddock brought the guns as he usually did.  Instead of getting paid this time, he was killed.  He was victim one.  The guns were used to shoot at the country music venue.  That was to create chaos and distract from the real target over at the Tropicana.
    Al Waleed's assassins shot from Mandalay Bay, but they also were at the Tropicana trying to kill Salman.  That explains why there were shooters on the ground as well as in the air.
    Remember the videos of the helicopter fly over.  I asked why a helicopter would be there when there was a shooter high up.  It wasn't news, or cops.  It was the assassins who ran up the stairs to the roof from the 32nd floor.  Remember they sealed the door to the stairwell?  Paddock had access to the service elevator, because the boss said he could use the elevator, nobody questioned him.
    Meanwhile the assassination attempt on Salman failed.  Now we are seeing the result of the failed attempt.  It was not only an assassination attempt and a terror attack, but an attempted coup in Saudi.  This is why everyone shut up in Las Vegas.  The response is still ongoing.  You are watching it play out.  As I said I spoke on air about this.  I will post links in comments to prove my story.  Las Vegas was definitely a terror attack.
    Paddock was the gun runner.  Al Waleed, the owner of the suite was who is behind all of it.  All the witnesses citing multiple shooters all told the truth.  There were shootouts along the strip and in Mandalay Bay & Tropicana Hotels.  The reason nobody is talking is it's not over yet.
    Via  Jo Anne Moretti
    משה מרדכי משקוב   I been watching the story unfold.  Follow Scott Binsack.  He is on top of story a lot of truth will come out

    -- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary