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Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs: Michael Cutler says, Illegal Immigration must be stopped!

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Today's Guest:  Michael Cutler, a 30 year veteran of the now defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).  His passion regarding the illegal alien issue is phenomenal.  His professional experience, combined with his human experience, works together to create a foundation of beliefs that he uses to discuss the immigration issue.

According to Cutler, Immigration impacts our country in many more ways than we realize.  A member of the Jewish faith, and a life-long Democrat, on September 11, 2001 he received a wake-up call that most Americans experienced - calling immigration an American issue, not just a conservative issue.  We had been hitting the snooze button, and nobody was discussing the immigration component connected to the attack.  Cutler first made this connection after the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, curious why the Clinton Administration did nothing to address the immigration component of that terrorist attack. In fact, a couple of short years after that attack, the Clinton Administration embarked in a program to naturalize as many aliens as possible known as
“Citizenship USA.” Rather than address the national security aspects of immigration, they chose to ignore the crisis.

Join us at 2:00 pm on KCAA 1050AM for this very important interview regarding Immigration, Illegal Aliens, and the security of our nation.  Join the conversation by calling into the show, 888-909-1050.  If you missed the show, catch it later on our Podcast Page.


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American Daily Review, October 25, 2014 Edition

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Big Stories of the Week, October 25, 2014

12. Dying. . . Dead. . . Murdered Prosperity

11. Illegal Influence: How Immigration Made and Destroyed America

10. The World that is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah

9. West Coast Shootings will Germinate More Gun Control Legislation

8. IRS Scandal: Court Case a Moot Point

7. Target: Conservative Christianity (Why I Hate Christianity)


6. Ferguson’s Legacy

5. Murrieta Politics: Ethics Violations and Extortion Accusations follow Drunken Accident by Mayor

4. Election 2014: Democrats to Influence the Vote

3. Jihad in The West

2. ISIS: No Limit Jihad

1. America: Fighting Ebola. . . kinda

30 Year INS Veteran to Discuss Immigration Issue today on Constitution Radio

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Hosted by Douglas V. Gibbs, today Constitution Radio on KCAA 1050AM (Saturdays at 2:00 pm Pacific) and online at, welcomes Michael Cutler, a 30 year veteran of the now defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).  His passion regarding the illegal alien issue is phenomenal.  His professional experience, combined with his human experience, works together to create a foundation of beliefs that he uses to discuss the immigration issue.

According to Cutler, Immigration impacts our country in many more ways than we realize.  A member of the Jewish faith, and a life-long Democrat, on September 11, 2001 he received a wake-up call that most Americans experienced - calling immigration an American issue, not just a conservative issue.  We had been hitting the snooze button, and nobody was discussing the immigration component connected to the attack.  Cutler first made this connection after the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, curious why the Clinton Administration did nothing to address the immigration component of that terrorist attack. In fact, a couple of short years after that attack, the Clinton Administration embarked in a program to naturalize as many aliens as possible known as “Citizenship USA.” Rather than address the national security aspects of immigration, they chose to ignore the crisis.

In May, 1997, Cutler was called upon to testify before a Congressional hearing on the issue of Visa Fraud and Immigration Benefit Fraud by the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims. This would be his first appearance before a Congressional hearing, but certainly not his last.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001 he was called upon to testify before more than one dozen Congressional hearings and was requested to provide testimony to the Presidential Committee on the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. Since the attacks of 9/11 he has endeavored to do whatever he can to provide his perspective on immigration, and how the issue impacts everything from national security and criminal justice to the economy, the environment, education, health care and other issues.

Join us at 2:00 pm on KCAA 1050AM for this very important interview regarding Immigration, Illegal Aliens, and the security of our nation.  Join the conversation by calling into the show, 888-909-1050.  If you missed the show, catch it later on our Podcast Page.

Sacramento, California, Shooting Spree (Video)

by JASmius

Two California sheriff's deputies were killed and two others were wounded in a shooting spree.

Two suspects are in custody in California in connection with the deaths of two police officers during a carjacking and shooting spree Friday. Police say the suspects, a man and woman, were both heavily armed.

[Said Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner,] "The suspect is in custody, as you know. Again, I think there are those people who would say, 'You know what, I wished you'd killed him.' No. That's not who we are. We are not him. We did our job. I'm incredibly proud of the men, women who go out there every day and put their li[v]e[s] on the line."

The incident began Friday morning when the suspects shot and killed an officer in a motel parking lot and then went on a shooting spree that crossed into a neighboring county.

Hmmm; criminals with guns....criminals with guns.....well, naturally, the twenty-first century Bonnie & Clyde were scrupulously law-abiding citizens before they ABSOLUTELY LEGALLY procured that wickedly evil small arsenal that transmogrified them into amoral thieves and cold-blooded killers.  How do I know this?  Take another look at Sheriff Bonner; he could be Dick Cheney's clone - and Dick Cheney has super-secret mind control equipment.  Occam's Razor and all that.

Only hole in that theory is that this shooting spree took place in....California.  And I thought guns had been banned in California.

The Tea Party must have imported them.  It's the only explanation.

Except....I thought the Tea Party had been banned in California as well.

"Dr. Morgan, you have a call on line one, Dr. Henry Morgan, you have a call on line one...."

Non-Citizens' Votes Could Affect Senate Races

by JASmius

And just think, purple penguins: This is before Barack Obama issues his illegal, unconstitutional, blanket amnesty decree on November 5th:

Many non-citizens don't register or vote, but so many do that it could change the outcome of some of the neck-and-neck Senate races as Republicans and Democrats fight to gain control over it, warns a new article in the journal Electoral Studies.

While some experts believe that there are not many non-citizens who would risk jail, fines, and even deportation for voting....

....the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law said in a recent report, the Electoral Studies article used data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study to provide samples of those who would vote....

The data determined that more than 14% of non-citizens in both samples showed they were registered to vote, and did cast ballots, with 6.4% voting in 2008 and 2.2% in 2010.

And note the outcome of those respective elections - a Democrat tsunami and a Republican tsunami, respectively.  "Tsunami" not to be understood as landslides but as number of races won, oftentimes by razor-thin margins where "non-citizen voting" can make all the difference.  As it always seems to do for Democrats, who have displayed a remarkable prowess at winning close elections ever since their dry run attempted-election theft in 2000.

And with non-citizens favoring Democrats....

The hell you say!

....Barack Obama took more than 80% of the non-citizen vote in the CCES 2008 sample....
Oh, my God, I had no idea!

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) won his 2008 election by just 312 votes, and that the votes cast by 0.65% of his State's non-citizens may account for that win, they said.

Stunning.  Absolutely stunning.

And for those of us who absolutely believe in mandatory photo ID prior to being allowed to cast a (singular) ballot - of which I am an enthusiastic one - it's not the panacea of election integrity we think it is:

In addition, they found that three-quarters of the non-citizens who were asked to provide photo ID before voting still ended up casting a ballot.

Enjoy and savor November 4th, my friends.  Because it will be the Republican Party's last hurrah.

IRS Legal Victory Against Tea Party

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Apparently, the liberal left progressive democrats believe using the IRS to target Obama's enemies is okay if you can get a judge to justify it, or at least ignore it.

Lawsuits against the IRS by Tea Party groups because they were targeted and not given tax-exempt status are being dismissed.  Why?  Eventually, the IRS gave the groups what they wanted, tax-exempt status.   Therefore, the judges have ruled, the court cases are a moot point.

The judge, a Bush appointee, also said that individual IRS officials could not be fined in their individual capacity for allowing such treatment because it could hurt future tax enforcement.

The ruling also suggests tea party groups suing the IRS may never receive compensation for the long waits they endured for a ruling on their status.

The lawsuits are the result of Tea Party applications sitting in limbo for as long as several years, while the IRS asked inappropriate questions about their donors, political affiliations and random things like social media posts.

“You get targeted and harassed for three years but, oh, because you finally get [tax-exempt status], the three years of harassment doesn’t mean anything?” asked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who heads a congressional subpanel investigating the controversy. “I find that argument lacking tremendously in light of what these people went through.”

The agency has since changed its practices, including scrapping the lists that separated conservative groups from other applicants.

The liberal left treats this like the Saxbe Fix they used when Hillary Clinton was appointed to Secretary of State.  They think it means the offense never happened, or at least their propaganda machine in the mainstream media will spin it that way.  The fact is, the IRS targeted Obama's opposition, and I believe he was wise to it.  Changing their policies doesn't change the fact that liberalism does what it can to target, and punish, the enemies of President Barack Obama.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

The Eligibility of Hillary Clinton to be Secretary Of State in Question, and the Case Has Made It To The Supreme Court - Political Pistachio

Two States Mandate Quarantine For Returning Ebola Medics

by JASmius

On the one hand: Yay for the States!  Doing the things Barack Hussein Obama will not do.  Although I have to wonder how long it will be before Eric "The Red" Holder, as a parting middle finger, sues New York and New Jersey to block their quarantines an Supremacy Clause grounds, or perhaps as a "civil rights" violation.

On the other hand.....only two?:

New York and New Jersey will automatically quarantine all medical workers returning from Ebola-hit West African countries, and the U.S. government is considering the same step after a doctor who treated patients in Guinea came back infected, officials said on Friday.

The U.S. government is "considering" a mandatory, preemptive quarantine to keep (any more) ebola from entering the country?  They're "considering" it?!

Actually, that would be progress - if it were true, which I don't believe for a, well, New York minute.

The steps announced by the two states, which go beyond the current restrictions being imposed by the U.S. government on travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea, came as medical detectives tried to retrace the steps of the infected physician, Dr. Craig Spencer.

Ah, yes, the magical mystery tour that would have Sherlock Holmes hurling blood, just as we discussed the other day.  And, behold, the blind-guide ideological scales fall from Andy Cuomo's eyes.  Although I tend to think that Governor Christie was going to order a quarantine anyway, and Governor Cuomo didn't want to be upstaged by "the State to take her to kiss her where it smells".

"Increasing the screening process is necessary. I think it reduces the risk to New Yorkers and the residents of New Jersey," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Very good, Governor.  We'll make a responsible leader and decent human being with a functioning brain out of you yet.  Although that will require you to switch parties at some point, so you have been warned.

Cuomo, who appeared with the governor of neighboring New Jersey, Chris Christie, at a news conference, had earlier in the day sought to reassure New Yorkers that Ebola's threat was limited the day after Spencer tested positive for the virus.

And, strangely enough, they couldn't do that until they instituted a mandatory preemptive quarantine for personnel returning from West Africa.  Imagine that.  Now all Governors Cuomo and Christie have to do is extend the quarantine to incoming personnel from the other forty-eight States that don't have quarantines, and the job of reassurance will be complete.

And no, I'm not kidding.

In Washington, President Barack Obama also sought to reassure a worried public with an Oval Office hug of Dallas nurse Nina Pham, who was declared Ebola-free on Friday after catching the virus from a Liberian patient who died.

Which doesn't reassure crap, because Nurse Pham had already been cured.  Let him go around hugging people that have been exposed to ebola but are not yet manifesting any symptoms - i.e. precisely the people that should be quarantined - and then I'll start taking his new-found groping habit seriously.

Cuomo said the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had agreed that individual States have the right to exceed federal requirements.

Dumbfounding, isn't it?  Guess you don't get your "gold watch" after all, Eric.

When Ebola Came to New York City

By Douglas V. Gibbs

We are told not to panic, yet the liberal left leaders seem content with doing nothing at all regarding the appearance of Ebola in the United States.  Texas, following the emergence of Ebola Tom, is no longer the only place Ebola is popping up.  Now, we have a case in New York City.

The infected patient is a doctor who treated Ebola patients in Guinea who recently returned home from his medical work in Africa.  He is now in isolation in the hospital, but he made contact with other people before being removed from the population.  He traveled on the subway Wednesday night, spent time in a bowling alley, and took a taxi back to Manhattan.

Thursday morning, the doctor reported having a temperature of 103 degrees.  Experts say that people infected with Ebola cannot spread the disease until they begin to display symptoms, but authorities are still attempting to use information from his credit cards and MetroCard to determine his movements.  The sicker the person becomes, the more contagious they become.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Friday, October 24, 2014

USA Today, after Muslim Shoots Up Canadian Capitol, Warns of "Christian Extremists"

By Douglas V. Gibbs

With Islamism committing acts of terrorism around the world, and ISIS marching through Syria and Iraq as they make threats against American and European targets, and with Muslim terrorism most recently emerging in Canada where a Canadian soldier was gunned down to his death at a War Memorial, and the gunman opened fire in Ottawa's Parliament buildings, USA Today's biggest concern is what they believe to be the real threat: Christian extremists.

“Christian extremists pose threat,” was the headline of college professor Mary Zeiss Stange’s op-ed.  The subheadline read: “Islamists may draw our attention, but we need to keep an eye on [Cliven] Bundy and his ilk.”

Folks like Cliven Bundy, and anyone that considers themselves to be members of the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, or gun owners organizations like the National Rifle Association frightens the Left, because they are "anti-government," and are willing to defy the law to stand up for their beliefs.  That, the USA Today writers believes, is "the most potent U.S. terrorist threat: more threatening than Islamist jihadists, who along with militia/patriots, racist skinheads and neo-Nazis rounded out the top five."

Following Harry Reid's lead, Mary Stange in her article proclaims that those that oppose the liberal left progressive agenda are anarchists, following an "extremist rationale” that joins anarchy and "white supremacist politics dedicated to white Christian activism."

The idiocy of leftist propaganda regarding Christianity permeates a large segment of the population because of idiots like Stange, who it turns out is knee-deep in teaching the younger generation.  She, in addition to writing op-eds for USA Today, is also a professor of religion and the director of religion program at Skidmore College.

My final thought is simple.  When thinking about Stange's article, I must ask myself, "How stupid do you have to be to be surrounded with news about Islam's desire to crate a global jihad and kill all non-Muslims as they desire, and yet consider the people that believer "God is Love" to be the real enemy?"

The Bible says people will have scales over their eyes, and will be unable to recognize the truth.

Scales, shutters, and a mindless obedience to an evil leftist ideology.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Putin Accuses U.S. (Obama) Of Damaging World Order

by JASmius

Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the U.S. of making the world a more dangerous place by imposing a "unilateral diktat" in international diplomacy.

The "unilateral diktat" of opposing the Czar's slow-motion conquest of Ukraine, with the Baltic States and Eastern Europe next up on deck.  Not the first of the lies Vlad had on his plate.  Assuming, of course, that Barack Obama was actually doing or even saying anything to actually oppose Vlad's "getting the Soviet band back together," the very absurd notion of which had to be contributing to his audience's chuckling.  The Czar knows he's got a free hand and the green light from O to take whatever he wants contiguous to his sphere of influence, in both Eastern Europe and the Middle East, even if The One, for whatever reason, doesn't want to publicly admit it.

All of which, of course, is the irony: Barack Obama is, indeed, damaging the world order by removing the United States from its post-World War II perch at the top of it and allowing thugs like "President" Putin and the ChiComms and the Iranian mullahs to run wild and remake it into something far, far more unstable and dangerous.  A case of Vlad being right for all the wrong reasons.

West Coast Shootings, Sacramento, Seattle

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Gun control supporters have got to be foaming at the mouth with excitement, provided new fuel for their anti-American campaign of confiscating the guns of Americans has just emerged with shootings at a high school near Seattle, Washington, and an unrelated shooter in Sacramento, California.  It is also just in time to turn everyone's eyes away from the Islamic terrorism against a Canadian Soldier, and Canada's Parliament, in recent days, as well as other news events that politicians would rather you just not linger upon.

In Sacramento, police were investigating a suspicious vehicle at a motel. A Sacramento County sheriff's deputy ended up shot outside of a motel, and has died from the gunshot to his forehead. The gunman remains on the loose.

The search for the gunman has resulted in two Placer County Sheriff's deputies being shot.  Both deputies have been hospitalized.

The gunman is a Hispanic male in his 30s with short hair.  The shooter's companion is a woman in her 20s, and she has been taken into custody.

Two area schools have been evacuated, and a number of streets in the south Auburn area have been closed.  The shooter attempted to carjack a vehicle during his escape from the area, and shot the driver when they refused to give up their keys.

The gunman succeeded in carjacking a vehicle on a subsequent attempt.  The Ford Mustang was later ditched, and the gunman carjacked a Ford F-150 truck.

The owner of the Ford F-150 said that the gunman approached him requesting his truck, helped him unhitch a trailer and then sped away with the truck.

Near Seattle, Washington, the shooter was a high school freshman, with no motive discovered at this time.  In addition to the death of the shooter, a female victim is also dead.  Police has not confirmed whether or not the female was a student.  Three other students were injured, and have been taken to a local hospital.  A fourth person was injured, but it is unknown if that person was a student.  Of the four injured persons, three are in critical condition, with gunshot wounds to the head.  The other person was shot in the jaw, is in serious condition, but is expected to survive.

According to the police, the gunman acted alone.

The anti-gun activists will scream that these shootings are important reasons to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, because as we know, if you make guns illegal, nobody will use them.  It worked so well with drugs, right?

Any call for gun control is an assault on Americanism, and an attack against America's identity.  Killers kill.  They always find a way to kill.  The best defense against shooters is guns in the hands of those that would stand against shooters.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Sacramento County deputy, father killed in shooting - KCRA 3

Two dead, four hurt in shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck HS - NBC KING 5

Hard Starboard Radio: Americans Deserve Better

If the Palin family is fair game, why does Joe Biden get a pass for the conduct of his son?; Christian school forced to have Muslim lead assembly or be closed down; None dare call it terrorism; New Hampshire Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s ebola opportunities team; Barack Obama is "angry," but not angry enough to fix what’s wrong; Unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, many of the threats we currently face are self-inflicted by our own votes; The GOP's simple closing message: America deserves better than this.

A conservative burp in an Obamunist tornado on Open Thighs Friday at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

BREAKING: Marysville, Washington High School Shooting; Two Dead (Including Gunman)

by JASmius

Another gun-free zone shooting.  Seems to be a trend:

A high school student in Marysville, Washington, opened fire in the school cafeteria Friday morning, fatally shooting another person and injuring at least six before killing himself, police and witnesses said.

Providence Regional Medical Center in nearby Everett reported it had three students in critical condition after the shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School, located thirty-five miles north of Seattle, began around 10:45 a.m. PT.

The three students listed in critical condition, two girls and one boy, had head wounds, and one other was said to have minor injuries. A hospital spokeswoman described the victims as "young people," though she was unable to provide exact ages.

Murrieta City Councilman Accused of Ethics Violations, and Extortion

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Apparently, the woes of the Good Ol' Boys Club in Murrieta has not come to an end after Mayor Alan Long's DUI Injury Accident, and resignation.  According to Andy Domenigoni, owner of The Triangle, a three-sided section of land bordering the Interstate 215 and Interstate 15 interchange, at Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Councilmembers Alan Long, Rick Gibbs, and Kelly Bennett (who has already stepped down, as well), extorted Mr. Domenigoni regarding the development of his piece of land, only allowing the project to move forward if their personal expectations were reached.  The accusation by Mr. Domenigoni was filmed as he spoke to the Murrieta City Council in the City Council Chambers just a few days ago.

To pour a little more salt on Rick Gibbs' sputtering campaign for reelection, an accusation that Rick Gibbs has committed ethics violations has also emerged.

According to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), a state body of bi-partisan members tasked with overseeing the election process throughout the State of California, in their code of ethics the FPPC does not allow persons to use agency "equipment, supplies, or staff time for political purposes", such as to promote the passage of, or defeat of, ballot measures.  Yet, as a councilman, during a Murrieta City Council Meeting, Councilman Rick Gibbs used the meeting to promote local ballot measures, specifically Measure BB, a local school measure.

Measure BB includes a property tax increase, that Mr. Gibbs was promoting during a City Council Meeting, in an attempt to sugar-coat the reality of what the bond entails, in the hopes of helping it pass on Election Day.

In his discussion, Rick Gibbs tried to assure attendees, and those that would later view the video, that Murrieta would not waste the bond money on things like I-Pads for the students. . . Ignoring the power the people behind Common Core has where they are dictating to cities how the property tax money is spent in regards to education.

As for the ethics violations, it is apparent that Councilman Rick Gibbs believes he is above the FPCC's ethics laws, and does not need to abide by them.

You can see Rick Gibbs' violations on YouTube.

So, as Rick Gibbs, and his Good Ol' Boy minions, send out attacks against people like candidates Jon Ingram and Diana Serafin, it turns out that it is actually Gibbs, Long, and their minion Ruthanne Taylor-Berger (who is also a WRCOG plant), that is the problem - on many levels.

One quick note: Notice the language on the WRCOG Website about sustainability, the same language used by the United Nations Agenda 21 land grab based on the tyrannical concept of "Sustainable Development."  All three, Long, Gibbs, and Taylor-Berger support WRCOG, and so in turn are unwilling to stand in the way of the Riverside Conservation Authority's land grabs throughout the region, including the targeting of Los Alamos Hills, and the Jefferson Corridor.  The RCA and WRCOG are working together to take away the land of citizens in the name of conservation and "sustainable development."

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

New York City Health Chief Says Ebola System "Worked"

by JASmius


New York City's health system worked when presented with the city's first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola, Dr. Mary Travis Bassett, commissioner of New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"Since the end of July, we've been working very hard to ensure that we had all the systems in place. And, yesterday all of those systems were tested, and all of them worked," Bassett said Friday.

Here's "Doctor" Bassett's idea of "worked":

Dr. Craig Spencer, a physician who had treated Ebola patients in Guinea, was admitted to New York's Bellevue Hospital on Thursday with symptoms of the disease. Bassett said Spencer was "completely well" when he returned to the United States from West Africa a week ago.

Since his return, Spencer rode the subway, took a taxi, and went to a bowling alley, raising concerns that he might have spread the disease to others.

As opposed to, say, a mandatory three-week quarantine before leaving West Africa for any U.S. personnel, civilian or military, who go over there before returning Stateside.

Yeah, New York's ebola system "worked" alright.  And now multiple New Yorkers will contract ebola.

Figures that "Doctor" Tom Frieden is one of "Doctor" Bassett's predecessors, doesn't it?

BREAKING: Nutcase Smashes Into Ten Commandment Monument In Oklahoma City

by JASmius

Newborn jihadist or hardcore atheist?:

The Secret Service has arrested an individual for allegedly driving into the Ten Commandments monument near the State Capitol building.

Officials say someone drove their car into monument Thursday night, smashing it to pieces. The suspect reportedly made vague threats at the Oklahoma City Federal Building today and was taken into custody. His name has not yet been released.

The suspect said Satan told him to do it, Secret Service officials said. He also reportedly said he would kill  Obama and spit on a photo of Obama. The suspect also allegedly admitted that he urinated on the Ten Commandments monument before running it over.

Eh.  Tomato, tomahto.

Of course, if he'd taken out the side of a mosque, the Obamedia would have connected him to the Tea Party within seconds on every front page and lead network news segment in the quadrant.

But this?

Ooops! Rolling Stone Magazine's Tea Party Disaster Article a Disaster

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The reason liberal Democrat cronies and minions are wrong so often in general is because they have the whole premise of the argument wrong. Most of them don't understand politics, or economics, deeper than the talking points they are told by their Marxist heroes in the Democrat Party.  The progressive rah rah writers come to the wrong conclusions because their line of thought is agenda driven, and erroneously supported by a flawed foundation.  They blindly gloss over the truth seeking instead only information they believe supports their government-control utopian dream.  They are so convinced of the the "truth" of their silence-the-opposition rhetoric that they have begun to believe their own twisted propaganda.  Racism, sexism, phobias, and various accusations of war against particular groups like women, gays and minorities has lost the original flavor and are now nothing more than blind tools for a plantation mentality agenda.  Blacks can now be racist against blacks (Stacey Dash), women can be sexist against other women (Jessa Duggar), and phobias run amok regarding everything from Muslims to homosexuals to tattoos, simply because those people dare to stand against the liberal left progressive agenda.

Liberal left progressive democrat commie bastards nurture their preconceived notions regarding who their opposition is, regardless of facts.  If you disagree with the leftwing agenda, you are a gun clinging, Bible thumping, toothless redneck from the hills that is probably sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, or some other crazy, racist, radical group. . . like perhaps that radical, racist, anti-government clan of Tea Party nuts.

Reality has been blurred, and the facts mean little to these people.  All they care about it forwarding their big government agenda, even if it means mandating it is taught in schools (from the "theory" of evolution to the man-made global warming myth to homosexual behavior), forcing businesses to comply through their business practices (Obamacare and wedding cakes comes to mind), to demanding the sermons of pastors be delivered to a Houston mayor (she's backed off a bit since that silly attack on religion) or threatening preachers because their messages inside the four walls have been changed from biblical to political. . . so hush, or be arrested.  The Idaho pastors being fined by a judge, with threat of jailtime, for refusing to conduct gay weddings, comes to mind.

As Republican Governors, and conservative legislators, fight to correct the damage caused by the liberal left Democrats, often in the terms of the economic health of their community or States, the leftists spew as factual their cockamamie theories of Keynesian economics and the flawed concept of "higher taxes for higher revenue."

Targets for attack appear on the screen readily, and all the leftists know is they must destroy those that dare oppose them.  The big government democrat sympathizers work tirelessly to silence their enemy, and often use tactics to discredit the accomplishments of those people through a series of lies, misrepresentations, and flawed diagnoses.  The cheerleaders of leftism do not discriminate, they are equal opportunity suppressors.  If you disagree with them, you will be a target, regardless of who you are, though their really nasty hate is usually pointed at conservatives who succeed in standing against the liberal left progressive commie agenda, and then succeed in the endeavor by creating economic growth in their community, or State.

The attacks are not only launched by Democrat Politicians, or communists sympathizers deep in the halls of liberal left progressive political punditry.  The liberal left progressives have overtaken the courts, the media, and the entertainment industry, as well, realizing they needed to go where the youth was, and where the opposition dares to try to stand against them.  In the process, the liberal left has conditioned an entire generation of young zombies to march to the Democrat Reich's drumbeat.  But they don't stop there.  The message must be continually hammered, no matter how ridiculous it may come across.  The National Youth Movement of Brash Obey Obama Bots (Which I like to call New Young Mindless B.O.O.B.s) must continuously be reinforced with the state mantra, filled with the proper propaganda, and taught to not only challenge traditional, constitutional, and conservative thought, but they must come to truly hate the opposing agenda, and all those that dare to stand against the rising Democrat Regime.

Enter, stage left, Rolling Stone Magazine.  The article is titled "The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster."  The title is specifically designed to slam the Tea Party, to build upon the image already created by those that wish to destroy any opposition to the Democrat Party's big government agenda.  And, Governor Brownback is lumped into the Tea Party, because he is a conservative, and he is using age-old conservative methods proven to work (Scott Walker showed us that in Wisconsin, also while under assault by the liberal left, and the labor unions) as if they are these new Tea Party tactics that just can't be allowed because they must be born from small minds who know nothing about anything except guns, Bibles, sexism, and racism.

Note, politicians are not normally considered Tea Partiers, since the whole point of the Tea Party is that it is a grassroots citizen's movement devoid of any of the cockroaches from government.

Early on Rolling Stone declares that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is a failed presidential candidate (FAIL is a favorite word of theirs, though it only applies to Republicans, or anyone else that dares to stand against them), and he is "God's Senator" (once again, they have been working to get people to associate believing in God as being some kind of mental instability or flaw).  The name-calling increases steadily in the early paragraphs, using words like "radical," "extreme," "disastrous," "grim" and "desperate" to describe Brownback's campaign, policies, and the man himself.

Then the real kicker comes in, once again early in the article, because the editors of Rolling Stone know that their music-centered readers don't usually comprehend much beyond the first few paragraphs unless the article is about sex, drugs, and the latest in something Rolling Stone still finds the intestinal fortitude to call music: "In 2012, he enacted the largest package of tax cuts in Kansas history, essentially transforming his state into a lab experiment for extreme free-market ideology. The results (disastrous) have reduced the governor to making appearances at grim strip malls like this one in a desperate attempt to salvage his re-election bid."

The message from those couple sentences?  Tax cuts bad, free market is a crazy lab experiment, everything the governor did was disastrous because Rolling Stone said so, and Brownback, as a result of his "disastrous" policies, was reduced to something akin to a homeless person begging at grim strip malls (the insinuation that it was his policies that made those strip malls so grim) in a "desperate" attempt to "salvage" his re-election bid. . . might we add, as is pointed out in the article, in the reddest of States.

So, we are told Brownback is so radical that even members of the GOP are second-guessing him.

The writer says that the last time he was in Kansas, Brownback could be found "wandering the halls of the State Capitol," as if Brownback has nothing else to do.  It's not like the Governor is a hard-working man like Barack Obama, I suppose.  Perhaps Sam needs to learn golf.

Then the article goes into how Texas Governor Rick Perry came up north to Kansas to help save Brownback's campaign, speaking about how Brownback's policies have sent Kansas in an upward trajectory in the sense of new business. . . and then poo poos Perry's remarks by pointing out that Wichita's own Boeing plant packed up and took off for Seattle, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio.

Brownback's "experiment" in "extreme" free market economics (perhaps the Rolling Stone writer should spend some time reading about Adam Smith), has been praised by, according to Rolling Stone, by the likes of great conservative minds like Arthur Laffer, the Reagan-era godfather of supply-side economics.  Rolling Stone then points out that Laffer was a "paid consultant" consultant by Brownback, and that the visiting Laffer "sounded like an exiled Marxist theoretician who'd lived to see a junta leader finally turn his words into deeds."  Wow, talk about projection.

Rolling Stone also points out that Brownback got praise from others, as well. Veteran Kansas political reporter John Gramlich, a more impartial observer, described Brownback as being in pursuit of "what may be the boldest agenda of any governor in the nation," not only cutting taxes but also slashing spending on education, social services and the arts, and, later, privatizing the entire state Medicaid system. Brownback himself went around the country telling anyone who'd listen that Kansas could be seen as a sort of test case, in which unfettered libertarian economic policy could be held up and compared right alongside the socialistic overreach of the Obama administration, and may the best theory of government win. "We'll see how it works," he bragged on Morning Joe in 2012. "We'll have a real live experiment."

Now for the dagger. Now for how leftists believe those policies have failed. The writer from Rolling Stone, poised for destroying Sam Brownback's policies, and therefore conservative policies of those radical Tea Party nuts nationwide, points out: "The governor promised his 'pro-growth tax policy' would act 'like a shot of adrenaline in the heart of the Kansas economy,' but, instead, state revenues plummeted by nearly $700 million in a single fiscal year, both Moody's and Standard & Poor's downgraded the state's credit rating, and job growth sagged behind all four of Kansas' neighbors. Brownback wound up nixing a planned sales-tax cut to make up for some of the shortfall, but not before he'd enacted what his opponents call the largest cuts in education spending in the history of Kansas."

But how did Brownback, if he is so crazy, get elected in the first place?  It couldn't be because people wanted such crazy policies, right?  The Rolling Stone writer says Brownback achieved office because he was "among the class of Republican governors who managed to get themselves elected four years ago as part of the anti-Obama Tea Party wave by peddling musty supply-side fallacies."


Okay, time for the truth.

According to Forbes: "...results from [Brownback's] experiment in state income tax policy just might provide other states with a roadmap to real growth... the forward thinking [of] Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s tax plan flattened and simplified the tax code, cut personal income tax rates for most earners from 6.45% to 4.9%, and got rid of small business income taxes.  Gov. Brownback’s singular goal was to grow the economy of his state. At the time Kansas had the second highest tax burden in the region, a cash balance of less than $1,000, a projected deficit of $500 million and an unemployment rate of 6.9%. In addition, 73% of the counties in Kansas had witnessed a decline in population.

"Instead of continuing to watch billions of dollars in Net Adjusted Gross Income leave Kansas to other states, such as Florida, Texas and Tennessee (all no-income tax states), the legislature and governor identified and seized the opportunity to increase its competitive advantage with neighboring states. It was a bold political move to say the least, but an idea that ultimately struck a chord with politicians, employers and workers across the state.

"Just one year later, a close look at the data backs up the economic projections of Brownback’s visionary leadership. Lower income tax rates have in fact stimulated the economy by reducing the price both of work and conducting business in the state, not to mention that lower rates have predictably proven effective when it comes to luring out-of-state businesses to Kansas’ friendlier business environment.

"A progress report issued recently by the state’s former budget director, Steve Anderson, one published in the Kansas City Star, shows many indicators of improvement. According to Anderson, the state’s cash balance has risen to $585 million today and they are projecting a surplus in 2014 of nearly $510 million. In addition, the unemployment rate fell from near 7% to 5.8%, as 45,000 jobs were created and the state’s population grew by 27,000. All this while the state reduced the tax burden on workers to the second lowest in the region, and handed just under $250 million back to workers.

"And just how have these changes improved Kansas’ position in competing against its neighboring, higher income tax states? According to Anderson, “The Kansas portion of the Kansas City Metro area gained 9,500 jobs from May 2012 to May 2013 while the Missouri side registered no change in total nonfarm employment over the year. Employment on the Kansas side of the metro area reached 454,800 and surpassed the all‐time high of 452,800 recorded in June 2008.”

Not exactly the disaster that Rolling Stone Magazine made Brownback's policies out to be.

Okay, fine, that's from Forbes, and we all know that more often than not Forbes aligns closer to Republicans than Democrats.

Fine.  Let's see what U.S. News and World Report has to say about Brownback's "radical" policies. . . 

"Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has put the state on the path to abolishing its income tax. It was a bold move, one that required him to recruit candidates to run for the state legislature against members of his own party in order to get the votes to do it.

"He won the policy battle and – if he wins re-election – he’s established a model other Republicans can and no doubt will follow going forward.

"This, of course, is the most dangerous development of all. The modern Democratic coalition is based on the idea that the revenue the government collects will be spread around among its constituent political parts. It’s a kind of “share the wealth” program on steroids that allows for everyone to get along because no one walks away from the table without their share of the vigorish, which justifies the amount of money that the unions, the environmental groups, the trial lawyers and the civil rights groups take from their members to get Democrats elected in the first place.

"If Brownback triumphs, the pie shrinks – which means there just won’t be as much taxpayer money to divide up in the future. So the Democratic coalition groups have to win and make sure no one ever tries to abolish a tax again, even if they have to stretch the truth to do it.

"Interestingly enough, rather than attack Brownback on the spending side – which is how the left went after Ronald Reagan – the left-liberal writers who are carrying water for his political opponents are burning the midnight oil finding ways to show the state’s historic 2012 and 2013 tax cuts (the down payment on the income tax’s abolition) are responsible for a so-called revenue shortfall that will eventually bankrupt the state.

"It’s true that the tax cuts did, in the short run, lead to lower revenues than would have be otherwise realized had the rates remained where they were. But that’s not the whole story – something folks like the New York Times' Paul Krugman (who despite his Nobel prize apparently knows as much about economics as I know about fly-fishing) are either unable or unwilling to explain.

"Let’s break down what’s really going on. As this short analysis by Americans for Tax Reform confirms is the case, the Kansas Department of Revenues estimates the budget gap for fiscal year 2014 at $338 million. Part of that comes not because of any economic change but from a statistical revision made by the Kansas Division of the Budget late in the process that mistakenly upped the revenue estimates by $103 million based on what they believed were strong economic indicators. A third of the deficit, therefore, can be attributed to an accounting change, a manipulation of numbers on paper.

"Data from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office suggests as much as $147 million of the remaining gap was created by the decision of those who owed taxes on capital gains to shift those payments into prior fiscal years when the rate was lower. In a very real sense, President Barack Obama’s insistence that many of the Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire (including the lower rate on some capital gains) is more responsible for the current Kansas deficit than anything Brownback did – but it requires a greater familiarity with economics than most political reporters have to understand, let alone explain that. Another $10 million can be attributed to a decrease in excise tax receipts. People simply don’t buy as much in a bad economy as they do in a good one, meaning sales tax revenue declines.

"Brownback’s tax strategy for Kansas embraces the thrice-proven idea (under Coolidge, under JFK and under Reagan) that lower rates are an incentive for people to be more productive, to work harder because they get to keep more of what they earn. This leads to economic growth, creates new jobs, produces an environment in which new businesses start up and existing businesses expand and everyone – those at the top end of the income scales as well as those on the bottom – do better, meaning the gap between rich and poor actually narrows. It’s good public policy that is good for most everyone who does not depend on their ability to derive rents from the government for their economic well-being.

"At best, the Brownback tax cuts account for less than $100 million of the actual gap between revenues and expense – which is really a drop in the bucket, especially when the state’s economy starts to pick up thanks to the improvements in the business climate his policies have created. Which means time is short – for the Democrats – to turn things around."

Hmmmmm.  Interesting.

It turns out the only fallacy about Governor Brownback's conservative policies is the bogus premise used in the Rolling Stone article written specifically to try to discredit Brownback's successful record.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

GOP: "Mysterious" Child-Paralyzing Enterovirus Tied To Illegal Alien Influx

by JASmius

Not anything we haven't reported here ad nauseum for the past three months.  But it is nice to see elected Republicans finally catch up.

Concludes Cassy Fiano:

It’s striking that this disease was present in Central America a year ago, but now is spreading quickly throughout this country, as Obama allows thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants to waltz over the border with no consequences.

Isn't it, though? Like we could solve the puzzle of puddles of it would only stop raining. Truly baffling.

The African-American Spring?

by JASmius

Of course not.  Don't be silly.  The welfare plantation mentality is permanent.  It will never change.  Ever.

But there will always be the occasional exception that proves the rule.....

From the WaPo:

Darren Seals experienced waves of disbelief and anger after Michael Brown’s death, but two months later, he has found a way to channel his emotions: Focus on changing an elected leadership that seems deaf to the concerns of African American residents like him.

So on November 4th, the 27-year-old assembly-line worker and hip-hop musician from a deeply Democratic community plans to take bold action. He says he will vote for a white Republican.

“Just because they’ve got the D next to their name, that don’t mean nothing,” said Seals, who lives a few blocks from where a police officer shot Brown. “The world is watching us right now. It’s time to send a message of our power.”

Many African Americans in Ferguson and across St. Louis County, angered over their leaders’ response to the fatal shooting, say they will be taking their outrage to the ballot box and voting against a Democratic Party that has long been their automatic choice.

They are focusing on the St. Louis county executive’s race, which typically centers on matters such as the budget and sanitation but this year has become caught up in the unrest.

I don't believe in hope.  Hope died on November 6th, 2012.  Hope no longer exists.

But if I were going to grasp at any hope straws, this would be a strong candidate.