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Constitution Radio: Independence Day

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I thought we were going to begin the show with a reading of the Declaration of Independence, but Alan is mixed up in a bunch of rallies, and won't arrive until the second hour of the show ... at which time we will read the Declaration of Independence.

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Today's Topics:

◉ California Governor Gavin Newsom's Orders are NOT LAW

◉ Declaration of Independence, reading of, and discussion regarding

◉ Cultural Marxism, what is it and how is it being used against us

◉ The Truth About Slavery

◉ The Truth About Face Masks

◉ A Familiar Echo

◉ The Left is Becoming Desperate

◉ Which Black Lives Matter?

◉ Democracy Versus Republicanism

◉ From Newsom to Biden, the socialists are authoritarians

◉ Trump's Actions Discredit the Accusations of Racism

◉ NFL Finally Lost Me

Dictator Newsom's Mandates ARE NOT LAW

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The dictator governor of California, Gavin "Gruesome" Newsom, has done more than overstep the line between liberty and tyranny.  He is now a full blown totalitarian acting in an illegal manner, and it needs to be stopped.

I was yelled at last night, and again this morning, for refusing to wear a face mask.  In both cases the people screamed at me, "It's the f***ing law, you idiot."  On two other occasions, I have been physically confronted for not wearing my mask.  In one case, a guy much bigger than me pushed me into a wall, knocking me to the ground from the impact.  "Wear a mask, a$$hole," he told me.  "It's the law."

Technically, I have a medical exemption. I am hard of hearing, and have some neurological things going on that sometimes makes it difficult for me to understand what words are coming out of people's mouths.  Muffled voices behind masks makes it hard for me to understand people.  It is a lot easier if I can see people's lips.  I am not totally deaf.  My left ear doesn't work except for very loud sounds, but the right is in pretty good shape (even my ears have been following the political spectrum, the left doesn't work, and the right does).

Last night, despite the restaurant lock-down order returning with another wave of Gavin Newsom's magic totalitarian wand, we found an Italian restaurant in San Diego County still allowing for dine-in seating.  Upon approach, the man at the door said we had to be wearing masks to come in.  My wife said, "We are exempt.  He's hard of hearing and it's easier for him if he can see my lips."

The man refused.

"I will be glad to call the disabled persons association," she said.

"Fine," the man said.  "He doesn't have to wear his mask into the building, but you do.  That way I am not violating his disability rights."

The purpose of the exemption is so that I could see her lips moving when she talks.  Making her wear a mask kills the whole thing for me. Technically, they were still in violation.

"It's the law," he said.  "I hope you can understand the legal risks."

Let me be as clear as I can be.  IT IS NOT THE LAW!

Gavin Newsom has been barking orders verbally, like a number of other governors, with no accompanying legislative support, as if he is dictator.  He says we all have to wear face masks, we can't go to the beach, we can't go to the park, all bars must close, are restaurants must end dine-in activities, after being told he can't legally stop churches from meeting he decided to tell them they can't sing, and worse of all he has told us face masks and social distancing is required at our backyard bar-b-ques, as if he has the authority, or the means of enforcement, to force people into obeying his demands on their own property.

And he did this right before Independence Day.

Fireworks shows have been cancelled, and gatherings are being limited.

Ronald Reagan once said that for Democrats everyday is April 15 (tax day) and for Republicans everyday is July 4 (Independence Day).  Now, it is turning out, Democrats like radical Gavin Newsom hate America so much that they are trying to outlaw Independence Day by making it impossible to celebrate it.

I know for a fact a number of the voters feel the same way.  At a store, this morning, when paying for my groceries with my wife (and yes, I had no mask on even though the woman at the door demanded I put one on) I said to the cashier as we were pulling away with our cart, "Happy Independence Day."

"No thank you," she replied.  "I don't celebrate slavery."

George Orwell would be proud.  Liberty is slavery.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Friday, July 03, 2020

American Patriots Must Oppose Domestic Terrorists Plans To Attack All Symbols of America On The Fourth of July

By Capt Joseph R. John, July 4, 2020: Op Ed # 498

According to Nazi-Collaborator George Soros, America is the only obstacle to Communists and The Muslim Brotherhood from creating a new world order.   For many years, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros has been working with Communist China, while funding the Domestic Terrorist organizations highlighted in this Op Ed, in order to undermine the US Constitution and destroy America from within.  Police and Fire Departments nationally have been alerted by an Unclassified Law Enforcement Bulletin that on the Fourth of July there will be well organized violent attacks to try to prevent Americans from celebrating Independence Day.    
ANTIFA Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros’ Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Bill Ayer’s Marxist Weather Underground, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, the Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialists, and Domestic Enemies will be supporting the Global Marxist Movement to destroy America’s founding principles of liberty and freedom, to poison race relations and foment divisions in American cities, and change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State. 
Unfortunately for the last 5 weeks, not “one” Democrat in the nation has condemned the rioting, the looting of small businesses, the arson, the setting of fire to police cruisers, the attacks that have injured and killed 1100 of Police Officers, and the anarchy in the streets of 184 cities.  By their silence Democrats are supporting the violence and vandalism, and have emboldened their foot soldiers in the streets who will again raise their ugly heads again on the Fourth of July.
On this Fourth of July, American Patriots must oppose the Socialist Democrat Party’s attempts to suppress America’s celebration of Independence Day, to divide the nation by race, to oppose the Marxist’s violent attacks on 4th of July celebrations, to destroy America’s Patriotic symbols, and to oppose the attempts to continue the ongoing initiatives to defame and corrupt US History. 
History is not a blank page on which Nazi-Collaborator George Soros can substitute his own racist version of US History, then publish his corrupt and dishonest US History textbooks, which the Obama administration forced all public schools to teach from in all 50 states.  It became the required Common Core Curriculum US History textbook, and the 50 State Education Departments could only receive federal aid to education if they used Soros’ corrupt US History textbooks.
A "Law Enforcement Sensitive - For Official Use Only", Controlled Unclassified Law Enforcement Bulletin (CUI) has been distributed to alert Police and Fire Departments to the fact that ANTIFA, BLM, The Weather Underground, The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, The Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialists, and other US Domestic Enemies have been igniting fireworks to acclimate suburbia with the sounds of explosions.  There have been many on-going reports of illegal fireworks and explosions currently going off throughout hundreds of US cities.  US Domestic Terrorists have been taking deliveries of very large shipments of professional-grade fireworks in bulk, via moving trucks and vans.

The left of center liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) establishment, largely controlled by Communist China’s “United Front”, has been attempting to paint this "massive uptick" in fireworks across the nation, as only a sign of people being overly "celebratory" in preparation for the Fourth of July.  For the past two weeks, ANTIFA, BLM, The Weather Underground, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, The Communist Party USA, and other Domestic Terrorists have been sending teams of terrorists throughout the nation to detonate fireworks, and continue the on-going sounds of explosions, so on the Fourth of July, they can use those sounds of firework explosions, to cover the sound of gunfire in white suburbs and neighborhoods.

The Domestic Terrorists have three (3) specific objectives:

  1. The first objective: To test the response of local law enforcement.  If fireworks are going off around the clock and residents are filing complaints, will police respond?  How long does it
take them to respond?  How many officers?  Do they even respond at all?  This data is being recorded by these groups, and will prove to be very valuable intel for what is to come.  This is a very accurate barometer to test the waters.
   (2) The second objective: Get local residents i.e., white people in nearby neighborhoods acclimated to the frequent sounds of explosions that often sound like gunfire.
    (3) The third objective: Knowing response times and manpower of police, and having acclimated the local population into explosion sounds that mimic gunfire, to then commit arson 
          attacks with professional fireworks to set so many fires, local Emergency Services are immediately overwhelmed, and enter houses to actually fire guns and kill as many as possible in
          white suburbs.

At a time when the US is in the grips of anarchy in the streets led by Marxist Domestic Terrorists and Radical Islamic Terrorists in 184 cities, supporting the rioting, looting, and attacking Police Officers, a large weapons shipment from Communist Chinese was intercepted prior to the Fourth of July Holiday.  That intercept exposed a serious national threat, since the terrorist groups leading the rioting, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the Weatherman Underground, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, and the Communist Party USA have direct ties to Middle East Radical Islamic Terrorists and Communist China.  ANTIFA actually joined with ISIS in Iraq, displaying their flag, while murdering Christians in the genocide of Christians on the Plains of Nineveh.
Thomas Mahn, the Port Director at the Express Consignment Operation Hub in Louisville, reported that Chinese Communist smugglers tried to avoid detection while smuggling 10,800 Assault Weapons parts thru the Express Consignment Operation Hub.  The Assault Weapons parts were detected by US Customs and Border Protection Officers.  The shipment from Shenzhen, China, destined for a residence in Melbourne, Florida, arrived in the US and was seized on May 22.   Mann said “Importing any type of munitions is regulated by the ATF.  The Chinese smugglers knowingly tried to avoid detection, however, our officers remain vigilant, ensuring our community is safe.”  Other large Assault Weapons shipments from Communist China most probably have gotten thru undetected.
ANTIFA and Nazi-Collaborator George Soros’ Black Lives Matter have been mobilizing hundreds of thousands of former college students, who were previously indoctrinated over the last 16 years by the Chinese Communist “Confucius Institute”, so they will riot on the Fourth of July.  The plan is to attack and desecration the Gettysburg National Cemetery, to attack the Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore, to attack white wealthy suburbs under the cover of firework explosions going off (like they previously did in St Louis), to burn American Flags whenever they can get their hands on them, to desecrate and topple US Monuments and Statues, to burn businesses in order to destroy the livelihood of average Americans, and to continue the violent demands in the street to defund Police Forces across the nation.  That long-term goal is to eliminate as many Police Forces as possible, so they won’t be able to interfere into planned voter fraud and the violent disruptions of the November Presidential elections at the polls. 
Patriotic Americans should let their voices be heard in opposition to America’s Domestic Enemies who have been colluding with Communist China, Progressives, Marxists, the Communist Party USA, ANTIFA Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros’ Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, The Weatherman Underground, Democrat Socialists, and the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment whose goals are to eliminate The Free Enterprise System and change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State. 
Americans have to also be on guard against subtle attacks on American Patriotism.  An astute reader pointed out that NBC has twice edited, “Under God” out from the Pledge of Allegiance.  The intentional omission happened during a commercial promoting the NBC network’s upcoming spy thriller called “Allegiance.”  That is not the first time NBC removed “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.  In 2011, NBC was forced, to apologize after they omitted the phrase “One Nation Under God” from its coverage over the U.S. Open Championship.  That didn’t happen once, that also happened twice.
American Patriots must again proudly support their country on this Fourth of July and every day, to be optimistic about the future of their country, to let their voices be heard in support for the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights, to display and defend the American Flag flying over their residence and business, and to teach their family members to emulate their respect for the Republic.  Watch the Spectacular and Unusual Spherical Fireworks in the attachment.
We encourage all Patriotic Americans to remember and celebrate the fact that on the first Fourth of July in 1776, delegates from the 13 Colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson.  On that day, American Colonists celebrated securing their individual freedoms from oppressive British Rule, and their freedom from the heavy taxes levied upon them by King George of England, without giving them the ability to represent themselves. 
Since 1776, Americans have been celebrating the Fourth of July as the birth of American Independence, and their achievement of self-rule by and for the people.  Since 1776, the annual celebration on July Fourth has been called  “Independence Day.”  Each year on Independence Day, Americans have always expressed their support for the freedoms they enjoy and how blessed they are to live in the US Constitutional Republic.  Americans must not to be prevented from supporting the Republic by Domestic Enemies-----Americans outnumber them, one million to one!!  Fight back and put an end to the lawlessness.
Americans have always appreciated the unlimited opportunities they have to improve their stations in life, because of the individual freedoms outlined in The Bill of Rights, and because of their opportunity to establish a new business venture under The Free Enterprise System.  Today the average American citizens, have more benefits and better living standards than members of royalty lived under, over 100 years ago, and today even citizens with low incomes or on welfare have better living standards and medical benefits (by just going to hospital emergency rooms), than the citizens of every country throughout the world.  
On the Fourth of July, we encourage millions of Americans to proudly fly their American Flags on their residences, businesses, their automobiles, at their picnics, in national cemeteries, in churches, etc.  By doing so, Americans will also be expressing their support for the Republic, and their unity under the “American Flag” that has tied all Americans in 50 states together.  For 244 years, countless generations of Patriotic Americans have defended their country and fought in defense of the Republic under the American Flag, that we should all honor. 
On Independence Day, American citizens have always expressed their support for members of the US Armed Forces and Veterans, who at one time in their lives, raised their right hand and swore to protect and defend the US Constitution, and to protect their fellow Americans from enemies, foreign and domestic.  The Combat Veterans For Congress wish all Americans of good will, a Blessed, Safe, Secure, and Happy Fourth of July. 
The Fourth of July is not only the annual celebration of the birthday of the Republic, but many Patriotic Americans also celebrate that day as second symbolic birthday.  American Patriots must let their voices be heard, should once again proudly celebrate Independence Day as they have always done, and should display and defend the American Flag as it flies everywhere throughout the nation.  Americans should stand for the National Anthem, and Honor the American Flag, that enshrouds all military heroes!  Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  
Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt    USN(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
San Diego, CA 92108

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
-Isaiah 6:8

My NFL Tolerance is finally broken

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I love football.  Baseball and football are my two big loves, with watching golf a close third.  I loved the NBA at one time, when the Lakers were "Magic" and the great rivalries with people like Larry Byrd, and Doctor J were a part of the game.  Since then, the league has become the league of thugs, with attitudes I want nothing to do with, and arrogance that has killed the game.

I enjoy hockey, and love to watch it live, but it never caught my attention, nor has it ever got me excited as a fan in the same ways baseball and football has.

I am a huge Anaheim Angels fan (I refuse to include L.A. in their name) and I have always seen the Halos as being the good guys in Southern California, and a family-style team that appeals to the folks in Southern California who don't necessarily consider themselves a part of Los Angeles, or San Diego.  When you go to the games you feel like you are a part of the Angels' family.  The Rally Monkey has added a fun dimension, and for the most part the players and coaching staffs have always been class acts.

When it comes to football, as a child, my father was a big San Francisco 49ers fan, and my step-dad always leaned towards the Kansas City Chiefs (likely a geographical choice since he grew up in Arkansas), so when I began to watch the NFL the team that appealed to me was the Raiders.  I think it was partially to tick them both off, and partially I liked the gritty bad boy image they portrayed.  I was, after all, a rebellious teen at the time, so the rebellious team that everyone seemed to love to hate seemed to make sense.

Then, they moved to Los Angeles, making them a So Cal team, and that made me an even stronger fan, especially after having the opportunity to go to a handful of games.   Then, after I was discharged from my military service I had the opportunity to meet, and get to know, fellow Navy Veteran Napolean McCallum, who was the Raiders' 3rd down running back, and special teams guy, at the time.  He and I talked a number of times.  I have autographs on various slips of paper, and a black and white photograph of him running with the ball in his number 41 uniform.  That was enough to solidify my position as an ardent fan of the Raiders, and of the NFL.

My dad says he quit watching football when the Rams came out of the tunnel before a game with their "hands up don't shoot" pose in place, which happened shortly after the Ferguson riots.  I decided to remain a fan, though I was not happy about what the Rams players had done.

When the kneeling to the National Anthem garbage happened, and my friends were abandoning the NFL in droves, I still remained a fan. 

I love football, and I wasn't going to let a minority of malcontents ruin the game for me.  Besides, Derek Carr was now the quarterback for the Raiders, and I couldn't abandon a stand-up, Christian, conservative, hard-working, and very talented player like Carr.  He stood for every National Anthem, with his hand on his heart, and his lips in prayer.  He wears his faith on his sleeve, and has stood firm in what he believes, which is something I think had a lot to do with his broken leg in 2016, killing a magical run for the team, and their chance to go very deep in the playoffs.  Word has it that his offensive line, angry he would not kneel with them during the Star Spangled Banner, let the defense run right by them, which led to the injury.  Carr dished out no blame, and as always was a class-act regarding the whole situation.

The head coach of the Raiders at the time was Jack Del Rio, a man I admire, respect, and appreciated as a head coach.  Like Carr, Del Rio is a hard hitting guy who, while the tough silent type, a Christian and conservative as well (not that I was too worried about the political leanings of my guys, but it was nice to see).   He treated all of the players with one particular equality, work hard and give me results and you will do well.  If you lack in effort or results, you will not do well.  Everything else was not necessarily his concern.

When asked about the kneeling to the National Anthem thing going on while he was coaching the Raiders, “I’ve told [my players] how I feel,” Del Rio said in November 2017, according to ESPN. “I love this country. I think it’s a great honor to be able to play football, coach football for a living, and so my thought is that everybody should pay respect to the flag and stand at attention, and that’s how I feel about it.  But it is America and everybody can make their choice and I’ve made that clear, too. So, anyways, that’s that.”

He didn't get the job done, as far as Raiders team owner Mark Davis was concerned (I wanted Jack to have a few more seasons, but getting Gruden wasn't a bad thing, I figured, either), so Jack Del Rio was fired and after a short time in sportscasting, he has landed a coaching job as defensive coordinator with the Washington Redskins.

As the recent garbage started, and as his political leanings got out into the public, things have gotten even more dicey for Coach Del Rio.

Del Rio has made it clear he isn’t onboard with the woke movement to delegitimize the country and everything it stands for.

A Twitter user, who has cowardly hidden his posts from being viewed publicly, lately, tweeted a shot at Del Rio.

“Just found out @coachdelrio is a trump supporter. Wish these old racist would stay off Twitter,” the user wrote, per Fox News.

Del Rio responded with an unapologetically patriotic mic drop.

“I’m 100% for America, if you’re not you can kiss my A$$,” he said.

Meanwhile, the team Del Rio now works for, the Washington Redskins, despite ownership's past claims they would stand firm and not change the team's name, have given in to pressure by sponsors, corporate giants and white deconstructionist liberals, and have announced they will be changing the name of the team.  Note that I said nothing about pressure by Native American groups. A survey in 2016 by the Washington Post found 9 out 10 Native Americans don’t find the “Redskins” name offensive.

So, what does the NFL decide to do as pressure mounts, personnel are being attacked for their conservative views, and the idiocy of the deconstruction of America amidst false claims of systemic racism runs amok?

The NFL will play “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing,” which is also known as the black national anthem, before every Week 1 NFL game in the 2020 season, according to ESPN, you know, because of all of the countrywide protests over the fake narrative of racial inequality and police brutality.

According to the ESPN report, the song will be played before “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Senator Ted Cruz went ballistic over this stupidity, launching into his own tirade about it.

The league and the NFL Players Association are also contemplating listing the names of victims of police brutality on uniforms through decals on helmets or patches on jerseys, ESPN reported.

That's going to be a short list since statistics show that 55% of all people fatally shot in America by the police are white — more than double the number of black (27%) or Hispanic (19%) individuals. Fewer than 1,200 people total are killed by police in a typical year, per major databases like www.killedbypolice.com. Moreover, of all citizens shot by police, 90% are armed with a weapon and between 90 and 95% are attacking the police or another citizen. Fatal police shootings of unarmed citizens who do not actively pose a direct threat — as a result of tragically mistaking a cell phone for a gun, poor decision-making or training, or criminal police misconduct — total about 50 per year.  Being “unarmed” is not always the same thing as “not being a deadly threat.” This was best shown by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the 2015 fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The DOJ report, widely ignored by the media, debunked false reports that Brown had been gunned down for no reason by police officer Darren Wilson, allegedly a trigger-happy racist cop. To the contrary, the investigation revealed the truth that Brown, a 6’4”, 292 pound 18-year-old who had just committed a robbery was shot after he attacked Officer Wilson and grabbed the officer’s gun.
The Daily Caller explains, "Many still mistakenly believe Brown was murdered by the police just as they mistakenly believe the story that Brown raised his hands and said, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” — another bogus claim exposed by Holder’s DOJ investigation. The effect of the media’s false take on Ferguson remains strong, and the enduring myth that Brown was the victim of a racist police shooting has been effectively used to undermine the people’s trust in the police. But that entire narrative was a lie."
I was watching Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity a few weeks ago, but I can't find the episode or remember which host aired what I remember, and he broke it down to the total number of unarmed black victims of police brutality where the cops were considered to be at fault.  If I remember properly, last year that total number was six, and five of the six cops involved were either heavily disciplined, or legally charged and faced the court of law for their actions.

The NFL claims they also may produce educational programs about victims.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell put out a video last month admitting that the league was wrong for not listening to their players when they knelt during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

"We, at the National Football League, believe Black Lives Matter," Goodell said in the video. "I personally protest with you and want to be part of the much-needed change in this country.

“Without black players, there would be no National Football League and the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality, and oppression of black players, coaches, fans, and staff. We are listening, I am listening, and I will be reaching out to players who have raised their voices and others on how we can improve and go forward for a better and more united NFL family.”

What a racist statement.  Their entire narrative is based on color of skin.  But, because the racism is being applied in reverse, it is not only not considered racism, it is championed by a lot of folks, largely liberal left deconstructionists who wish to collapse our free market system and chase away American Liberty so that we can become equally miserable in a system that does not lift people up out of poverty if they decide to partake in the hard work and promise of the American Dream, but knocks everyone down with a redistribution of wealth and government authoritarianism to force everyone into compliance.

Could you imagine if a player that disagrees with the playing of the "Black National Anthem" were to take a knee during the song in protest?  He probably wouldn't leave the field alive.

Please, Mr. Vince McMahon, let's figure out a way to make sure the XFL comes back and succeeds.  Even I, now, am completely finished with the National Football League, and I truly enjoyed the XFL season in 2020, even though it got cut short by the COVID-19 Chinese Wuhan coronavirus scamdemic.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

President Trump's Actions Discredit Accusations of Racism

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Biden, his socialist staff, and the conservative media

Opinion by Allan McNew

Everyone knows Joe Biden is an empty sack and even if he weren’t senile would be like a far less competent Jimmy Carter. That’s why his campaign is hiding him from the public while the mainstream media and Democratic politicians hammer Trump at every invented opportunity.

However, the conservative media is letting us down as well concerning the Biden campaign. It’s no secret that whomever is picked to be Biden’s running mate will be Trump’s nominal election competition and if elected would either be Joe’s puppeteer or, in the case of Congress invoking the 25th amendment to remove Biden from office, would become Biden’s Presidential replacement. But for me the concern is all those people who are associated with the Democratic Socialists of America and their myriad satellite organizations who were part of or are sympathetic to Bernie Sander’s campaign and now are actively associated with Biden’s campaign. The conservative media has fallen flat concerning these developments.

These are inventive, diabolical, scheming people.

A scenario: Ringer A. Poser is chosen to be Biden’s running mate and Biden wins. After an interval, Biden steps down or is removed – Republicans in Congress can scarcely oppose Biden’s removal and the VP becomes President Poser. President Poser has a vacant Vice President position and Bernie Sanders is shoehorned into the slot. Either Sanders calls the shots for Poser or Poser vacates the Presidency and Sanders becomes President. This sort of thing has happened at least once in Latin America after independence from Colonial Spain.

To the communist left, which includes some members of Congress, there is no such thing as a dirty trick if they perpetrate it themselves while they squeal “unfair” like stuck hogs to anything their opposition may propose. After the DNC twice buggered Bernie out of the Democratic nomination, it may be seen as a retributory slap in the face to the Democratic Party establishment – winning by any means necessary.

Trump needs to be able to go beyond the ridiculously easy debate beat down of Biden and deal with all the curve balls, sliders and getting beaned by the hard core and very capable socialist activists in Biden’s campaign far beyond the debates.

The conservative media also need to get off their collective asses and cover the extreme socialist activists pulling the strings in the Biden campaign so the public at least has an opportunity to know that the stakes are not between Trump and Biden – it’s between Trump and Sanders.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Thursday, July 02, 2020

California Governor Gavin Newsom's false laws and totalitarian threats

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

California is a bastion of dark blue communist totalitarian madness, and the governor, Gavin Newsom (or as I like to say, Gavin Gruesome) has proclaimed himself dictator.  He likes to say things like "we have to enforce, and we will," and "whether you like it or not," and he even believes he has the authority to dictate to you what you can do at your backyard bar-b-ques on Independence Day.

Last night I grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant because due to Newsom's recent executive order, inside dining is illegal, again, or at least it will be as of tomorrow.  Why?  Because according to Newsom, we have a spike in cases of COVID-19 in this State, and it's because too many people are leaving their homes, and because too many people are not wearing masks in public.  And this time, he assured us, he won't be relaxed and let renegade counties like Riverside County get away with not enforcing his edict.  "We have to enforce, and we will."

Newsom has repeatedly told us that "science shows that face coverings and masks work."

Except, that is a lie.  They don't.

This has nothing to do with a virus, and has everything to do with political control over the public.  And, Gavin Newsom is doing these things illegally.  The problem is, while there are a dozen and a half lawsuits out there right now, and a recall Gavin Newsom petition, he believes he is bullet-proof.  They rejected the last recall petition, and left the organizers with no recourse other than to start all over again.  As for the lawsuits, unlike the Oregon District Court which was law-abiding enough to strike down Oregon Governor Kate Brown's idiotic mandates calling them an overreach of authority, the California federal courts are not so compliant when it comes to the rule of law.

Gavin Newsom (as if he'd be willing to read what I have written), you are not a dictator.  Your orders have no legal authority, they are not accompanied by legislation.  Only the legislature has the power to make law.  Even in martial law, and this is definitely martial law by another name, you don't have full dictatorial powers.  You have no authority to order me to wear a mask, especially if I believe it is harmful to my health.  You have no authority to quarantine the healthy, only the infected, and possibly those who have had contact with the infected, may be quarantined by government, and Sacramento has no constitutional authority to be involved in that process, it is delegated to the county health official who may make these determinations on a case by case basis.  You have no authority to tell businesses what they can or cannot do regarding running their business, and if they can let customers through the door because Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution forbids States to interfere with the obligation of contracts, including service contracts, employment contracts, and so forth.  You have no authority to dictate to me what I do in my yard, much less my bar-b-que during Independence Day.  Michael Savage even says you plan to go so far as to use undercover operatives/secret police to ensure compliance.  Screw you.  My property is none of your damn business.  You can't limit my travel, you can't limit my shopping or entertainment, you can't force me to wear a mask if I don't want to, and you can't limit my life legally.  Everything you are doing is illegal, unconstitutional, and against American Liberty.  So, I refuse to wear a mask, I refuse to social distance, and I refuse to comply because, also, in the end, if you run the numbers, COVID-19 is a great big lie.  Yes, the virus exists, and some people with compromised immune systems have died from it, but the damage being done in response is killing more people, and killing the economy.  The Democrat authoritarian cure is proving to be worse than the disease.  I will not comply.

As for the vaccine, you guys can also shove that where the sun don't shine, too.  I will not allow you to place in my body a substance I have no full understanding or explanation regarding.  Even if you make it mandatory, I refuse to accept it.

This is not American Liberty.  You, and your fellow leftists, have overstepped, and the advance upon our liberty stops here, stops now, and better stop forever.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Alleviating COVID-19 Fears

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Real Science behind COVID 19, Facemasks, and our Economy

Recently I released a post on this site, and on my email list, about the dangers of wearing cloth face masks.  I was encouraged to do so due to the weird reactions I get from people as a result of my outright refusal to wear masks because I believe that prolonged wearing of these masks can be hazardous to my health, and they pretty much do nothing regarding a virus that is not much to be concerned about, anyway (based on the actual numbers).

The backlash has been amazing, from an employee at a friend of mine's place of business, to family, to a woman in the Inland Empire who used to attend my constitution classes, I have been painted as heartless, mindless, reckless, irresponsible, a spreader of false propaganda, and a "flat earther."  In one email to the lady who used to come to my constitution classes, I wrote:
I am really bothered by the fact that I believe they are harmful to my health, but I am being ordered to wear it in order to stop a virus that is a minor illness.  When did we all suddenly become germaphobes? When did the dictators in government suddenly get the authority to dictate to me what to wear?  What's next?  An arm band?  A yellow star on my breast?  The mark of the beast?  If we are that worried about this little virus, then don't drive.  You've got a greater chance of death behind the wheel.  Never mind the cases of depression, domestic violence, suicide, and bankruptcies this craziness is causing to skyrocket. 
Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.  Benjamin Franklin.
Aside from the dangers associated with wearing cloth face masks, I also believe it is not necessary because this is not a massive scary pandemic, it is just another illness working its way through our world, and it is milder than the seasonal flu and the common cold.  It is being overstated for political reasons.  In other words, we are being lied to, and the sheep have responded by wearing masks and bowing as the dictators shout orders that have no legislative or constitutional teeth.  While looking for a video to explain the science that isn't being talked about, I came across an interesting one with Tony Robbins, fully equipped with experts in medicine and science, and one politician.  Here it is for you who have suddenly gotten very curious:

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Wild Bill Video: Dealing with Mask Meanies

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
Wear a face mask, become stupid.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Tucker Carlson and the Couple in St. Louis that used Guns to Protect the Property from BLM

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

District Attorney backs rioters. . .

Mark McCloskey talks to Tucker:

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When will black on black violence black lives matter?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Peggy Hubbard criticizes Black Lives Matter

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Leo Terrell on Mark Levin's Life Liberty and Levin

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Progressive Man

Satire by Allan McNew

Timmy was a Boy Scout learning knots from his grandfather in the back yard. Grandpa was explaining the similarities between a sheet bend, used to join two ropes, and a bowline making a loop by joining the end of a rope back into itself - it is the same basic knot with different applications. They couldn’t see the figure dashing into the politically correct transgender outhouse on an elementary school construction site down the block, then bursting out wearing a costume.

Grandpa had Timmy tie a bowline, then said “Do you know how to make a dragon bowline?” Timmy shook his head, whereupon Grandpa tied another bowline, threw the loop on the ground and started dragging it through the yard by the tail. Timmy’s eyes rolled at the ancient lame joke, then suddenly widened.

Grandpa turned and saw a glowering figure wearing black yoga pants, tie dyed t-shirt with a lower case “p” on the chest, tire tread leather sandals with no socks, black bandana mask, hoop ear rings, and a towering man bun hairdo. True to superhero form, he wore his underwear on the outside – a periwinkle blue Victoria Secret thong with a little pink heart on the tiny frontal patch. He also wore a cape filled out with a monarch butterfly pattern.

Grandpa gasped “who or what are you?” The figure shouted “I am Progressive Man - defender of law and order, champion of equal rights, valiant, courageous fighter against the forces of hate and prejudice who fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.” Progressive Man wiped off the spittle that dripped under his mask on his chin and throat with the palm of his left hand.

“Why are you trespassing in my back yard?” queried Grandpa. Progressive Man replied “First, there is no such thing as private property, that is a construction of white privilege to oppress people of color. Second, I got it from anonymous sources that you made that noose you are holding as we speak and I’m here to right that systemically racist wrong.” Grandpa looked at his creation then back and said “This is a rigging knot, widely used for thousands of years to accomplish work, not execute people. This is not a hangman’s noose, and it makes no difference if I did make a hangman’s noose.”

Progressive man growled “You are a racist piece of s**t who needs to check his white privilege.” Grandpa had enough and shouted “Get out of here - I’m calling the police” whereupon Progressive Man whipped out a can of bear spray, squirted Grandpa in the face, kicked Grandpa in the testicles, and when Grandpa doubled over in pain Progressive Man hit him execution style on the back of the head with a bicycle lock.

As Grandpa was writhing convulsively on the grass, Progressive Man said to Timmy “He needs to learn tolerance”, smacked Timmy a few times for good measure, spray painted his moniker on the house and fence, shouted “social justice has been served,” then turned and scurried away.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
Conservatives are generally quick to point out that America is a republic, not a democracy. But what really is the difference, and are they even right?
Voting in America has changed considerably since the days of our founding. Back then, the government didn’t even print official ballots. Instead, you got ballots from the candidate who wanted your support. Sometimes voting took place in public, so everyone knew who you voted for. And, of course, the franchise was largely restricted to white, male property owners.
Now, anyone who turns 18 can vote. And the Democratic Party wants to increase ballot access by automatically registering anyone who gets a driver's license. Democrats even pushed for mail-in ballots for the 2020 election to make voting even easier – and more open to voter fraud. But is any of this a good thing?
Indeed, it is worth considering the transformation of the United States from a Constitutional Republic, ruled by law with the input of the people, to a total democracy, where the will of the people dominates all other discussion.

A Brief History of the Franchise in America

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has ChangedOpen up your pocket Constitution and find the part where it says who can vote and who can’t. You’ll come up short. That’s because the Constitution delegates this right to the states. And while there are some amendments that, for example, say states can’t restrict the franchise on the basis of race, gender or being over the age of 18, otherwise there is broad leeway given in terms of who can vote and who can’t.
Before the United States existed, people were still voting and there were oftentimes even more restrictions in place. Property qualifications were most common, but there was often also a religious test involved. For example, Plymouth Colony required that voters be “orthodox in the fundamentals of religion,” which would have likely excluded even Catholics from voting. Indeed, Catholics, Quakers and Baptists were frequently forbidden from voting in early colonial elections. (Jews were forbidden from state office in Maryland until 1828, because of a state law requiring affirmation of belief in an afterlife.)
One of the first laws drafted by the new nation was a process for people to become citizens and thus be able to vote in places where citizenship was a requirement to do so – and indeed, citizenship was not a requirement in many states or colonies in the early days of America. While only “natural born” citizens can become president, naturalized citizens enjoy the full benefits of the franchise. There is still much debate as to what qualifies as a “natural born” citizen, and it’s worth noting that several recent major party presidential candidates were not born in the United States – most recently Tulsi Gabbard (who was born in American Samoa) and Ted Cruz (who was born in Canada). The Republican nominee in 2008, John McCain, was born in the Panama Canal Zone. The last of these was the most problematic, as Downes v. Bidwell ruled that unincorporated territories were explicitly not the United States.
While it is easy to ascribe this to petty religious bigotry, the reason is actually somewhat more profound: The colonists and the colonial governments that they formed considered it important to only allow the franchise to people who shared their values. Thus, those with heterodox religious beliefs were not allowed to vote on the grounds that doing so would undermine both the values and the liberty of the colony.
Similarly, property holders were meant to be the main voters for the simple reason of having skin in the game. The early colonists did not want, for example, the merchant class to have an outsized say in politics because they were not tied to the land and thus not as subject to bad decisions. A shopkeeper or importer can simply sell their stock and move on to the next colony. A freeholder, working the land with his family, has far less flexibility and, the theory goes anyway, would be making more long-term decisions about what is best for the polity.
What this meant, also, is that, in places like New Jersey, women were allowed to vote until 1807, provided that they could meet the property requirement. What changed in the early 19th century, under the expansion of the franchise under Jacksonian Democracy, was that race and gender were prized more than property rights. But free blacks still had the right to vote in some Northern states until 1838.
This too was not an arbitrary distinction. Men who had been veterans of the War of 1812, or at the very least, defended their community against Indian raids, believed that they were entitled to the franchise on the basis of that service. By 1856, free white men were allowed to vote without meeting any property requirements, but five of the states still kept tax requirements (frequently a poll tax) in place. Again, this makes sense: The force of government is largely about the spending of taxes and the use of the military.
By 1856, all property requirements had been lifted, but tax requirements remained in place in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, until the 20th century. Rhode Island had what was basically a brief, low-level civil war over the question of property requirements known as the Dorr War. Indeed, anytime that post-Civil War disenfranchisement is discussed, it must include a discussion of the disenfranchisement of poor whites as well. The Battle of Athens is a fascinating tale of World War II veterans returning from battle and refusing to be shafted at the ballot box anymore.
Of the 15 Constitutional Amendments passed since the Civil War, four involve the franchise. The 15th Amendment bars states from restricting the franchise on the basis of race, the 19th from restrictions on the basis of gender, the 24th bars any tax requirements, and the 26th bars any age restrictions against those over the age of 18. Another Amendment, the 17th, allows for the direct election of senators, rather than having them elected by the respective state legislature – another expansion of pure democracy in America, though not an expansion of suffrage per se.
The previous method of electing senators, having them appointed by the respective state legislatures, was not an oversight on the part of the Founders. Rather, this was to give a voice to the state governments in the federal government. This was seen as an important safeguard against the overreach of federal power. Among other things, the Senate was a check on a power-hungry federal government seeking to put its tentacles into anything it could. It was a form of distributed power that was yet another attempt by the Founders to prevent consolidation and centralization of government.
It’s worth noting that Western states, starting with Wyoming in 1869, were granting women the right to vote, largely as an enticement to get them to move to the region, which was seriously devoid of women.
The concept of “one man, one vote” is the cornerstone of a more pure democracy. There were three decisions of the Earl Warren Supreme Court that definitively transformed the landscape of America into a democracy:
  • Baker v. Carr found that federal courts had jurisdiction over state redistricting efforts.
  • Wesberry v. Sanders found that U.S. House of Representatives districts – whose borders are determined by state governments – must be roughly equal in population.
  • Reynolds v. Sims found that state legislature districts must be roughly equal in population, regardless of chamber. This effectively means that states are not allowed to have institutions like the Senate – for example, a state government cannot give each county two seats in the state legislature if the counties do not have roughly the same population size.
Residency requirements are mostly illegal in the United States, with one-year requirements struck down in Dunn v. BlumsteinThe longest residency requirement that states are allowed to have now is 50 days.

What’s So Wrong With Democracy?

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has ChangedAll of this raises the question of what is wrong with democracy, as opposed to a Constitutional Republic? It’s a cliche that democracy is the right of 51 percent of the population to take away the toothbrushes of the other 49. The Constitution provides protections against the tyranny of the majority and one of those protections is against pure democracy.
Indeed, the Senate and Electoral College, two of the last vestiges of the anti-democratic mood that penetrated the country during Revolutionary times, provide protections to rural states to this day. Without either of these, or with a Senate converted into a proportional representation body, as some have suggested, rural states are effectively political serfs for the larger urban centers.
The counter argument presented to this is that “land doesn’t vote,” which is fair enough, but again: America was not conceived as a pure democracy where everyone had an equal say in everything. There are many layers to the onion, many tiers that prevent one group of the population from having too much say over the others. The Electoral College and the Senate allow rural states to have a voice in how the country is run, rather than being totally ruled over by people in urban centers who don’t own guns, can’t grow food, and have never met their neighbors.
It’s not a coincidence that Electoral College abolition is a particular ax ground by the left. The abolition of the Electoral College would allow for sweeping changes in American public policy championed by those currently on the leftward edge of the political spectrum. Do you want to live in a country where, for example, the voters of smaller states like Nevada, New Hampshire and Montana are drowned out by a handful of cities on the coasts? What of medium-sized states with a number of post-industrial cities with their own concerns, just as valid as those of rural America, but entirely separate from the centers of financial, cultural and academic power?
There’s also the small matter of the role that the media plays in shaping public opinion, as well as the role that public works projects and other government spending play in essentially buying votes. Ostensibly “undemocratic” institutions act as brakes on the manipulation of public opinion. Indeed, the Senate was specifically designed as a deliberative body that would “cool the passions” of the masses represented in the lower house, the House of Representatives.

The Primary System as a Laboratory of Democracy

The primary process for nominating presidential candidates represents an excellent example of how pure democracy has produced poorer results than a more managed and directed one.
Most Americans, particularly younger ones, don’t know that prior to the 1970s, the primary contests didn’t mean much. Rather, it was the state party conventions which held greater weight and these were largely managed by party bosses rather than directly influenced by voters. It’s not that this system of backroom wheeling and dealing never produced a total dud or stifled genuine needs for reform – of course it did. However, looking at the roster of candidates produced by this process (i.e., two Roosevelts, a Coolidge, an Eisenhower and a Kennedy), it’s hard to argue with the results.
What was entirely lacking was the current primary process that we have in the United States, which still boasts a very low overall turnout and lasts from approximately the fourth quarter of the year before the election sometimes all the way up until the convention. All told, the Democratic Primary cycle of 2020 had 12 debates planned, with 11 completed and the 12th not happening simply because Joe Biden said he wasn’t going to show up.
The primaries are dominated by highly motivated and often highly ideological voters. This means that a number of highly polarizing figures have made it through the modern primary process, including Barry Goldwater (1964, so a little early) and George McGovern, but also a ton of people who the party in question loved but Americans just plain didn’t like (examples of this being Walter MondaleMichael Dukakis and Mitt Romney). This is because party bosses were much more concerned about someone who could win – and all the patronage that flowed from that – rather than someone who shared their ideological picadillos.
President Eisenhower is perhaps the gold standard of a president annointed by party bosses. Senator Robert Taft, the leading light of the ideologically conservative faction of the party, lost to the choice of the party bosses, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. While historical counterfactuals are hard to tease out, there’s little reason to believe that Senator Taft could have won a general election against President Truman or eventual nominee Senator Adlai Stevenson. This is because, while there was a big thirst to roll back the whole of the New Deal among the hardcore Republican base, there was virtually no taste for it in the American mainstream, which either liked the programs or had learned to live with them. Indeed, it is largely believed that the delegates themselves might have preferred Taft to Eisenhower – but they preferred Eisenhower to losing.
It’s worth noting that in the last two Democratic primaries, party bosses have leaned heavily on the scale against insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders in favor of, respectively, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. In contrast, Donald Trump was able to coast to the nomination in 2016 without any significant organized chicanery on the part of the party bosses.
But it’s not just political parties who lose when American presidential candidates are the result of a process catering to a very small niche of the electorate. America loses also, because we are incapable of having substantive, issue-driven debates that address real problems of the American people. Instead, we end up focusing much more on the personalities and cultural differences that divide the two parties – to the detriment of the entire nation.

Election Fraud in the United States

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has ChangedThere is dispute as to whether or not there is widespread election fraud in the United States. However, there are three presidential elections that merit a brief discussion in our exploration of the franchise in America.

The 1876 Election

The election of 1876 was so controversial and potentially fraud-ridden that it was the subject of a Congressional Electoral Commission in response to a major Constitutional crisis. There were 20 electoral votes outstanding, with the Democratic candidate one shy of winning, with the 20 outstanding electoral votes all coming from states with potentially massive voter fraud. The Commission was convened by the Democratic House and the Republican Senate, with five members from each body and five from the Supreme Court of the United States.
One of the tricks in question is actually an exploit of pure democracy: In those days, there were no official ballots. Ballots or “tickets” were generally printed up by political parties or their partisans and distributed to the voters. Southern Democrats used ballots with Abraham Lincoln on them in an attempt to fool illiterate voters into voting for their slate.
"Tilden or Blood!" was a slogan at the time and Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden’s supporters declared that they had 100,000 men ready to march on the capital and install him as president if need be. A party-line vote of the Electoral Commission gave all the votes to Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, making him president. However, as a concession, the South got the end of Reconstruction and the withdrawal of all remaining federal troops.
Democrats remained unsatisfied, with the House of Representatives going as far to pass a non-binding resolution declaring Tilden the winner. The Electoral Count Act of 1887 made the state legislature the definitive arbiter of who counted as an elector, which was the subject of Bush v. Gore, another controversial election over 100 years later.

The 1960 Election

The 1960 election was disputed as well, but not formally and officially like in 1876. The claim is this: That the Democratic Party used friendly city machines in Dallas and Illinois to win states for John F. Kennedy that he otherwise would not have won – and that would have delivered the presidency to Republican Richard Nixon.
This is not a marginal theory. Senators such as Everett Dirksen and Barry Goldwater have stated that they believe there was fraud in the election. All told, Republicans in 11 states sought to have the vote overturned, including in Illinois and Texas. A special prosecutor charged 650 people with voter fraud, but there were no convictions.
It is unknown to what degree Nixon felt he had been cheated, but he never seriously pursued it, believing it would divide the nation and tarnish the office of the presidency.

The 2000 Election

Finally, there is the 2000 election, where chicanery is alleged to have taken place not at the ballot box, but at the Supreme Court. It was the Supreme Court who stopped the recount under the Equal Protection Clause because they did not approve of how the recount was being carried out. Further, a new standard could not be agreed upon because of the time frame – electors had to be selected by December 12.
This allowed a previous vote count certified by Secretary of State Katherine Harris (a Republican and Bush family ally) to stand.
Here the question was not about whether or not someone was ballot-box stuffing. No one has seriously or credibly proposed this. What was in question is how the votes were counted. This calls to mind an apocryphal quote often attributed to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin:
“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."
Several have written that if a statewide recount were done, rather than a county-based one, that it was Vice President Al Gore who would have won. But the question here is what was the best way to count the votes. And unsurprisingly, partisans of both parties prefer the method resulting in their candidate winning.

Beyond the Theory: Why Pure Democracy Is Bad In Its Execution

Once the notion of a universal franchise enters the public vernacular, there is then no limit on who should be included. Andrew Yang became the first major party presidential candidate to endorse lowering the voting age to 16, but others have endorsed removing age requirements for voting entirely. Indeed, there is an entire current of thought that says that citizenship shouldn’t be a requirement (it isn’t in some municipal elections) or even that the entire world should be allowed a say in who becomes the President of the United States.
While these might all sound like ridiculous proposals – and we agree that they are – they are the thin edge of the wedge, the tip of the spear that will eventually introduce this kind of discourse into the political mainstream and perhaps much sooner than anyone thinks. If the only criteria for who gets to vote is that you are “affected by government policy” or some such and thus entitled to a say, why not let the entire populations of France and Bangladesh and China have a vote? There is a logic to universal suffrage that does not end with America’s adult population or even at its borders.
Consider the fight against voter ID laws in the United States. When one accepts that voting is a universal right, it makes perfect sense that having or not having an ID shouldn’t be an impediment to exercising that right. A lack of voter ID laws has been tied to voter fraud. But perhaps more disturbing is the growing practice of ballot harvesting.

Ballot Harvesting

Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has ChangedThe Democratic Party likes ballot harvesting so much that they tried to insert it into the stimulus and relief bill targeted at people suffering from the effects of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Put simply, this is when paper ballots are collected by intermediaries between the state and the voter, then delivered en masse. If this sounds like it’s a ripe place for voter fraud to happen, that’s because it is. Ballot harvesting played a role in the do-over of the 2019 North Carolina election, where Democrats were, perhaps for the first time ever, deeply concerned with the specter of voter fraud.
Orange County, California, was home to a whopping quarter million ballots delivered on Election Day alone. In practice, ballot harvesters go around collecting ballots for people who vote for the candidate they want to win. In the case of North Carolina, there were allegations that ballots had been discarded because people voted for the “wrong” candidate.
In the wake of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a push – mostly from Democrats – to offer mail-in ballots. These are different from absentee ballots, which are sent out to specific voters on a by-request basis. Compare this with the push for mass mail-in voting: This is just printing up a ton of ballots, sending them out and letting everyone mail them in. There are few, if any, protections in place for preventing people from voting twice, preventing non-registered voters from voting, or preventing illegal aliens from voting. For every person who votes that shouldn’t, a legal voter has their vote cancelled out or nullified.
There’s not much of a way to verify and track this process to ensure that everyone who votes is having their vote counted. But again, it is very much in keeping with the logic of “one man, one vote.” Those who espouse the ideology of a pure democracy are always looking for ways to make it easier for people to vote.
Perhaps, not coincidentally, making it easier for people to vote also opens up the door to electoral fraud.
And this is really the crux of the matter when it comes down to pure democracy: The transition to a purer democracy has coincided with greater influence among unofficial kingmakers who control the process while also consolidating greater power in Washington, D.C. In practice, this has meant favoring a bureaucratic elite who effectively act as unelected legislators. Most of the regulations put in place by the alphabet soup of federal agencies aren’t there by statute, but are in fact part of powers delegated to them by the legislature who have abdicated their legislative authority.
What’s more, these unofficial kingmakers are often shadowy figures whose names (to say nothing of their intentions) are mostly unknown. These are not the traditional party bosses who were, in a sense, beholden to their people in the form of having to provide patronage and pork and other tangible results. Rather the new kingmakers of our pure democracy are the mass media, party activists and others with no skin in the game and little in the way of public accountability. Their angle is one entirely of self-interest and not to the broader body politic, to say nothing of future generations.
-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary