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Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Day (S1E12)

by JASmius

Rating: **1/2

Written by: Carla Robinson
Directed By: Jonas Pate

A purely plot-driven episode that, as a consequence, did few favors for the on-screen cast. I guess Ed Olmos drew the long straw this week.

Plot Device #1: President Roslin orders elections held to form a new Quorum of the Twelve. The quorum is composed of a single representative from each of the twelve colonies, kind of like if each State governor was also his/her state's representative in a unicameral Congress. This body, in turn, is more parliamentary than it is republican (small "r"), with the president serving as a de facto prime minister.

I know, Kobolian civics isn't really the point of this exercise, but I have a weakness for this sort of thing.

Well, unless you slept through Bastille Day, you know that the most popular man on/from Saggitaron is the, depending upon your point of view, the freedom fighter or terrorist, Tom Zarek.

Once again, I wish we had a bit more of a handle on just which label fits Mr. Zarek better, and for that we would need a lot more backstory on the circumstances of why he pulled a Timothy McVeigh by blowing up a government building. Maybe we'll get that down the line, though I'm starting not to count on it.

Here, though, it should have been blindingly obvious that Zarek would be elected to the Quorum by his fellow Saggitarans, who have no doubt about which label fits him better. To them he is a hero who took up arms against "Colonial oppression." His ascension to the upper reaches of power in the fleet, once Kobolian democracy started functioning again, was a fait accompli.

There is, however, one person who got caught completely by flat-footed surprise by this development: President Roslin.

No, I'm not kidding. And she's the one with the supposed wily political instincts and twenty years in the political game? Man, never has civilian control of the military looked less attractive.

Adama gets on the horn to Roslin immediately urging that Zarek not be allowed to even leave the prison vessel Astral Queen. A hamfisted reaction to be sure that Roslin wisely vetoes, as it would only make Zarek into an even bigger martyr/hero and her look like she was deathly afraid of him. Having somehow suffered the mother of all brainfarts by not seeing this coming, she now has to, somehow, play it out politically so that Zarek's drive for power is deflected.

Zarek, naturally, isn't about to make it easy for her.

As we see in the opening act, he has an assassin working for him, though his target, while it would straightforwardly be presumed to be President Roslin, is a tad less clear, at least as the murk of the plot seems to indicate in this area.

Away from the shadows, Zarek, as a Quorum member, makes his first order of business nominations for the election of a vice president - which, again, is day-glo obvious, but which Roslin, again, never sees coming. Boy what I wouldn't give to play a few hands of poker against this woman.

That Zarek is his own annointed candidate for the job is so obvious as not to even merit explicit mention.

Now let's get more into just exactly what Tom Zarek is "today," as opposed to twenty "yarhen" ago when he blew up that building.

First of all, he's a glad-hander who knows all the ins and outs of amassing political capital. Case in point: the delegate from Geminon, as he pointedly explains in nominating Zarek for veep, had a mechanical problem on his ship recently. Going through official channels didn't even yield him a return phone call; however, a lateral request to the Astral Queen brought a repair team over in short order, fixed the problem, and washed his windshield and topped off his crankcase oil for good measure. Heck, they might have given him a book of free coupons as well.

Quite a few other delegates have had similar experiences, and they are all in Zarek's corner too. What we call "constituent service" would always matter, but never more than in a transformational crisis situation like this, when what would once have been the equivalent of "filling a pothole" can have vastly greater importance in conditions where lives could be at stake. Remember that, though we really haven't seen this as viscerally as it was depicted in the original Battlestar Galactica, these people are refugees only a few weeks removed from the destruction of their civilization. Patience in waiting for "official channels" wouldn't be abundant, just as emotional partisanship borne of gratitude for anybody who could "get things done," and quickly, would be boundless.

Zarek, knowing this well, invested his time since Bastille Day wisely. And now, with the Quorum as his platform, is when he starts cashing in those chits with a vengeance.

Secondly, Zarek recognizes the unique nature of the fleet's situation and that it presents his ambitions for power with an opportunity that could probably never have arisen any other way.

When he's being interviewed at his "cross-country press conference," he dispenses a monologual lecture that, to the even minimally trained ear, is a Castroite rant that Hugo Chavez would probably have framed and hung on his office wall. He talks about people clinging to their old jobs and old lifestyles - all the things, of course, that Zarek, as a "revolutionary," has always railed against - in a situation in which neither are relevant anymore. He speaks of the holdover mindset, which exists as a sort of mass security blanket for the people to cling to in a situation of disaster and freefall, as a lie that must be repudiated if "the people" are to survive. He talks about an economy with no money, lawyers with no clients, businessmen with no businesses. In short, he makes the status quo look and sound utterly foolish.

And he doesn't just criticize. He proclaims what is designed to sound like a bold new vision for Kobolian humanity: pure, undiluted communism. "We must think not of the individual, but of the community" (probably not a verbatim quote, but close enough) can hardly be interpreted any other way. And the soil of the fleet would be open to it, too. Remember, Roslin doesn't only represent "the past," but she also is the face of the government that allowed the Cylon holocaust in the first place. It wouldn't matter that she had nothing personally to do with that, that she was a lowly education secretary forty-third in line of succession, or that nobody except a certain perpetually horny genius knows just how Colonial defenses were compromised so suddenly and comprehensively. A public just emerging from a state of shock would be eminently mobilizable toward whatever direction a skilled demagogue wanted to direct them.

Don't think so? Does the name "Adolph Hitler" (or "Barack Obama") ring a bell?

Tom Zarek isn't Adolph Hitler; but he is a skilled demagogue.

However inexplicably belated her realizations, Roslin knows it too. And she knows that she has to find a candidate who can blunt Zarek's charismatic popularity.

You may have noticed that I'm two and a half pages into this review and haven't written a single sentence about the assassin story track. That should provide an indication of how meaningful it was to the overall story. It was almost ancillary, and dragged down the ep sufficiently that I can't quite recommend it.

For starters, I didn't quite get Apollo's penchant for picking fights with every Saggitaran that crossed his path - which meant quite a few since he was in charge of security on what I'll dub "the Holoship" since I can't remember it's name from the narrative. For another, I never quite understood why, if they were supposed to be keeping Zarek under surveillance - meaning, I would think, that stealth would be of the essence if they were to discover anything - Apollo walked right up to Zarek during a Quorum session and whispered into his ear, "We've got your assassin, and you're next." Thirdly, perhaps competent assassins are hard to come by what with civilization being destroyed and humanity reduced to a 50,000-weak "rag tag fugitive fleet" in permanent flight from a merciless enemy determined to destroy them and all, but could Zarek's triggerman have been any more of a bumbling fool than to leave his weapon unsecured to where simply knocking the briefcase off the bar caused the lid to fly open and the gun to skitter along the floor once Apollo's barfight broke out?

That combination of alternative head-scratching and outright bad plotting led to the one interesting development to come from the assassin angle, Ellen Tigh becoming a covert ally - and operative - of Tom Zarek. She's the one who killed the assassin (which made Colonel Tigh grousing about it in Roslin's office all the more ironic). And, with her Alexis Carrington-like personality of ruthless ambition for herself, and nominally her husband, she is perhaps the perfect covert spy in the upper echelons of the power that Zarek can't quite reach. At least as long as there's something in it for her, of course.

No, Tom Zarek didn't attain the vice presidency. And that may prove to be a decidedly mixed blessing.

Roslin initially taps her chief of staff, who is definitely a top-flight bureaucrat and is the best she knows at getting things done. Unfortunately top-flight bureaucrats generally make lousy politicians, and it rapidly becomes apparent that he won't stand a chance against Zarek.

During the aforementioned hand-wringing strategy session in Roslin's office after Zarek's assassin has been offed, the President has an epiphany while listening to a press interview of another of the Quorum members. And she makes a very difficult decision.

She pulls her chief of staff, and substitutes in his place…the man she finds in a bathroom stall with the Kobolian Katie Couric.

The man is initially reluctant, just as he was initially horrified by the idea of becoming a Quorum delegate in the first place. But, after the prompting of his personal advisor, he accepts Roslin's recruitment and the veep nomination.

And, after a tense Quorum vote, in which Roslin ends up breaking the tie, the fleet has a new vice president of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Gaius Baltar.

At the Colonial Day (analogous, I'm assuming, to our Independence Day) celebration, Tom Zarek pays his due to President Roslin for a "game" well-played, but reminds her that the next election is only six months away. Of course, she's scheduled to be dead of cancer by then, but he doesn't know that.

But with the Benedict Arnold of humanity now a heartbeat away from the seat of power, nobody in the fleet, including Laura Roslin, realizes that they've jumped from the frying pan straight into the fire itself.

Next: Number Six's prophecy comes true - but can Roslin's own new-found prophesying save the fleet and point the way to Earth?

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Los Angeles Airport (LAX) On High Alert After Homeland Security ISIS Warning

by JASmius

Don't worry, though, folks, nothing to see here, ISIS is our close friend and ally, and they's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ISLAMIC about them.  This heightened alert status is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL COINCIDENCE:

Officials are extending security precautions in Los Angeles and other locations in Southern California, including area airports, as a new wave of ISIS-related calls for attacks on uniformed personnel rolls in, federal authorities told NBC News Friday.

Los Angeles was already using two-man police patrols, but the upgraded measures also hit the Los Angeles International Airport as well while ISIS continues its call for sympathizers to attack Western interests.

And while investigators say there is no specific plot to mention, intelligence from overseas and monitoring of suspected militants in the United States point to an increased threat. FBI Director Jim Comey has said in recent weeks that there are investigations going on in all fifty states into alleged ISIS sympathizers.

Sources, speaking on a condition of anonymity to NBC, said fears revolve around uniformed personnel, such as police officers, or locations where "lone wolf" terrorists could target.

"Over the last few months, we have made a number of security adjustments, including enhanced screening at select overseas airports and increasing random searches of passengers and carry-on luggage on flights inbound to the U.S., reflecting an evolving threat picture," a Department of Homeland Security spokesman said.

He would not comment on the specific intelligence that increased concerns on the West Coast, but officials there have boosted security in recent months. [emphasis added]

Space aliens.  I bet it's space aliens.  Any recent UFO sightings down in SoCal?  Or is the Obama White House continuing THAT cover-up as well?

Exit question: Why is ISIS such an attractive destination for so many Americans?

Constitution Radio's Last Stand. . . on American Daily Review

For the last few weeks Constitution Radio has been off the air.  The radio program is in the process of moving from KCAA to its new home at KMET 1490 AM.  We are one week away from Constitution Radio reemerging from the depths of Southern California's liberal left dungeon to a glorious resurrection on America's airwaves.

Until then, enjoy all of the AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week for April 25, 2015 on American Daily Review Radio at Noon Pacific, or as a podcast later:

12. Breaking: Massive 7.8 Earthquake kills a thousand people in and around Nepal.

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6. 2016: Conservative Candidates versus the Establishment

GOP Civil War Guarantees 2016 Defeat

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Jeb Bush: "No One's Going To Give GOP Nomination To Me"

5. Defending Old Glory

Flag Wars: We, The People Strike Back

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4. Obama White House: Incompetence? Or is it all by design?

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3. When Sexual Debauchery Collides with. . .

Our Lady Of Hot Orgies

Islamic Queerouflage

Indiana Christ-Hating Would-Be Arsonist Jess Dooley Terminated

Planned Parenthood Aids & Abets Child Sex Slavery

2. The Invasion of the United States Continues

FBI Arrests Six In ISIS Recruitment Network

Border Patrol: Sex Offenders Pouring Into U.S.

Conservative Voice Radio: Catch the Podcast After the Radio Program

Conservative Voice Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs and members of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party just concluded on KMET 1490AM. . . but it's not too late to listen!

Though Conservative Voice Radio airs at 8:00 am to 9:00 am every Saturday on KMET 1490AM, the episodes are podcasted for your convenient listening pleasure.  Listen Online while the program is on the air, or catch the podcast later at  Go to our KMET page for the Podcast: Conservative Voice Radio.

Here's what we talked about today on Conservative Voice Radio:

- Who is Franklin Graham, and why is he saying that the U.S. should not allow Muslims from countries that sponsor terrorism into the United States?

- ISIS is recruiting inside the United States, while slaughtering Christians worldwide.

- There is an ISIS Camp miles from Texas in Mexico.

- Gun Control nuts believe that gun-free zones convince gunmen to lay down their weapons.

- Political Correctness and the FBI Director's Holocaust remarks.

- Progressive Taxation.

- Planned Parenthood's connection to child sex slavery.

- Boehner: Shut the Wallet of Obama.

- Benjamin Rush: "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others."

- Democrats and the Media asking Republicans: "Would you attend a gay wedding?"

- Countdown to Armageddon: Iranian Fleet and American Fleet Headed Towards Yemen.

Miss the show?  Listen to the Podcast!

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Devastates Nepal

by JASmius

Hot off the wires:

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, killing at least 906 people across a swath of four countries as the violently shaking earth collapsed houses, leveled centuries-old temples and triggered avalanches on Mt. Everest. It was the worst tremor to hit the poor South Asian nation in over eighty years.

At least 876 people were confirmed dead in Nepal, according to the police. Another twenty were killed in India, six in Tibet and two in Bangladesh. Two Chinese citizens died at the Nepal-China border. The death toll is almost certain to rise, said deputy Inspector General of Police Komal Singh Bam.

It was a few minutes before noon when the quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 7.8, began to rumble across the densely populated Kathmandu Valley, rippling through the capital Kathmandu and spreading in all directions -- north toward the Himalayas and Tibet, south to the Indo-Gangetic plains, east toward the Brahmaputra delta of Bangladesh and west toward the historical city of Lahore in Pakistan.

A magnitude-6.6 aftershock hit about an hour later, and smaller aftershocks continued to jolt the region for hours. Residents ran out of homes and buildings in panic. Walls tumbled, large cracks opened up on streets and walls. Towers collapsed and clouds of dust began to swirl all around.

The U.S. Geological Survey put the epicenter fifty miles northwest of Kathmandu at a shallow depth of only eleven miles, which enhanced the shaking and consequent destructiveness of the temblor.  It was the same size as the 1906 San Francisco quake and sixteen times more powerful than the 2010 quake that devastated Haiti.

UPDATE: The death toll has risen to 1,394, with reports still coming in from outlying areas, which will take longer precisely because of the devastation.

Here's a thought: Should that death figure actually be considered light given the magnitude of the seismic event and the poverty (and thus the lack of earthquake-resistant buildings) of the country it hit?  Had it struck any even semi-populated area in neighboring India or Pakistan or China or Bangladesh, the fatalities would be in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

That's not, of course, to imply anything like "Whew, good thing it hit Nepal instead," but still.....

Italians Barely Avert al Qaeda Attack On Vatican

by JASmius

What's newsworthy about this story?  Not that jihadists are plotting to attack the Vatican or martyr the Pope, but that the Italians actually managed to thwart this sortie:

The arrests of ten people in Italy Friday linked to an al-Qaeda plot to attack the Vatican and other cities represented a widening of the battle Islamic jihadists are waging against Christians around the world, terrorism experts said. 
"What disturbs me is the target, the Vatican," intelligence analyst Bob Baer told CNN. "We're seeing a radicalization of Islam that I haven't seen before.

Really, Bret?  Because I seem to remember the Islamic State declaring its intention to "conquer Rome" and "take the fight to the land of the Cross" not all that long ago.  And its parent, al Qaeda, has been around and plotting for a lot longer than ISIS has.

And please tell us just exactly how the jihadist enemy has gotten "more radical"?  It seems to me that what is happening is that they are advancing and winning as we continue to retreat.  Hence my astonishment that this particular plot was stopped, or at least halted for now.

"The Vatican is not a participant in any of the wars in the Middle East. There's no justification that we can understand why they're at war with the Vatican."

Well, Bob, there is the Qu'ran.  That's all the justification they need.  If you were actually the "terrorism expert" you're billed as, you'd already know that.

Noting the recent beheadings of twenty one Egyptian Christians by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Libya, Baer told Wolf Blitzer, "things seem to be getting worse rather than better."

Finally,  Mr. Baer gets something right.  Now let's see if he can connect the dots.

Fortunately, Senator Risch appears to be less deliberately clueless:

Idaho Senator James Risch, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told Blitzer earlier that the arrests of the Pakistanis and Afghans in early morning raids by Italian authorities "shouldn't surprise anyone. We're probably going to see more of this in the future."

Not probably, Senator; definitely.

Based on the jihadist propaganda on the Internet, "it's both Christians and the Jewish populations they are targeting," Risch said.

i.e. "The people of The Book".

"There is good reason to believe that these radicals ... will continue to target Christian people.

"They're going to continue to do it," the senator said.

Until they conquer the entire planet and the Jews and "Crusaders" are all converted or dead.

Kyle Reece said it best:

We can fight them and live, or we can pretend they don't exist - or dhimmize ourselves, try to ally with them, either leads to the same end - and die.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Unfortunately, that's not the choice We, The People keep voting for.  Which is why the enemy keeps advancing and winning, and we keep dying.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Flag Wars: We, The People Strike Back

by JASmius

Note to Valdosta State University: This is the Gibbs Protocol: United we stand, combined, we kick your ass:

All classes have been canceled for Friday at Valdosta State University, in anticipation of large crowds at a rally to support the American flag.

Nearly 4,000 flag supporters are scheduled to attend, according to a “Flags Over VSU” event page on Facebook.

It’s a response to an incident one week earlier when a veteran disrupted a group of students who were walking on an American flag during a protest.

Veteran Michelle Manhart was seen on video taking the flag from protestors and refusing to return it.

Manhart was eventually detained by university police and given a warning. She was then banned from the campus.

Since the initial demonstration, the university had also received various threats on social media from alumni, parents of future students, and community members threatening to withdraw support from the university because of the protest.

University President William McKinney asked students, faculty, and staff to join in dedicating Friday, April 24th as a “Day of Reaffirmation.”

Well, now.  It appears that the Obamunist Left and the Black Klan can be defeated after all, when the patriotic majority gets right back in their crazed faces in the most American of ways.

And about that patriotic majority....

I see a lot of young people (students) in this pictures.  Also whites, blacks, and Hispanics.  Seems to be a pretty integrated and youthful patriotic majority at that.

And Eric Sheppard, the self-proclaimed armed black supremacist terrorist who prominently stomped on Old Glory last weekend?  He's in hiding today.

The lesson?  The Obamunists are not yet - evidently - ready for their Tianenman Square Moment.  And that's a last-chance Overton Window if I ever saw one.

Hard Starboard Radio: Lynch Mob

The Republican Party should welcome Scott Walker's call for a closer examination of evidence for a rational legal immigration policy; Have cultural conservatives barely begun to fight, or will we even be allowed to?; C'mon, my Tea Party friends, did any of you really believe that Senate Republicans wouldn't cave on Loretta Lynch's A-G confirmation?; Why else would Eric "The Red" Holder, a reichsfuhrer who has shown contempt for the law, finally be leaving office?; Obama’s inverted Nixon Doctrine: anointing Iran the ruler and superpower of the Middle East; and the the jihad-genocide of the Armenians that Barack Obama will not speak turns one hundred today.

The more things change, the worse they get on Open Thighs Friday at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

University Of Maryland Bows To Its Muslim Overlords

by JASmius

The University of Missouri bowed to the "Muzzies" on American Sniper.  The University of Michigan briefly capitulated but then rediscovered their inner Wolverine.  But the University of Maryland lived up to their mascot's reputation.

Global Jihad 2, Academic Freedom 1:

[A] University of Maryland College Park student group pulled American Sniper from its spring movie lineup following complaints from a Muslim student group.

Think they'd show such accordianing deference to a Christian student group in any equivalent circumstance?  Hell, Christian student groups are probably not even allowed on campus.

The group, Student Entertainment Events, announced on its web site Wednesday that it had canceled the May showings of the film.

SEE said it was contemplating “an event where students can engage in constructive and moderated dialogues about the controversial topics proposed in the film.”

i.e. They'll be showing ISIS propaganda flicks and Iranian "Army Day" parade footage instead.  Followed by six o'clock prayers, of course.

“SEE supports freedom of expression....


....and hopes to create space for the airing of opposing viewpoints and differing perceptions,” the group wrote. “While not easy, we want to start having these hard conversations.”

Starting with banning a film that Muslims don't like.

More than three [dhimmis] signed a petition started by the Muslim Student Association that describes the film as “war propaganda guised as art reveals a not-so-discreet Islamophobic, violent, and racist nationalist ideology.”

In other words, it accurately portrays the war in Iraq.  On which everybody who isn't a Muslim berserker and jihad apologist agrees.

“This movie dehumanizes Muslim individuals, promotes the idea of senseless mass murder, and portrays negative and inaccurate stereotypes,” the creators of the petition wrote. “This movie serves to do nothing but make a mockery out of such immense pain.”

You mean like "negative and inaccurate stereotypes" like how Hamas, to cite just a single example, teaches Palestinian children that Jews are "apes" and "pigs" worthy of nothing but genocidal mass murder, and that their demon "god" Allah commands it as a "holy" duty?  How about the Iranian mullahs and their soon-to-be-if-it-isn't-already nuclear-fueled "Death to Israel!  Death to America!" chants?  How about the last "Caliphate's" attempt to wipe out Armenian Christians a century ago?  Seems to me that "Muzzies" have caused and continue to cause far more pain to "infidels" and to each other than "infidels" could ever cause them.  And a fair depiction of the war in Iraq does not reside in that category.

Besides, since when are jihadists human?

A university spokeswoman said that SEE is an independent, student-run organization. University officials do not decide which films the group shows on campus, she said.

Nice bit 'o shameless, wholly unconvincing buck-passing, that.

We ask that you exercise your freedom of speech to help us create a safer campus environment.

For Muslim sensibilities only.

It is imperative that we make our voices heard.

As long as "we" are Muslims.

Please join us in making a change to create a more inclusive and diverse community atmosphere. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

You truly want that outcome?  Tell the "Muslim Student Association" to literally go pound sand.  Or better yet, ban such subversive organizations from campus entirely.  Otherwise, your necks will be on the chopping block.


Islamic Queerouflage

by JASmius

"Jess Dooley, paging Jess Dooley - all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill":

Jihadists have been posing as gay men in a bid to trap victims, a report has claimed, as ISIS released pictures purporting to show two allegedly homosexual men being embraced by militants before they are brutally stoned to death in public.

The distressing images have been circulating across social media and accounts affiliated with the jihadist group and are the latest in a long line of shocking pictures showing men accused of homosexuality being persecuted by ISIS militants.

Previous propaganda claiming to show ‘gay’ men being punished has depicted men thrown from buildings in the group’s de facto Syrian capital of Raqqa and victims publicly beheaded. Others are stoned to death, while all killings are committed in front of crowds. However, photos of militants seemingly hugging their victims are more unusual.

Abu Mohammed Hussam, an activist with the Syrian group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), said the apparent embrace was used by militants to demonstrate that by killing the men, they are paving the way for God to forgive them for their sins.

He said the men were aged just 24 and 29-years-old. Their purported execution took place in the countryside outside of Homs [Syria] and they appeared so calm because they had been drugged before their deaths, according to Mr. Hussam.

Well, now.  Harassment.  Persecution.  Violence.  Murder.  Homophobia.  All the things of which the Lavender Lobby falsely and slanderously accuses Christians is actually true, in spades, of Islamic Fundamentalists, if not Muslims in general.  Yet we don't hear so much as a peep out of militant, or virtually any other, homosexuals about the bona fide atrocities being committed against their, that term really doesn't work, does it?  Comrades?  Yes, that'll do, at least for the LLers - against their comrades by their true enemies.  What can explain this other than that radical rump rangers hate Christians and are bloodthirstily eager to wipe us out as much if not moreso than jihadists do and are?

If Jess Dooley wants to put her money where her filthy mouth is, she'll be on the next plane to Raqqa.  After all, it's not like she doesn't have a surplus of free time on her hands.

Constitution Corner: Executive Orders and Actions

By Douglas V. Gibbs

President George Washington was the first President of the United States to issue Executive Orders. Among Washington’s Executive Orders was the Thanksgiving Proclamation. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was an Executive Order. So, too, is the National Day of Prayer. Executive Orders historically hold no power of law. They are supposed to be “proclamations,” or adjustments to rules or internal structure regarding the Executive Branch.

Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution reads, “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.” This first sentence of Article I, as well as the beginnings of Articles II and II, where all executive powers are granted to the President, and all judicial powers are granted to the Supreme Court, and the inferior federal courts, support “Separation of Powers.”

In order to protect the United States against collusion between the parts of government, the authorities granted by the Constitution are divided and distributed based on the needs of government. Therefore, all legislative powers belong to the Congress. Based on that constitutional distribution of power, that means that anytime the courts, or the President, act legislatively, the judicial or executive action is unconstitutional.

Executive Orders, based on the constitutional reality that all legislative powers are granted to Congress, cannot legally modify or create law. Anytime a President uses an Executive Order, or takes an executive action, to make such modifications to the law, he is acting against the powers granted by the Constitution. He is also expected, according to Article II, to faithfully execute all of the laws of the United States, not pick and choose which laws to execute.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Our Lady Of Hot Orgies

by JASmius

"United Fellowship" - get it?  And what the "fellows" at "Freedom 4 All, Inc." get done to their "hips" is, ostensibly, a downright "religious" experience:

Six nights a week, "The Social Club" in downtown Nashville holds parties for couples and singles to dance, flirt and mingle.

Sometimes they take the festivities upstairs — to the private beds, the love swings, the group play areas, the “Sybian” room or the dungeon.

Yes, people have sex there.

“Remember, we are all strangers until we meet!” is a motto at this private swingers group founded in 1980 for consenting adults to explore their sexual fantasies with and around each other.

Swinging, debauchery, perversion, STD incubating, I'm sure they've got it all.  Just as we all know that such "clubs" exist.  And if they remain in the proverbial red light districts and stay away from respectable, domestic society - hump and let live, as it were - peaceful coexistence is a practical, er, proposition.

The UFC, unfortunately, could not leave well enough alone:

The swingers recently decided they were ready to move to the suburbs. The suburbs do not appear ready for the swingers. When the club purchased a building next to a Christian school, residents protested and threw zoning problems in its way. [Emphasis added]

You can see this one, uh, "coming" a mile away, cantcha?

So the swingers have come up with a new plan to short-circuit the zoning static around their relocation: Their new club, they say, is a "church" — a "church" for swingers to meet, to mingle and to engage in the regular practice of their "faith".

"Oralizing" "hymns" like Amazing Jizz and Our God Cums and How Great Thou Art Hung, no doubt.  "Communion" to be taken out of "juice" "boxes".  A girl inside every "pulpit," of course.  And you know when the congregation holds hands in communal prayer?  They'll be holding something, alright, but it won't be each others' hands.

Perhaps they'll even land Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart for the "elder" board.  John Holmes can be their first patron "saint," and Robert Heinlein their first apostle.

If the city accuses them of running a sham church, the club’s longtime lawyer Larry Roberts says that the Constitution is on their side.

If the courts and the Founding Fathers are idiots, that is.  Which the latter were not; the former?  Depends on how diligently the "devout" swingers shop for their judge.

This is, of course, just another mode of anti-Christian persecution.  The notion that there was no place else for this bunch o' buggerers to relocate is patently absurd.  They targeted that Christian school, to flaunt their "lifestyle" at best, to prey upon the (older?) students at worst, every bit as much as homosexual "couples" target Christian bakeries, caterers, and photographers.  To hide under the label of "church" is nothing but an expression of, um, "dripping" contempt.  That the WaPo considers it a legitimate question, and that the UFC will probably win even in the capital of goat-roper music, shows how de-Christianized American culture has become.

Exit question: Were there no mosques or Muslim schools available next door to which to move?  At the rate Barack Obama is Islamicizing America, I wouldn't think they would be all that <ahem> "hard" to find.  Seems like UFC's due diligence was more than a little "limp".

Followup exit question: If the Christians next door come a-proselytizing, will the UFCers charge them with "harassment" and obtain a restraining order?  Do we even have to ask?  In fact, how long until UFC uses the courts to shut down the Christian school altogether?  Six months?  A year?

Animal House

by JASmius

Think about these little "progressive" snotnoses and WITs (winos-in-training) the next time Barack Obama crusades for "free community college" and claims that higher education is still "underfunded":

Twice a year Panama City Beach welcomes our wounded heroes into the community for the Warrior Beach Retreat, but an event aimed at honoring our nation’s veterans took a different turn at their hotel.

Our community has always gone above and beyond to give them a heroes welcome. However, during this Warrior Beach Retreat it was a different story when it comes to some of our visitors.

Some veterans say they now know how Vietnam Veterans felt when they came home. They say they were subjected to similar harassment by a group of college students.

“They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself,” said wounded veteran Nicholas Connole.

Veterans say they were shocked at the level of disrespect these college students had. They told me that they threw beer on them from their balconies and even spit on them.

Linda Cope, founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat, says she’s never seen such disgusting behavior.

“They’re a total disgrace for our military,” she said. “They were urinating on the American flag, they were throwing things off of the balconies.”

That disgusting behavior does not come naturally, because frankly, these pajama boys don't know enough to reach independent conclusions on anything except where the next keg is coming from, if that.  No, my friends, this is learned disgusting behavior.  And it doesn't require a great deal of insight or deductive reasoning or other skullsweat to figure out the source of that instruction in debaucherous counterculture barbarism.

The consolation is that three of the ZBTs were expelled....from the frat.  They ought also to be thrown out of school as well, and the profs and/or TAs who poisoned their minds with anti-American hatred summarily terminated.  Fantasy?  Sure.  But at some point don't we have to start connecting all these dots and, to borrow a military term, "mobilize"?  After all, a culture cannot be retaken piecemeal.

Obama Won't Call Armenian Massacre 'Genocide'

by JASmius

Here is the summary of what the last "Caliphate" did to Armenian and other Christians beginning a century ago today:

The Armenian Genocide (Armenian: Հայոց ցեղասպանություն Hayots tseghaspanutyun), also known as the Armenian Holocaust, the Armenian Massacres and, traditionally by Armenians, as Medz Yeghern (Armenian: Մեծ Եղեռն, "Great Crime"), was the Ottoman government's systematic extermination of its minority Armenian subjects inside their historic homeland, which lies within the territory constituting the present-day Republic of Turkey. The total number of people killed as a result has been estimated at between 800,000 to 1.5 million. The starting date is conventionally held to be 24 April 1915, the day Ottoman authorities rounded up and arrested, subsequently executing, some 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople.

The genocide was carried out during and after World War I and implemented in two phases: the wholesale killing of the able-bodied male population through massacre and subjection of army conscripts to forced labour, followed by the deportation of women, children, the elderly and infirm on death marches leading to the Syrian desert. Driven forward by military escorts, the deportees were deprived of food and water and subjected to periodic robbery, rape, and massacre.  Other indigenous and Christian ethnic groups such as the Assyrians and the Ottoman Greeks were similarly targeted for extermination by the Ottoman government, and their treatment is considered by many historians to be part of the same genocidal policy. The majority of Armenian diaspora communities around the world came into being as a direct result of the genocide.

Raphael Lemkin was explicitly moved by the Armenian annihilation to coin the word genocide in 1943 or 1944 and define systematic and premeditated exterminations within legal parameters. The Armenian Genocide is acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocides, because scholars point to the organized manner in which the killings were carried out in order to eliminate the Armenians, and it is the second most-studied case of genocide after the Holocaust.

Turkey, the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, denies the word genocide is an accurate term for the mass killings of Armenians that began under Ottoman rule in 1915. It has in recent years been faced with repeated calls to recognize them as genocide. To date, twenty-three countries have officially recognized the mass killings as genocide, a view which is shared by most genocide scholars and historians.

Okay, since there are still Armenians today - in fact, there is an Armenia, at least for the time being - I suppose the argument can be made that it wasn't a completely successful genocide.  But was certainly an attempted genocide.  That is established, objective fact, not subjective opinion, and should be stated as such, including to the Turks' swarthy faces.  Indeed, they should be required to acknowledge it, and should have the shame to willingly own it and condemn their forebears for their mind-boggling atrocities, the better for them to never be repeated.

Instead, the self-proclaimed Islamist Erdogan regime defiantly practices the Christian equivalent of Holocaust denial, which strongly suggests that "President" Erdogan would like to pick up where his Ottoman predecessors left off.

And who is "Caliph" Erdogan's biggest cheerleader, bowing with all his might and waving his poms poms maniacally at the same time?

Barack Obama is pledging solidarity with Armenians but isn't calling what happened to them [a century] ago "genocide."

Obama says the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks is "a solemn moment that calls for reflection on the importance of historical remembrance and the work of reckoning with the past."

And the cause of that "solemnity"?  That Erdogan's Islamic Fundie antecedents tried, with malice aforethought, to wipe out every last Armenian Christian to the last man, woman, and child.  It's of a mealy-mouthed, dhimmi piece with O's stubbornly obsequious refusal to call present-day Islamic atrocities "Islamic," but referring to them as "violent extremism" instead, which is an adverb and an adjective and doesn't mention the cause of that "extremism" - as in, "extreme WHAT?"

Barack Obama is a jihadi-symp, a jihad-enabler, and as this latest despicable omission yet again demonstrates, a jihad-apologist.

And the worst is most definitely yet to come.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hard Starboard Radio: Hillary Sold A Fifth Of U.S. Uranium To The Russians

What Hillary calls ‘absurd conspiracy theories’ don’t seem so absurd; Why liberals don’t care that their leading voices don’t pay taxes; Why Robert Downey, Jr. is as awesome as Tony Stark; David Limbaugh joins me on "Don't Sweat Hillary Island"; This Earth Day, let’s remember the decades’ worth of environmental panic Americans have been force-fed; Why Barack Obama is amenable to Corker-Menendez; and one more redundant reason why Scott Walker should be the next president of the United States.

We are all Iron Man now at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

The Obamunist Left's Joseph Welch Moment?

by JASmius

There was a moment during the long-running Senate anti-communist hearings of the early 1950s chaired by Senator Joseph McCarthy - ironically enough, of Wisconsin - when a man named Joseph Welch, the majority council to McCarthy's select committee, finally stood up and said the following:

Senator, you won't need anything in the record when I finish telling you this. Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty, or your recklessness. Fred Fisher is a young man who went to the Harvard Law School and came into my firm and is starting what looks to be a brilliant career with us. When I decided to work for this Committee, I asked Jim St. Clair, who sits on my right, to be my first assistant. I said to Jim, "Pick somebody in the firm to work under you that you would like." He chose Fred Fisher, and they came down on an afternoon plane. That night, when we had taken a little stab at trying to see what the case is about, Fred Fisher and Jim St. Clair and I went to dinner together. I then said to these two young men, "Boys, I don't know anything about you, except I've always liked you, but if there's anything funny in the life of either one of you that would hurt anybody in this case, you speak up quick."

And Fred Fisher said, "Mr. Welch, when I was in the law school, and for a period of months after, I belonged to the Lawyers' Guild," as you have suggested, Senator. He went on to say, "I am Secretary of the Young Republican's League in Newton with the son of [the] Massachusetts governor, and I have the respect and admiration of my community, and I'm sure I have the respect and admiration of the twenty-five lawyers or so in Hale & Dorr." And I said, "Fred, I just don't think I'm going to ask you to work on the case. If I do, one of these days that will come out, and go over national television, and it will just hurt like the dickens." And so, Senator, I asked him to go back to Boston. Little did I dream you could be so reckless and so cruel as to do an injury to that lad. It is, I regret to say, equally true that I fear he shall always bear a scar needlessly inflicted by you. If it were in my power to forgive you for your reckless cruelty, I would do so. I like to think I'm a gentle man, but your forgiveness will have to come from someone other than me....

You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Yes, we know that "Tail Gunner Joe" has long since been vindicated about the penetration of the U.S. government by Soviet agents and home-grown commies.  But it's equally as true that Senator McCarthy displayed atrocious political judgement by going after the U.S. Army, which was at that time the most esteemed institution in the country.  It turned a heretofore supportive American public against him and did immense damage to the anti-communist cause.  His monomania about Mr. Welch's assistant set him up for that famous rebuke.

With the Marxist Democrat reign of terror in Wisconsin against conservatives finally breaking into the light of public scrutiny, has the Left finally met, in Eric O'Keefe, their own Joseph Welch, and the instrument of their own political Waterloo?:

Dana Loesch spoke with one of the main targets of the John Doe investigations in WI, Eric O’Keefe, and National Review writer David French.

David’s piece on the John Doe investigations has sparked a firestorm of outrage over a clear pattern of horrific abuse on the part of a vindictive District Attorney, John Chisholm. Eric was the first brave soul to defy the secrecy order and blow the whistle on Chisholm.

ERIC O’KEEFE: Had I honored their secrecy order I couldn’t have organized our defense, interviewed lots of lawyers and run a strategy effort. So I decided quickly, look, this is supposed to be a free country. I’m going to operate as though it is even if it isn’t today.

In all, they haven't.  This outrage, this tyranny, this despotism, this police state horror, will be successfully compartmentalized to John Chisholm, an "overzealous" local yokel who "got carried away" and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the rest of the Democrat Party, who are, every damned last one of them, every bit as tyrannical, despotic, morally supremacist, and ends-justify-the-means ruthless as Mr. Chisholm is.  The reason is not difficult to discern: The Obamedia, which are of the same cloth as he is, will not mount the scorched earth campaign against this leftwingnut fascism that epitomizes The Age Of The One that their forebears and antecedents did against the alleged excesses of Senator McCarthy, and they do regardless of the dearth of evidence against any national Republican who manages to gain power despite their best efforts.

The Left, in short, is not individually bulletproof, but is collectively invincible.

But ballsy kudos to Mr. O'Keefe for taking his courageous stand.  And who knows?  Maybe a sufficient number of Americans will conclude that the Democrat Party, collectively, has no sense of decency, and will elect as the next POTUS the man whose rise John Chisholm was so maniacally bent on preempting.  Hard to imagine a more poetically just snootful of karma than that.

Obama Does Phony About-Face On Netanyahu To Limit Damage To Democrats

by JASmius

How phony and cynical is this about-face?  Even the New York Times isn't buying it:

Barack Obama is making overtures to repair his long-strained relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the efforts have more to do with currying favor with pro-Israel members of Congress and American Jews than with the Jewish State, according to the New York Times.

"The White House is engaged in an aggressive effort to assuage the concerns of American Jewish groups and pro-Israel members of Congress over the nuclear agreement with Iran, and to limit the potential political fallout for Democrats of what has become a bitter rift in the American and Israeli relationship," according to the Times.

Put another way, it's okay to be anti-Israel and anti-Semitic and cheer on the mullahs to complete Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish problem," but don't be so gosh darn publicly conspicuous about it.  At least until you've imported enough Muslims to render the Jewish vote no longer relevant.

You know how else you can tell that O doesn't mean a word of these "overtures" about being "strongly devoted to Israel"?  The simplest and most straightforward way to atone for his "open hostility" would be to visit Israel and have a maximally public hatchet-burying summit with Prime Minister Netanyahu himself, wouldn't it?  Maybe even bow to Bibi for the cameras.  But he has not done, and has no plans to do, any such thing.  The best he would grudgingly do was dispatch Slow Joe Biden to an Israeli Independence Day shindig in Washington today hosted by the Israeli Ambassador.  Which will do little, if anything, to assuage Zionist concerns about, much less distract the American public from, O's disastrous sellout to the Iranians on their nuclear arsenal that will guarantee a nuclear war in the Middle East - and much closer to home - in the very near future.

Frankly, I don't see why he's bothering with even this much.  It's not like he gives a bleep about his own party, or has any plans to vacate the presidency when he's constitutionally supposed to, anyway.  He ought to be well on to his next objective, the deportation of all American Jews to Israel, all the better to facilitate the mullahs cleansing them all in nuclear fire in one fell swoop.

It'd be a "historic" legacy, you have to admit.

Obama Drone Strike Killed American & Italian Hostages

by JASmius

A very bloody business of no strategic, national security, or intelligence collection value that has quite likely incurred a lot more collateral damage than this particular incident.  Sure, blowing up jihadists is fine and dandy, a noble pursuit in and of itself, but these animals need to be captured and "tortured" if necessary to extract from them the information needed to cut to the proverbial chase rather than just randomly "droning" them in piecemeal fashion - surgical, rapier thrusts rather than a serial, slow motion shotgun blast.  Indeed, one can argue convincingly that water-boarding, say, is a far more humane mode of treatment of illegal enemy combatants than a high velocity Hellfire missile.

What the latter is, of course, is much less visible, which corresponds with its strategic worthlessness and propensity for collateral damage.  And that appears to be how the Left really regards the War on Islamic Fundamentalism: They're perfectly fine with pretending to fight this conflict but oppose actually fighting it, which requires all the boots-on-the-ground and "torture" and the U.S. victory that they find so morally distasteful.

Still, it doesn't take much imagination to picture the streets of America choked with angry, raging "anti-war" protestors if this story had erupted during the Bush years:

A U.S. drone strike in January targeting a suspected al Qaeda compound in Pakistan inadvertently killed an American and Italian being held hostage by the group, senior Obama administration officials said.

The killing of American development expert Warren Weinstein and Italian aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto is the first known instance in which the U.S. has accidentally killed a hostage in a drone strike.

Mr. Obama, speaking at the White House Thursday morning, said he takes “full responsibility” for the death of the two hostages in the strike. He also conveyed his “deepest apologies” and “profound regret” for the operation.

Big whoop.  It's easy to "take responsibility" when nobody is either eager or willing to hold you to any account anyway.

In addition to the hostages, U.S. intelligence agencies believe American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn was killed in January in a separate incident. U.S. intelligence analysts believe he was likely killed in a CIA drone strike that took place after the one that killed Messrs. Weinstein and Lo Porto.

Along with Messrs. Weinstein and Lo Porto, the strike on the compound killed al Qaeda leader, Ahmed Farouq, another American citizen, the officials said. The CIA had observed what they believed to be a senior al Qaeda member entering the compound in the days just before the strike but intelligence analysts didn’t know that it was Mr. Farouq, the officials said.

Oh, no!  Barack Obama is murdering American citizens without due process!  Quick, grab your pitchforks and hissing torches, storm the White House, and hang him from the nearest tree!

Rand Paul wept.

Personally, I have no problem with blowing into chunky salsa "American citizens" who are only so technically, having in every practical sense become defectors to the enemy and therefore, traitors by definition.  But I would rather that they be captured and "coercively interrogated" first, and then summarily executed.  If for no other reason (and there are other eminently sensible and logical reasons) than to see if there's any level of foreign policy muscularity that would turn the Left against their demigod.

It's an idlely academic intellectual exercise, of course, as obligatory as the hordes of "anti-war" protesters that will "spontaneously" pour out of their spider holes the instant Scott Walker claims victory a year and a half from now before he's made so much as a single national security decision.  For in this, as on every other issue, "tribalism" is the trumping factor.

Kinda suggests what President Walker should do with the drones, though, doesn't it?

Starbucks Learned Nothing From "Race Together" Disaster

by JASmius

I don't drink coffee, myself.  The vaunted "coffee generation" skipped over me.  Largely because coffee tastes to me like unmalted battery acid, even though it smells wonderful when I walk down that aisle at the supermarket.  Sure, I know, that's what the cream and sugar are for, but I tend to subscribe to that old crack, "Do you want some coffee with your cream and sugar?"  It saves both time and effort to just get a milkshake instead.  Which is what I usually do.

Yes, I know, you can get cold drinks at Starbucks, but they all have coffee in them, which is approaching the same problem from the opposite direction.  There's also the problem of Starbucks being exorbitantly expensive, and the additional fact that I don't care for muffins or any other of their foodstuff offerings, and not just because I lack any need for outside regularity assistance.

And all of the above doesn't include the fact that Starbucks CEO and former Seattle SuperSonics owner Howard Schultz was complicit in the NBA's theft of our NBA franchise and its relocation to Oklahoma City.  Even if I was as big a caffeine addict as my daughter, I would have boycotted Starbucks forever after that outrage.

So Schultz's "race together" fiasco was like shutting the barn door after the horse was glue.

But he's not only not letting go of this PR boner, he's doubling down for bad measure:

Starbucks showed its commitment to its controversial Race Together campaign with a strong move Tuesday. CEO Howard Schultz announced the company is opening a store in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson has become the focal point for amplified discussions about U.S. race relations in the past year after Michael Brown was shot and killed [while attempting to shoot and kill] Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson last summer.

Schultz spoke about the Ferguson store on stage at a NationSwell event Tuesday, according to Fortune. Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) did not release a timeline for the store, but a representative said it would be part of the three hundred stores the company plans to open this year.

The move to open a Ferguson store is part of Starbucks’ push to open stores in more diverse communities in the U.S., Starbucks spokeswoman Alisha Damodaran said Wednesday.

The population of Ferguson is nearly 70% black. Starbucks are most common in areas that are about 75% white, according to data from Quartz.

Which suggests one of two things - no, three: (1) white people drink a lot more coffee than black people do; (2) white people can afford overpriced battery acid a lot more than black people can; or (3) Howard Schultz is a racist and is trying to atone for it by opening a store in Ferguson for the Black Klan to burn to the ground.  Heck, maybe he sees it as a tax write-off.

The interesting question will be the degree to which the gentrification factor can play out.  Will the lure of acid reflux and poop aids be enough for white customers to overcome the still-high likelihood of getting their skulls caved in with hammers?  If it does, will the white influx into Ferguson crowding out the indigenous black majority population be more or less likely to further stoke black resentment?  And will Starbucks significantly lower their prices to make their product affordable to that black majority population?

What could possibly go wrong?

I'm sure y'all can fill in that plethora of blanks, seeing as how the caffeine overdoses will preclude your sleeping anyway.

GOP Civil War Guarantees 2016 Defeat

by JASmius

I hate the GOP civil war.

Any reader of any significant tenure on this site knows that I am and have been a Reagan conservative for thirty five years and will staunchly and proudly remain so for the remainder of my days.  Which doesn't mean that I believe we should try to find "another Reagan," as that is looking back instead of around and forward, and that's no strategy for electoral success.  What it does mean is that Republicans should remember the non-ideological aspects of the Gipper's sunny wisdom, first and foremost being what he called the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not attack your fellow Republicans.

Now, yes, I know that the 2016 GOP nominating contest is well underway, and thus, there is an ostensibly compelling reason for, shall we say, overly ambitious Pachyderms to start goring each other with their tusks.  But I still hate it, because (1) our guys rip each other limb from limb with all the rancorous passion with which they never take on the Democrats - I guess you could say they don't like "punching up" - and (2) when the Democrats have an open seat race, I just don't recall them beheading each other with machetes in similarly crazed fashion.  Yes, they're rivals with and to each other, but somehow, even in the midst of a battle royal for their party's nomination, they keep their primary fire targeted on us instead of each other.  'Pubbies are incapable of following suit.

It makes our "hopefuls" look petty and small, and the Dems look like they know what they're doing far more so and better than we do.  It also goes a long way towards explaining why Democrats have won four of the past six presidential elections, and five of the past six popular vote tallies.

Here are two examples of this disastrous dynamic, from both sides of the intra-Republican "no-man's land".

From the Tea Party side, Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz, doing what he does best: Point out the obvious while reinforcing the equally obvious fact that he is totally unsuited to carrying out his own recommendations:

Republicans will lose the 2016 presidential election if they nominate an "establishment" GOP candidate, Senator Ted Cruz told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

In a candid and wide-ranging interview at Newsmax headquarters in Florida, Cruz predicted that a candidate in the mold of a Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Bob Dole will nearly guarantee that Democrat [Elizabeth Warren] wins the White House.

"It will, in effect, be a third term for Barack Obama," the Texas Republican said in an exclusive interview with "MidPoint" host Ed Berliner.

Clearly, Senator Cruz is correct.  Just as clearly, it's an easy observation to make, since Romney, McCain, and Dole all lost.  What Cruz doesn't touch on is all the various reasons for each of those defeats apart from all three being "establishmentarians".  Dole lost because he had the wrong resume (decades in the Senate, no executive experience), he was too damned old, and because he was completely over-matched by Bill Clinton.  It's doubtful that any Republican, "establishment" or conservative, could have toppled Mr. Bill in 1996.  McCain had the wrong resume (decades in the Senate, no executive experience), although that was negated by going up against a fellow senator.  But he also was too damned old, and was running in another cycle in which no Republican could have won.  Being white was also a crippling handicap as well.  Lastly, Mitt Romney did have the right resume (former governor), and didn't run a bad campaign, but wasn't willing to fully engage Obama across the issue board, and to, frankly, fight dirty like The One did early and often.  Consequently, Mitt was fatally defined by the White House before he ever clinched the GOP nomination.  And O's voter fraud operation, run right out of the Commissariat of Injustice, Revenge & Coverup by Eric "The Red" Holder, didn't help, and wasn't Romney's fault.

So being of the "establishment" wasn't the critical factor in Dole's and McCain's defeats, although it certainly didn't help them, but was more significant in Romney's falling short in the "last chance" election of 2012.  And had the Ted Cruz of today been able to run in any of these elections?  He'd have lost in all three because (1) he has the wrong resume (senator, no executive experience) and because his pugilistic combativeness saves the Democrats the trouble of painting him negatively.  In addition to which is his questionable political judgment (he thinks Hillary is going to be the general election opponent) and his uncharacteristic unwillingness to name names as to who in the 2016 GOP field are the counterparts to Dole, McCain, and Romney.  As fratricidal as Ted Cruz is, you'd think he could spit out the name "Jeb Bush" at least once.

Senator Cruz, in summation, is right, but in the wrong way.  And the latter can be just as big an electoral albatross for Republicans as being wrong.

In the other corner, we have the aforementioned Senator John McCain, who has an even bigger bug up his butt for Rand Paul than he does for the Cruzer:

Arizona Senator John McCain fired back Wednesday at fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul, who earlier this week accused him and Senator Lindsey Graham of being "lapdogs" for President Barack Obama. 
"One of my colleagues today said, 'Yes, McCain and Graham are lapdogs,' they're a couple of Doberman Pinschers," McCain said Tuesday on Fox News Channel's Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Paul made his comments Monday to Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer. He was responding to Graham's criticism of Paul's foreign policy views.

"This comes from a group of people who have been wrong about every foreign policy issue over the last two decades," Paul said. "They supported Hillary Clinton's war in Libya, they supported President Obama's bombing of Assad.

I'll give Rand those two, given that knocking off Muammar Khaddafy (who had already been pacified by seeing what President Bush did to Saddam Hussein) turned Libya over to al Qaeda (and now, ISIS), and there was no even potential U.S. ally in the Syrian civil war.  But then O backed away from letting the Tomahawks fly in any case, so that mistake was never, in fact, made.

But, though Senator Paul and most Americans evidently still don't want to hear this, we were not wrong to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and should have overrun and liberated Syria and Iran as well when we had the chance and both were ripe for the taking, as failing to do so left the mullahs a sanctuary from which to wage proxy war against us in Iraq, and now to build a nuclear arsenal with Barack Obama's blessing with which to trigger a nuclear conflagration in the Middle East and cripple the United States.  And it must be pointed out that Senator McCain was right about the "Surge" strategy that President Bush eventually implemented in 2007-2008 that crushed the "insurgency" in Iraq before Barack Obama was elected to perfidiously throw it, and everything we gained at considerable cost in blood and treasure, away.

Suffice it to say, Rand Paul is his isolationist father's son.

"They also support President Obama's foreign aid to countries that hate us. So, if there's anyone who is the most opposed to President Obama's foreign policy, it's me. These people are essentially the lapdogs for President Obama, and I think they're sensitive about that."

That is not actually true, Senator Paul.  You differ with The One's foreign policy only in the sense that you are not avowedly and malevolently anti-American, and in league with our country's enemies.  Your foreign policy judgment, however, is nevertheless woefully misguided because you do not recognize and accept, as President Bush limitedly did, that in a time of WMD proliferation and asymmetric non-state enemies, threats must be preempted before they can rise to the level of existential national security threats - 9/11 being the most prominent example to date.  And that includes attacking and defeating state sponsors of asymmetric attacks such as the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, and, of course, the Islamic Empire of Iran and its Syrian stooge.

You, Senator Paul, would be every bit as likely to withdraw from the Middle East altogether as Barack Obama is already doing.  So forgive me if I don't see a whole lot of difference between your foreign policy ideas and his.

Asked by Cavuto on Tuesday to respond, McCain echoed the sentiments of his friend Graham.

"Senator Paul is the worst possible candidate of the twenty....

<shudder>  Isn't there any way to put a maximum cap on that number?  That isn't a primary debate, it's a cocktail party-cum-food fight.

....or so that are running on the most important issue, which is national security," McCain said. "The record is very clear that he simply does not have an understanding about the needs and the threats of the United States national security."

Oh, I don't know about that, Sailor.  Senator Paul is a better candidate than you ever were, largely because I think you took a dive (or "did the job" in pro wrestling parlance) in 2008.  Your problem is that while you recognize the need for muscular U.S. global leadership, you have inordinate difficulty recognizing just exactly what are national security threats worthy of our military attention, as well as seeing "allies" (the mythical "Free Syrian Army" being the most egregious example) that aren't actually there and do not in fact exist.  The only way jumping into Syria a couple of years back made any sense was, as I wrote at the time, to glass the entire country, wipe out the Assad regime AND the Sunni jihadist "rebels".  Which, if we'd done that, would definitely have preempted the rise of the Islamic State.

But then, the same thing and so much more could have been accomplished if we'd liberated Syria a decade earlier as we so easily could have.  Something you didn't support then, and Senator Paul wouldn't have, either.

"Establishment" vs. Tea Party.  Tea Party vs. "Establishment".  I'd say, "a pox on both your houses," except that (1) they share a single house and (2) we kinda really need that house if anything is to be attained next year.

And that means that we need a unity candidate.  Someone with a foot in both intra-party camps.  Someone who hasn't bred enemies like cats, who has a track record of fighting and beating the Left, a track record of conservative policy accomplishment, the right resume (executive experience).  And being from outside the Beltway wouldn't hurt.

The above criteria do not describe Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio, or Jeb Bush, or John Kasich, or Chris Christie - even Rick Perry, whose lone drawback is that he already swung and struck out last time.  In fact, there's only one candidate who does connect all those dots:

If the "establishment" really wants to win in 2016, and the Tea Party wants to avoid fresh heartache and disappointment after such a triumph, both camps will unite behind Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a man who can satisfy both sides, provide the smallest PR radar cross-section for the Democrat-Media Complex, and be the veritable gust of cleansing fresh air that this country so desperately needs.

Or the GOP can finish its collective suicide and watch Fauxcahontas continue the destruction, and then Julian Castro after her.  Because that is what will happen with Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, or any other 2016 GOP standard-bearer.

We shouldn't have to think for three seconds about this choice.

Should we?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hard Starboard Radio: ISIS Is Christians' Future

For a sneak preview of their future, Western Christians should consider the Middle East; The Johns Hopkins Chick-fil-A ban and the sodomarriage witch hunt; Corker-Menendez isn't a victory — it’s a constitutional perversion; Leftwingnut moral schizophrenics on campus, on the campaign trail, and at tax time at MSNBC; and on this "Earth Day," let’s not forget the decades’ worth of environmental panic Americans have been perpetually force-fed.

The beasts unleashed at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

Indiana Christ-Hating Would-Be Arsonist Jess Dooley Terminated

by JASmius

....from her job, that is.  No need to go overboard like she did.

Gosh, but it's refreshing to see hateful actions actually have seriously just consequences:

An Elkhart County high school has fired a former assistant softball coach who created a stir when she suggested on Twitter that a Walkerton pizzeria should be burned down for its stance against catering a hypothetical same-sex wedding.

Jess Dooley, an assistant coach at Concord High School, posted the tweet last month after the owners of Memories Pizza said they would never discriminate against a gay person who wanted to eat at their restaurant, but would object to catering same-sex unions.

But since they don't do catering anyway, that's not a scenario that could ever arise in any case.  If Miss Dooley wasn't such a h8er, she might have bothered to educate herself about that particular "nuance".

In a statement, Concord Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Stubbs said officials informed Dooley on Thursday that her contract was being terminated. The district’s board of directors finalized the move Monday.

“The promotion of harmful, illegal activity…by a lay coach is unacceptable,” Stubbs said in the statement. “She has learned a difficult lesson concerning the incorrect use of electronic communications.”

I don't think she's learned a damn thing, Mr. Stubbs.  I'm sure she's still immensely proud of that tweet, and will now add you and your board of directors to her arson hit list for throwing in with those "snake-charmers".

In the tweet, Dooley said, “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” The tweet was among the threats against Memories Pizza that prompted local police to increase patrols in downtown Walkerton, and the St. Joseph County prosecutor’s office is weighing possible criminal charges over the tweet.

One can only hope - and pray.

Jessica McBrier, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, said in an email that a charging decision could come by the end of the week.

Good hunting, gentles.  Let Jess Dooley be made an example of.  With extreme prejudice, I might add.  It'd only be fitting.

Perhaps Memories Pizza could cater her sentencing party.

IRS Cut Millions In Taxpayer Services To Pay For ObamaCare

by JASmius

I know, I know, "cue the laugh track".  Or this "IRS hoedown," especially Ryan Stiles' contribution:

"Every time I [file my tax return, the IRS] seems to [BLEEP] me up the ass."  Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

And that's before they become ObamaCare's secret police enforcers, the cost of which has been passed on to you-know-who:

The IRS' overloaded phone system hung up on more than eight million taxpayers this filing season as the agency cut millions of dollars from taxpayer services.

At the very same time that returns became even more hopelessly convoluted and complicated precisely because of....ObamaCare.

For those who weren't disconnected, only 40% actually got through to a person.

The other 60% evidently were shunted to a recording that promised to [BLEEP] them up the ass.

Many of those people had to wait on hold for more than thirty minutes, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Wednesday.

Have you ever imagined or conceived of being [BLEEP]ed up the ass by a department store mannequin?  I can't say that I ever have.  Thank God.

A new staff report by Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee says the IRS diverted millions from taxpayer services and other areas to pay for President Barack Obama's health law.

Ah, "priorities".

But Koskinen wouldn't be The One's department store mannequin if he didn't obnoxiously try to pass the buck:

At a hearing Wednesday, Koskinen blamed budget cuts approved by Congress. The agency's budget has been cut by $1.2 billion since 2010.

Well, John, your big-eared boss signed off on those budget cuts, so it's not like it wasn't a bipartisanly collaborative effort.  And no Republican forced you to make your "customer service" even more caustically abysmal than it was already solely for the sake of Red Barry's sacred cow.  The very heart, soul, and core of budgeting is making choices, prioritizing, because, in the famous lyrics of the Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want."  The reason Obamerikastan is careening and hurtling drunkenly towards fiscal calamity and economic collapse is precisely because filthbags like you have sold the criminally false notion that, at every level from the personal to the highest levels of government, we can "have our cake and eat it, too".  But we can't, and we never could, and now the piper's arrival to be paid is imminent, and we're flat broke.

Congressional Republicans required you to make an exceedingly modest choice, and you made the wrong one.  Bitch not at them, but at that pasty, expressionless face in the mirror....

Oh, I'm sorry....

You have to admit, it's an easy mistake to make.

"Thug Life Ends In Thug Death"

by JASmius

You know what I call the vandalism of this Mike Brown Memorial Hugging Tree?  Social justice:

A tree honoring Ferguson teenager Michael Brown has been replaced Tuesday, just hours after it was vandalized.

Michael Brown’s tree didn't even make it a day.

Just like its namesake last August 8th.  Except that the tree was innocent and deserved to "make the day" and would have had it not been defaced by that despicable plaque.

“If it was intentional then they know they were wrong for doing it because at the end of the day someone lost their life. It could have been them. It could have been one of their family members. I just think it wasn't right,” said a passerby.

The day someone lost their life trying to take a life.  That's the part of this incident you're conveniently forgetting, "passerby".

“It’s real sad day when a tree is dedicated and the next day someone comes along and destroys it just for the heck of it,” said Gerald Brooks of the Black Caucus of American Library Association.

You mean like how Mike Brown knocked over that convenience store, beat up its owner, and tried to murder Darren Wilson with his own sidearm?  Or how people like you, Mr. Brooks, laid waste to Ferguson and other communities around the country?  Bleeping-A, all you lost was a damn tree.

“Many things have been destroyed in Ferguson but we saw the tree as a symbol of peace, comfort, hope, and renewal,” said Brooks.

And we know who destroyed all those things in Ferguson, don't we?  Which makes that stupid plaque more than a little "in-whitey's-face" inappropriate, don't you think?

But the Hugging Tree is just the beginning:

A historical marker.  In the shape of a dove.

Screw you, Miss Jones.  Michael Brown was a murderous, racist bully and thug and wannabe cop-killer who brought his violent end upon himself and got what he deserved.  He should have been buried in an unmarked grave and his name should not be remembered even in infamy, but buried in the obscurity it so richly merits.

Be satisfied with your Hugging Tree and kindly leave it at that. And if you want it to provide a public service, add the following advice: "Don't try to kill cops. You'll live a lot longer that way."