Sunday, May 24, 2020

Poll: Fascist Democrats More Likely to Snitch to Government on Neighbors

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

One of the key characteristics we saw in communist countries and fascism during the last century was how, as the government encouraged people to snitch on their neighbors, in some cases folks did it willingly.  It turns out there is a large segment of Americans in today's society willing to do the same.

According to a new News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen taken regarding if someone would snitch on their neighbor regarding coronavirus quarantine restrictions, by a 44% to 31% margin, a plurality of Democrats would turn in their neighbors. By a 60% to 25% margin, Republicans would not.

A majority of Democrats, and apparently 25% of the members of the GOP polled, would make fine Soviets, NAZIs, or communists from places like China, Cuba, or when the Khmer Rouge were in control of Cambodia.

These are the same idiots who wear shirts with an image of mass murderer Che Guevara on the front.

The NAZIs, communist East Germany, and then pretty much all of the other communist countries (from the Eastern Bloc to Cuba), during the previous century, installed neighborhood snitch committees to report any “counter-revolutionary” behavior.  I was talking to a Romanian who lived under communist rule who told me there were also financial police.  A person, if they thought somebody else had more than them, could report them for not being financially equal to everyone else.  My friend Arkady, who grew up in Ukraine, said that the local police had a file on everyone, filled with reports from their neighbors.

Now, we have Americans willing to do the same, but instead of NAZIs, or communists, they call themselves "progressives".  I call them traitors.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Georgia, First State to Reopen, Is Doing Better than Fine

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A number of States, Republican Party led States, have been reopening as the numbers and truth about the Wuhan Chinese novel coronavirus COVID-19 have continued to surface.  The first of the States to decide to reopen was The Peach State, Georgia.  The liberal left went crazy, warning that reopening too soon could kill us all.  They yelled.  They screamed.  They criticized Governor Kemp.  I saw one image on a news website of a guy dressed up as Death, reaping tool and all, with a sign reading, "You're killing us Kemp."

Just to the south of Georgia, Florida has been taking similar steps, and its beaches, I hear, are packed and the people are doing just fine.  But, as expected, the lefties there are freaking out, too.  In fact, I was just watching a video the other day, thanks to Chad Prather, of a woman in Florida freaking out with a profanity-laden rant about people not wearing masks covering their mouth and nose .....


...... and I wondered if she was a fair representation of a good-sized segment of liberal left loonies.  The first words that came to mind as I watched her was "idiot," and "lemming."

I am sure the liberal Democrat lefties in Georgia went nuts in ways similar to that Florida gal's nutzoid rant when that State opened.

The funny thing is, the hysterical fears by the left, based on Georgia's current state of being, turns out to have been unfounded.  In the month since Georgia reopened its businesses there have been no upward trend in deaths as some had claimed would happen.  In fact, the numbers of infection and deaths have been declining.  Granted, social distancing ridiculousness is still in place, but with the great success of reopening businesses in the State, the other States should take notice.

As for the worrisome spike in coronavirus cases and deaths?  The other States that have been reopening are showing numbers similar to Georgia's.  No increase of cases, and no massive increase of coronavirus related deaths.


Because the whole thing has been a sham from the beginning.  The shelter in place policies have been bad policies based on false science and manipulated models.  The number of deaths have been overstated (NY, Penn), and antibody studies have shown us that the number of cases has been grossly understated, which means COVID-19 is not as deadly as they've been saying.

Therefore, Georgia made the right move.  The State is taking small steps towards fighting its unemployment rates and saving its economy.  In the long run, in fact, they may be saving lives, because a damaged economy could be more deadly than the coronavirus scamdemic.

In April during this 2020 scamdemic 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs, and unemployment went from below four percent to over fourteen percent.  The reality is this could cause an economic disaster worse than that of 2008.  38.1 million people already live in poverty.  How many more lives are we willing to sacrifice in the name of losing our liberty for safety from a disease that, as we've realized, has less of a chance of killing you than you being struck by lightning. 

Shutting down the economy in the name of safety from a mild sickness bug could, in the long run, cause more damage to our free market system than the coronavirus itself.

The American Enterprise Institute claims there is a correlation between the economy and life expectancy.  Stress is deadly.  And with hospitals claiming they are taking less patients so as to make room for COVID-19 sufferers that never came, for the most part, health issues related to the economic stress on people may also go untreated.  Unemployment can be detrimental to our health, yet they want us to sit at home running and hiding from the coronavirus, which is pushing some people into depression, suicidal tendencies, and the like.

The reality is this is a chance for them to implement authoritarianism the United States has never seen before.  People are easier to monitor and control when they don't gather in groups, and that's one of the real reasons for the tyranny being thrust upon us.  But, in the long run, the red States that reopen first will do better, both economically, and in the terms of mental health.  Meanwhile, in blue States, the cases of domestic violence has already noticeably increased during this ridiculous quarantine of the healthy. 

Because Georgia was the first to reopen, they are being watched closely.  The liberal left wants to use them as proof of their insanity, but the truth is, the result of Georgia's reopening has been very positive.  Georgia's Governor Kemp took a chance based on the information available, likely ran the numbers, and may very well have set an early standard for other States to follow ... of which only red States will likely follow.

Which, once again, is why the GOP dominated States will be the ones to economically recover as the Democrat majority States flounder in their own stupidity.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Constitution Radio: The Consequences of Power

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Douglas V. Gibbsas V. Gibbs 

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Today's Guest: DOUG OSE, CHAIRMAN, Rebuild California Foundation.  A Sacramento native and graduate of UC Berkeley, Ose rose to business prominence constructing real estate projects in the Sacramento area. In 1998, Ose ran for and was elected to Congress. He served three terms. His committee assignments were Committee on Financial Services, Committee on Agriculture, and Committee on Government Reform. His focus was on capital markets, rice and specialty crops, and energy and regulatory affairs, respectively. Honoring a term limit pledge, Ose returned to Sacramento after 2004 and went back into private business. 

Ose continues to be active in real estate and investment in the Sacramento area. He has been married to Lynnda Ose for 31 years. They have two grown daughters.  Ose argues that California Governor Gavin Newsom's massive overreach during this lockdown is unconstitutional, and he is collapsing California into a "one-man rule" system with his unprecedented number of executive orders.  Stunned by the list of “allowed outdoor activities” released by the Governor, Ose responded, “What the public is rightly concerned about is that everything we were warned about in our high school civics classes about one-man rule or Soviet-style governance is playing out under some of these public health directives that attempt to limit our daily activities.”  Doug Ose joins us today on Constitution Radio, during the first hour.

Then, we will discuss:

Friday, May 22, 2020

List of Worst Coronavirus Executive Orders

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The power hungry governors, county officials, and mayors of the Blue States revealed who they really are during this COVID-19 coronavirus scamdemic.  In all fairness, I kept track of party affiliation if possible, and there is one Republican on the list.  All of the rest are either Democrats, or I couldn't find out what the party affiliation was (marked with a ?).  Here's the worst (in addition to stay at home orders, mandatory face covering orders, and banning group gatherings):

Brighton Colorado Police, ?:
California Governor Gavin Newsom, Democrat:
Champaign, Illinois Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen, Democrat:
  • Used declaration of a coronavirus emergency to ban the sale of guns; Bearing Arms
Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Democrat:
  • Shut down restaurant on Mother's Day for violating shutdown order, "in the name of science"; Washington Times
Dallas City Attorney, ?:
  • Prosecuted salon owner for remaining open.  Business was shut down by force, she was arrested, sentenced to seven days in jail, and ordered to pay fines by Civil District Judge; Gateway Pundit ... Judge is an Obama loyalist; Gateway Pundit

Florida Monroe County Police, State Department of Transportation, ?:
  • Police checkpoints established to stop people from crossing stateline into Florida, threaten $500 fine or up to 60 days in jail; Business Insider
Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, Democrat:
  • After issuing order closing all restaurants and bar, his wife is caught in a bar violating the order; NewsMax
  • Threatens fines and prison against business owners who violate order by opening businesses before he says they can; The Hill
Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, Democrat:
  • Sues Republican legislature for overturning executive order banning church gatherings; Fox News
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Democrat:
  • Wet sand okay, but stay off of dry sand; LA Times
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Democrat:
  • Threatened churches he would use military force to shut them down; Western Journal.
Louisville Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer, Democrat:
Maine Governor Janet Mills, Democrat:
  • Strips business of business license for violating shutdown order; Boston dot com
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Democrat:
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Democrat:
  • A ban on using commercial lawn service; Detroit News
  • Stay at home order, calls protests "life endangering"; MSNBC
  • Claims authoritarianism is okay when it's snowing; TODAY SHOW
  • Closes churches, but keeps abortion clinics open, calling them "life sustaining"; Fox News, 100 percent fed up
  • Legislature votes to sue governor over her orders, calling them an overreach of authority; TownHall
  • Forced most businesses to close, ordered a limitation of goods at those businesses she allowed to remain open; Rev
  • Used force to shut down 77 year old barber who defied her shutdown order; TownHall
  • Sent patients across state lines even though there were 1,000 empty beds in Detroit; Gateway Pundit
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Democrat:
  • Shuts down gun sales background check system because he considers firearm purchases non-essential business; TownHall
New Jersey State Health Department, Democrat:
  • Police force used to shut down reopened gym, despite the fact that other "non-essential" businesses around the State are being given the okay to reopen; NBC 10
  • Four New Jersey cities establish police check points to enforce coronavirus stay-at-home rule; New Jersey dot com
New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democrat:
  • Demands federal funding in phone call to President Trump because she believes coronavirus will wipe out Native American Tribal Nations; U.S. News and World Report
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Democrat:
  • The mayor of New Orleans, a city infamous for confiscating firearms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago, issued a COVID-19 emergency order last week allowing her to suspend the sale of firearms; TownHall.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Democrat"
  • Beaches closed, swimmers will be "taken right out of the water"; The Hill
  • Claims coronavirus opportunity to nationalize all industries; Fox News
  • Mosque allowed to remain open as churches are shut down; Big League Politics
  • Keeps quiet that expectations were far worse than reality of empty hospitals, and the Naval Hospital Ship left due to receiving no patients; Sara A. Carter
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Democrat: 
  • Forced Nursing Homes to Admit COVID-19 positive patients; Fox News
  • Golf Courses closed during pandemic; Forbes
  • New York caught padding the numbers of deaths by falsely labeling on death certificates coronavirus the cause of death; Gateway Pundit
  • Shuts down Broadway; U.S. News and World Report
New York Nassau County Official Laura Curran, Democrat:
  • Bans doubles tennis, singles okay if open court between players, don't touch other people's tennis balls; New York Post
Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, Republican:
  • Orders voting polls shut down mere hours before Primary Election; CNBC
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Democrat:
  • Orders all gun stores in the State to shut down.  After lawsuit, Pennsylvania State Supreme Court lets order stand; TownHall
  • Tweets threats against those who dare to defy his orders, threatens consequences against county leadership who disobeys his orders; Twitter
  • Pennsylvania caught padding number of coronavirus deaths after coroners come forward; Western Journal
  • Caught padding number of coronavirus deaths directly tied to governor; Gateway Pundit
Rathdrum Idaho Police Department, ?:
San Diego, ?:
  • Organizer of a protest against coronavirus orders arrested; CBS 8
  • Beach-goers in San Diego cited for watching sunset at the beach; Times of San Diego
  • Visitors to beach cited for non-essential travel, including persons eating lunch in their car in the parking lot at the beach; NBC San Diego
San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Democrat:
  • Using law enforcement to execute stay at home order against citizens; CNN
San Jose City Council, Democrat:
  • Considers gun stores non-essential, orders them to shut down; Mercury News
Seattle City Council, Democrat:
  • $100 million coronavirus fund created for illegal aliens; Sean Hannity
Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Democrat:
Westport Connecticut Police Chief Foti Koskinas:
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, Democrat:
  • State Supreme Court finds governor's orders an overreach of authority; RedState

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Pacific Justice Institute: Judge rules Oregon Governor's Orders Null and Void

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

California's neighbor to the north, whose governor is the cousin of California's former governor, hard left communist Jerry Brown, has something interesting going on during this age of the coronavirus scamdemic.  According to the Pacific Justice Institute, the Oregon State Supreme Court, after reviewing a case regarding Governor Kate Brown's coronavirus pandemic orders, has granted an emergency stay, stating that the orders issued by the State governor are null and void because they exceed her authority.

The America hating governor who picked the date of two days after Independence Day as being the earliest any of the orders might be lifted has been declaring orders that ranks among the craziest in the country, and now she has been whacked for it by the courts.  Oregon Supreme Court Judge Matthew Shirtcliff issued a temporary restraining order due to the illegality of the pandemic executive orders, upholding a lower court's ruling.

According to PJI, the case emerged after churches and people of faith across the State sued the governor for her orders extending the lockdown of residents and the closure of churches, businesses, and schools without first going to the legislature as required by Oregon law.  The Pacific Justice Institute filed the lawsuit in Oregon’s Eighth Judicial District. Businesses joined the case on the side of the faith community.  Ray Hacke, who heads the PJI office in Oregon argued the case in Baker County which is in that District. Attorney Kevin Mannix of Salem, who represented businesses also presented argument to the Court.

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, stated, “Our PJI attorneys are committed to ending this Governor’s abuse of powers and will be working hard as we prepare to make our case for the businesses and churches so impacted by her tyranny.”

Religious freedom does not come with a caveat.  The Constitution does not say that the government may make no laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion, unless there is a government proclaimed pandemic, or because somebody out there for any reason doesn't like the Christians getting together to Worship.  

P.S.  A liberal left atheist will no doubt, if I did not write this post script, argue in my comments section, "What about Satantists?  What about human sacrifice?  Is that allowed?"

Satanists do have their churches and worship freely in the United States. I believe they are idiots, but then again, they think the same of me.  As for human sacrifice, laws against murder are our most basic laws and obviously the persons involved would be guilty of a crime despite their claims of religiosity.

Be aware, the left tends to try to argue their case with absurdities and ridicule, both of which are simply a deceptive lashing out of a desperate ideology that may be breathing in a shallow manner here in the United States.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Black Conservative in Maryland Hammers on Baltimore Leadership

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

"It's not racist to criticize black officials."


-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

American Sheep and Their Rulers

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Here in Riverside County, California, while the State leadership is drunk with power, the local sheriff has said he will not enforce the State's totalitarian edicts.  Sheriff Chad Bianco says he has looked at the numbers, and the lockdown orders are not necessary.  Yet, when I go out to go to the store, or any other place of business willing to let people through their front doors, almost everyone are still wearing face masks.  I haven't worn mine in weeks, and the only reason I had it on my face in the first place was because some stores required it, fearful of the big bad authoritarian health department shutting them down.  So, I placed a forerunner of the mark of the beast on my face so that I could buy what I needed, and then tore it off the moment I got out of eye shot of the lackey at the front door.

I have been saying all along that the coronavirus is not what they are telling us, and that frankly I would more likely get struck by lightning than die from this thing.  I am not making light of the fact that for a very small minority of people it is a nasty bug and they have died horribly from it.  There are other diseases that people die horribly from out there, and I haven't stopped my life and hid in the corner from them, so why would I sacrifice my liberty for a minor novel coronavirus that is being overblown as a threat, and being used by the authoritarians to get the ruling power they have always desired?

As I walked through the stores today, I was one of only a small handful refusing to place the governor-ordered armband to my face.  I thought to myself, "What a bunch of lemmings.  These mindless sheep have falling in line quite easily.  They score an A plus in the eyes of the communists, fascists, and authoritarians throwing around these totalitarian orders from government."

Many of these people are probably the same people who were erroneously calling Trump a fascist, at one point.

Now we are in the middle of the month of May.  Many of the GOP majority States have opened up.  There have been no spikes of the disease in those States, the hospitals are not being overrun with sick people, and people are not dying in droves because those States reopened too soon ... as the liberal lefties hysterically warned would happen.  Their economies are beginning to get moving again, and it is obvious that even if COVID-19 was what the crazy people have been saying, the worst has past and has gone along its way.  The States opening sooner, rather than later, are doing the right thing.

Rather than take a lesson from that, however, the rulers who are drunk with power have tightened their grip.  The lockdowns in States run by Democrats who are hungry to be rulers have become stronger, tighter, and in some cases, downright nuts.  According to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, in Illinois, business owners are being threatened with prison time if they try to reopen.  New York City's Mayor DeBlasio is threatening to use force to yank anyone out of the water if they go swimming in the ocean, you know, because the ocean must be teeming with the disease.  Mayor Garcetti in Los Angeles says it's okay to walk on the wet sand, but not the dry.  Of course, there is the obvious question: How do you get to the wet sand if dry sand sits between you and the wet stuff?  New York's Long Island's Nassau County has banned doubles tennis, and if you play singles tennis, there must be empty courts between players.  Oh, and you have to bring your own tennis balls so that you don't touch other people's tennis balls.  When a gym opened up in New Jersey, the police arrived to force everyone to disperse, and the owners received a summons for violating a governor's order.

Violating an order?  It is not law.  Without legislative action it cannot be a law.  And according to the 14th Amendment, States cannot make laws that deprive any citizens of life, liberty or property with due process.  A virus is not due process, and an order is not a law.

This is the result of power landing in the laps of authoritarian Democrats.

And if you think this is bad, imagine what they would be up to if we were disarmed!

It's not about what is best for Americans, it is all about power.  It is about being rulers.  They consider themselves to be a ruling class, and the constitution, liberty, and anyone or anything that stands in their way, from their point of view, is useless, worthless, and must be removed (or jailed).

Our country was founded upon the idea of the people standing up against tyrannical actions by the government.  It is okay to say "no" to the government.  In fact, it is your obligation and duty to say "no" to the government when it is acting in a manner that compromises your liberty.  It is not their responsibility to protect you from your own decisions.  It is my decision, and it should be your decision, to go out and act in a manner that we wish to.  If you don't like it, don't go outside.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Officer Anderson speaks on Liberty

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Banker Bailout Stimulus Package

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

CARES Act claims to be a response to coronavirus pandemic.

Was the same bill written last year?..

Is it actually a banker bailout?

From Barron's:

The first wave of coronavirus stimulus checks have been deposited, but most American workers and small businesses are getting the short end of the stick. Banks and corporations, on the other hand, are getting VIP treatment.

I trust Trump, I don't trust many of the people around him, and I believe he, and we, are being purposely misled.  Or, as they always say, follow the money.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Joe Biden: “Come on, man.”

Satire by Allan McNew

The real story about Pelosi’s ice cream…

Pelosi, Biden and Ocasio-Cortez were at a dinette somewhere deep within Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard mansion next to the $24,000 freezer for an endorsement shoot. Pelosi was standing while dishing out ice cream when Biden said “where’s the cake and candles?” Pausing in mid scoop, Pelosi said “what?” “it’s not a birthday party without a cake” Joe observed. Ocasio-Cortez said “we’re just having ice cream today.” Pelosi sat down to Biden’s right, AOC was to his left.

Biden looked straight into the camera and said “Corn Pop was a bad dude, he used to sit in my lap and stroke my leg hair. But I combed it out, didn’t want to look ruffled.” AOC and Pelosi looked at each other. Biden added “I’ve got to go to the little boy’s room”, then slid his chair back and walked off camera.

AOC seized the moment to talk all bug eyed about her climate change WWII, about cows farting so it’s a good thing meat processing plants have shut down, the plant workers shouldn’t go back to work when the plants open back up, that elephants are endangered species so they get carbon credits for all the farting they do…

Pelosi broke in with stating the purpose of the get together on camera, that they were going to endorse Biden for President, why not save the speech for another time? AOC explained why not - “Shut up, Nancy”.

Pelosi complied.

AOC hysterically continued on about children drowning in scalding flood water 12 years in the future and evil corporate billionaires cheating hard working bartenders out of tips when Pelosi suddenly turned her head and incredulously exclaimed “Joe! Tell me you’re not peeing in the trashcan!” An exasperated off camera male voice said “Oh, God, he did it again.” AOC whipped her head around to the direction Biden had departed toward, then her jaw dropped in disbelief.

It was uncomfortably quiet for what seemed to be a century or two.

Biden reappeared on scene with a steak knife and an apple. AOC said “Joe, your fly is open.” “It’s Ok, what can’t get up won’t go to the beach on Sunday. You have to wear a hood at the beach” Biden explained, then put the knife and apple down and began massaging AOC’s shoulders. She slapped his hands. Biden said “No malarky, I believe survivors. In my Navy days we’d throw them a rope. You get rope at the hardware store, then buy some beer and go shooting. When I was a game warden and Bambi was a full grown buck he often stayed around me for protection from hunters. Sometimes he stroked my leg hair. Bambi knows I like big bucks.”

Then he turned his attention to Pelosi, walked over behind her and began sniffing her hair. Pelosi got a wide eyed look like she was expecting a Marty Feldman Young Frankenstein gag complete with snarling and barking, then the look changed to one like someone gets when they jump into an ice cold lake after Biden popped open the snaps on her bra. Pelosi’s breasts plummeted below her belly button like a condemned man dropping through the trap door at the gallows, only faster and farther.

The screen turned black.

In the next scene Pelosi showed off her gourmet ice cream, Biden and AOC were nowhere around, and that’s the only scene that got on TV.

When Pelosi endorsed Biden on camera a few days later, she looked composed, was brief, and neither Biden nor AOC were present either.

In the words of the deceased yet immortal champion BS-er Paul Harvey, “Now you know... the rest of the story.”

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Monday, May 18, 2020

YouTube Killing News They Disagree With

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I know we hear about this stuff, but it is true.

I, myself, even as careful as I try to be, on certain things, have been influenced to the negative by the leftist propaganda and censorship machine.  Political Pistachio links are no longer allowed on Facebook.  Five social media services have cancelled my accounts.  And when I like particular videos, the following happens:


It is interesting because these are the same people who claim Christians are intolerant, close-minded book burners.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Ben Shapiro's Freedom of Speech Tweet Banished

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

We are in a war.  It is both a political war and a spiritual war.  It is a war of ideas, and that means among the battles are those which are waged in the realm of speech.  Tyrants wish you to believe that those who cry out in the name of Liberty, those who fight for freedom and a restoration of the constitutional republic, are terrorists, and that their words are fake news and their words must be stricken from the lexicon.  Only in our modern era has truth become such a revolutionary act.

Ben Shapiro, trying to put forth such a message, retweeted the following on Twitter:

He meant to reveal an example of how horrid the beliefs of leftists truly are.

I am not sure if it was Twitter, or the original Tweeter (Tim Wu) who erased the post (I believe it was the latter) but the fact is, sometimes when tyranny reveals who it really is, often a clean-up crew arrives to try and either make it vanish, or make it look acceptable.  Only the hard left would try to convince you that it is possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.

Nonetheless, the Democrats, and their communist/fascist/progressive/socialist minions wish you to believe that liberty comes with caveats.  Theirs is an acceptable liberty.  Liberty without their guiding hand socially engineering it is simply chaos, and a bigoted hateful way to live.

So, they ask a question they believe to be rhetorical.  "What is more important: freedom of speech, or freedom from propaganda?"

Is the question asking that if someone's words do not tow the line of the hard left, it must be eliminated?  Silenced?  Burned?

And what about the people who utter such things?  Should they be eradicated too?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Election 2020, Trump's battle against corruption and fraud

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

While I was out and about today I think I saw the best Election 2020 slogan, yet.  It was on a bright red shirt, and simply said, "Trump 2020, Make America a bunch of crying, whining bitches again."

Okay, maybe the language was a little strong, but I thought the message was perfect.  Well, that, and "Make liberals cry again" ranks pretty high with me, too.

Under normal circumstances, with no coronavirus, no demands for mail-in balloting, and no fraudulent hanky panky from the other side, I believe the 2020 Election for Donald J. Trump would not only be a landslide, but he could very well carry nearly all of the States, or at least more than 45 of them.

I probably wouldn't hold my breath too long for Hawaii, Vermont, California, and Rhode Island.  While Maryland is getting more and more liberal by the day, and New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts are well known as being out of control liberal havens (largely thanks to the large cities, and the false path towards more democracy we have been taking as a country over the last couple hundred years), they have recent Republicans in their history (Scott Brown, Rudy Guiliani ... okay, not the most conservative of folks, but at least they aren't as far gone as the Obamas, Clintons, Pelosi, etc.).

In fact, I believe that many of these blue States are not actually blue States. The conservatives in those States often stay at home on election day because their own version of the GOP is more leftist-light than it is a constitutional-based bastion of conservatism.  And, there's the fraud.  The voter fraud and sinister games that rides the line of sanity and legality in California is absolutely incredible.  Oregon requires vote by mail (yeah, no fraud there), and every election the games being played by the left (from chads to missing ballots) in Florida is mind-numbing.  I even heard a story about how the Clintons in Arkansas, way back when, had ballot boxes with the desired voter results in the trunks of the cars of their minions.  They would go to the polling places to pick up the ballot box, and then when they got to the location where the votes were to be counted, they would grab the other box.

It is for the reason of fraud and game-playing (like ballot harvesting) that November of 2020 concerns me.  Based on the success of President Trump, and his constantly rising poll numbers regardless of the nonstop attacks from the media, leftist politicians (and even ones in his own party like Mitt Romney), and the entertainment industry, I have no doubt that in a fair and honest election Mr. Trump would win easily.

But, I don't believe this will be a fair and honest election.

The whole General Michael Flynn witch hunt and false investigation and conviction shows us how nasty the liberal left Democrats and their allies (some of whom are Republicans) play the game.  I expect the worst from them, and that may still be an underestimation.  While most people don't wish to believe, and choose not to believe, that there are segments of the American System who wish to destroy it, kill the free market, and usher us into a communistic, full government authoritarian system where liberty is but a figment of memory, and an unreachable relic of the past, I believe that those people not only exist, and have been at work on fundamentally changing our country for a very long time, but that their numbers and power have increased.

There is an old quote that many people like to use, and I think it is even more appropriate today:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke.

I hate to be a pest, but I must ask, "What are YOU going to do about it?"

Don't give me this "I am only one person" dribble, either.  We all are important cogs in the machine of liberty, and we must do what we can to stop this threat, even if it is only a small part.  Spreading the truth can be effective.  Some people have become poll watchers, trained to watch the proceedings and to make sure the shenanigans either don't happen, or at least is kept to a bare minimum.  We can report any funny business, even if we noticed it as an innocent bystander.  We can fight against mail-in balloting.  Mail-in ballots are especially dangerous because of the ease for the potential of fraud, since the ballot is out of sight for a moment, and changes more hands during its processing.

And, we must fight to return America back to being a Republic, rather than a pure democracy as the Democrats are pushing for, and as they have been fashioning it since the father of the Democrat Party, Andrew Jackson.  The Senators, both federal and at the State level, for example, are supposed to be appointed, and their districts are supposed to only be the State lines and county lines, depending on which office you are talking about.  That's why repealing the 17th Amendment, and reversing Reynolds v. Sims (which took away the counties appointing State Senators and the State Senate districts comprising of only the county lines, making it one senator per county) is so important.  No wonder we are having difficulties.  Our whole system is out of whack in the first place.  A part of being a republic is giving the States, and the counties, a voice in the process, as well ... which, in the long run, protects the voices of the rural areas against the heavily populated cities (the latter of which would rule everything as they see fit in a pure democracy ... or as Thomas Jefferson called it, "Tyranny of the Majority").

Of course, we can only fight our battles as we can, and sometimes we have to pick our battles.  Perhaps the 17th Amendment and Reynolds v. Sims thing is for the future.  Perhaps we can only stop so much fraud.  But, the reality is, we have to do something.  We have to fight for our liberty because, to be frank, the progressive left is doing all it can to eradicate your liberty.  And it starts with getting President Donald J.Trump re-elected.

I will close with this.  Back in 2016, after Trump chose Pence as his running mate, and I was finally convinced that I needed to back Candidate Trump, I slapped a Trump/Pence sticker in the back window of my car.  A woman said to me, "Wow, you are brave.  I wouldn't put a Trump sticker on my car.  I am afraid someone would key my car."

"Think about what you just said," I responded.  "The Founding Fathers put on the line their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, and you are worried about a paint job."

Our liberty is worth more than a paint job, and it is worth more than the interruption of your life you think getting involved would cause.  If we don't fight the fight, liberty is done.

Four more quotes, then I am done.

Joseph Stalin is said to have conveyed some version of "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."  Not an original thought.  Napoleon actually said something similar, and with Stalin's totalitarian style I am not too sure he was too concerned about elections.  But, none the less, it is a dandy of a quote.

In a letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 7 July 1775, the second President of the United States wrote, "Liberty once lost is lost forever."

Daniel Webster, a patriot from the founding era, said, "It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.  They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."

Finally, Thomas Jefferson.  "We do not have government by the majority, but we do have government by who participates...All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Constitution Radio: Institutionalized Anxiety

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