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Hillary Clinton Backers Charge Quid Pro Quo In Ben Carson's Trump Endorsement

by JASmius

Two adages apply to this story: (1) The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend; and (2) two stopped clocks can be correct in one week:

A group backed by a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter alleged to the [Inj]ustice[, Revenge & Coverup Commissaria]t this week that "Republican" presidential front-runner Donald Trump illegally promised former rival Ben Carson a position in his administration in exchange for an endorsement.

My guess is Health & Human Services Oberfuehrer, with the attorney-general slot going to Chris Christie and John Kasich getting Treasury, Commerce, or OMB Director.  Which would - allegedly - settle the question of Trump being prejudiced against black, fat, and short people.

"It has recently come to light that Mr. Donald Trump may have willfully offered Dr. Ben Carson an appointment to his administration should he become president in return for supporting his candidacy in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 599," the American Democracy Legal Fund said in a letter to the federal agency.

The two-page letter, dated Tuesday, was reported by Politico on Thursday. It was written by Brad Woodhouse, the fund's president, and addressed to Raymond Hulser, who heads the [Inj]ustice[, Revenge & Coverup Commissaria]t's Public Integrity Section.

The American Democracy Legal Fund is bankrolled by David Brock, the founder of Media Matters and longtime Clinton supporter.

"ADLF respectfully requests that you investigate this matter and take all appropriate action as soon as possible," the letter says.

Yes, Clintonoids, David Brock....

....Mrs. Doubtfire or an eighteenth century powdered wig?  I report, you decide.

But is ADLF's accusation not entirely and excruciatingly plausible?  Even likely, given who and what Donald Trump is and has been his entire life?  And the depths of debasement, humiliation, and self-abuse to which Ben Carson has lowered himself?  Nobody, especially of Gentle Ben's (former) caliber, could possibly willingly lend themselves to being such a court jester fool unless there was something in it for them.

And given Trump's track record of rampaging ego, hair-trigger impulsiveness, and allergic aversion to thought and detail, it's almost impossible to believe that he wouldn't make Carson and the others such quid pro quo offers.  Indeed, I doubt that he or any of his handlers are even aware of 18 U.S.C. § 599.  It would have been simply "making more great deals," right?

Don't let your tribalist instincts overwhelm your capacity for objective thought, my fellow remaining conservatives.  You know I'm right about this, and if ADLF has happened to get lucky, well, bully for them, because it won't change the facts.

Which, yes, have yet to be unearthed.  That's the purpose of an investigation.  And there does seem to be enough smoke to provide probable cause:

The letter cites a March 14th interview Carson had on Newsmax TV's The Steve Malzberg Show, Politico reports.

The retired pediatric neurosurgeon talked with Malzberg three days after he endorsed Trump. Carson had quit the race for the GOP nomination on March 4th.

According to Woodhouse's letter, Carson was vague when Malzberg asked about what he and Trump might have discussed before the endorsement.

Carson only said that Trump told him that he would "surround himself with very good people."

"I'm not going to reveal any details about it right now, because all of this is still very liquid," Carson told Malzberg.

Translation: "Oh, crap, I shouldn't have said anything about that, I'd better shut up."  And then, of course, Carson tells Malzberg he's shutting up, and why.  Because the Doc is not a "professional politician," or even capable of the most rudimentary discretion, and he's not practiced at lying effectively, or at all.

In now-trademark fashion, only AFTER that debacle did the Trump scamtrust coach its new court jester on the fine art of denial days after the horse had escaped the barn, and so we got this:

Two days after that interview, however, the letter alleges that Carson denied that his endorsement was in exchange for any administration post.

He did that in an interview with Bianna Golodryga of Yahoo News, Politico reports.

"That would be ridiculous," Carson said in the interview. "I would never ask for such a thing. [emphasis added]

Hmm; Ben picks up prevaricatory word-parsing fast, doesn't he?  And I'm sure he didn't ask Trump for a Cabinet post - because he didn't have to, as Trump would have offered it to him without solicitation.  I'm sure the process worked the same way with Christie and has already with Kasich.

In other words, it isn't that they were corrupt already, it's that Trump corrupted them.  Just as he has a large plurality of the Republican electorate, which is the only way they could still support him after his already having fleeced them.  An intellectual corruption, laced with corrosive, destructive pride that may be more intractably powerful than any quid pro quo.

But then, to corrupt Luke 12:48, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more."

Will DOJ take this up?  Who knows?  But it constitutes one more brick in the #NeverTrump wall of exasperation at what Trumplicans are doing to our party, our philosophy, and everything they've ever claimed to stand for.

Trump Won't Ban His Rich Muslim Friends

by JASmius

That is at least three Trump parodies in one: (1) his standard lie to erstwhile "conservatives" to dupe them into believing that he would ever actually institute a Muslim immigration ban of any sort, (2) "I'm not an Islamophobe; why, some of my best friends are Muzzies," and (3) "They're all as rich or richer than I am."

It's such trademark plutocratic Trump hypocrisy that you cannot help but conclude that he's "winging it," because nobody, not even someone with this overabundance of natural talent, could ever put themselves so over as an utter and complete dumbass:

Donald Trump says his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States won't have any effect on his wealthy Muslim friends....

"I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me," Trump told MSNBC's Chris Matthews during the event, according to USA Today. "In most cases, they're very rich Muslims, OK?"

Matthews then asked Trump whether those same Muslim friends would be allowed to enter the United States under a ban he would institute as president.

"They'll come in."

Take a closer look at the .gif above and study Tingles' face.  He looks incredulous, doesn't he?  Like he can't believe the Gaia-send for the leftwingnut cause that is sitting right in front of him, saying everything he believes every Republican thinks and breathes, the embodiment of the Left's coarsest conservative stereotype, and the instrument of the Right's discrediting for years to come.

"I'll keep out Muslims except for my rich Muslim friends".  It's like some dream of stupid from which we can't wake up. (Say, wasn't bin Laden a rich Muslim?  Good thing he's dead, huh?) It got even stupider when he tried to cover that garish verbal incontinence by the incomprehensible claim that Muslims would fight ISIS to get his temporary ban lifted.  Which makes no sense if the ban were temporary, as they could simply wait for Trump to lift the ban without their doing anything.  It also makes no sense given that the reason why Muslims want into the U.S. is to carry out attacks on ISIS's behalf, and otherwise conduct violent and cultural jihad.  And if for whatever incomprehensible reason such a ban were to turn Muslims against ISIS, that redirection would only last until the ban was lifted....which it would be by definition because it would be merely temporary, which Trump has already announced, and which Muslims would believe it was, nullifying any modifying effect upon their stance or actions.

Frankly, it is becoming a struggle for me to avoid reaching the conclusion that Trump wouldn't be worse in the Oval Office than Hillary Clinton.  Not that I will ever vote for the Empress under any circumstances.  But then, given Trump's apocalyptic poll numbers, I'd never have to.

Especially since she doubtless has the same rich Muslim friends as her good friend and queenmaker Donald.

ISIS In Brussels: Built By the USA

by Anita in Canada

After reading, it is apparent that the truth is finally coming out. Yes USA created ISIS! Actually there are NOW over 40 countries supplying money, arms and ammunition to ISIS. And buying their stolen oil and gas. But it all started with USA. So, yes, it will be pretty hard to unseat ISIS. The world revolves around oil and gas and war. And round and round it goes. Bush was the first architect of ISIS with the World Trade Towers coming down. Everything snowballed after that. Israel fits in here but I do not understand that part. Everyone is at the same time a friend and an enemy to everyone else. Round and Round. We call the Muslims the Great Satan cause their god is Satan (pedophilia, honor killings, sharia, lying, stealing). Many countries call USA the Great Satan cause USA lives for war and intruding on other countries governments and trying to implement who the Presidents of those countries should be. See Obama and Trudeau as an example. Yet no country has ever tried to unseat the USA president. Obama tried to unseat Netanyahu but the people of Israel were smarter than Obama. The media are paid off to keep us all in the dark about these things. And make it look like it is someone else's fault there is all this murder and war going on. Putin seems to be the wild card in all this. And yes, Russia is part of the ISIS merry-go-round. Willing or unwilling we don't know. IMHO I think Putin will come out of this smelling like a rose. I further think Putin will try to be the peace maker. Remains to be seen. Nothing will change until Obama is out of there. And even when he is out, he will still be meddling in the world affairs - gotta protect and finance his Muslim brothers. Which brings up another question - how will Obama support the Muslims without access to all that USA money. So you see, this is why all the elite in USA do not want Donald Trump to win. Chances are Donald does not want to be involved with this evil game that many people are making millions off of.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Temecula Constitution Class: Calling Forth the Militia

Temecula Constitution Class: Tonight at 6:30 - 7:30 pm

In Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution it gives the United States Congress the authority to call forth the militia.  What other constitutional passages are there that pertain to the militia?  How does this show limitations against certain parts of government?  How does this apply to martial law?

Temecula Constitution Class
Taught by Douglas V. Gibbs
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Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Obama Cuts Social Security

by JASmius

The first of many if the actuarily unsustainable entitlement program is ever to be put back on a sound financial footing.  It's just so cynically entertaining to see the ultimate leftwingnut Democrat be the one to pull the trigger while naturally claiming he's doing the diametric opposite:

A popular Social Security benefit that has allowed seniors to boost their lifetime payments by as much as $60,000 is being phased out April 29th, and that may leave millions with significantly lower retirement incomes than expected.

The elimination of the so-called “file and suspend rule” takes away what some have called a loophole that has allowed seniors sixty-six and older to boost their Social Security benefits by 8% each year. Some experts say the cut — one of several Social Security benefits cuts contained in the budget act passed by Congress and signed by Barack Obama last year — could be the first of many made to the program in the years ahead.

The Social Security trust fund is projected to expire in 2033. With an estimated ten thousand Baby Boomers turning sixty-five every day for the next nine years, costs for the program are being stretched thin because fewer younger workers are paying into the system.

The file and suspend rule applies to married couples, allowing one spouse at full retirement age (sixty-six) to file for benefits but immediately suspend collecting them. That enables that person to grow his or her own benefits by 8% a year until age seventy, when benefits max out. But it also allows his or her spouse to file for spousal benefits based on the filed-suspended-record that are higher than they’d otherwise be.

Or it will for another month.  A deadline for a policy change that has flown vastly below the media radar in glaringly inverse proportion to what would have been the Democrat/Media Complex howling bloody murder reaction if a Republican POTUS had signed any Social Security cut of any way, shape, or form into law.  But that is the way it is going to be - unless a real Republican ever makes it to the White House again, in which case it will once again become impossible.  Must less the privatization that is the only true way to preserve Social Security.

But who knows?  Necessity can make all kinds of things possible, after all.  Just not in time for me to ever see a dime out of it.

Support For Trump's Mexican Border Wall Drops To 38/58

by JASmius

As is always the case with polls aside from a day or two before the actual election, look not at the "snapshot" numbers, but at the size of the margins and the trends.  The American public has been more or less evenly split on a border wall for years, right on through to last fall.  Now, six months later, the bottom has fallen out and the wall that is the crown jewel of Donald Trump's presidential platform is now twenty points underwater with the general electorate.  What, in light of recent events like ISIS's attacks on Paris and San Bernardino and Brussels, could possibly explain a collapse in public support for border hawkery?

Trumplicans and their benefit-of-the-doubt-granting enablers are not gonna like the answer:

@allahpundit It could be that Trump has made the issue so his thing that it basically meant if you're against Trump you're against the wall. [emphasis added]

Remember that we're talking about the general electorate here; I'm adamantly against Trump but I support a wall, even though I know it will never be constructed and that Trump has no intention of ever building one if he ever did miraculously make it to the White House.  So what does this mean for all of you Trumplicans who've been on-board the "Trump train" since last summer because you bought his border hawkery con?  Again, you're not gonna like the answer, but you need to come to terms with it: Donald Trump has calculatedly discredited border control, reassertion of U.S. immigration law, restoring the value of citizenship, and resurrecting the validity of national and cultural sovereignty, just like he did the pro-life movement yesterday and every other issue and aspect of the conservative/Republican "brand".  He is, as I said yesterday, a wrecking ball that is destroying everything that Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Newt Gingrich painstakingly constructed over the past half century, which has been his actual mission from day one.

One thing for the Director to note in his insistence that "polls are all wrong because they poll cities": (1) That's where most people live, and (2) they don't just poll cities proper, but also suburbs and exurbs, the latter of which are little distinguishable from rural areas (and in which my domicile would be so categorized, which helps explain why the surrounding enclave is a "red" one) and each of which has different demographics.  Statistics was part of my business administration curriculum and I did pick up a basic knowledge of how statistical sampling is done in order to make it representative.

In short, Director, while pollsters certainly put their thumbs on the scale as much as they can and use poll numbers to mold and shape public opinion, the don't just "MSU," and a Trump-related collapse in public support for a border wall, and his landslide-defeat-foreshadowing unfavorables across the demographic board, are too YUUUUGELY statistically significant to just dismiss out of hand.

Donald Trump is a disaster for the GOP, the conservative movement, and the U.S. Constitution.  Period.

Incidentally, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Trump drowning in every demographic - even white men, where his unfavorables stand at 51% - and highlighted by being thirty points underwater with independents (33%-64%).  But this is the most telling factoid of the day:

The authors found that around three hundred days before the election (mid-January), general election polls are essentially meaningless — their predictive value is close to zero. But by the time we get to mid-April of the election year, polls explain about half the variance in the eventual vote split. And mid-April polls have correctly “called” the winner in about two-thirds of the cases since 1952.

Things still change quite a bit afterward, of course, but in that three-month period (which encompasses most or sometimes all of the contested primary voting), we’ve gone from polls telling us basically nothing about what will happen to polls telling us “about half the story” of the election, says Wlezien. [emphasis added]

And given that Trump is trailing Mrs. Clinton in general election matchups by double digits, and that his universal name recognition leaves him no upside or ability to change public perceptions that have been cast in concrete for forty years, that predictivity is enhanced this time.

Exit tweet from Sean Trende:

That's the funniest thing about the Trump phenomenon. He's increasing the chances of something like Gang of 8 = law. [emphasis added]

UPDATE: More from the ABC News/WaPo poll:

Three-quarters of women view [Trump] unfavorably. So do nearly two-thirds of independents, eighty percent of young adults, eighty-five percent of Hispanics, and nearly half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

No, Director, the polls are not "wrong".  Not THIS wrong, anyway.  It isn't possible.  To stubbornly believe otherwise is sheer delusional wishcasting.

Hard Starboard Radio: Don't Try Running For President At Home

ObamaCare to force fewer employers to offer health plans amid another frenzy of rate hikes; Millennials are getting mugged by reality; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg "turns Catholic" on ISIS; Hillary Clinton SuperDuperDelegate Sheldon Silver disbarred, too; Man who green-lighted Iran's nuclear arsenal holds last (?) nuclear non-proliferation summit; The great Cuba-Obamnesty tie-in; Why does Trump continue to hide his tax returns?; Red China deploying world's longest-range nuclear missile; ISIS hackers attack New Jersey police; and Ben Carson excuses Trump's horrible abortion answer: "Amateur politicians should get a pass".

Busting Tea Party myths at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

Carson Excuses Trump's Horrible Abortion Answer: "Amateur Politicians Should Get A Pass"

by JASmius

But wait a minute, Doc; I thought that ANYBODY could be president, the job is so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.  It's entry-level, it's effortless, no qualifications necessary, just grab somebody off the street, or hold a reality TV contest or lottery drawing to fill the position (which is essentially what the GOP is doing), because "they couldn't do any worse than the 'professional political establishment'".  Indeed, only an "outsider"....

....IS supposed to be "qualified," precisely because they don't know the first thing about politics and executive governance.

So when Jester Ben's well-dressed, empty-headed, full-of-himself boss stumbled down the stairs and pooped his pants on the most basic abortion question any bona fide pro-life candidate can get, it wasn't an epic disaster that will fill a thousand Hillary Clinton general election ads, it was the right answer because Donald Trump said it, the rules-re-writing answer, the OUTSIDER's answer that has already redefined pro-life rhetoric for all time going forward, right?

Not to hear "Gifted Hands" hypocritically and pathetically tell it:

“Bear in mind, I don’t believe that he was warned that that question was coming, and I don’t think he really had a chance to really think about it,” Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and former GOP presidential contender, told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Wednesday. [emphasis added]

What the [bleep]?  So Trump must be warned in advance of every question that is ever asked of him in all circumstances?  Including on abortion, which has been asked of every single Republican candidate at every level for the past forty three years?  And he's never thought about it nine months into his presidential bid?!?  The [bleep]?  We supposedly need an "outsider" in the highest office in the land but the bar has to be lowered to subterranean levels, even though it damn well won't be starting next January 20th?  Seriously?  [Bleep]ing [bleep]ity [bleep]-[bleep]!

“That happens very frequently, and you know, what you develop with experience is how to answer that in a way that is not definitive,” Carson said. “You know how politicians are. He has not really learned that — he’s not a politician.”… [emphasis added]

Bull[bleep].  The presidency isn't supposed to require on-the-job training, Doc.  ANYBODY can do it, remember?  If you're now finding, and/or admitting, otherwise, would it have killed Trump to do a little homework on the issue - like an actor rehearsing his lines - so that he could at least pretend to have some distinction between the pro-life stance, both his stubby-fingered-hands, his ass, and a flashlight?  This is GOP presidential candidate 101.  I've never sought elective office, and I know that much, for Chrissakes.

Carson, who has endorsed Trump, said that after that interview, Trump had time to huddle with his advisers and “come up with a more rational and informed type of answer.” [emphases added]

Recently, the Director accused me of harboring "anger and resentment" towards Donald Trump and his supporters.  I replied that I feel no such thing towards him or them, but rather that my disapprobation is comprised of rank incredulity combined with an acute impatience for suffering foolishness, and fools, willingly, much less gladly, and especially when I am told I must grant it and them "the benefit of the doubt" anyway with so much - the fate of the Republic itself, if you're a tiresome optimist and believe it still exists - at stake.  We're told that we must pretend that Trump is a conservative when it's incontrovertible that he is not; we're told to ignore or even celebrate his endless lies and dishonor and bullying and douchebaggery and other Clinton/Obama anti-character traits because "now we have a scoundrel of our own with whom we can 'win," like anybody with an "R" after their name will ever be allowed to do so by the various and sundry tentacles of the Left.  We're told that as bad as Trump might be, even he would "still be better than Hillary Clinton," when any objective assessment of a Trumpidency given the aforementioned factors clearly indicates that he would not be.  And we are told that the top job in national politics, the pinnacle, the American throne itself, not just can, but MUST be turned over to a rank-amateur who shit himself on the most basic question of the most oft-asked-about issue and only AFTERwards does he start preparing for it.

We will get a presidency in 24/7/365 crisis/damage control/drama mode, and we will LIKE it.

And now here comes Jester Ben to lamely ask for a mulligan.

[Bleep] you,  Ben.  Wake up and realize how you have completely debased yourself, your reputation, and everything you've ever claimed to stand for, and stop, for the love of God, STOP persisting in it on behalf of a leftwingnut charlatan that, even if he was genuine, is so godawful at the, yes, profession of politics that he makes Sharon Angle, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, and the infamous Christine O'Donnell look like the rightwing dream team.

I want to like and respect you again, Dr. Carson.  But you have to meet me at least halfway.  And that's impossible from the bottom of a hole that's entering Earth's upper mantle.

UPDATE: I can't wait to hear Carson's excuse for this one:

[Wisconsin Governor Scott] Walker endorsed Ted Cruz this week, citing his record as a “consistent conservative.” In response, Trump blasted Walker for ignoring a $2.2 billion deficit for his own political gain, and then refusing to raise taxes to cover the shortfall. “There’s a $2.2 billion deficit and the schools were going begging and everything was going begging because he didn’t want to raise taxes ’cause he was going to run for president,” Trump told radio host Michael Koolidge. “So instead of raising taxes, he cut back on schools, he cut back on highways, he cut back on a lot of things.” [emphases added]

i.e. Why didn't he do what Mary Burke would have done?  Oh, I don't know, Donnie, maybe because Walk is a conservative Republican and you'te not.

You know how when Obama goes "off-prompter" he tends to lapse into what he really believes?  Trump does that 24/7, daily exposing himself to be the liberal Democrat conman that he is, and a third or more of the Republican electorate swoons in rapturous adoration.  And the Director wonders why my blood pressure problem persists.

Exit quote from Captain Ed:

That’s not a messaging problem; it’s an identity problem. And it’s not Trump’s problem — it’s a challenge for the identity of the GOP and its voters.

As far as it being a Waterloo, that depends in large part on New York, Pennsylvania, and California, the biggest prizes on the primary calendar after Wisconsin. Trump’s throwback to Rockefeller Republicanism will probably play well in those States, while still leaving Trump very little chance of winning those States in the general election. If so, that will be a Waterloo for Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party, and what will follow may leave movement conservatives, fiscal discipline, and the prospect of limited government out in the cold for a long, long time. [emphases added]

Former Mexican Trump Employee Explains Candidate's Racism

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Barack Obama: The Great Pretender

posted by Douglas V. Gibbs

Personally, I don't think he is pretending.  He knows exactly what he's doing. . . is there a song about the Great Destructor?  The Great Chameleon?  The Great Fascist?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


By Allan McNew

White House employee Lakeisha White-Rice was finishing up working late one night in the summer of 1993. As she turned to enter the hallway she saw a man wearing only a wolf man mask and a fur cape walk past the door. Waiting for it, she sat down and listened. Directly, she heard Bill Clinton yelling “Bark like a dog!”, followed by Hillary's voice yapping “Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!”… The commotion went on for a long time, until Lakeisha muttered to herself “God damned Clintons” and left the White House for home with Hillary's barking ringing in hear ears.

Hillary has been involved in politics from an early age, beginning with the local Girl Scout troop – which held their meetings in a mysterious fraternal lodge, which also hosted separate weekly meetings of the Northern Democratic Electioneers and the Jefferson Davis Memorial Brigade. According to independent journalist Marvin J. Finklewitz, Jr., the only difference in all those ostensibly disparate meetings was whether or not white sheets and pointed hats were worn.

As a teenager, Hillary stumped for Democratic Alabama Governor George Wallace in the 1964 Democratic primary, then switched sides for Goldwater against Johnson in the general election.

After Clinton graduated from Riverdale Community College, she interned for the Nixon administration, where she coined the catch phrase “I am not a crook”, which Nixon appropriated as his own. Hillary played a key role in Watergate, where she securely incinerated files and audio tape.
Brought before the House Judiciary Committee, Clinton successfully filibustered House Judiciary Committee special counsel Jerry Zeifman during questioning, saying all she did was dispose of a little waste basket of used Kleenex from the Oval Office. Clinton maintained that it was a Republican plot to save Nixon by torpedoing herself.

Hillary came back to the public eye when some tabloid paparazzi shot film of her accompanying political strategist Lee Atwater on a number of occasions to Little Rock, Arkansas restaurants and theaters before and during the 1988 election campaign. However, those activities ceased about the time Atwater convinced Dukakis to take on Willie Horton as his Vice President, an essential part of the Northern Strategy to win the White House. Reliable sources have said she dumped Atwater because at that time Clinton couldn't stand the prospect of a black man having anything to do with the White House.

During the Clinton administration, Hillary was the back bone of the White House. She rousted Bill from his day job of renting out White House rooms and selling White House furniture, from a little kiosk at the front door of the White House, to sell her brain child NAFTA to Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Salinas had known Hillary from being an exchange student at her high school, and said no way was he going to let pinche Hillary rape his country with NAFTA, that he was
going to stand up to America like President Lazaro Cardenas did with the American oil companies during the depression. That is, until Slick Willie seduced Salinas with a substantial foreign aid grant for building hospitals to serve subsistence farming, indigenous inhabitants of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. The money disappeared as soon as it hit the Mexican government, and Salinas was effusively gracious in his support of NAFTA ever after.

During the transition between the Clinton and Bush administrations, Hillary drove one of the rental box trucks packed with what was left of the White House furniture and office equipment to a large swap meet event in New Jersey.

Hillary Rodham Clinton might have won the 2008 Democratic primary if it weren't for controversy stirred up by allegations that Clinton had unethically sought more campaign contributions from renown film maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula than is allowed under election law. The film
maker was eventually jailed on unrelated charges.

As Secretary of State during the first Obama administration, Clinton did a sterling job of international diplomacy. Having secured Vladamir Putin's docility with a “reset button” (“easy” button shoplifted from Staples, covered with duct tape and lettered with a magic marker), Clinton went on to engineer a peaceful Libyan transfer of government from evil dictatorship to a benign, sovereign, stable democracy packed with purple stained thumbs, with, as Clinton has repeatedly noted, no loss of American life. On a related note, Clinton has said that due to the excellent facilitation job in the deft transfer of power that Ambassador Stevens and special diplomatic assistants Smith, Doherty and
Woods did in Libya, they are now on a top secret team mission for which they will be incognito until well after the 2016 election.

Domestically, Clinton says that she just cannot fathom the Republican Congressional conspiracy to successfully co-opt the FBI of a Democratic administration to conduct a witch hunt investigation of about 500,000 documents on a personal laptop computer concerning her yoga classes from January 2009 to February 2013 while Secretary of State. Clinton disdains Congressional committee investigation into the matter, insisting “I am not a crook”.

On another note, in an exclusive interview with independent correspondent Marvin J. Finklewitz, Jr., Clinton explained her exclusive wear of pant suits: she simply rebelled against Bill insisting that she wear blue dresses everywhere they went, she always looked the same from one outing to the next.

As the old saying goes, the times they are a-changing. The Clintons solicited Democratic donors for the 1992 Presidential campaign with everyone drinking wine and smoking cigars while naked in the hot tub during negotiations. Bill Clinton recently approached some Silicone Valley, robber baron capitalist Democrats with an invite to the old hot tub for a talk. The reply was a little rough: if they were going to be naked discussing money with anyone in a hot tub, it would be California Democrats Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, President pro tempore of the State Senate Kevin de Leon and Governor Jerry Brown – in that order. If Bernie didn't make the nomination, they MIGHT consider donating to Hillary for quid pro quo, but no stinking way were they going to treat the Clintons to free wine from their own vineyards nor any free high dollar Cuban cigars, much less provide a hot tub for the occasion.

The Freedonia Edge Cliff Super Pac was recently poised to release a powerful pro Hillary 50 state political ad featuring a coiffed, talking pudendum which, approved by Hillary Clinton, confidently declared “THIS IS GOING TO THE WHITE HOUSE!” with HILLARY 2016 emblazoned on the bottom banner, an American flag in the upper left corner and Clinton's smiling picture in the upper right, but a reactionary adviser within the campaign killed it.

Demonstrating her ability to be politically flexible, Hillary has lately been liberally sprinkling her speeches with statements such as “I was born a poor black child”, “I'm an immigrant too”, “The Republican war on women… African Americans... minorities… immigrants... Mexicans… children… the elderly... the poor... poor minority Mexican immigrant African American children who happen to be elderly females...”, “I feel your pain...”, “I'm not a crook...”… … ...

However, at a recent Clinton rally in Shantyton, West Kentucky, Mrs. Fogglesworth, an elderly woman, had smuggled her lie detecting Pomeranian in the door and to the front-center row in her very large hand bag. Clinton barely got into her speech when the dog sounded the alarm: “Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!”…

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Editor's Note:  Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!Ar! Ar! Ar!

ISIS Hackers Attack New Jersey Police

by JASmius

Minnesota two weeks ago, New Jersey today, and at that rate, the entire country by next spring - assuming, of course, that that rate doesn't accelerate:

A group of Islamic State affiliates posted the names and addresses of dozens of New Jersey police officers on the web and encouraged the carrying out of "lone wolf" attacks on them, Newsweek reports.

The chilling breach of security occurred as a group called The Caliphate Cyber Army released personal details of fifty-five officers after hacking into the official website of the New Jersey Transit police.

"The lone wolves r hungry for yr [sic] blood," one of the alleged terrorists wrote in a tweet, according to Newsweek.

Here are the questions that need asking: Is there any level of government anywhere in this country that has not been completely cyber-looted and pillaged by this point?  And is cybersecurity just that hard, the CCA and other enemies just that superior at hacking, or do we simply suck that bad at stopping them?

And, of course, is the Obama Regime even really bothering to try?

One more: Is it not an implicitly telling sign of the times in which we live that everybody takes for granted that the jihadist "lone wolves" are already here and ready to launch these assassination strikes?

Red China Deploying World's Longest-Range Nuclear Missile

by JASmius

While the United States has not deployed a new ICBM in almost half a century and keeps having to test fire them to make sure that they still work, and America's destroyer keeps hosting "anti-nuclear proliferation" confabs, the Russians are deploying nuclear ballistic missile drone submarines, and now the ChiComms have added the longest range ICBM on the planet to their arsenal:

While Barack Obama prepares to meet [Red] China's [dictator] Xi Jinping at a nuclear security summit in Washington on Thursday, the Financial Times reports that a new generation of Chi[Comm] intercontinental ballistic missiles with a 14,500 km estimated range may come into service as early as this year.

The Financial Times reports the DF-41 would be the first Chi[Comm] missile that's not only capable of carrying multiple warheads, but can also strike any part of the U.S. from anywhere in [Red] China.

"Given the number of real reported tests, it is reasonable to speculate the DF-41 will be deployed to PLA Strategic Rocket Force bases in 2016," said Richard Fisher, senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Washington....

Fisher added that "we will see a period of rapid increases in the numbers of [Red] China's nuclear warheads that can reach the United States."

Funny how the more The One downsizes and disarms all branches and aspects of the U.S. military, the faster all our enemies - Russia, Red China, Iran, North Korea - keep building up their own.

Makes you wonder how long this endgame scenario can be staved off, if the White House were inclined to do the staving.

Why Does Trump Continue To Hide His Tax Returns?

by JASmius

Seriously, why?  And why a dozen years' worth of them?  I've never quite understood that reticence.

There are, of course, the theories; they might show that he is not, in fact, a billionaire but "merely" a millionaire, and that would supposedly undercut his "brand" as a "winner".  I've never bought that one because his net worth has never struck me as any more than a minor reason at best for the fanatical devotion of his followers, and as I've long maintained, since most of us have never had or seen millions, billions, or trillions of anything, such numbers are abtractions anyway.  Voters wouldn't sweat such details; they just know that Trump is unimaginably richer than they'll ever be.  Like it or hate it, the exact margin isn't going to matter.

Releasing his returns could expose what a crook and corrupt crony capitalist Trump is, but supposedly the first half dozen of the returns in question have not, ostensibly, landed him anywhere near the greybar hotel, something I would have thought the Obama IRS would have had great incentive to do in light of Hillary Clinton's Emailgate travails.  Maybe they're saving that for later this year as oppo research overkill,  But either way, Trump being a crook isn't exactly not common knowledge - priced into his "stock," as it were - and it hasn't made a damn bit of difference to the Trumplican hordes, other than perhaps to enhance their devotion on the grounds that "the IRS has come after him with all guns blazing as he's 'beaten' them".

And yet he still won't release his returns.  Why?

As with so many other reasons, Trump's answer seems to indicate that he really doesn't know himself:

Donald Trump's campaign released a letter from his tax attorneys Wednesday night saying Trump's tax returns have been "under continuous examination by the IRS since 2002," citing that as a reason for not releasing his returns to the public.

The letter, posted by Politico, from his attorneys, Sheri A. Dillon and William F. Nelson, said his returns from 2009 "and forward" are still being processed, and that is standard practice for "large and complex businesses." ...

"Examinations of your tax returns for 2002 through 2008 have been closed administratively by agreement with the IRS without assessment or payment, on a net basis, of any deficiency," said the letter.

That isn't an answer.  It's a statement of apparent fact unrelated to the question.  Simply because he has, or had, twelve years' worth of returns under audit doesn't mean he can't release the first half of them, at least.  Even the IRS itself has said that.  So there are no legal or administrative constraints preventing it.  So what gives?

Whatever it is, whether or not it's the "bombshell" that Mitt Romney mentioned a month ago, there's something fishy in those returns, because this letter's content is "internally inconsistent":

Dennis Brager, a tax lawyer in Los Angeles and former senior IRS trial attorney, told Bloomberg after reading the letter that its references to examinations for 2002 through 2008 that were closed and to later examinations that concerned matters in 2008 and earlier “contradict each other.”

Brager said it’s possible the issue under scrutiny involves a so-called timing loss, meaning that Trump might have declared a tax-deductible loss in one year that the IRS disallowed, then claimed it again in another year.

“The letter appears to be internally inconsistent,” Brager said.

So Trump double-dipped on an disallowed ordinary loss, as opposed to a capital loss, which has an annual ceiling but can be carried forward?  That would be a....complication.  Tax avoidance is legal, after all, while tax evasion is not.  Until that "complication" is resolved, which he probably doesn't know yet, and given who and what Trump is, of course he would want to keep it all under wraps and kick the can as far down the campaign road as he can.  Especially after Mitt Romney drew attention to it, not knowing the specifics of the issue in The Donald's case but knowing enough about such tax matters as a rich and successful businessman to recognize the general stench.

That would provide at least part of the "why".  But would that matter for the GOP nomination race, which is the only one Trump really cares about?  It's difficult to see it costing him any support he already has, given Trumplicans' tribalistic mentality:

The battery charge filed against Donald Trump's campaign manager is "outrageous" — "and I think it's politically motivated," former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said Wednesday.

"The tape, in my opinion, vindicates the campaign manager," Corey Lewandowski, he told radio talk-show host John Gambling. "It's wrong. I think it shouldn't stand.

"The mainstream media has to knock it off because they're inciting these things," Kerik added. "They're pushing it like he did something outrageously wrong — and I think that's wrong in itself."

1) Since when is Breitbart part of the "mainstream" media?

2) They tried to cover it up, going so far as to smear their reporter who both photographic and video evidence unequivocally shows was physically attacked by Corey Lewandowski, elsewise the battery charges would not have been filed .

3) What is it about Donald Trump that possesses erstwhile "conservatives" to turn into the same psychologically-projecting liberal animals who see what they want to see, call it "fact", and use it as a political truncheon against his opponents?  Why can't Kerik just admit the truth and urge Captain Comb-Over to do what he should have done three weeks ago and apologize to Michelle Fields and cut Lewandowski loose?  Cut his losses, in other words, rather than double down, grow the PR headache, and dig himself deeper out of nothing more than puerile "alpha male" ego and pride?

Maybe the answer is somewhere in all those unreleased returns.

No wonder he doesn't want to release them.  That might bring patent attorneys into the fray.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Great Cuba-Obamnesty Tie-In

by JASmius

This is what distinguishes Cubans on the immigration issue from other Latin Americans: Cubans are actually refugees. They're fleeing communist tyranny (that THEY never voted for, unlike the sixty two million purblind morons in this country that twice inflicted his infernal majesty on us) and consequently deserve political asylum, unlike other Hispanics/Latinos, who are just flooding northward to parasitically leech off what's left of the American economy and welfare state. And since their country remains a communist hellhole, and the only change has been that Barack Obama has now allied America with the Castro brothers, that dynamic hasn't changed.

Which is why I, ironically, find myself in opposition to Arizona-4 Representative Paul Gosar's bill to repeal the "wet foot/dry foot" Cuban political asylum provision along with its authorizing legislation, the Cuban Adjustment Act. The Border Crises, Obamnesty, and Obama's sellout to the Castro boys are not, not a single one of them, the fault of the oppressed Cuban people. Why should we not continue to aid them in emptying the enormous jail that is Cuba via the back door, and humiliate Barack Obama in the process?

To quote Rajesh Koothrappali after not comprehending why sleeping with Penny could ruin all of their friendships, "That's like ruining ice cream with chocolate sprinkles".

- Me, three months and thirteen days ago

I will admit that the above wasn't the angle from which I was going to compose this post, and the plight of the Cuban people does set them apart from other Latinos/Hispanics.  But it would also be folly not to acknowledge that this mass influx of Cuban illegals fits hand-in-glove with Barack Obama's demographic "fundamental transformation" gambit to change America from, as the Director has pointed out in the past, an Anglo-Saxon culture based on constitutionalism and individual liberty to a "Roman" culture based upon authoritarianism and state control.  To say nothing, of course, of how there's no reason, given the identical lawlessness of Cuban illegals as opposed to Cuban refugees, to believe that the former wouldn't pad the Democrat voters rolls just like Mexicans and Central Americans.

That factor is reinforced by the fact that the influx not only hasn't slowed down, but is ever accelerating:

With the Obama administration's effort to restore the United States government's diplomatic ties with Cuba has come an increase of Cuban [alien]s to America, according to a new report.

Fox News cites documents that show Cubans have flocked to the U.S. ever since Barack Obama said he would work to improve relations between the countries in December 2014.

Except for one quarter, the number of [alien]s from the island nation has risen steadily since the announcement. Fox reports that 5,770 Cubans came to the U.S. it the three months before the announcement, while the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015 saw 14,114 migrants come to America's borders....

"We are seeing an influx of Cubans at the Texas-Mexico border who are immediately admitted to this country and have an extremely fast pathway to citizenship," Representative Blake Farenthol (R-TX27) said, according to the Times.

The reason given for this influx - or, if you prefer, excuse - is that with the "normalization" of relations between the U.S. and Cuba (i.e. sellout to the Castro brothers), Cuban "migrants" fear that the political asylum gateway for easily entering and being allowed to stay here and fast-track to citizenship will be cut off.  And from The One's communist roots, one can see how that would make sense.

But like any good communist, O is a revolutionary, and he is trying to "fundamentally transform" the United Soviet Socialist States of Obamerikastan in every way, shape, and form imaginable.  And erasing the nation's borders and taking in the rest of the planet's population - the demographic deluge - via Obamnesty is a big part of that effort.  Consequently, why would anybody believe that he and his Regime would take any steps to reduce the incoming flood of illegal immigration, regardless of the source?  And yet the "migrant" tsunami continues.  So clearly the perceived incentives for it are not negative, but positive - not "they're going to cut us off," but "Fidel and Raul only promise us free stuff, Barry actually delivers!"

How do we distinguish between Cuban refugees and Cuban illegals?  It seems to me that the route they take to get here is a good filter.  Any willing to brave the ninety-mile crossing of the Florida Strait - being willing to take the risk and pay the price for what passes for freedom anymore - is a true refugee and should be welcomed with open arms.  Those taking the Castros' refuse chute through Ecuador joining the illegal stream northward to overrun our erased border is a freeloading parasite and should be kept out.