Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ruthless, cynical and cruel enemy.

Israel struck a building containing civilians, 37 of which are children, and even though they provided film footage proving that the enemy was firing rockets at Israel from beside this building, they are under immense attack by the liberal media.

Hezbollah, and Hamas, are terrorist groups. They don't play by the rules. They don't wear uniforms, and they use non-combatants as shields.

Qana is a hub for Hezbollah, and Israel asked the citizens to leave the area. Hezbollah made the people stay. The terrorists wanted this to happen. The terrorists designed it to happen. Islamic Terrorists are willing to sacrifice innocents to further their cause. Israel must attack the areas of Hezbollah activity. They must not stop until Hezbollah is destroyed, and unable to continue to attack Israel. Disarmament is not good enough. The enemy must be completely disabled.

My post indicating that "Radical Islamism is a bigger threat than Nazism" was also posted on a Forum I am a member of called Absolute Write. I was met with angry responses, one indicating that I would be best dressed in a straight jacket. These people of this forum accused me of being inflamatory against the poor, poor Muslim people.

Some of their responses included:

"Extremists of any flavor are dangerous. Including homegrown American ones. Probably especially those."

"...terrorist acts through history, carefully noting the overwhelming number of them committed by "homegrown american" terrorists. My god, when will the world wake up and just wipe us off the map?"

"...your ability to reduce ordinary ambivalence regarding enormously complex issues to so much frothing far-right bullsh*t never fails to completely amaze me."

"Best dial down the inflammatory rhetoric, or take it somewhere else."

"...your political ideology is seedy..."

Of course there was a couple (two to be exact) posters that defended me, and I appreciate them, but the response made me want to abandon my membership in that forum. However, I'm staying for the same reason that Kevin McCullough chose to air his conservative radio shows in Blue States. Take the fight to the liberals, and maybe some of it will stick.

The protesters attacking the UN building brought chills. The Venezuelan leader who is aligned with Castro is visiting Iran. Iran and Syria are the driving force behind this. Nobody is getting up and saying that it is Hezbollah, and in turn, Iran and Syria and all of radical Islamism, that caused those children to be killed in Qana. They are so busy trying to undermine the U.S. Government and our troops and anything that resembles support for Israel that they can't see the truth.

The Islamic Terrorists must be completely stopped. If they are not, Israel's existence is at risk, as is America's. That is the cold, hard truth.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

An extreme ideology that is a bigger threat than Nazism was

New Hezbollah rockets are raining down on Israel. Hezbollah launched a new kind of rocket yesterday making its deepest strike into Israel yet.

Hezbollah and Hamas must be disarmed. Israel should not have to tolerate having terrorist armies on their borders. Israel should not stop until Hezbollah is defeated.

This war that Israel finds herself waging is the same war America is fighting in Iraq. The enemies are the same Islamic terrorists backed by Syria and Iran, and the stakes are the same - whether Islamic totalitarianism or democracy will prevail.

Behind Syria and Iran is Russia and China, and so Israel must also rely on her ally, the United States of America. Yet, the liberal media that has been attempting to sabotage America's war in Iraq is not undermining the Israeli effort as well.

The American Press has said the following regarding this recently:

Item one: As Israel came under attack last week, the producer of a talk show on a major Washington D.C. radio station declared that because the existence of Israel was bringing us to the brink of nuclear war, he could no longer support Israel's right to exist.

This producer is a left-wing Jew.

Item two: Around the same time, the website Daily Kos, which is a power in the Democratic Party and is spearheading the campaign to unseat Joe Lieberman, posted an item headed, "Imagine a world without Israel." The subhead read, "Or is that not allowed?" This kind of hate-Israel sentiment is common on the left, and the left's influence is growing, especially in the Democratic Party.

David Horowitz calls Israel "the canary in the mine." The Islamic terror war against the United States mirrors its terror war against Israel, just as the left's attack on Israel mirrors its attack on America.

Just as Islamists accuse America of being the root cause of 9/11, so the left accuses Israel, a victim of fifty years of Arab wars to destroy it, of being the aggressor in the Middle East.

Item three: The cover of The Washington Post's magazine last Sunday was headlined, "Is the Israel Lobby Too Powerful?" The idea that Bush-Cheney-Rice and Rumsfeld are manipulated by a bunch of second and third tier Jews in the Administration is a modern-day version of the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion which provided a text for Hitler and claimed that Jews ruled the world. But today it is entering the mainstream of liberal thought at an alarming speed.
Part of the reason this kind of anti-Israel, anti-American propaganda has traction is that people are woefully in the dark when it comes to the nature of the enemy we face.

Muslim and radical fanatics and haters of America and Israel operating in the universities and the press, along with their liberal fellow travelers, have been preaching the gospel that the Palestinians and the terrorists are actually victims of the imperialism of the West, and that their heinous acts against humanity are legitimate expressions of hopelessness and despair.

Sounds like the argument Hitler used to convince the German people that all Jews must be slaughtered.

And then there is the link right here in America. Hezbollah is currently invading the United States from Mexico. These Hezbollah agents are coming across the border from Mexico with ease, and some could be coming across with weapons of mass destruction.

Some have been arrested and are currently in federal prison. One group is convicted for sending money back from Detroit to Hezbollah agents in Lebanon. There are Hezbollah sleeper cells in America right now!

We will take another attack if these Hezbollah agents are not all captured, and if the border is not sealed shut fast. The border problem is not about Civil Rights as the Illegals cry out - it is about protecting the citizens, men - women - and children - of the United States of America.

Radical Islam does not play by any rules. It is their goal, no matter how much you want to kid yourself otherwise, to destroy Israel and America. We have to defeat this extreme ideaology. It is a larger threat than Nazism was.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

World War III

A week ago on NBC's "Meet the Press," Newt Gingrich described the scale of terrorist attacks and plots, world conflicts, and the hostile declarations by rogue states and their pursuit of nuclear weapons as an emerging Third World War.

With the emergence of problems in India, the crisis regarding North Korea, attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel, the active political, financial, and military support of Iran and Syria, and the terrorism performed around the globe by the Islamic Terrorist Network, in addition to our own war on terror, I think that Mister Gingrich's assessment is correct.

And Iran is at the epicenter.

This is a Third World War, and the United States and her allies face a long war that includes, but is not limited to, battling with the irreconcilable radical wing of Islam.

Recently, in this war, these are some of the disturbing events that have unfolded:

--Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas is waging war against Israel in both southern Lebanon and Gaza.

--Seven bombings in Mumbai, India.

--North Korea launched seven missiles in deliberate contempt of repeated warnings from the United States, Japan and the United Nations Security Council

--Seven Americans were seen on video tape in Miami pledging allegiance to al Qaeda.

--A plot to bomb New York City subways and tunnels was discovered.

--18 Canadians were arrested for plotting terror with an explosive force twice of that used in the Oklahoma City bombing in a plan to blow up the Canadian parliament.

--The British Government has uncovered more than 20 major conspiracies by Islamic terrorists and as many as 1,200 potential terrorists now live in the United Kingdom.

And during this time of war and crisis, our own American media commits treason against the United States daily.

Americans must recognize that we, and all free people everywhere, are in a world war pitting free people against terrorists that wish to bring our world into a dark age with them in charge.

All of the worldwide terror is connected. It is a network. The bombings in India are related to the attacks on Israel. The attacks on Israel were designed to take our eyes off of Iran's nuclear aspirations. Want proof that it is all connected? Iran is erecting a statue of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in a gesture of alliace, and he is linked to Castro's efforts to weaken America. Suicide bombings in Iraq are further linked to efforts to kill thousands of civilians in Canada and New York.

There are more than 800 suicide bombers in Iraq alone. Several thousand over the last decade worldwide. Talking does not work against murderous terrorists, and anybody that undermines our effort to defend ourselves (yes, I am talking to you, New York Times and all of your liberal media cronies) needs to be prosecuted for treason against the United States of America.

By the way, have you heard about the University of Wisconsin professor teaching students that 9/11 is a conspiracy in which Bush had the government set off explosives to bring down the World Trade Center, and hired people to hijack the planes so that he had a reason to declare war on the Middle East? This professor is protected by his right of free speech. However, you know as well as I do, that if he had said anything about God in the classroom, he would have been fired.

In San Diego a federal court has ordered that the cross at Mt. Soledad be taken down.

Groups are demanding that plaques of the ten commandments be removed from all federal court houses.

I am shocked and dismayed that people honestly think that God is a larger threat to them than radical Islamic terrorists.

I stand with our troops. I support our president. I believe in the American way, freedom, and liberty.

Freedom isn't free. It must be defended continuously.

The enemy is currently actively seeking weapons of mass destruction with which to threaten the United States, and there is no amount of touchy-feely karma and enlightenment that is going to stop them. The global threat is going to return to the United States if we don't stop them now, where they are at, with our military might.

Americans must understand the nature and scale of the challenge we now face. We must stand firm. Stand strong. Stand against the enemy, or else freedom and liberty will be lost forever.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am proud of America - - but the liberal media would have you believe otherwise

I am proud of our troops.

The mainstream liberal media would rather you believe that U.S. troops in Iraq are guilty of oppression, murder, and that they oppose the war effort. The liberal media would have you believe that we are losing the war and our troops think so too. Fact is: Our troops are winning the war, regardless of the media's attemps to undermine the effort, or the New York Times' efforts to sabotage the war. Our troops are upholding the highest standards of decency and selflessness in their effort to free the Iraqi people from the tyranny of freedom-hating terrorist fanatics.

I am proud of Israel.

The conflict they find themselves in is simple to understand, though the liberal media claim that the Israeli Defense Force are the terrorists. The liberal press call the invasion "Israeli occupation," "an attempt to gain more Jewish settlements," "a cycle of violence perpetrated by Israel," "more proof of the rise of the Zionist Empire," and so forth. CNN actually has stated that Israel is acting "disproportionately" in responding to Hezbollah's attacks. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, said, "I condemn without reservations the attack in southern Lebanon." He went on to describe Israel's military response as "terrorism." As usual, the liberal press and liberal political worldview is sympathetic to terrorists, but has forgotten that Israel is only a tiny sliver of land amidst a vast sea of enemies. The liberals seem to forget that Israel is a nation of 7 million, with a military of about 200,000 personnel surrounded by Arab nations and other Muslim enemies of Israel (which does not necessarily mean every Arab and every Muslim) that desire the destruction of Israel. Iran, Syria, Al-Quaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinians, and a vast sea of other groups and nations support terror against Israel, and want the Jewish nation, and every Jewish person on the planet, annihilated. In 1947-48 the Arab states tried to destroy the tiny Jewish state as the United Nations worked at forming Israel. In 1967 a number of Arab nations tried to destroy Israel in the Six-Day War. Two months after that war the Arab countries convened in Sudan and announced on September 1, 1967 that regarding Israel there will be no peace, no recognition, and no negotiations. Six years later, in 1973, Egypt invaded the Israeli-held Sinai Peninsula, setting up a bull-crap treaty in 1978 that gave the entire oil-rich Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt. Then, three years later Sadat of Egypt was murdered by an Egyption Muslim Terrorist group, a move vocally supported by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, because Sadat deserved the death for doing the unforgiveable: he had recognized Israel and made peace with her. Israel aches for peace so bad that the Palestinians could probably have the West Bank and Gaza tomorrow if they and the Arab League recognized Israel, normalized relations, and renounced violence against the Jewish State. Give Israel peace, and Israel will give you land. They proved that with Egypt in 1978. Israel made such a promise to Arafat during the Clinton Administration, offering 97 percent of the West Bank and 3 percent of Israeli land in exchange for peace. Palestine's rejection of the offer was followed by Israeli citizens being routinely blown up by Palestinian terrorists. They don't want to share land with the Jews. They want "the pirate state of Israel" destroyed. They state that a true Arab wishes for Israel's demise, and will settle for no less. CNN is right, the war going on is disproportionate, but the disproportion is against Israel. I am glad that Israel is not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. They have every right to defend themselves.

I am disappointed that the liberal media has become a worse enemy to the United States than has the terrorists.

Radical Islam spreads terror because they hate us for our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and because we refuse to treat women as second-class citizens, we don't kill gays, and we are a free society. The liberal press claims to be our window into the news of the world, then acts recklessly in total disregard of our safety. Last December when the New York Times ran the story revealing that the NSA was conducting electronic surveillance of calls from suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists overseas to persons in the United States I was appalled. Not because of what the NSA was doing. I was appalled at the fact that an American News Agency would undermine a war effort during a critical time of the war. Then they printed the story about how we were tracking terrorists through their bank transactions. Again, the paper committed treason against the United States. And in these cases, along with a dozen others that I don't have time to talk about, the U.S. government asked the Times not to publish the story, and they did. But if the government prosecutes the press for this, they will use their power of brainwashing the people into believing more polls rating the president as a failure. Why does the Times, or any of the other Liberal News Agencies, do this? Do they hate America? Do they dislike their freedoms? Do they wish that we will be attacked again? The press is at war with Bush and our troops as we are at war with merciless enemies that could care less if they killed our children in a cowardly terrorist attack. The press is an enemy that must be contained. They must stop their treasonous activities. They must cease or we will lose our freedom.

And through this all, the Times stated that they are upset because they are being singled out.

What kind of lapse of logic are they suffering from? Are they truly that stupid?

Unfortunately, the answer is "Yes."

Islamic Terrorist Network of America

This is downright frightening.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting ready for an Israeli ground invasion

Hezbollah has rained down rockets on Haifa and other cities in Israel continuously of late.

On the Lebanese border Israeli tanks and troops are currently amassing there.

The Isreali Defense Force has stated there is not going to be a full-scale Isreali invasion. They don't want to push all the way to Beirut. There will be only limited operations aimed at disabling Hezbollah.

The goal is to stop Hezbollah from flinging rockets into Isreal and for the release of the two Isreali troops being held in Iran.

The Lebanese Army has not been strong enough to deal with Hezbollah, a group some claim is larger and stronger than Al-Quaeda (and is backed primarily by Iran), so Isreal must take care of them and prevent them from further pounding of cities in Israel.

The Isreali Ambassador claims that about half of Hezbollah's weapons and munitions have been destroyed.

John Bolton, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. states that the connection of Hezbollah to Iran and Syria should not be overlooked.

I agree.

Israel continues to claim that this is a war against Hezbollah only, and they have a right to wage this war since it is Hezbollah that has been attacking Israel.

Just because Syria was pushed out of Lebanon last year during the Cedar Revolution, this does not mean that Syria is not heavily involved.

Hezbollah has become a state within the state of Lebanon, and Lebanon is not strong enough to confront Hezbollah. Had Lebanon been strong enough in the past to deal with Hezbollah, then perhaps Israel's involvement would not have become necessary.

Fact is, Hezbollah has been attacking Israeli settlements and cities, and Israel must defend herself.

If I were the other nations, I would be backing up quickly, because Israel on the prowl will only mean defeat to any army that gets in Israel's way.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Life on this planet of ours

When life gives you lemons you toss them aside and grow a peach tree.

Waiting for circumstances to change so you can feel good is like looking in a mirror
waiting for your reflection to smile first.

I have been absent for a few days because my wife spent a couple days in the hospital, and I was there by her side (not sleeping or eating) the entire time. I love my wife and could not imaging a single day without her in my life. As much as the world situation continues to brew, and World War III lurks in the shadows, as Newt Gingrich would indicate, my life with my wife takes precidence. She is home, now, alive and confused after a situation that could have ended her life. She is one of the healthiest people I know, yet suddenly she has been struck down unexpectantly.

My dad has always said, "You are only as strong as your weakest link."

He's right.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

God Bless America.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel prowls against terrorism, Palestine, Syria, Iran. . .

Syria, and her ambassadors, are done with Beirut. Ja'afari, the Syrian Ambassador said, "We cannot go in, then go out and come in like mercenaries, it will not happen. But, we wish Lebanon well."

In turn, the Diplomat from Syria also stated that the Hezbollah attacks on Israeli soldiers did not warrant such a strong response from Jerusalem.

He also stated that Israel's nuclear installations could eventually be targeted by Hezbollah, later claiming that Syria knows of seven Isreli nuclear centers all over the country. He also stated that it was Syria's forced withdrawal from Lebanon (Syria had previously occupied Lebanon for 20 years) that has allowed the Hezbollah attacks on Israeli settlements, concluding that Washington bears some of the responsibility for the current escalation of tensions.

In turn, Iran's president warned Israel against extending its offensive in Lebanon to neighboring Syria, saying such a move would be regarded as an attack on the whole Islamic World.

Okay, I've had enough of this. Attacking Syria is an attack on the whole Islamic World? Like Syria is this innocent little country minding its own business, or something. When we moved in Afghanistan and Iraq I felt we should have also invaded Syria and Iran at that time, but everybody scoffed at what I said.

How about this? Attacking Israel is an attack on the whole Jewish World -- and the Arab nations have been doing that ever since Jacob and Esau's situation with Isaac over a bowl of soup! (You'll have to refer to the Old Testament to understand that statement, and honestly, I haven't the time to hold a sermon just now).

The Arab world calls Israel a pirate state, and occupying regime (West Bank and Gaza), and now Iran is calling on all Muslim countries to create a united front against Israel.

Oh, and the captured Israeli prisoners that this all started over are being transferred to Iran.

What kind of dog-caca is this?

I hope the world wakes up soon, or that Israel makes minced meat of the area (of which they are completely capable of) or else North Korea and Iraq and Osama will be the least of our worries. Nonetheless, Israel is our ally, our friend, and not only has a right to defend herself, but we should be there by her side through it all.

I guess it is finally time to crush the remaining dictators and terrorist sympathizers.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Democratic Party is now using images of flag draped coffins to raise money for their campaigns

Is it possible for the Democratic Party to stoop any lower?

  • see the ad here

  • The ad is typical liberal doom and gloom. They have obviously recognized that in order to have a chance to win any election times must be bad. The apocalypse must be upon us. The ad is filled with the flashes of high gas prices, hurricanes on the radar, and car bombings (presumably in Iraq).

    Here's the problem for the liberals -- things are actually going pretty well.

    The use of our dead soldiers for the purpose of raising money and trying to make the Republican Party look bad is disgusting. You just don't do that. It's wrong.

    But since when would the liberals know the difference between right and wrong?

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Terror Strikes India - the liberal press continues its idiocy - Superman no longer fights for the American Way

    Radical Islamic Terrorists struck a number of crowded trains and buses killing nearly 200 people yesterday near Bombay, India.

    These attacks are simply more evidence that Islam does not mean peace. In fact, the jihad warriors despise democracy, will do all that they can to resist it, and the idiots in the press (the BBC and NY Times included) fall for the propaganda spread by these people.

    Islamic terrorism and violence is provided for in their Koran. The promise of virgins in paradise to those who die killing the infidels encourages suicide bombings. They rejoice in the slaughter of Christians, Jews, Americans, and anybody else that dares resist them -- and then lie through their teeth to protect themselves, and break treaties in the process.

    And all the while the liberal press embraces the terrorists, claims that Bush is the real terrorist, and that our country is going into the toilet because of him.

    These very same journalists fail to mention that the economy is growing thanks to the Bush Tax Cuts three years ago, the federal deficit has shrunk a bit, and millions of new jobs have been created. They fail to notice the growth of democracy in Iraq. They forget about the fact that 500 WMD's have been found, only providing more proof justifying the war in Iraq. They fail to mention to the viewers while stating that millions of dollars are going into the war that the Iraq War is actually consuming far less of the U.S. GDP than other wars in the past. The liberal press denies that strong conservative leaders have been winning straw polls in state conventions around the country.

    It's nuts. They are nuts. Sometimes I think it is their goal to destroy America, and the American way.

    By the way, not that this is any surprise, but here's more evidence that the press and Hollywood nut-jobs are doing whatever they can to undermine America:

    The Original line of Superman was "truth, justice and the American Way."

    The new Superman movie cut out the words: "the American Way."

    Word is, Warner Brothers doesn't want to offend any foreign viewers with pro-U.S. sentiment.

    That's pretty sad when the left wing wack-jobs even have enough pull to pull the pride of being American out of a movie about a traditional, American comic book hero.

    Then again, what is the American way now? Thanks to the leftists, it is not what it was when Superman had flown by before. The new way is far from American. The new way is liberal, idiotic, and anti-American. I'm surprised they didn't decide to put a Koran in Superman's hand.

    The only thing that seems to remain the same is the fact that Superman's hidden identity is that of a newpaper journalist. Of course, as I have said before, that makes sense, because no one would ever guess that Superman works for a New York Newspaper during his non-hero hours -- simply because a journalist is exactly the opposite of a hero - and if anything, would probably print information that would lead to Superman's death if they could anyway.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    The presence of WMD's in Iraq

    Speaking to a liberal friend (hey, aside from his politics, he's a nice guy-- Besides, I have a new-age liberal cousin that would blow him out of the water with liberal idiocy) it seems those people (the liberal-minded, Bush hating wackoes) are still screaming "Bush lied to us. There were no WMD's. We have no business in Iraq because Bush lied to us."

    Did Bush lie to you?

    As I have stated before, when it comes to unreasonable dictators like Saddam, just because you don't find something doesn't mean it didn't exist. But here's the thing - on a number of occasions weapons of mass destruction were found (or used by Iraq) but in an attempt to support their "Bush lied" argument, the liberal media conveniently decided that the WMD in question was in fact not a WMD.


    When Saddam Hussein wanted to kill thousands of Kurds, he carpet-bombed them with chemical weapons.

    "Oh, but the Kurds were traitors to Iraq," my friend cried out. "Besides, those weren't technically weapons of mass destruction."

    You know, if we found WMD's that the liberals were willing to accept as being WMD's, you know they'd accuse Bush of planting them.

    Liberals tend to base their opinions on a fantasy world where facts have no bearing. Just ask Michael Moore.

    Hannity and Colmes stated that WMD's were found in their episode with Rep. Hoekstra. See it
  • HERE

  • And of course Colmes argues, first, the weapons were degraded, and second, they weren't the WMD's we went to war over.

    Has everyone forgotten the tons of natural and enriched unranium we found? Howabout the roadside bomb loaded with sarin gas near a U.S. military convoy in 2004?

    The book, DISINFORMATION by Richard Miniter indicates that the items listed above, as well as 1,500 gallons of chemical weapons, 1,000 radioactive materials (ideal for radioactive dirty bombs), and 17 chemical warheads (some containing cyclosarin, a nerve agent five times more powerful than sarin) were also found.

    On I found a list that reads like this:

    5,000 sarin-filled 122mm rockets
    44,500 liters of GB/GF
    120 liters of GB
    5,000 liters of D4
    1,100 liters of dichlorethane
    16.5 tones of thiodiglycol
    5.5 tons of mustard agent (an agent used often by Saddam, even in the presence of our troops)

    And also, remember Dick Cheney stating that we had satellite photos showing convoys of trucks heading to Syria.

    Must a WMD be detonated on top of a New York Times journalist for them to recognize the presence of the weapons?

    How obvious is obvious?

    Even if the above numbers are not completely accurate, the presence of the weapons are (and have been) undeniable.

    Senator Rick Santorum, R-Pa stated a couple weeks ago, "Since 2003, coalition forces have recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain degraded mustard and sarin nerve agent. . ."

    I don't know what else to say. Perhaps, as Anne Coulter said, the New York Times building needs to be hit before they realize that Iraq is a just war, terrorists have weapons of mass destruction, and you can't reason with the unreasonable.


    Friday, July 07, 2006

    A Promise to the Future

    Why do we combat the treasonous actions of the New York Times?

    Why do we support the spread of freedom to places such as Iraq?

    Why do we wage war against terrorism?

    Why are we outraged when the liberal media determines that 7 Marines and a Navy Corpsman are guilty before proven innocent?

    Why do we speak out regarding the challenges facing our nation?

    The answer is simply to leave the generations of the future with the best America that we can -- a safe, free, and prosperous America.

    Unfortunately, the media has not held up their end of the responsibilities of keeping America safe.

    If we are to preserve for our posterity the freedom and prosperity our ancestors preserved for us, we must continue to assert our outrage against the barbarism of our enemies, and against the treasonous actions of the New York Times and the rest of the liberal media. Our outrage must create resolution through action -- we must continue to fight against the liberal lie -- we must continue to be outraged -- we must continue to follow the path to victory. For the sake of the coming American generations of the future - our children and their children - we can accept no less.

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    First they fire the missiles, and now North Korea mocks international criticism.

    North Korea doesn't care that nobody appreciates the threat they pose. In fact, they are threatening to fire off more rockets.

    In the face of nearly unanimous world condemnation of the seven missile tests on Wednesday, North Korea released a blustery statement declaring that it had the right to develop and test its weapons, and vowed unspecified retaliation against anyone who tries to stop it.

    This is proof that all of the talking that liberals and new agers preach doesn't do a thing. We've been talking all nicety to the North Koreans since during Clinton's years, and North Korea's response is to become nuclear capable and to test a missile that could reach the U.S. west-coast mainland.

    For 13 years we have talked, and for 13 years the North Korean dictatorship has lied and hunkered down and continued to build nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

    The strategy of talking has failed.

    Liberals and activists want us to talk to the Islam Radicals, to Iran and Iraq, to the Chinese, and to North Korea. You can't reason with the unreasonable, and we can't afford failure regarding North Korea anymore.

    Though we have a missile defense system, it is not proven technology just yet, so we cannot afford to wait and attempt to shoot the next missile down after it is launched. America's actions must be decisive. We are faced with a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship acting in defiance of all of its international commitments. Talking time is over. Either they dismantle their missiles, or we must dismantle them ourselves.

    North Korea could take out a west coast city to impress us with how serious they are. Imagine the political fallout. Imagine how they would try to explain away that they allowed such a thing because Washington was trying to be prudent and cautious.

    Saving American lives and American cities is less risky than waiting for North Korea to launch a missile at us. I don't care how we do it, but we must take action and ensure that there are no more launches. It is a painful fact, and it is one that Washington must act upon.

    Pyongyang is an international outlaw and needs to be treated as such. Otherwise, if allowed to pursue his nuclear ambitions, he will be a nuclear model for other dangerous nations.

    There must be serious and effective economic sanctions applied to North Korea. And we have to use our Navy, deploying our fleet within range of any missile that may be fired. We must arm the strategic missile defense visibly. We must make it clear to North Korea that we will destroy any missile deployed by them, and we will destroy it over their territory. We must convince them that we will not tolerate anymore breaches in anymore of their international agreements. Strong resolve and iron will is the strongest deterrent. Peace through strength. . . not a bunch of talking.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    I'm Back from the Oregon Coast, and man, what a trip. . .

    oregon06 Posted by Picasa

    See that big smile? It's called the joy of paradise. The house is in the hills surrounded by forest, and five minutes from the harbor. When the time comes, and that may be very soon, we will move up there permanently. Tonight, after I have calmed down, rested, and realized I'm back in Southern California where it is too hot, too smoggy, too crowded, and there are too many illegals runnin' around, I'll have an article for you about North Korea's 7 missile test-launches. . . as well as comments on a few other things going on in the world. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting my blog.