Saturday, June 30, 2007

Glasgow Airport in Scotland Target of Terror Attack!

Breaking News in Britain - A terror attack using an SUV on fire driven into a Glasgow Airport Terminal occured this morning. When the driver fled from the vehicle, carrying a gas cylinder, he was tackled by police. At least three people have been arrested. They were seen throwing cannisters by witnesses as the vehicle approached the airport. This follows an attempted attack in London I referred to in my last post. According to witnesses people were injured, but no reports of injuries have funneled through to the news media just yet.

The Glasgow Airport has been evacuated at this point.

Now, the Liberal Left's response (one such idiot used argument over at Jenn's Site) is going to be: "I thought taking the war to them will keep all the terror attacks in the Middle East?"

Well, here's the thing, my liberal friends: We were taking the war to the terrorists, but with all of the recent attempts at appeasement and withdrawal by the Left (not just the American Left, mind you) terrorists have been emboldened. Because of the liberal left's weakness, they are feeling stronger and more capable.

When I find out more I will post it.

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Friday, June 29, 2007


Hi, everybody, I made it home safely. Now, I wish I could go back to the Oregon Coast and stay - but responsibilities dictate I stay in Southern California for a while.

Anyhow, conversations with liberals (and reading certain sites that love to give me grief - you know who you are!) have made me laugh inside - such conversations normally do - but it really cracks me up how the Left loves to take what is said, misunderstand it, and twist it because you don't clarify enough. As a writer, I should know better.

Okay, before I lose you here, let me explain:

One of the cardinal rules of writing is to write with clarity. The writer has to remember that not all persons reading his or her writing fully comprehends all aspects of what is being said. In other words, don't assume the reader knows what you are talking about without you explaining it fully.

What makes it worse, the liberal left will actually take what you say, and simply attach their own commentary making it look as if you meant something you didn't mean. Liberal Trolls are especially good at this.

For example, if I indicate that I disagree with the anti-war crowd, conservatives know exactly what I mean. However, because liberals think in absolutes and literalisms when it comes to certain parts of language, to them if you disagree with the anti-war crowd, that makes you pro-war.

Nobody in their right mind is Pro-War!

However, conservatives know better than to underestimate the enemy. The left will argue that conservatives, then, have no faith in our country, if we think that the enemy could come here and destroy us from within. Once again, they have it all mixed up. Do I think the Jihadists will just suddenly come into this country and march across America like the Germans marched across France during the early portion of World War II? This is a different kind of war and a different kind of enemy. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of parallels to past enemies such as the Nazis in Germany, but Islamic Terror is unlike anything we have ever fought before. One thing, however, holds true. It is dangerous to leave rogue nations, like Saddam's Iraq, or Ahmadinejad's Iran, unchecked in their power. A brutal despotism like the factions that hide in these countries and use terror as their weapon become an infestation of internal violence and festering Anti-Western sentiment.

However, don't be fooled into believing that the chipping away at our innards that is today being performed by Islam will never become a collapse from within. They may not be able to destroy us from within immediately, but every civilization, when the enemy is left unchecked, has its breaking point.

The Liberal Left is uncomfortable with combat. Clinton proved it with his non-reaction to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Clinton failed to see that action against America for what it was - an act of war. Instead, and him being a lawyer I guess this should have been expected, Billy boy considered the attack to be a criminal action, rather than an act of war against our fine nation. And, like the liberals of today, Clinton did not see terrorism as an eminent threat that ought to be dealt with by force. He underestimated the terrorists. Had he understood the importance of standing up to the enemy when an act of war against the U.S. is propagated, 9/11 may have been avoided.

Clinton did not take terrorism seriously, and we paid the price for his inaction.

Bush could have considered 9/11 to be a criminal act like Clinton would have - but he didn't. He saw 9/11 for what it was - and outrage, and an act of war!

The attack on America on September 11, 2001 was a deliberate attack on America. It was an act of war by Islamic Terrorists acting out how they believed they should in a Holy Jihad. However, rather than being a part of a single nation, or axis of nations, the enemy took a new form. And President Bush recognized this, and declared that both terrorists and regimes that gave them safe harbor would be targets of America's War on Terror. The goal? To prevent terror from coming to America again through preventing regimes that sponsor terrorism to threaten us with weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, along the way, two things happened. Number one, Bush fell victim to the Liberal Propaganda Machine that used an old tactic called "Bush Lied." They used it on Daddy Bush too! Remember that whole "No New Taxes" fiasco? Began with the "Bush Lied" propaganda. They fail to mention that it was a Democratic Party sponsored piece of legislation, and Daddy Bush essentially signed it to enable other legislations to move through as well. Tokyo Rose used that tool of propaganda against our troops during World War II as well, proclaiming that they were fighting a war they couldn't win, and that their president lied to them about it.

Second, Bush allowed his idea of Globalism to undermine our ability to protect our nation through actions such as securing the borders.

Yes, I believe that the enemy is being highly underestimated by the Left, and that this is a war against an evil enemy. The enemy has shown that they are capable of targeting innocent civilians for murder, committing brutality against women, and often sending children to do their bidding. They have shown us that their hate for non-Muslims are stronger than their love for their own children - otherwise they would not use their children as human shields or send them out to die on the battlefield.

The Lefty Liberals say they condemn tyranny, but oppose decisive action against any government that sponsors terrorism, and the left refuses to actually condemn terrorism, instead blaming America for provoking any terror attacks.

The Constitution makes it clear that protecting the nation is the number one responsibility of the federal government, not the job of some international body (that would rather appease the enemy anyway) like the United Nations. The Left would rather appease the enemy and avoid force at all costs.

As a conservative I am not pro-war as the liberals would like people to believe, but I do recognize that the world is a dangerous place. The enemy has unfair advantages because they act as mercenaries who are willing to do business with any ruthless regime that will help them with training, funding and weapons. They are willing to come into places like the United States and lie dormant for years, exploiting the freedoms and good-natured hospitality of Americans while plotting to turn against the nation and destroy it. They have no value for the sanctity of human life. We can't afford to wait for the enemy to attack us again. We have to take the action to the enemy before they have the chance to strike again. We must be proactive in our war on terror, targeting both terrorism and the nations sponsoring them in order to preserve our national security.

In 1998 Clinton told America that Iraq under Saddam Hussein's rule was dangerous and that the United States needed to "attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs. . . " The left now has no memory that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, or that they used them against their neighbors and the Kurds at different times during the past.

I am a realist. I realize, though I don't like war, that war is a reality in this world because evil and tyranny conspires to use terror to force their ideology upon the world.

Unfortunately, Bush has fallen victim to the Politically Correct Anti-War fringe and has changed the War on Terror to a Police Action - and in the meantime has allowed his internationalist ambitions to overrun our need for security at the borders.

I, however, have not folded to the Left's propaganda machine. I recognize the Islamic Jihadists as being murderers of freedom loving peoples, as well as their own civilians. I recognize that we must have moral clarity in this War on Terror, and we must fight this war as a war, not some police action. We must hit the targets hard, we must close off any opportunities for the enemy to strike at us (like at the borders), and if profiling is necessary to keep us safe, we must do so. Terrorism is not finished by a long shot. In London, recently, the terrorists have shown that they are still capable of attempting terror attacks.

I believe that it is time to stop playing politics, and for the left to stop spending more time worrying about their propaganda and the election in 2008 than on doing what is necessary to give our intelligence community and military all the support they need to fight this war properly.

I don't like war, but I realize that it is necessary to protect this nation.

We mustn't be foolish and underestimate this enemy.

We must defend our nation from the Jihad that has been declared against The West.

I am a realist - and the reality is that the Islamic Jihadists wish to destroy us.

Is that clear enough for you?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fires and Floods and War, Oh My!

Over 200 homes have been lost to the fire in Lake Tahoe. Hundreds have been displaced by the flooding in Texas. The underlying message in the articles I read regarding these tragic situations is that Global Warming is the cause.

I think that it is pretty narcissistic of humanity to believe that little ol' us is capable of affecting the environment in this way - especially when considering that the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere equates out to about the same as the space a smashed fly takes up on your windshield.

Haven't we gone over this before? Science has determined that the cause of this warming trend is sunspot activity (holy cow! You mean it's the sun warming the planet? How amazing!). In fact, we should be celebrating. The warming trend will enable us to grow crops further north. We should be taking advantage of this wonderful turn in ecological events, rather than crying over something we can't do anything about. Cooling trends and warming trends of our planet Earth are totally natural, and was survived by mankind many times before.

And why is it that while the world political situation is going to Hell in a hand basket we are spending our time on the news talking about Global Warming and Paris Hilton? Seems idiotic to me. The War against the Jihadists, and the advances we've been making against the tyranny of terror ought to be the primary focus.

Here's something that amazes me. Liberals are proclaiming that 75% of the country is against our presence in Iraq, and most of those people wish us to bring the troops home. If that's the case, then how come the majority of the people I speak to (From Southern California to the Oregon Coast) at coffee houses, gas stations, and so forth, believe that it would be a mistake to cut and run from Iraq? And further more, if most folks desire us out of Iraq and believe in the Democratic Party's goal to bring the troops home, then why is the approval rating for Congress (now under Democratic control) only at 14%?

In fact, the only people that have disagreed with me about our need to keep the troops in Iraq was the Liberal Hippie at her "Spiritual Love" store in Bandon, Oregon, and a dude in a tie-dyed shirt on the beach in Brookings, Oregon. Even the people at the gas station just east of San Francisco agreed with me.

Hmmm, perhaps to find those 14% approval ratings people I needed to actually go into San Francisco.

Like that was going to happen!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Liberal Hippies, Rotten Friends, and the Global Climate Crisis

Sometimes when we go to the Oregon Coast at our little house in Brookings, we kick ourselves because we wind up doing what we do at home. So, yesterday, Mrs. Pistachio, myself, and my daughter took a road trip up the coast. On the way we stopped at a Dinosaur Park, a Safari, and wound up in a town called Bandon. Bandon is a small town (about a third of the population of Brookings) along the coast that has an "old town" area chock full of interesting shops. For some reason a shop with unique items attracted my wife and daughter, so we stepped in.

It didn't take me long to realize that it was a liberal-hippy shop.

The gal behind the counter and the gentleman beside her looked like transplants from Woodstock, though the exterior was a little more creased than it had been in past years, I am sure. And being the wonderful person I am, I brought up politics and Christianity. A fascinating conversation ensued (my wife urged me to give them Political Pistachio business cards I have) and I found that the liberal-hippies in Oregon are very different from those in California.

We did not agree on abortion - though she admitted that abortion is a bad thing. She just argued that despite the fact abortion is not good, a woman should still have the right to make the decision. Fair response.

Then she tells me that she disagrees with gun control, and is a gun owner herself. I told her that I believe in gun control in the sense that if it takes both hands to control your weapon, the shooter ought to apply such control.

After I returned to the house I got to talking to a friend about it and he grinned, nodded, and promptly changed the subject.

Then he says, "Don't talk about that stuff. In fact, sometimes I am just rotten. That's why they call me Rotten Rick! Or Reverend. It depends on how many beers I had.

I laughed as I guzzled down an Ice Cold Dr. Pepper.

Then I turned on the television to catch The Terminator on Bravo. A commercial that came up really caught my attention. "Live Earth" 9 countries, 100 bands - coming together to battle the Global Climate Crisis.

My research has determined that the Global Climate Crisis, better known as Global Warming is being perpetuated by the same folks that brought you the Global Cooling Crisis in the early 70's. These people have the unbelievable audacity to actually believe that our less than 1% contribution of greenhouse gases actually has played a part in the warming of Earth. And even funnier is that fact that they ignore the evidence that the warming is caused by the sun, not carbon footprints. In fact carbon dioxide is not causing the warming of the planet, the warming of the planet is causing an increase of carbon dioxide.

We'll talk more about that later.

I gotta go for now. Going hunting.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oregon Coast & Chemical Ali & The Oregonian

So, here I am on the Oregon Coast. It is so different here when compared to my home in Southern California. Traffic here means that one car was at the stop sign ahead of you. Congestion on the roadway means a deer crossed the road and a handful of cars slowed down for her.

This morning I had breakfast at a little restaurant overlooking the beach. The Pacific Ocean looks so different here. Crisp.

Last night I was on the radio with Paul Couturier on Independently Correct Radio. One of the issues he brought up was Chemical Ali being sentenced to hang.

This makes me happy.

Am I happy because a fellow human being is being put to death?

No. Because Ali is not a fellow human being. He is an animal that orchestrated, with Saddam Hussein, genocide. He is guilty of warcrimes, and crimes against humanity that proves that he is evil. Yes, I used the word "evil." There is no other word that can fully describe this notorious murderer.

Ask the Kurds.

I read up about Ali's sentencing in today's newspaper, the Oregonian. Was it on the front page? Of course not. The Oregonian, known for being liberal beyond compare, plastered on the front page a story about a soldier from Iraq that is the most severely wounded of all - paralyzed. Then they go on about the death tolls in Iraq of Americans, and how there are even more injured - don't get me wrong, death is an unfortunate part of war, and needs not be ignored, but they forget that we did not volunteer to be in this Jihad. The Jihadists pulled us into it. They committed an act of war against us, and rather than treat it like a minor criminal act, we have taken all of the terrorism against this nation as acts of war. If someone on the street punched me in the face I would wonder why, I would ask him to stop. But if he did it again, I would punch back. I would defend myself. That's what you do when the unreasonable attacks you. Especially when the lives of fellow Americans are at risk.

Oh, also on the front page was the incredible report that Oregon State, for the second year in a row, has won the College World Series. Congrats, Beavers.

What impressed me about the team is when they won they didn't just gather their gear and walk off the field. They waited until the team was gathered together around home plate, and then walked off the field as a team.

The Liberals should take note.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Heading up to Oregon, but first, a word from the Beach Girl!

Conservative Beach Girl sent me an e-mail this morning advising me of some truly hairy stuff going on regarding Muslims in America. She also let me know of a related post at Gates of Vienna (listened to the Baron on Andrea Shea King's show earlier this week, and the Baron came off as articulate and intelligent - - oops, can I use that word "articulate?")

Thanks, dear, for the heads up, as well as the cool post regarding my analogy: "Trying to take care of the amnesty problem without putting up the fence and enforcing the law is like bailing water out of a boat without plugging the hole."

Did you hear about Gitmo and the pressure to close the prison? Read my post on it over at American Pundit.

Also, read my post about Appeasing a Ruthless Enemy at My Point.
Tomorrow I will be guest on Independently Correct Radio, and Tuesday I will be on Daniel Myers Live. Perhaps while I am on those shows I'll tell you a little more about my house in Oregon, and the interesting story regarding how I received it.

And thank you to Jeff Edwards for being a fantastic guest on Political Pistachio Radio! Click his name to go to his site and get the book. Seriously, the book is fantastic!

For now, as I run out the door to begin the 16 hour drive to Brookings, Oregon, check out these pics from my past visits to paradise.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, BlogTalkRadio, in their infinite wisdom (due to Political Pistachio Radio's rapidly rising numbers and superior content) has placed my show on their featured show's list - where we will remain as long as the numbers continue to rise, and the content continues to be fresh and superior!

Political Pistachio Gets Torpedoed!

Jeff Edwards is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and an Anti-Submarine Warfare Specialist. He chased Soviet submarines during the Cold War, and launched cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf. His twenty-three year career spanned the globe. He is now an expert civilian consultant to the Naval Space Warfare Systems Center and the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Command, the Navy's think tank for high-tech undersea warfare.

Jeff Edwards is also the author of Torpedo, a book with a plot ripped from today's headlines. Torpedo was the winner of the 2005 Admiral Nimitz Award for Outstanding Naval Fiction from the Military Writers Society of America (a writers organization I am also a member of). Jeff Edwards is a member of both the Military Writers Society of America, and the American Authors Association(of which I am also a member of as well!). Saturday, June 23, 2007 he will be my guest on Political Pistachio Radio to talk about his book (which combines an accident at a nuclear power plant, and illegal arms deal, and a biological warfare attack to ignite a crisis that would pull Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. into an all-out war!), Torpedo, and the state of the art weaponry referred to in the book.

Tune in to the broadcast live at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, or catch the archive later right here at Political Pistachio. Call in to the show to ask him questions (646) 652-2940, or Yahoo Instant Message me (ID: douglasvgibbs).

Sunday, 6pm Pacific, June 24th, 2007 I will be the guest on Independently Correct Radio hosted by Paul Couturier to discuss the ferocity of my recent blog posts, and the Gay Marriage initiatives in Massachusetts.

Tuesday, 4pm Pacific, June 26th, 2007 I will be the co-host of Triple Threat on Daniel Myers Live radio show to discuss current events, and challenge the liberals with some conservative wisdom.

As an added note, My Point Radio is not going to broadcast on Saturdays directly following PPR for a while. Their upcoming schedule is as follows:

Jun 25, 6:00PM Pacific, Jun 28, 5:00PM Pacific, Jul 2, 6:00PM Pacific, Jul 5, 5:00PM Pacific, Jul 9, 6:00PM Pacific.

Also, Jenn of the Jungle from Screw Liberals dot com has her own show on Sundays at 2pm Pacific, so give it a listen. It's a little wacky, a little hard hitting, and a whole lot of fun.

Wednesday at 6pm Pacific check out my good friend at Political Vindication

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For the next week I will be at my little slice of heaven on the Oregon Coast - Gawfer's seen the pictures, he knows! Anyhow, be rest assured, I will still pay the local library a visit to post my articles, and check my e-mail! And those two shows I'm going to be a guest on will be from a wooden deck overlooking a marvelous landscape of American forest! Tune in to those two shows, you might hear a description of what I see, and why I'm there!

God Bless.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Screw the Mexicans and Their Flag Too

I guess the Mexicans expect people to treat their flag with a bit more dignity than they treat the flags of others, especially the American Flag. Mexicans have hung our Flag upside down have walked on it, burned it and have hung it below their flag in this country.

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The Liberal Left is good at accusing the Right of things without pulling their heads out of their butts first.

Example: A certain liberal that loves to post about me (he says it's because what I write provides so much fodder) said that I said I was against the war and for it in the same post. It took me a while to figure out what he meant. Then, when in a conversation with a liberal friend, the answer spewed out of my friend's mouth. Apparently when I say that I detest war, feel it is not a good thing, and I would prefer that we did not have to fight war - then say that I see this war against terror, and the battlefield in Iraq, as necessary in order to defend our liberty and way of life, that is seen by The Left as a contradiction.

Or how about when I said that Nifong needs to go to prison - he accused me of not wishing Nifong to go through due process. Obviously, I believe that he must have a fair trial. It is a given. I didn't think I needed to spell that out.

Then, later, after ranting about my Christian Values, he told me to shove my values up my ass.

Ann Coulter was right about the Left. Godless.

Okay, let's get back to the War on Terror - which is essentially a war against an ideology called "Islam" that has determined that you and I must be converted or be killed.

Evil has a way of becoming deadly if left to its own devices and not challenged by those that oppose them. I am speaking of the genocide in Cambodia, slaughters in Vietnam, Korea, and Red China, Stalin's mass murders, Hitler's concentration camps, Soviet domination of Eastern Europe until Reagan orchestrated the collapse of the USSR, and of course Saddam's reign of terror. Communism alone was responsible for over 94 million deaths, and the number is still rising. Liberals fail to recognize that this war on terror is more than what you see on the surface. It is a war of ideas and a test of wills. Right now Islam is playing offense and thanks to our appeasing liberal friends, America is currently on defense. You cannot merely react to terror, you must confront it and press forward where you can. The liberal cries for containment and detente is a recipe for failure. And as we bend over backwards for the invaders, we must remember before we let them get too cozy in our nation that throughout history the world's greatest powers have rarely been conquered from outside without first collapsing from within.

And one way to protect ourselves is to stop the bleeding at the border. One liberal once reminded me that none of the terrorists on 9/11 were here illegally. So? Does that mean we shouldn't worry about invaders and terrorists coming into America in that manner? Are liberals truly that stupid? Don't respond to that, the answer is obvious.

Relaxing our guard will be seen as weakness by the enemy, and a chance for them to expand further. As long as the Democrats keep trying to reason with these animals we are on a path to defeat. This is not me thinking that America can be taken over easily. I have a lot of faith in my country, but on the same token, I am not prepared to hand my nation to the Islamists on a silver platter. Liberals seem to refuse to accept that Islamism is by definition evil and oppressive, and will stop at nothing to bring the West down.

The liberals, when observing the conservative viewpoint of dealing with terror from a position of strength, sees the Right as bloodthirsty and militaristic. Fact is, the Islamists are playing us like a fiddle. They ignore the human rights violations that they themselves commit against their own people, and they could care less if we have a problem with their violent expansionism into Europe, Africa, and Asia. They have nothing to fear, because the appeasing Left in the West is doing their work for them when it comes to defeating the West from within. Liberal special interest groups, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party are all working together to thwart the progress of liberty in the world. The liberal peace movement claims that they are thinking of the children. Guess what, liberals? Those children have guns pointed at us too!

Does this mean that I believe we should be going around killing women and children? Not on your life. But I guarantee you, if a woman or child had a gun pointed at my head, I'd pull my own trigger.

Liberals are shocked when Conservatives condemn Islamism in purely ideological terms. They are abhorred by the very thought that The Right would dare say that the enemy has no moral core, believing that they have the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat, to achieve their goals. How dare we prefer, and claim to be better, the ideas that individual liberty, representative government, and the rule of law under God.

The Left is stunned that conservatives not only wish to defend ourselves against the tyranny of Islamic Terror, but wish to overthrow Islamism and disarm it in any way possible.

Conservative principles denounce the brutality of terror, and conservatives are angry at the Left for excusing and coddling Islamism. Fact is, Islamism's goal is world domination and the destruction of Western Values. The naive belief by liberalism that people are basically good and that society is to blame for their evils is idiotic. Talking with people who do evil allows them to do more evil. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. When a bully is bent on nothing other than your destruction, it is time to fight, and you must do it without hesitation, or you will be knocked on your ass.

I am not afraid to see the enemy for who they are. And I am not afraid to say the politically incorrect statement that America is essentially good, and our system is better than the system of those other nations. In the face of danger, we must defend ourselves. We cannot afford to misread Islamism. We cannot afford to abandon our values. And we cannot afford to listen to a Democrat led Congress that would rather wave a white flag of surrender. Their approval rating isn't 14% for nothing.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting it backwards when it comes to Mexico

Today I had to dig a job in Chula Vista, California, right next to the Mexican Border. I was on the road quite early, 4:30 am, so that I could get down there by seven in the morning. I arrived ten minutes after my target time.

Anyhow, I not only operate a trenching machine, but I also drive an eighteen-wheeler to transport my equipment. As I approached the border (my exit was to be the final exit before reaching the Mexican Border) the California Highway Patrol had set up an inspection station for big rigs on the right side of the road.

California, as well as the rest of our great nation, has stringent rules regarding rigs. But what I found fascinating is that they were inspecting the big rigs heading to Mexico to make sure they were up to standards, but there was no such inspection stop going the other way.

So let me get this straight. Rigs that are coming from an area that practices the safest standards need to be inspected once again, just as they may have been at any number of weigh stations on the way toward the border, but the ones coming from Mexico are not. And guess what? A number of the trucks coming down the opposite way from Mexico had Mexican license plates.

How safe were those vehicles? When was the last time they were inspected? And were there illegals hiding somewhere inside them?

Seems to me they had the inspection station on the wrong side of the road.

Oh, and the fence with razor wire between me and the border? There was a jacket flung over the top of it to protect the climbers from the evening's activities. The jacket remained, but who knows where the border jumpers were.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Salman Rushdie and dealing with the enemy

Salman Rushdie was knighted by the Queen of England. Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verses, drew a death order from Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989, ordering Muslims to kill the author because his novel "The Satanic Verses" allegedly insulted Islam.

How is the "Religion of Peace" responding?

With violence, of course.

This brings up an oft mentioned point here at Political Pistachio. The markers are clear. The Jihadists are unjust, and their mandate is to spread and infect nations around the world with their ideology. Liberals refuse to accept that an Islamic State that supports terror in any way is by definition evil and oppressive. The Islamists are watching us, and they see weakness in Congress's position of defeat. They will expand, as they have already in Gaza, while our guard is down.

The Jihadists will not tolerate Rushdie being knighted, much less his book continuing to be distributed. Yet, we are supposed to look the other way when the Islamists commit human rights atrocities against Jews and Christians.

The liberal left refuses to believe that this is a struggle of good versus evil. As unpolitically correct as it is to say, we have the better society, the better values, and the enemy desires to kill us because of what we represent. They have said so over and over. Jihadists are now poised to take over Pakistan (a nuclear nation) and Iran is working on gaining nuclear weapons.

Let me repeat: They have told us straight out that they wish to destroy us!

I had a fascinating conversation with someone not too long ago who exercised the ghosts of Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore. He proclaimed, based on what he learned (I use the word loosely) in the first 20 minutes of Moore's film. In a nut shell, he proclaimed that Bush allowed 9/11 to happen for his own financial interests.

Okay, let's say, hypothetically, that this was true. How much worse is it, then, with all of the signs pointing toward it, that the Democrats are not only allowing the next World War to commence, but is actually enabling it with their agenda of denial?

Let me state this clearly. We did not ask for the Jihad, it was put upon us. We did not volunteer to go to war, the Islamists proclaimed it upon us. Iraq is not a war, it is a battle of the much larger War on Terror. And if we don't do what it takes to defend ourselves, the Jihad will come again to America, and we will be defeated.

There is a liberal blogger that blogs about me regularly. He calls me nuts because I believe that it is a strong possibility that Jihad will return to America if we don't seal the border and continue to be on the offensive against Islamic Terror. And if we are hit, it will be these same liberals that will cry out why the president didn't do what it took to protect us. Understand, we are at war. Your civil rights are not being violated because the lines are longer at the airport, and because conservatives believe that breaking the law by crossing the border without permission should be stopped. During wartime profiling and extra security measures are necessary!

Why is this so hard for the left to understand?

Believe me when I say that if we do nothing, we will be attacked. If we take a defensive posture, we will be defeated. Yes, the greatest nation in the world can fall to the tyranny of Islam if we allow it. We must stand strong, united, and one nation under God!

And when the Jihad arrives, the liberals will be in shock. "How could the Islamists do such a thing?" they will ask.

Islam has a horrific history of violence. Their record for mass murder and atrocities is well-known and documented. Yet, liberalism will be surprised when Islamists once again show their capacity for evil.

Islamic Jihadists represent everything that America hates: Tyranny, agression, and a view that their ideology justifies virtually any action they take, no matter how ruthless and inhumane, to achieve its ends.

Libralism's naive approach to ignore the hostile nature of our Jihadist enemy, and the feeble attempt to negotiate and tame them with loving kindness, will enable the enemy to destroy us. Words are fine. Negotiations can only go so far. In the end, it is also necessary to "act." This is more than a war like the one we fought against Nazi Germany. This is a war that requires standing for the truth, and confronting evil. The purpose of Islamism is to destroy democracy, Israel, and Christianity. It is the goal of the Jihadists to convert the world into an Islamic Superstate. It doesn't matter whether or not you believe the Jihadists are truly capable of carrying out their agenda. We mustn't allow them to spread their terror any further. We must fight this enemy so that our children can inherit a free America, flourishing without the oppression of Islam, and unshackled by the burdens of big government.

I have faith in freedom. I have a passionate contempt for anyone that desires to destroy my nation. I believe that nobody has the right to commit any crime, lie, or cheat. That goes double for the illegal aliens and Islam.

God Bless.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

If I were a liberal. . .

My work boot came untied today. When it happened, I was on a grading tractor. Normally, I operate a trenching machine, but I had the opportunity to operate a different machine today, so I took advantage of it. After all, a tractor is much easier to operate, and as an American in today's society, aren't we always looking for the easiest tasks?

I looked down at my untied boot, wondering if I should even bend down and tie it. After all, things were moving quickly, and in my line of work, constant speed and non-stop work is the key. You stop for nothing, unless it benefits the forward progress of the operation.

If I were a liberal, I got to thinking, I wouldn't even consider tying my boot. Why would I? It wasn't my fault the damn thing came untied. In fact, I wouldn't even be wearing work boots if my employers did not require that I wear them.

But why stop there? In reality, is it really my employer that requires me to wear work boots, a hard hat, and long pants? Isn't the reason I have to wear that gear really the fault of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration?

OSHA is a government agency. In fact, it is a federal agency. So, essentially, the federal government requires me to wear this so-called safety equipment on the job, which means that I must wear work boots that are prone to coming untied.

And who is the leader of the Federal Government? That's right, George W. Bush. So, my work boot coming untied is ultimately Bush's fault, and if I were a liberal, I wouldn't tie my boot. And since the necessity of wearing such a boot is ultimately Bush's fault, and if I didn't have to wear such boot I wouldn't have to tie it in the first place, as a liberal I would have the legitimate belief that since it coming untied is not my fault, but it is Bush's fault, I should demand that a federal agency (FEMA?) send out a representative to tie the boot for me. And if they refuse to do so, and I should become injured because of my untied boot, it would be in my best interest to sue the Federal Government.

Of course, the government doesn't have a problem with illegals tying their own boots. Haven't you heard? The illegals are willing to do things that Americans just aren't willing to do, and besides, they probably double-knot their boots.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mike Nifong was let off easy - like most "evil" in the world

Mike Nifong was the Durham District Attorney that decided his political career was more important than a bunch of innocent Duke lacrosse players.

Nifong manipulated the investigation to help his chances in an upcoming election. Convicting a bunch of white lacrosse players for the rape of a black girl would have boosted his chances in an election where the black vote holds a lot of power. Problem was, the case was a sham. He lied. His misconduct included outright dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation. He knew that there was no DNA evidence connecting players to the woman accusing them of rape, but he was so hungry to find any evidence to link a lacrosse player to the accuser's story that he lied. As it turned out, the report of rape was a lie, and Nifong got caught.

Being disbarred for such an evil act (and yes, when you ruin these boys lives, or at least screw up their lives during this trial period and could have ruined their lives forever, because of narcissistic reasons, the word "evil" is appropriate) is hardly a just punishment for Nifong. The player's defense attorney will seek criminal contempt charges next week, and a federal rights investigation that could lead to putting this jerk in prison for a long time is not out of line. He deserves the full penalty of law.

This is a lesson for today regarding the war against terrorism, as well. Those who fail to acknowledge that there is evil out there, and that it needs to be dealt with in an aggressive manner, fail to recognize the true danger of letting evil off the hook. They wish to appease evil, characterizing it as a social problem, finding such activities to be the result of hard times, or childhood abuse, or whatever. Such a dismissal of evil is desensitizing this nation, enabling people to lose their appreciation for individual worth. In the end it spells disaster for a society, because we begin to forfeit our ability to make moral judgements. We will begin to renounce the moral authority of a just God in favor of moral relativism, redefining evil as a social or psychological ill.

It is a grave error to mistake evil for something that just springs up because of poor upbringing, or a case for an insanity plea. By doing this we face evil from a position of weakness, leaving us to misunderstand the nature of evil, and to misjudge what evil is truly capable of.

Liberals claim that the parallels between Islamism and Nazi Germany do not exist. Perhaps they are right. In fact, they are correct. Islamism is nothing like Nazism. If is far worse, and far more dangerous to our liberty and way of life. Peace is not the absence of conflict in the way that liberals recognize it to be. Peace is achieved when a people have the courage and the resolve to defend itself, keeping any enemy bent on a society's destruction from following through with their murderous plans. History teaches us that. The holocaust taught us that. Appeasement failed when Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler, and history demands that we never forget what happens when we lay down our arms and refuse to understand the nature of our enemy.

Liberals wish to apologize to the enemy, and make concessions for them. They minimize, deny, and discredit the factual atrocities and oppression caused by this new enemy. They forget that when it came to defeating the Nazis, and Soviet Russia, it took an American commitment to freedom to defeat these foes. America, and the free world, prevailed because of their willingness to confront the enemy, despite the liberal opposition and obstruction. Men like Roosevelt and Reagan had a basic faith in America and the freedom she represents.

Now, the Democratic Congress would rather pull our troops off of the battlefield during the fight, degenerating this nation into a spirit of pessimism and defeat. Doom and gloom, and the ultimate surrender to our enemies, is their agenda. They wish to convince us that the best America has to offer has passed, and the only way to survive is to turn ourselves into a socialistic province of a global economic and political entity. They blame America for the evil out there. They say that the violence in the Middle East is the fault of us being a superpower, and daring to stick our troops into the region. They wish to shift the American focus away from the evil of radical Islam and towards the so-called moral lapses of the United States. They are right on one point. We are guilty of moral lapses, but not from the kind of secular morality they offer, but from the Judeo-Christian moral values this nation was founded and built upon.

Undermining our moral vision, and failing to recognize evil when it is staring us in the face, has aided the United States in losing its ability to make moral arguments against evil. This radical, multi-cultural, agenda is leading to America's demise. I don't wish for multi-culturalism and diversity in my society. That leads to segregation, which I thought we eliminated after the civil rights movement. We are not Mexican-Americans, and Black-Americans, and Jewish-Americans, and White-Americans, and Asian-Americans, and Native Americans. We are AMERICANS. One people. And we must unite to defend this nation against an evil far worse than Nazism, Communism, and liberalism. Islamism is that evil, and the radical purveyors of this evil, using terror as their vehicle, must be defeated.

Islamism wishes to destroy our way of life, and they will stop at nothing to do it. Meanwhile, we pussyfoot around with Nifong, when the choice is obvious. Send him to prison, and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Secure the borders. Shutdown enemy facilities in the United States and in our freedom loving ally's nations, such as Islamberg in Upper New York State. Fight this enemy like they need to be fought against, and let them know that Americans do not back down, will not convert, and will fight to preserve our freedom!


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God Bless.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day

My father was a stranger to me. My stepdad was always there for me.
My father was a poor example. My stepdad showed me what being a man is about.
My father spent his years lost. My stepdad stepped up and made sure I was taken care of.
My father saw me once or twice a year. My stepdad made sure I always felt loved.
My father spent a lot of time with a bottle of beer in his hand. My stepdad spent a lot of time with responsibility on his mind, devising ways to live up to his responsibilities.
My father was not too fond of children. My stepdad was.

My father failed to be a father, but lucky for me my stepdad was twice the father I could ever hope to be.

Happy Father's Day to those fathers out there that make sacrifices for their children, teach by example, and are present for their children.

Fathers are the unsung heroes. On the shoulders of strong fathers a strong nation has been built.

God Bless.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

As Father's Day Approaches

Tonight, as I drove in from work, my son called me on the phone. Since the surgery to remove the cancer from his body he is now moving around pretty good. His spirit is up, after being crushed the day he first learned he had cancer. Now, he's back to playing video games, so I know he's feeling better.

The kid plays shoot-em-up games, normally, but his phone call to me was to inform me that he bought a new baseball video game, and he wished to challenge me to it. That's pretty much all I'll play, when it comes to video games - sports games - especially baseball.

At first I was going to tell him no, because I had a million things to do, and not enough time to do it. Then I got to thinking. All the kid wants to do is play a game with me - to spend time with his dad. Isn't that a part of what being a father is?

Sure, I work hard to put food on the table, and all that jazz, like a good dad is supposed to, I suppose. But as a father, it takes more. A father is supposed to be there for his children, not only to play video games, but for other things as well. A Dad is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the family, teaching his children through example, as well as with a strong set of values.

But somewhere along the line dads decided to start bailing out on their families. According to DivorceMag, the percentage of the population in 2000 that was married was 59%, down from 62% in 1990, 72% in 1970. The percentage of the population that was divorced in 2000 was 10%, up from 8% in 1990, 6% in 1980. And as divorce ravages our society, radical feminism uses their hatred of maleness to help strip father's rights. As far as these radicals are concerned, men are nothing more than sperm doners. In fact, it is the goal of the politically correct/radical feminism/far left crowd to eliminate the need for the traditional father as well as traditional relationships based on Judeo-Christian values by promoting gay marriage, sex education in school to promote alternative life styles and sexual promiscuity, the early sexualization of children, the promotion of pornography, death of the unborn by abortion (woman's right - no rights are allotted to the father to allow him to stop such a murderous practice because he isn't actually carrying the child), lowering the age of consent for intercourse, abolition of the important and essential position of fathers as role models and heads of families, the merits of an end to male circumcision, punitive taxation for two-parent single income earning families, and the inclusion of ALL women into the work force.

I, then, wish to show my appreciation of fathers that have not abandoned their families, and have been the spiritual leaders of their households. I salute men who have upheld their duties and responsibilities, contributing to the welfare of their family. I say thank you to those that hold respect and love for these fathers, agreeing that the father is an important part of a strong and healthy family.

I believe being a good father is difficult. It takes a man that puts duty, responsibility and obligation to God, family, and country first. The welfare of our nation begins with the welfare of our families. Stable homes and families produce better adjusted and stable children. Our society depends on strong fathers. Without men acting as good husbands and fathers, our future is dim.

God Bless our fathers. And, Happy Father's Day.

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By the way, my son and I enjoyed the video game together. We played while my daughter and wife went out to get their nails done together.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Iran is behind Fatah and Hamas increase of violence in Gaza Strip

Iran is instigating it.

Iran is funding and arming al-Qaeda. Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents. Iran has made it clear that they wish for Israel to be wiped off the map, and that they wish to conquer the West. This is the 1930's all over again. Bush has been accused in the past of allowing 9/11 to happen through is inaction by the Left, yet it is the same Left that is ignoring all of the signs now apparent regarding Iran.

Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler and it did not work. Germany then thrust the worl into the bloodiest war this world has ever seen. Now, Ahmadinejad threatens to do the same, and the idiot left says, "Do you really believe that they wish to come here and take us over? Talk about paranoid delusions."

The delusion is the denial that Iran, and radical Islam, wishes to convert us and kill us. Did you know that Ahmadinejad sent Bush a letter urging him to convert to Islam? Why would he do such a thing? Perhaps because in Islamic Law, before killing an infidel, they are required to give the infidel the opportunity to convert first.

Believe me when I say, Iran, and Radical Islam, is getting ready for the final push.

What's really scary is they may not have to do it through terror. We are giving in to Islam with all of the concessions we give them, that we are allowing them to change our society toward theirs from within. Don't believe me? Pay attention to what has been going on in Minnesota! Click Here to read one such article.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playing With The Enemy

Twenty years ago Ronald Reagan electrified millions of people behind the Iron Curtain when he demanded in a speech, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Sixty-seven years ago Gene Moore played baseball in Sesser, Illinois on a neighborhood team called the Egyptions. He was a big farm kid, six feet tall and only fifteen years old, when he was first noticed by a big league scout.

One year from now the story of Gene Moore will reach the big screen as a major motion picture. The movie is based on a book written by Gene's son, Gary W. Moore, titled: Playing With The Enemy.

After World War II the Cold War between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics commenced.

When World War II came to America in late 1941 in the form of an attack on Pearl Harbor, Gene Moore's baseball career was put on hold and he entered the United States Navy.

Nuclear tensions shaped society through the 1950's and 60's, marked by nuclear bombing drills where kids hid under their desks, and McCarthy searched for those that conspired with the enemy.

The reality of war shaped Gene Moore's life as he joined a special military baseball team created to entertain the troops in North Africa and played the game he loved as fighting loomed in the distance (eventually reaching the ball field and killing his centerfielder).

During the Cold War in East Berlin citizens feared secret police, enemy spies, and the stigma of Nazi Germany.

During World War II, after Gene Moore was no longer required to play baseball for the troops, he was sent to guard German prisoners of war in Louisiana, eventually teaching them to play baseball, and creating bonds that would last a lifetime.

During the 1980's communism was in crisis. Corruption had reached crippling levels. The technological revolution threatened to leave centrally planned economies permanently behind. Communism had failed its true believers. In East Germany, anger built until by 1989 five percent of German adults had taken the risk of being branded disloyal by requesting exit visas. Hungary began allowing East German tourists to slip through to the West, and it was becoming obvious, thanks to Reagan's strategies, that Marxism-Leninism would not be able to stay in place. Yet, despite the unrest, most Germans were still convinced that the prospect of a single Germany was a fantasy, even weeks before the wall fell.

May 13, 1983 Gene Moore passed away, leaving only clues about his past as it pertained to World War II and Baseball. Gene's wife was the only person that knew all of the details of Gene's remarkable life story, and it wasn't until much later that Gary W. Moore, his son, began putting the pieces together and began to write the book, Playing With The Enemy.

Communism became one of the numerous failures of history. Ronald Reagan first saw the Berlin Wall in 1978, and told his aide Peter Hannaford, "We've got to find a way to knock this thing down." After Reagan became president, he returned in 1982 and enraged the Soviets by taking a couple of ceremonial steps across a painted border line. Then, in 1987, he overruled his own State Department by giving the momentous speech in which he implored the general secretary directly to tear down the wall.

It wasn't until Gary W. Moore truly understood the history of his father's life that he was able to understand many of the shadowy incidents of his own past as they related to his father, Gene Moore. It was then that he truly understood the man he called father, and came to appreciate him in ways that he wished he could have told his father while he still walked the Earth.

It wasn't until after the tide of history changed and the Berlin Wall fell that we truly understood the reasons for Reagan's actions when dealing with the Soviets. The fallen Berlin Wall was both a vindication of the West's refusal to give in to the Soviets and a tribute to the spirit of those dissenters behind the Iron Curtain. Sadly, Russia is slipping back into authoritarianism.

The movie based on Gary W. Moore's book, Playing With The Enemy, will premiere in theaters on Fathers Day 2008, and the countdown begins on Political Pistachio Radio this Saturday. His publisher has authorized my radio show to give away two autographed copies of the book to two lucky listeners. To determine who receives these free copies I have devised a contest, and the two winners will win the two books. To be eligible to win simply submit questions you would like me to ask Gary W. Moore during the show, and the two best questions will receive a plug for their site and an autographed copy of Playing With The Enemy from the writer himself. Also, on the show, Ted Savas, Gary's publisher, will also be on the show, to give us insight on how he came to discover Gary and his fantastic story.

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Good Luck!

To see a video of Reagan's historic speech, CLICK HERE

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Albania's love of the U.S., and Kosovo's Desired Independence

The little nation of Albania has a history of being pro-American. The history of the tiny nation is full of it being dominated by outside empires and ideologies. After becoming a Roman Province, Albania was also ruled by the Byzantine Empire, as well as the Bulgarian and the Serbian Empire during various points during the Middle Ages.

From 1443 to 1468 Albania defended itself successfully against the invading Ottomans, which were the rulers of an Islamic empire poised to sweep across Europe. After 1468 resistance against the Ottomans continued with only moderate success until 1478, at which time the the loyalties and alliances created and nurtured in the region faltered and fell apart, and the Ottomans conquered the territory of Albania shortly after. Albanians, as part of the Ottoman Empire, fled to neighboring Italy. The majority of the Albanian population that remained converted to Islam under the threat of execution. Albania remained a part of the Ottoman Empire until 1912.

After World War I the nation faced being split up among its neighbors, but was rescued by the American President, Woodrow Wilson, who demanded that Albania must remain an independent nation. This lasted until World War II, when Albania was invaded by Italy, and annexed to Italy along with parts of Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Northern Greece. Albanian communists and nationalists actively fought against the Italian and German invasions in World War II. The communists took over the nation after World War II, gaining control of the government in November 1944. The Communist Party was originally created in Albania on November 8, 1941 with the help of Bolshevik Communist Parties, under the guidance of the Yugoslav Communist Party.

During the communist reign in Albania over 6000 Albanian citizens were executed for political reasons. The first major anti-communist protests took place in July 1990. Shortly after the communist regime made some cosmetic changes to the economy, hoping to gratify the citizens. At the end of 1990, after strong student protests and independent syndicated movements, the regime accepted a multiparty system. The first pluralist general elections were held on March 31, 1991, but the Communist Party won. Democratic parties accused the government of manipulation and called for new elections, which were held on March 22, 1992 and resulted in a democratic coalition coming to power.

In June of 1996 the Democratic Party won an absolute majority. The nation is largely secular, with a rich mixture of religions. Islam is the largest of the religions practicing in Albania, but currently co-exists peacefully with the other Christian and Jewish religions.

June 10, 2007, George W. Bush was enthusiastically welcomed as the first U.S. president to visit Albania. Even though Central and Eastern European nations are generally American-friendly, Bush's visit to Albania was met with gushing excitement. Even the war in Iraq is popular in Albania. The newspaper article I read about Bush's visit to Albania quotes one Albanian citizen as saying, "The U.S.A. has the right and the responsibility for all the world to protect freedom." Another was quoted as saying, in reference to protestors, that "these protestors are crazy, because democracy begins with America."

Albania has requested to be admitted to the European Union and NATO, which they hope will help the economy of the poor nation, as well as the safety of Albania. But the number one concern in Albania seems to be Kosovo, an ethnic Albanian province of Serbia. And Bush, during his visit to Albania, told the Albanians exactly what they wanted to hear, saying that he's running out of patience with Russia's objections to independence for Kosovo. "Sooner rather than later you've got to say `Enough's enough; Kosovo is independent."

I support a country driving for independence if such country is obviously under the dictatorial thumb of a foreign power, and not allowed to pursue its right to a democratic government and the basic tenets of liberty. But one wonders if granting Kosovo independence is truly a good idea.

Like Albania, the Kosovo region has been taken, retaken, and ruled by several empires. Technically, however, prior to 1945, Kosovo did not exist as a province or nation. Kosovo has been ethnically diverse throughout history, including Ladins, Turks, Roma, Bosniaks, Gorans, Jews, Janjevs, Serbs, and Albanians. During the early Middle Ages is twas ruled by Bulgaria and the Byantine Empire. Serbia has also seized control of the region a number of times in the past, as well as ruling over the province today. At one time the region also served as part of the Ottoman Empire. Following the First Balkan War of 1912, Kosovo was internationally recognised as a part of Serbia at the Treaty of London in May 1913. In 1918, Serbia became a part of the newly-formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Between the two World Wars the Yugoslav government tried to evacuate the Albanian population from Kosovo and Macedonia by sending them to Turkey and Albania and then recolonizing it with Serbs.

In 1974, with the passing of the Yugoslavia constitution, Kosovo gained virtual self-government. The province's government applied Albanian curriculum to Kosovo's schools. Throughout the 1980s tensions between the Albanian and Serb communities in the province escalated. The Albanian community in Kosovo called out for greater autonomy for Kosovo. Serbs prefered keeping close ties with the rest of Serbia. Kosovo has not shown any desire to unify with Albania itself, but Ethnic Albanians in the region have continually shown through organized protests that they wish for Kosovar independence as its own republic.

In 1989, the autonomy of Kosovo was drastically reduced by a Serbia-wide referendum.

The new constitution was strongly opposed by many of Serbia's national minorities, who saw it as a means of imposing ethnically-based centralized rule on the provinces. Kosovo's Albanians refused to participate in the referendum, portraying it as illegitimate.

Serbia has since cracked down on Kosovo, also disallowing the Albanian textbooks to remain in the region, as well as taking steps to control the media in the region. Kosovo Albanians were outraged by what they saw as an attack on their rights. Mass rioting and unrest from Albanians in February of 1990 led to a state of emergency being declared, and the presence of the Yugoslav Army and police was significantly increased to quell the unrest.

During Clinton's administration guerrilla warfare broke out in Kosovo, characterized by regular attacks on Yugoslav security forces, state officials and civilians known to openly support separatists. In March 1998, Yugoslav army units joined Serbian police to fight the separatists, using military force. In the months that followed, hundreds of Albanian civilians were killed and more than 500,000 fled their homes; most of these people were Albanian. Many Albanian families were forced to flee their homes at gunpoint, as a result of fighting between national security and Kosovar Liberation Army forces leading to expulsions by the security forces including associated paramilitary militias. An estimated 460,000 people had been displaced from March 1998 to the start of the NATO bombing campaign in March 1999.

The United Nations estimated that during the Kosovo War, nearly 640,000 Albanians fled or were expelled from Kosovo between March 1998 and the end of April 1999. Most of the refugees went to Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, or Montenegro. Government security forces confiscated and destroyed the documents and licence plates of many fleeing Albanians in what was widely regarded as an attempt to erase the identities of the refugees, the term "identity cleansing" being coined to denote this action. This made it difficult to distinguish with certainty the identity of returning refugees after the war.

The war ended on June 10, 1999 with the Serbian and Yugoslav governments signing the Kumanovo agreement which agreed to transfer governance of the province to the United Nations.

Large numbers of refugees from Kosovo still live in temporary camps and shelters in Serbia. In 2002, Serbia and Montenegro reported hosting 277,000 internally displaced people (the vast majority being Serbs and Roma from Kosovo), which included 201,641 persons displaced from Kosovo into Serbia, 29,451 displaced from Kosovo into Montenegro, and about 46,000 displaced within Kosovo itself, including 16,000 returning refugees unable to inhabit their original homes.

Since the end of the war, Kosovo has been a major source and destination country in the trafficking of women, women forced into prostitution and sexual slavery. The growth in the sex trade industry is believed by many as being fuelled by the presence of NATO forces in Kosovo, though it's difficult to say what the true cause is. The treaty allowing UN troops into Kosovo in 1999 stipulated that the province remains part of Serbia. However, in November 2005, a United States Department of State official hinted that the independence of Kosovo is possible, just that the Albanians "have to prove that they're worthy of it" and that negotiations on the status of the province would begin in January 2006.

Most of the province's Albanian inhabitants support the independence movement, as does Albania, while Serbs fear it would be a preliminary to further ethnic cleansing and the formation of a "Greater Albania".

Understanding the volatile history of the region makes one believe that Kosovar indpendence should be a no-brainer, but one wonders what it would do to the already unstable region. And considering that Kosovo is still technically a province of Serbia (and has been since the early 1900's) that is simply full of Albanians, it makes one wonder if by allowing Kosovo to become independent, shouldn't the same be granted to Northern Ireland, Quebec (who has actually hinted at such a number of times in history, desiring to become a "French Canadian Republic."), Vermont, San Francisco, and the Mexican dominated regions of the United States? Okay, perhaps I am being unreasonable, and it is true that each situation contains its own reasons and variables both pro and con regarding such a move. Perhaps some of these recommendations are truly silly and unnegotiable. Perhaps not.

But it does make one wonder what should be done with Kosovo.

Bush supports Kosovar independence. Albanians desire Kosovo to become an independent republic.

What say you?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yet another liberal manipulation disguised as good (breasts and burgers)

Liberalism endeavors to pursue what they believe is good. When they stand up on stage and proclaim the world they wish us to attain they say exactly what everyone desires. They wish for an end of misery and poverty, and promote the access of money and power and safety and equality for all. Who can argue with that? These are good things, on the surface. But because of basic human nature, none of them will ever be available for all.

So what is truly wrong with what the Liberal Democrats offer?

Don't we all wish for an end to war? Don't we all wish that nobody had to live in poverty? Don't we all really wish for everyone to receive an equal opportunity in this nation regardless of race, color, religion, sexual perversion, or brain mass?

This is how the liberals work. They go as far as they can go with wonderfully good intentions, and they tell you that all of these things can be accomplished, if only you allow the government to take complete control of your lives and make it the government's business on how we manage our lives so that we don't foolishly allow ourselves (since we, as individuals, can't be trusted to make any decent decisions) to become poverty stricken, war-mongering, selfish bigots. Now, this is where liberalism becomes truly wicked.

Liberalism (like socialism, communism, and a whole host of other "isms") started out with the intent to pursue good, but they have taken a wrong path, and they know it. There path is the pursuit of good in the wrong way.

And it all begins as a simple attempt to do some good. Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald has decided to zero in on Jeri Thompson (Fred Thompson's Wife) and her breasts. She comes off trying to sound like she is on the side of good. In her article she states, "What, exactly, is the message they’re sending? Why can’t they grow up and stop dressing like their granddaughters at the junior prom? We know women of substance - 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan and Democratic strategist Jane Fleming, to name just a couple - routinely spill over on network TV. The cleavage-industrial complex, obviously, has arrived." On Scarborough Country on CNN she made the statement, "No wives of Democrats are showing this kind of cleavage."

I agree, sexual innuendo or provocative dress has no business in politics or in view of the kids, but is this really what it is? Is Jeri really dressing in a provocative way?

Margery Eagan also states, "Does the heaving bosom play well among Bible Belt Republicans?" On Scarborough Country the journalist stated, "Is this the family values of the Republican Party?"

Margery Eagan doesn't really care if values are being upheld. This is a stab at conservatism. A chance for her to essentially say, "See? These conservatives aren't quite as conservative as you believe!" Liberals can't compete in a debate of ethics or substance, so they resort to this.

And while they are questioning how conservative conservatives truly are, the Left also uses what is disguised as good as a manipulation by government that I label as "control over the individual."

In California the State Assembly has voted to ban trans fats. Restaurants will no longer be able to prepare foods in oils, margarine and shortening that contain trans fats - or at least they have to do this by 2010. Sounds like a good idea, right? Hey, healthier food benefits all of us! Right?

But shouldn't we be allowed to make our own food choices? Shouldn't I have the choice to eat that greasy, sloppy, trans fat filled burger and fries every once in a while if I desire? Should government have so much control over my life that they can actually decide what I eat?

What's next? Are they going to ban sugar? Ice Cream? Soda pops?

The Liberal Left disguises their political moves as good, with good motives. In the end, it is all about control. Control over you and me. They truly believe we are too stupid to make our own choices, and mama government must do it all for us. Little things add up, my friends. Today cleavage and trans fats. Tomorrow it will be where you live, what you believe, and what you think.

Orwellian society is on the horizon, thanks to liberal insanity.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIGO is an old computer term. It means "Garbage In, Garbage Out." Essentially, what it means is that unlike humans, computers will unquestioningly process the most nonsensical of input data and produce nonsensical output. In today's hi-tech society the term is not as common since programs have become more sophisticated and now usually have "checks" built in to reject improper input. GIGO is often used in response to computer users who complain that a program did not "do the right thing," not realizing that they had simply given inaccurate input. Garbage In, Garbage Out is also commonly used to describe failures in human decision making due to faulty, incomplete, or imprecise data.

One of my favorite writers, C.S. Lewis, once wrote that ". . . wickedness, when you examine it, turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong way."

An example of such is the Liberal way of thinking. Liberals truly believe that America is a dark and dreadful place filled with all sorts of evils. They believe that the country is full of bigots and people who practice "hate" whenever they can. The government, as far as liberals are concerned, is populated by war-mongers and people who believe in the might of what is in their wallet more than how they can help divert the Global Warming tragedy from killing us all - after all, as everyone with half an enlightened brain knows, it's all humanity's fault in the first place!

So, to battle this evil (since the liberals, as far as they are concerned, are on the side of all that is good), the Liberals stand up for women's rights, gay rights, civil rights, Muslim rights, and Al Gore. Anyone not agreeing with them must be against a woman receiving a fair wage and equal treatment, is a gay-basher, a racist, a war-monger, and does not care that the world will be flooded by melting ice caps and the blood of dying polar bears sometime soon because of humans driving SUV's, using electricity, having babies, and breathing.

The liberals, in their own eyes, are the educated beacons of enlightened thought, and it is their duty to courageously stand up to the forces of Conservative evil and those radical Christians who wish to jam a Christian Theocracy down every one's throats.

They are in pursuit of "good," but not in the right way, and they are making their stands based on faulty data.

These liberal-elitists inhabit the Democratic Party, the majority of America's Universities, most television newsrooms, newspaper publication offices, publishing houses, and women's magazines, not even counting all of the other liberal crooks and crannies they squeeze their self-righteous butts into. Anybody that does not conform to their "better than those right-wing nutcakes" attitude, like Fox News and conservative bloggers like myself have less character than they do, and are determined to turn the clock back a hundred and fifty years when women had no rights, blacks were slaves, God was forced down everyone's throats (or at least that's what they think - they even think that Christians wish to bring back the Crusades!), and Mexico was getting their butt kicked by American Forces.

And the Liberal Left is good at spouting propaganda.

They spew out their garbage constantly.

Newspaper headlines like "U.S. Troop Death Toll Surging", or something like it, appear daily in our liberally-fueled newspapers - with no mention of the advancements provinces not under the hold of sectarian violence are making. Explosions on the streets of Baghdad are reported, but the measles shots given to thousands of children, and other humanitarian efforts by our heroic forces in Iraq are never addressed. The number of deaths in Iraq are splashed across the pages of our newspapers and on the screens of our television sets daily, but an article about the monumental dates of June 4 (Battle of Midway) and June 6 (D-Day, Normandy Invasion) during World War II did not appear in my local paper until June 7th, in a small article, tucked between "We Need Road Relief in the Southland" and "Denying the Theory of Evolution Provides Fallacy and Fear." The article about remembering those two significant dates was three paragraphs long.

In California, legislators are more interested in requiring the spaying or neutering of most dogs and cats, distributing condoms to inmates in state prisons, giving mothers up to 30 days to anonymously drop off an unwanted baby at hospitals or fire stations, requiring background checks on anyone wishing to purchase handgun ammunition, and adopting a health care program that enables all California citizens to be covered by a government run program paid by tax dollars (hmmmm, sounds like socialized medicine to me).

The news agencies are most interested in spreading "Hate Bush" propaganda, and linking anybody that approves of our troops being abroad as "Bush-bots" and "War-mongers," convincing everyone that humanity is at fault for Global Warming and if we don't change our ways we are all doomed (even though science has proven that the Earth goes through warming and cooling cycles and did long before the first SUV hit the road - and guess what? The sun causes the warming! What a concept!), and moving us closer to straight-out Marxist-style socialism.

Muslims are catered to as their counterparts plan the next attack on America while Christians are persecuted and hated for their faith.

And Americans are under attack by an invasion force from the south determined to defeat us by the sheer power of numbers. In my own experience, I actually got in trouble on the job because a Mexican-born co-worker told me that if I messed with him he would report me as racially harassing him (he said, "Who do you think they'll believe, White Boy? You? Or the poor Mexican?") When I reported him being verbally abusive to me, his supervisor, a week later, he pulled out the race-card, proclaimed that he said nothing and that I had slung racial remarks at him, and I haven't been able to shake that racist label ever since. Added note, my wife was born in Mexico, and recently became a naturalized citizen. I'm the last person that would spew racial bigotry against Mexicans, as well as any other people.

Garbage In.

Society is constantly bombarding us with garbage. Politically Correct Garbage. To disagree with them makes you a heretic and a bigot.

And we are bombarded with this garbage daily, as is our children in the school system, and on cable channels (especially on those propaganda machines that mask as music channels).

I once made the statement that if you told someone that the sky is red long enough, eventually, they would begin to believe you. The Left has been proclaiming that the sky is red for a long time, and now, all of that input of garbage is coming back out through the mouths of our politicians, professors, newscasters, and neighbors. The lies have become the truth. Wrong has become right. The little things have added up to the acceptance of the articles of the liberal conspiracy. Now the liberals control just about every facet of our media culture, except talk radio, and they are doing what they can to silence conservatives in the media with bills like "The Fairness Doctrine."

Garbage Out.

Liberals love weakness. It fuels their anger. It gives them a reason to fight the big bad conservatives who are against the little blue collar guy. And a large part of the population actually believes that crap.

And now folks are concerned that our moral values are going into the tank, so they have created their own set of values to combat it. They have decided to cram their own morality down our throat, because in their eyes, we are too stupid to make the right decision.

Such an example is this: Have you heard of the movie, 28 Weeks Later? The movie is violent, disgusting, and scary as hell, so it's rated "R". Rated "R" movies can not be viewed by persons under the age of 17 without being accompanied by an adult. My daughter is sixteen. She will be 17 in five months. I decided that the movie was okay for her and her friend (approved by the other child's parents as well) to see, but my wife and I did not wish to see the same movie, again. So, we bought the kids their tickets, bought our own to see "Pirates", and walked the kids to their theater. A Movie Experience Employee (this happened at The Movie Experience Theater in Murrieta, California) stood at the door and asked if the kids were over 17, and if they were, they needed to show ID. When I indicated that they were under 17, she stated that I was required to watch the movie with them, or else they could not be admitted. After a talk with the Manager, at which time I even offered signing a paper and allowing a photo-copy of my ID indicating I approved of the kids seeing the movie, I decided to depart from the theater, and to never return. I told the manager that I found it offensive that the theater felt that they were a better judge than myself on what I should allow my children to see. Don't get me wrong, I am glad the kids can't just go into a rated "R" movie without my approval, but for me to be there, telling them I approve of it, even offering to sign a document and give them a copy of my identification, and them telling me, essentially, "too bad", was a perfect example of the liberal elitists forcing their version of morality upon me. I believe I am a better parent than they are - and how dare they tell me otherwise!

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Society has been fed garbage for so long by the liberal-progressive left that they have become bastions of the Leftist philosophy. They have decided that the conservative right must be silenced, Christians must be controlled, and that the Lefties are the experts on morality, and how to run our society. Self-reliance is bad, as far as they are concerned, and the masses are beginning to believe them.

Hillary said it herself! She wishes to move away from this "Do it on your own" society! It's time to work on changing the programming forced upon us by the liberal left back to Responsible Decision Making, and sensibility.

By the way, I am going to write a letter of displeasure to the theater, and the headquarters. Join me in flooding them with your displeasure over them deciding that they know better than myself in what my children can view.

The Movie Experience at Cal Oaks
41090 California Oaks Road
Murrieta, CA 92562

e-mail of the manager:

e-mail of Headquarters of The Movie Experience:


Added note: The episode of Political Pistachio Radio with Rob Ballister, author of "God Does Have a Sense of Humor" was fantastic. He will be in San Diego later today for a book signing at Cancer Survivorship: San Diego! Pay him a visit, buy his book.

God Bless.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Immigration Bill Fails

The Amnesty Bill offered by the Republicrats which would legalize millions of people who are in the U.S. unlawfully suffered a stunning setback in the Senate. So-called bipartisan compromise championed by President Bush, and criticized heavily by conservatives and liberals alike (for opposite reasons of course) failed a crucial test when it could not attract even a simple majority for its passage.

The defeat was the culmination of a long week of heavy debating which was not unlike the arduous process that went into crafting the bill.

Kennedy partnered with Republican Sen. Jon Kyl, the President, and a number of congressmen in an attempt to join conservative themes of tougher border security and limiting immigration with the liberal goal of legalizing those who are in the U.S. unlawfully and welcoming future border jumpers.

Ding Dong, the bill is dead, the bill is dead, the wicked bill is dead . . . for now.


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