Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hillary Clinton Proves She Worships Socialism - Take a Lesson from Venezuela, France, Germany, and failed Socialistic Societies, for God's Sake!

Children have a tendency of complaining all the time "That isn't fair!" The usual response from the parent is "Life isn't fair, my dear."

Socialism has asked the question many times, "What if we can make it fair."

Remember that old saying? "You may be able to make some of the people happy some of the time, but you'll never be able to make everybody happy all of the time."

The Liberal Left begs to differ. Proof?

Hillary's mouth.

Hillary has something she calls "income inequality," which is far from fair, as far as she is concerned. Her exact words are, "It's time to replace an 'on your own' society with a 'we're all in it together' society. I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none."

Special privileges? So instead you'd rather penalize folks for reaching the American Dream? This "on you own" society she refers to, in my book, is best called "self-reliance." I suppose she believes the Democrats are a bunch of Robin Hoods, and that it is their job to narrow the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

In other words, penalize those that worked their asses off to succeed; and pass on all of that pirate booty to those that lack vision and would rather subsist sitting on their butts and collecting government handouts. There is a name for such a system. It's called Socialism.

Then there's the Fairness Doctrine she likes so much, which in my opinion is a direct attempt to silence conservative talk radio.

Hey, Hillary! Check out what's going on in Venezuela!

A television station that has been critical of Hugo Chavez has been replaced by a Hugo-friendly state-funded channel (to obviously shut up the voice of dissent). The people began rioting over it, demanding freedom of speech and press. Hugo Chavez's answer? He targets a second TV station, and the riots have increased.

I am hoping for a coup.

Time will tell.

People, when they lose their liberty, will fight for it back - because the true "fairness" in life is the ability to be self-reliant. Socialism is a failed system. Just ask Europe.

sourceand second source regarding Venezuela.

And remember, Germany and France has recently elected Conservatives hoping to turn around their devastated socialistic economies - and past socialistic societies like the USSR have fallen, and Cuba's is seriously struggling. Socialism is a failed system. Competition, free commerce, and liberty is what people will always strive for.

By the Way, Paul Couturier (guest on Political Pistachio Radio a couple weeks ago) has his own show, and I called in. So does Jenn (and I called in on that one too!) Check 'em out!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Long ago, oh, about seven months ago, Jenn on My Point Radio chastised me (okay, maybe "chastised" is a harsh word, but you get the picture)for using the word "quagmire" in the first chapter of my book, "The Way of Deception". She cringed at the word, as if it belonged in a new category of profanity. What, I wondered, made her recoil as such from that word? At the time I figured it was that the word was a cliche to her, so I promptly followed her advice and struck that horrendous word from the book, and banished it from my vocabulary.

Over the course of the following seven months the word popped up regularly in conversation and on the evening news. Fascinatingly, it wasn't I that was uttering the now forsaken word, either. It was the Liberal Left. Every time I got into conversation with someone vehemently against the war in Iraq the word "quagmire" seemed to make its way into the conversation. Well, they would utter either "quagmire", or "catch-22".

For those that are not familiar with the term "catch-22" it was familiarized by writer Joseph Heller in his novel by the same name. Like "quagmire" the word basically means that in whatever direction you go to solve a situation, you are essentially screwed.

So, Jenn's aversion to "quagmire," I have finally realized, may have something to do with the Left's sudden love of using the word when referring to the battleground in Iraq.

But the true quagmire, in my opinion, is not the war in Iraq. Surely, if certain conditions were to take place, particularly in direct relation to the cells that are currently causing the violence that is now going on in that region, Victory would be attained sooner, rather than later. However, the true quagmire that currently exists is not one created and nurtured by George W. Bush in Iraq, as the members of the Liberal Left would have you believe, but one that they have created and nurtured themselves. This quagmire that the Liberal Left is using simply says that no matter what happens in the world, especially in reference to the War on Terror, that seems to be negative, is automatically Bush's fault, and anything positive that may occur is to remain simply unmentioned.

This liberally fed quagmire dictates that if ever there is another terrorist attack on America it is W's (and the conservative right's) fault for whatever happened. They will point out what they claim to be Bush's incompetence as a Commander in Chief, characterized by what they believe to be his reckless policies in Iraq. After all, in the liberal mind, terrorists would never dream of attacking us (again) if we had never gone into the Middle East with as much as a smirk on our faces. If we are attacked again they will also pull out of their hat "I thought the War in Iraq would keep them from attacking us, hmmmmm?" And if there's another attack involving airplanes, well they would accuse the Right of knowing about it ahead of time and claim that Bush did not do enough to avoid the attack. And if we are not attacked again, which I believe to be unlikely, then Bush wold be at fault for forcing Americans to lose Civil Liberties to guard us against an enemy that was never going to attack us in the first place.

And the Liberal Left will never let go of this quagmire, no matter what happens, because their campaign of blaming Bush for everything has worked so well in removing the possibility of any blame directed at them. The New York Times is off the hook for revealing sensitive government secrets, and CBS is off the hook for allowing Dan Rather to use falsified documents as evidence to propagate the liberal agenda against Bush. Heck, even the ACLU, in the minds of liberals, is off the hook for assisting the enemy, as well as is Cindy Sheehan (who suddenly decided she wants to be normal, LOL), Danny Glover and Michael Moore off the hook for consorting with the enemy. And Pelosi and Reid and all of the other far left Democrats are off the hook for attempting to undermine the United States Military and for their other treasonous activities. Why? Because everything is Bush's fault.

Heck, this blaming Bush for everything wrong propaganda campaign has worked so well that now they are using the same tactics when it comes to Global Warming. Whatever it is, if it pertains to weather or the planet, and if it's negative, it's the fault of Global Warming.

There is no argument you can use to convince them otherwise, and if you try to convince them otherwise, they will peg you as a narrow-minded heretic who has no compassion for the children, or our posterity.

In the end, the Liberal Left has decided that George W. Bush is worse than the terrorists, and that Al Gore is wiser than any scientist that disagrees with him.

Now that is what I call a "Quagmire."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on Chris and a post on the Star Spangled Banner

My son, Christopher, as many of you now know, has testicular cancer. Today I spent the entire day with him at the hospital going through tests and seeing his urologist. Today they advised us that this coming Friday, June 1st, they will perform the surgery to remove the cancerous mass. Your prayers have been so appreciated, and the e-mail and comment response has been wonderful. Thank you, my friends.

One of my future guests, Gary W. Moore, who will be on Political Pistachio Radio on June 16th has written a wonderful post about our National Anthem, and I thought you all would enjoy it. It is titled: A Forgotten Tradition?

P.S. Don't forget that Cary Cartter, Presidential Candidate for the Republican Ticket, will be my guest on the next Political Pistachio Radio show.

United States Marine Corps Memorial Day

Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Gave All

I stood there gazing down at my grandfather's grave, recently. My mother and I stopped by his grave as she drove me home from the hospital that my son was at that day. He is just a young man of 22 years, and he is battling cancer. On Tuesday he will be back in the hospital, hopefully to commence the procedure that will finally remove this cancer from his body.

My grandfather served in the Army-Air Forces during World War II as an M.P. in France. I can still remember his stories from my childhood about the war. Granted, some of the stories were not necessarily the God's honest truth, like the one about him punching Hitler in the nose, but that was the kind of man he was. He joked around when inside he hurt a little. He passed away a few years ago. His body is at rest at the Riverside National Cemetery in California. His soul rests with God. His honor resides in my memories of him.
My dad served in Vietnam. He was a helicopter door gunner with the United States Marine Corps. He doesn't talk about his military days much, though sometimes you'll catch him say a thing or two about his service. Most of the time when he speaks of his time in Vietnam it's not about the fighting he was a part of, or the carnage he saw. If he speaks of his time in the service at all it is usually about his friends he had in Vietnam and at Camp Pendleton, and how they looked out for each other while he was there in Vietnam. He also talks, sometimes, about what it was like when he returned from overseas. There was no thank you. There was no parade. He took a taxi from the airport, sat down on his mom's couch, and switched on the television. On that black and white screen flashed images of the place he had just been hours before. It was surreal to him, knowing that he still had friends over there in Vietnam. His sister noticed he was home after a while, screamed to the family about his arrival, and at that point he received the only true welcome home celebration he would get. He has told me that he didn't regret fighting, but it still bothers him to this day that Americans had turned away from the soldiers, and he never really received a "Welcome Home, thanks for your service." Last year I met a couple writers at a Military Writers Society of America function. One was the widow of a Navy Corpsman from the Vietnam War, another a Vietnamese orphan that had been pulled from the region as we departed in 1975, and adopted by American parents. Both of them, after me telling them about my dad, gave me their books for free, and autographed them to my dad, thanking him for his service and welcoming him home. When I gave the books to him for his birthday a week later, and I opened them up so that he could read what had been written in them, he didn't cry, but I could see in his eyes that he wanted to.

When I entered the United States Navy and stepped off the bus at bootcamp in Orlando, Florida in 1984 I was frightened. I wondered if my dad and grandpa felt the same way when they first stepped into the barracks that would be their home for the next few grueling weeks. I reasoned that they were probably much more frightened as young men, because unlike me after they graduated bootcamp they were sent off to war. As the heat from the Florida sun during the hottest part of summer beat down on me during my marches and push-ups on the asphalt grinder, I imagined them beside me, doing the push ups with me, cheering me on. Then, when I stepped across the quarterdeck of the USS Chandler, DDG-996 at NAS North Island in San Diego after completing my bootcamp and "A" School, I suddenly realized their pride and honor. I was humbled by the experiences I had endured, and of what lay ahead. I turned to those ghosts of memories beside me and I thanked them. Not only for their service, but for their sacrifice and their honor and their courage. I don't know if I have ever actually told my dad and my grandfather to their face before, though I believe I have, "Thank you." But it was then, in my uniform, saluting the Officer of the Deck as he granted me permission to come aboard that in my soul I thanked them, and I hurt for what they had to go through. I thanked them with tears welling up in my eyes because it was their sacrifices that made it possible for me to place myself in the same shoes on that quarterdeck. It was their sacrifices that allowed the people out there across the country to live free lives in the greatest nation in the world. It was their sacrifice, and all of the men and women before them and after them that enabled me to decide what I wished to do next, without worrying about whether or not the government would come down on me for it.

And now I watch those protesters that cry out against this Global War on Terror, and I forgive them. I don't forgive them because I condone their actions, or because I feel pity for them. I forgive them because they don't realize what they are doing. I forgive them because they don't understand the necessity of fighting for freedom, and fighting to maintain that freedom. I forgive them because the honor I hold inside as an American directs me to.

On this Memorial Day, 2007, I thank my fellow Americans that are out there fighting to preserve our liberty and keep this nation safe. I value your sacrifice, and I pray that you will come home safely. And if you perish during the fight, I pray for your family, and I thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice for your fellow Americans. And above all, on this Memorial Day, I remember you. I remember your service, and I remember the lives that have been lost not only on the battlefield, but also the Americans that perished on September 11, 2001, and in all of the other instances where those that love freedom were snuffed out by a sinister enemy.

I Remember You, and I Thank You.

God Bless.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Monuments To Heroes: A Pictorial Memorial Day Celebration

A pictorial celebration of Memorial Day: Monuments to the fallen, heroes all!

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As Memorial Day approaches. . .

let's remember our sailors and soldiers that have served in the past, present and those that will in the future. God Bless our military as they serve to keep this nation free.

As we approach Memorial Day let us remember our troops.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stemming the bleeding, and responding to idiocy

Two liberal trolls have frequented my site in the past, and now that they (for the most part) do not disrupt my blog anymore, their influence is still felt. I promised I wouldn't write about their inane blabberings anymore, since that is akin to feeding their neurosis, but one of them has really tipped the scales with heavy loads of B.S.

The video above was sent to me by a certain pussycat. She, I truly believe, deep down, means well, but has been so indoctrinated by the secular progressive wave that now sweeps our planet that she has lost her way.

Just an opinion.

The video is pleasant to watch. It gives me yearnings for the past, on how things once were. Innocence was a good thing, back then. Today it is scorned. It is better to see if the shoe fits, than to hold out and save yourself for love. Doing the right thing based on one's moral values was encouraged. World War II was still a recent memory and America was loved by its citizens. Now, pushing the envelope is the norm, seeing how much one can get away with. Christian values have become the enemy. Right is becoming wrong, and wrong becoming right.

Along the way from the age depicted in the above video, a little skirmish we know as the Vietnam War came along. France couldn't handle the conflict any longer, and handed it off to the United States of America. We, being the freedom loving beacon and defenders of liberty that we were, perhaps a little confident from our involvement in World War II, but a little wiser from Korea, decided to participate in Vietnam for the reason quoted by the veterans I know from that war to stop the commies from enslaving the peoples of South Vietnam. How hard could it be? Dig a few trenches, shoot a few North Vietnamese, and just the fear of the United States being present will win it. Right?

Trench warfare was a thing of the past. This enemy hid among the civilians, and used guerrilla warfare against us, making the war a little more difficult to fight. Then, a little thing called politics got involved. Fear of Soviet and Chinese retaliation forced our politicians into deciding that this should be a war fought on defense. Defend South Vietnam. Yeah, that was the ticket. Don't be offensive, just defend.

For those of you that play chess, you know that the best way to win the game is to have a good defense, but to be constantly on the offense, attacking often. To win a war a nation must go in to win it. And, this war was like nothing we had ever seen before. The enemy blended with the population and blended into the landscape. To be honest, to our surprise, they refused to play by the rules.

As the war lengthened, certain groups stateside began to protest against it, and for good reason. Due to our desire to remain on defense, the war was being drawn out, and our men were dying without accomplishing much. Also, the conflict in Vietnam became more politicized, to the point that in the end we wound up withdrawing with our tails between our legs. Worse of all, there were certain Americans that cheered our undeclared defeat. Fact is, we didn't lose it militarily. We lost that conflict politically.

Now, here we are in Iraq, and the Bush Administration, recognizing that Iraq was a large part of the al Qaeda network and a significant "behind the scenes" part of the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, decided to expand the theater of War on Terrorism to Iraq. Mind you, the war is not against the Iraqi people, but against the elements in that nation that supports groups like al Qaeda that desire to see America burned to the ground. And as in Vietnam, due to the uproar of world opinion in certain locales, and due to the moanings and groanings of the hippies left over from Vietnam, this war has lost its military aspects and has become a political beast.

A war cannot be won if it isn't being fought to be won.

This brings up my second liberal friend, Tom. Now he has been banned from Political Pistachio twice, and I asked him nicely with an e-mail to abide by that ban. He has reminded me that due to his "expertise" he is able to overcome any ban I place on him (which may or may not be true) but that he only commented because what I was saying on my blog to him was so preposterous that he couldn't withstand the temptation to begin commenting again. Then he launched a tirade on his own blog about me (and he writes about me often), but the recent one was so vicious and such a misrepresentation of what I say I just had to respond. Thank you SkydiveRick for advising me of Tom's rants about me on his blog.

I believe that our troops are being handcuffed by Bush. The President has become so worried about public opinion and political correctness that he has changed the campaign in Iraq from a military effort to a political game of Twister. In one of my posts I used the words "turn the desert sand into glass" which is an obvious reference to nuclear weapons. Well, when I said that, Tom went nuts. In fact, his exact words are that I am certifiably insane. He then put up a statistic, and was quick to show a source, that 18% of Americans believe that the U.S. should use nuclear weapons even if it has not suffered a nuclear attack.

Do I wish that we vaporize hundreds of thousands of ordinary people? Of course not. I don't know if we should consider such an action, but if it became necessary to protect our own nation, use of nuclear weapons may be an option. Though the dropping of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed many people, many more people in the long run were spared because the war was shortened by the bombing. The willingness to use atomic bombs on Japan forced them into surrendering.

However, such an action may not have the same results in this situation, because this enemy follows no rules, and will never surrender.

How easy we forget who we are fighting against. The Islamofascists will not stop when they believe they have enough land or when Israel is finally destroyed. Their goal is the world domination of Islam. They have said so themselves. Do you not believe them? We never believed that they would fly planes into our buildings in New York and into our Pentagon, either. Boy, were we wrong. Let's not be wrong again.

Tom, obsessed with me and my statements, also found a comment I made over at Rightwing Guy's site (and the reason he hasn't returned yet, Tom, is because he is still in training - in the military) where I said "World War III will be fought in the streets - Urban Guerrilla Warfare Style - of the United States. God Help Us."

Tom's response to that was that he thought I was crazy (he seems to use the words crazy, insane, and nuts often when referring to me) that I thought that Islamofascism would organize a Normandy-style invasion of America.

That is not what I said, Tom. I believe that an attack of that nature could happen from within. The enemy is already here. Did you not read about the Islamic training compound found in upstate New York? Read the book Magog 1982 Canceled about an attempt at that very style of warfare. However, the enemy may not have to resort to such military tactics. Why attack us militarily when they can simply change us from within as they are now? Thanks to liberal thinking, we bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims. You cry for separation of Church and State, Tom, but why is it that separation of Church and State does not apply to Islam? Why is it that schools are now accommodating them with prayer rugs and foot washing stations? Yet, if the Christian God is mentioned in the classroom it is the ultimate breach.

Christian Values is another hot topic with Tom. In fact, he believes that my statement that America was founded on Christian values is a complete lie and the rantings of the clinically insane.

People came to America from all over Europe (and eventually from all over the world) seeking primarily freedom of religion. Granted, in the beginning, copying what was pushed upon them in England, each of the colonies had "state" religions. Human nature sometimes does such things. The idea of freedom of religion was that anyone could practice their religion anywhere in this land. The government had no right to tell anyone what religion they must follow, and any particular religion (as did the Church of England in England) could not dictate to government what government must do based on religious belief. In short, based on this, I have never proclaimed that I believe our nation should be a theocracy. However, the images of Moses and the Ten Commandments are on our courthouses for a reason. Our very laws are based on Christian Moral Values. That cannot be denied. Christianity as a whole, mind you, not any of its individual religions (and dealing with the different sects of Christianity, none of which I am a member of, is a whole new discussion).

Thomas Jefferson, a theist, but not a Christian in any way, believed that people should have the right to follow the religion of their choice, and that the government had no right to control such practice. This is what spurned him to write the letter to the Danbury Baptist Congregational Conference in 1802, in response to their letter to him in 1801. This is where the words "separation of church and state" were first used. These words are not in the constitution, but many believe that the letter is an explanation of the first amendment. Anyway, if you read it carefully, it explains that government should be prohibited from any aid or endorsement to any religion. It does not mean that government should turn its back of the values used to help create this governmental system. You would think that being so absolute would be above the liberals, but unfortunately, that is what they are best at.

The rallying cry throughout World War II was "Remember Pearl Harbor." The memory of such an atrocious act against America kept us moving forward. We wound up fighting Germany and Italy as well, even though they were not technically a part of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We fought knowing that the security of our nation lay in the balance.

"Remember 9/11" has been forgotten. And this enemy we face is nothing like those of the past. They will follow us home if we let up in the fight. They will strike us here again, as they did on 9/11. Our war in their faces has held them back, for now. They may still strike us, even with us fighting them in the Middle East. Anything is possible, and I dare not underestimate this ruthless enemy. But this war in Iraq, which is nothing more than a battle that is part of the larger Global War on Terror, is for our security. Have we forgotten what happened in 2001 when they flew planes into the World Trade Center?

Another gripe of Tom's is my lack of sourcing. Most of what I talk about is common knowledge, or at least I thought so. What I say is my opinion. Do you want sources for my own opinion? Must I seek the approval of the internet for what I believe? Must a poll somewhere agree with me when I say that I believe our troops are handcuffed and need to be able to fight this war as a war ought to be fought? My thoughts and beliefs are mine. Every once in a while I will use a source when I deem necessary, but this is not science class or a term paper where all sources must be cited. This is my opinion and I will present it as I please. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Oh, and another misrepresentation of what I have said must be addressed. I stated in a recent post regarding my experience with the county health system regarding my son's recently diagnosed cancer (and I had to use this system once before with my wife at a time when we were caught without insurance for ourselves) that the system was set up for situations like my son's where the person is doing whatever they can to secure insurance, but the timing of the situation that arose placed him at the mercy of the state system; not for people who make a living of it and take advantage of the system with abuse after abuse. I said specifically "thanks to abuse of the system by some, and the overuse of the system by illegal aliens". . . and Tom responded with a thing about illegals not being able to apply for Medi-Cal or any other state program.

This is where you truly show you are not all there, Tom. I said the system was overrun by them, not that they qualify for such aid. In other words, so many illegals use the county hospitals and do not pay a cent, making the state programs and hospitals pay for the care, putting a squeeze on funds. My dad works for a hospital and is fully aware of how many illegals clog the system. You want sources? Read this one about the closure of 84 hospitals in California because of bankruptcy brought on specifically by illegal aliens clogging the system and receiving "free" care - and this, in turn, screws Americans who have the birth right for care!

In short, we disagree greatly on just about everything. Does that make me certifiably insane? You are a typical liberal. That is the response often. If you don't agree with the mentally unstable rantings of liberalism you are an insane heretical narrow-minded so-and-so. You make your points, I make mine. I make my points on my blog, you make yours on your blog. As tempted as I am to comment on your site, I don't because that is your house, and I am not an invited guest. Liberals like yourself are the guests. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and though I believe that you are dead-wrong, you have a right to believe and write what you may, just as I do. But think about it. Is it really wise to be on the field of battle against a ruthless enemy, then tell them you wish to quit, what the date is, and then walk away? Would that be truly wise? Bush is not all things to me. I disagree with him on a lot of things, but I will never disagree with defending this nation, securing this nation, and protecting this nation. I believe that Islamofascism is a viable enemy and must be dealt with directly. I do not believe we should sit on our hands with good intentions and wait for the next attack here in America, and then when another 9/11 style attack happens blame American policies for it. The Islamic ideology hates anything not Muslim, and wishes to stomp all over your "separation of church and state" and fuse government and their religion together at the White House. They will stop at nothing to try and accomplish this. Is it possible they can succeed? I don't know, but why give them a red carpet to try?

As for your statement that a "strong and secular America will never be subject to any foreign power", you are wrong. We are already becoming subject to two foreign powers through the bending over backwards to Islam and the bleeding of our border.

Oh, and in your "Asshat" comment about me, your reference to my manhood was unwarranted, and such statements regarding the length of a penis is normally uttered by those that suffer from such a shortness of manhood themselves. I am sorry for your affliction. Perhaps, despite your problem of shortness, you will find a woman (or maybe a man, in your case) that accepts you and your little problem.

Liberalism is not the way back to the wonders of life that we enjoyed as depicted in the above video, that is for sure. Liberalism is a one way ticket to enslavement, Government control, and a complete loss of individual self-reliance.

I, for one, am willing to defend my right to self-reliance and liberty. Are you?

God Bless.


And today Political Pistachio Radio addresses the Left's indoctrination of our children in the school system, and our guest has a lot to say on the subject. Tune in at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern for the live feed, or listen to the archive later. Call in to the show if you wish to join the conversation at (646) 652-2940, or Yahoo Instant Message me (ID: douglasvgibbs).


Oh, and one more thing. I've been guest blogging over at American Pundit over the weekend. Pay a visit and read what I've been writing. Also, I contribute to Without A Voice, and the site is finally starting to grow. If you have any offerings regarding the battle against the genocide of abortion, please let me know and I'll make sure it is put on the site.

Friday, May 25, 2007

We Need To Quit The UN Now! - oh, and Rosie quit.

According to a Fox News alert today there is evidence that the United Nations is feeding anti-American propaganda to North Korea. More on this when I receive the details - but really, what's so new about this? The Democrats and Secular Progressive Liberal Marxists cry that we went to war without the United Nation's blessing, but give me a break, do we really want the blessing of an organization that has proven over and over that our best interests are not their best interests, and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to undermine us?

We need to pull out of the United Nations, and we need to do it now. We are alone in our fight for sanity and freedom. The world is going to hell in a hand basket (don't get me wrong, we have many allies still, but the list is dwindling as the disease of socialism and Islam sweeps across the world), and we are blindly claiming to be friends with those holding knives pointed at our backs!

Oh, and in related news regarding traitors and haters of America, Rosie O'Donnell, apparently getting pissy because Elisabeth Hasselbeck put her in her place, is quitting The View early, rather than wait out that remaining three weeks that remains in her contract.

Apparently Wednesday's brawl was too much even for Rosie.

Elisabeth shrugged it off. Hasselbeck is truly a strong woman, able to deal with Rosie's neurosis for so long.

Unfortunately, as Jenn commented on the last article, the sad thing is the argument has smothered the fact that Rosie called our troops terrorists.

What? Did a liberal somewhere out there reading my blog just murmur that Rosie didn't call the troops terrorists?

Listen, goofball, whoever that liberal murmurer is, you unpatriotic America-hating Marxists constantly call Bush a terrorist, and the troops are performing their duties as instructed by the Commander in Cheif, so if you call Bush a terrorist, you are calling our brave men and women fighting this war terrorists too!

And I understand your socialistic liberty-killing agenda all too well! You wish to change America, and the liberal agenda is not happy just doing it through us adults, but through our children too.

Join my guest, Lee Culpepper, and myself (along with Mrs. Pistachio) tomorrow on Political Pistachio Radio as we discuss the indoctrination of the youth of America through secular progressive teachings. We will also discuss the voucher plan that has been so far defeated by liberalism out of fear that it may make our schools actually have to compete with private schools, the teacher that decided to show Brokeback Mountain to her 12 year old students in Chicago, the teen accused of a hatecrime and jailed without bail for distributing anti-gay pamphlets on campus, and a whole plethora of issues affecting both us and our children as it pertains to the agenda to change America!

Are you ready for the truth? On Political Pistachio Radio the truth will be told!

Our guest, Warren Lee Culpepper, is currently writing his first book, Alone and Unafraid: One Marine's Counterattack Inside the Walls of Public Education. Additionally, he is a contributing columnist for The North Carolina Conservative, MichNews, The HinzSight Report, The Publius' Forum, and Culpepper: Marine Teaching Maniac.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shadows bearing a Liberal Agenda

I sat down to write tonight's post hours ago. It is only now that the words finally came to me. The wheels in my head began turning last night when a fellow blogger told me that he can't buy into certain "conspiracy theories" that seem to revolve around the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. I agree, to a point. But we have a group that makes even these conspiratorial organizations seem like small bananas to worry about. The group now pushing a hidden agenda (that's not so hidden) is the liberal elites.

No, I don't believe that they are necessarily sitting around in dark corners and planning strategies to bring down America, per se, but I don't believe they have to. It comes naturally to them.

It is amazing how intolerant those "tolerant" liberals truly are against anyone willing to disagree with them, or anyone of Christian Faith. Liberals, or "progressives" as they like to call themselves (though I don't find them very progressive at all - if anything, they are pulling us into the inner-sanctum of Hell), are fueled by the educated professors of American Universities, the media elite (such as CNN, MSNBC, and the major networks), and Hollyweird who are big and powerful and perfectly happy to be dead-set against the big and the powerful. They abhor large business, they can't stand people that believe they are actually (imagine this?) smart enough to run their own lives through self-reliance, and they won't debate because Conservative America, in their eyes, is just too narrow minded to understand "enlightenment" and the "evolution" of society.

Or maybe it's because their debating ideals don't have a leg to stand on.

A large part of the Liberal Machine, after they realized that standing by the President may be harmful to their desire to take over the White House in 2008, couldn't wait to blame America for what happened on 9/11. Many of them truly believe that the cause of terror against our fine nation is the "fascism of the United States' foreign policy over the past decades." A fringe group of liberalism (that is now slowly convincing the rest of the lefty dimwits of this) actually began to preach that the attack on 9/11 was an "inside job" planned and executed by the Bush Administration so that there would be a good reason to go to war for oil!

Well, if it was for oil, seems to be working really well. How much are you paying at the pump? Three and a half bucks? Hmmmmm.

A friend of mine was saddened to see at a rock concert, even, that the American Flag was displayed upside down. These people truly believe that America stands for jingoism and vengeance and war.

And they don't understand that the War on Terror is larger than their feeble minds can realize. Iraq is not "the" war, but merely a battle in a war that will probably spread into surrounding nations, including Iran.

And it isn't really about war, or Islam, or oil. It is all about security. It is all about fighting an enemy that would be happy to bring the war back to the U.S. if given the chance (and may still hit us despite our efforts overseas, thanks to the defeatist attitude of our Congress which has emboldened the enemy).

And now idiots like Michael Moore and Danny Glover are rubbing elbows with other members of the enemy axis. That's right, Michael Moore (in his documentary on health care called "Sicko") states that Castro's Cuba has the best health care system in the world, and Danny Glover just received millions from Chavez of Venezuela to film his next movie.

And if you ask them about that 2000 Election (You know, the one where Gore and "chads" dominated the papers) liberals will tell you straight out that Bush "stole" that election.

Hey, idiots, this is America. It wasn't stolen. The American People voted Bush in. Narrow margin, but Bush won (a lesson to those of you that don't vote because you don't think your vote counts - if you and a few other conservative friends had voted, it wouldn't have been so close).

The Democratic Party has become dark and cynical, and though they are not hiding in the shadows planning the downfall of America, they actually are planning our fall in the shadows of their minds.

It is almost as if, since the first appearance of this lunacy called liberalism during Vietnam, the Democratic Liberal Party is suffering from some kind of mental disease.

A loyal reader and listener to Political Pistachio Radio, Phil, sent me an e-mail that explained some of the madness. The article he sent me explains that Democracy is doomed to fail. It is a temporary form of government. It states that a democracy will exist up to the time that voters realize that they can vote themselves generous gifts (hand-outs) from the public treasury. From that moment on the candidates promising the most gifts begins to win the votes, resulting in collapse due to a loose fiscal policy, which is followed by a dictatorship (and of course we know that socialism like the liberals desire can only be enforced by a stiffly controlled central government). The average age of the world's greatest democratic civilizations is about 200 years. During that time period the sequence goes as follows:

From bondage to spiritual faith (In America from religious bondage in England to Freedom of Religion here in America - and for those idiot liberals that try to convince me that America was founded on Secular ideals, even my daughter's history book admits that the Pilgrims primary reason for coming here was in search of religious freedom - hence the separation of church and state that Jefferson referred to, meaning that Government shall not control Religion or how we worship).

Then from spiritual faith to great courage (The early American Revolutionaries were courageous to say the least)

Then from courage to liberty.

Then from liberty to abundance.

Then from abundance to complacency.

Then from complacency to apathy (which is about where we are right now).

Then from apathy to dependence.

Then from dependence back into bondage.

And the liberal secular progressives are steering us in that direction in a rapid fire way.

And to give you an idea about who the people that want handouts vote for, Check this out. In the 2000 election Bush won in the areas of the nation where most of the land is owned by taxpaying citizens. Gore's voters were primarily from government-owned tenements and living off of various forms of government welfare.

Multi-culturalism is sending us into a dependency phase that believes in equal wealth distribution and equal treatment of all even if it means squashing anyone that opposes such a direction to achieve it.

And those that support this type of change to America have no problem with watching our fine nation vanish, becoming just another borderless province in a global environment. Funny thing is that as this is happening, a violent spiritual faith has their eyes on our destruction. Our very security depends on us remaining strong and a united nation. What the liberals desire is opening us up to being overrun by not only their agenda, but the agenda of Islamofascism, which in turn will eliminate the freedoms to practice the very things that the Left holds so dear (such as the freedom to speak freely, the freedom to question government, freedom of religion, freedom to have an abortion, freedom to be gay, etc.). They say that Christianity is the larger threat, but it is the Christians and conservatives and patriotic Americans that are fighting to keep us from dropping into a mode of dependency and defeat and loss of freedoms.

Fact is, in the end, the liberal secular progressive left has no desire to champion what is best for this country. They believe the U.S.A. is flawed, and to blame for the world's ills. They believe that the United States of America must be changed, and that what has worked for over 200 years is a flawed system. To push their point they are now rewriting history, claiming that America was founded on secular values and never had any intention to become what it is today.

But you and I are too smart to fall for that bull. That is why they began to lay off of us years ago, and began concentrating on our children. That's right, the indoctrination of our children in a fashion not much different than how the Nazi's did it, or the Soviets did it, is in full force. This Saturday my guest is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and a school teacher that recognizes as I do the indoctrination that is going on in our public school system. We will discuss this at length on Saturday, beginning at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. Tune in to Political Pistachio Radio to catch the show.

God Bless.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nuclear war on the View

Yes, Rosie, I do believe that you think our troops are terrorists! Elisabeth goes to war with Rosie, and Elisabeth kicks butt! You gotta watch this!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Star Spangled Banner and Lost Wars

If this doesn't make you bubble with American Pride, your are either dead, or lean so far to the left that you have hammers and sickles dancing in your head.

Monday, May 21, 2007

How Health Care, Immigration and Liberalism all connect

For those of you that have been following my blog, you are aware that my son has been recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and is due for surgery soon. For those of you that desire joining a blogroll designed for bloggers who wish to be active in the fight against cancer (and the prayer for those afflicted), go to and join GM Roper and myself in the fight.

My son is in an interesting situation, however. At 22 years of age he just began a new job and was still on probation when the cancer became too much to bare. Unfortunately, the pain stopped him from being on the job long enough to qualify for insurance. So, out of necessity, he is using the county hospital. In short, taxpayer funds will be instrumental in paying for his care.

It is situations such as this that governmental assistance was designed. It was for those that are hard working individuals that believe in self-reliance, but found themselves in the unexpected position of being without a job, or insurance, or whatever, that programs like medi-cal and such was created.

However, thanks to abuse of the system by some, and the overuse of the system by illegal aliens, the system has been bastardized into a bureaucracy that is out of control. And, because of the abuse of the system, someone like my son must wait a week and a half before he can have his surgery (despite the fact that time is of the essence).

The care is substandard, the timetable is frightening, and the facilities are not nearly as good as those at a private hospital. For those of you that support Universal Health Care, what my son is going through is nothing. With Universal Health Care the problem would be industry-wide and the wait would be longer as the quality of care drops.

Am I complaining? Not really. I am just happy he is able to get the care he needs, even if it isn't as I had hoped. It is an imperfect world.

But liberals are not happy with the problem as it is. Nor is Bush, for that matter. The politicians have come up with an amnesty bill that will create a larger problem in the government hospitals such as the one my son is forced to utilize.

The good news is the latest immigration bill is supported by fewer than 20 Senators, and it is receiving criticism from both sides of the aisle. And the bill is simply a cheap way out of not enforcing the law. How about the legislators admit they screwed up, quit trying to pass some idiotic bill like this that is designed really to gain the Hispanic vote, and enforce the law that is currently on the books by lining up bus by bus and driving these criminals (illegal aliens) out of the country?

Homeland Security is dependant on our nation having an enforced border. The proposed bill is a threat to our national security, our economic security, and is far from being an answer to our growing illegal alien invasion problem. Reagan granted amnesty (the only thing I ever disagreed with him on) and guess what? Twelve million new illegals replaced those that were granted amnesty. Do it again and what do you think will happen? 30 million will cross the border waiting for the next amnesty gift. Perhaps even more than that.

These people put a strain on our medical programs that are there for American Citizens such as my son, as well as the Social Security program. They didn't come here to seek the American Dream as did my ancestors or yours. They crossed the border because they believe that the American Government will take care of them, and cater to them, and hand out whatever they desire. And they believe that they deserve all of these handouts by breaking the law!

You want immigration reform? Here's mine. Severely penalize businesses that hire illegals. Do not grant any handouts to illegals. If an illegal shows up at a hospital, treat them, and then call the Feds to have them deported. If they show up again later, don't even treat them, call the Feds. And for God's sake, make the official language of this country English! When they went to give my son a brochure for his benefits, the woman couldn't find one in English, all of the brochures were in Spanish, and she quipped, "Gosh, I'm not used to needing the ones that are in English."

And why is our programs set up for folks that find themselves in a pickle being overrun by abuse? And why is it that illegals seem to have more rights than those that chose to immigrate the legal way?

Long ago the Republicans were considered to be the elitists, and the Democrats were supposed to be for the working man. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal reassured Americans that the government would help out if anyone found themselves in a pickle (Introduction to Marxism 101). FDR did warn, however, that the programs were for assistance, not to be used as a way of life. Republicans were White Collar, Democrats were Blue Collar, and the two parties worked together to keep this country running during the darkest days of the Great Depression, World War II, and Korea.

Then Conservatives reminded the American People of the states rights, and how local government should take care of local problems. Meanwhile, the Democrats became elitists, changing their fundamental ways from helping the working man to controlling the citizens. During the Vietnam war the educated liberals emerged, choking out the blue collar Democrats and adopting a platform that catered to gay rights, abortion, and hard-edged feminism. Liberals took a hard left turn, and many of your FDR Democrats didn't even notice. No they demonize our own military (as they did in Vietnam), and have decided that America is corrupt and must be changed by way of a socialistic face lift if we are to move forward.

It's one thing to be against certain platforms, and against the war, but how can they even justify being against their own country?

I am all for equality and fairness, and I don't appreciate war (though I recognize the necessity to defend ourselves against any more attacks - sort of like fighting cancer. You don't wait until it takes the body over, you attack it aggressively, making sure it doesn't spread everywhere) - but this shrill, angry intolerance is not how you achieve such things. And besides, fact is, we are not all equal, and life isn't fair. You make your own opportunities, and the harder you work the luckier you get.

For the liberals everything is about liberalism. Their agenda is all about the next election. They no longer care for the working man, American Pride, defending this nation, or folks like my son scared out of his mind because he has cancer. He would only receive their immediate attention if he was all Mexican (rather than half), came over illegally, and was bad-mouthed by a white person. Then, the ACLU and the Democrats would care greatly for him (especially if they could bash Christianity while they were at it).


Added note: The administrator of American Pundit has asked me to guest blog for him at his site May 24-29 since he has been called away on business. I plan to write a few quick posts a day there. If you're interested, check it out. I post there occasionally as it is, but this will be rapid fire posting.

another note: I also contribute occasionally on a few other sites. Check them out, you may bump into one of my posts, here's a few of them -

Conservative Crusader


My Point Radio


Without A Voice (getting ready to change to "Right On Life")

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the Religion of Science

Today is Sunday, so it's time for a little Sunday School.

Anderson Cooper of CNN has a series going on called "What is a Christian?" Fascinating subject matter, whether you are a believer or not.

Immediately, however, it was apparent that those producing and writing the segment did not understand what they were talking about (and the secular progressives accuse us of not having the facts straight). The show quoted Jerry Falwell as saying that Global Warming, for example, was redirecting the church's primary focus. Then Anderson Cooper inserted his own opinion, saying "redirecting the primary focus from gays and abortion."

To a Christian the primary focus is not those things. The primary focus to a Christian is God, and spreading His good news.

Okay, folks, I make it no secret that I am a Christian. I also make it no secret that I respect folks regardless of what they believe. However, I don't appreciate what I believe being misrepresented, or oppressed while the enemy's ideology is given the key to the nation.

In fact, the ideology of multiculturalism dictates that Christians must be silenced because they are "narrowly-focused" and that Islam must not be made to assimilate into our culture, but rather be allowed to cling proudly to their Islamic beliefs and traditions. The multiculturalist liberal believes we should embrace the enemy's belief system and respect their ways - not realizing that whatever we do in regards to the war on Islam there will continue to be more jihads. That is their belief system (note that Christianity's message is of love - that is "love" liberals, not stupidy. If a sword is at my throat, I will defend myself).

Anderson Cooper's show gets even more interesting as it progresses. He defends the removal of God from the classroom (using the misunderstanding of the Constitution's so-called seperation of church and state, which, of course, is not constitutional in the first place if you study it) and instead throwing Christianity out of the classroom and replacing it with a different religion - the religion of secular progressivism.

Or at this rate, the church and state fusion of Islam may replace all of this. After all, Muslims believe they can legitimately wage war against anyone who resists the proclamation of Islam. They believe that they have been commanded to fight against people, forcing their faith upon others with a sword, rather than through the love of the unsaved soul as with Christianity.

In the final segment of the show the science portion of it focuses on our genetic makeup as humans and begins proclaiming that the tendency to have faith is based on one's DNA, treating faith as if it is a disease, or something.

Well, gosh, if that was the case, the entire DNA of every Muslim is hardwired to be a violent fundamental murderer, or to support such actions (you know damn-well they were all dancing in the streets on 9/11 - I saw the video.)

Well, read the transcript of the show yourself and come to your own conclusions. The link is at the beginning of this post. All I know is, regardless of whether you are a believer in God, or a non-believing person, you have to admit that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values (liberals will tell you it was based on secularism, and then will use Turkey's drive to be secular as an example - and more Christians have been murdered under secular regimes in Turkey than under Islamic regimes, surprisingly; source: Islam Unveiled by Robert Spencer). Without values and consideration for each other, we become nothing more than a pack of animals chasing after our own demoralizations.

My guest next Saturday was a United States Marine, and now is a school teacher and fellow blogger. He is highly involved in the school system, and recognizes the agenda that is being pumped into our children. The public school system is being used by the secular progressives to indoctrinate our children, using their liberal belief system, sprinkled with a little bit of the environmentalist and homosexual agenda while they're at it. And then, because they fear losing control of our children, have done all they can to stop a voucher system that would force the schools to compete with private schools, and allow folks who couldn't afford it before to pull their kids out of the crumbling public school system and place them into private schools.

The secular progressive refuse to allow the teaching of God as being a possibility because they believe that He is factually incorrect and that science has proven the Bible to be false.

Nothing has been disproven.

Actually, the opposite is true. Everytime they try to prove biblical text wrong, science accidentally proves it as being a possibility. For example, proof of the wandering of the Jews under the guidance of Moses in the desert for 40 years has been proven by infrared scanning of the Saudi Desert by satellites, which exposed evidence of wanderings through the desert from Egypt, calculated to be, at the pace of human walking (and taking into account time needed for sleep and meals) to be about 40 years of wandering, as dictated by biblical text. And scientists, silenced when they come to such conclusions, are admitting that the Bible is an accurate historical record - and if that is accurate - well, you can come to your own conclusions on that. However, there is an amazing censorship of any scientist that questions any anti-Christian agenda, or Darwinism, or human-caused global warming.

Why is that?

One such scientist, Dr. Frances Collins (spoken of in the transcript) is the Director of the Human Genome Project, and former non-believer in God; but after mapping out the tens of thousands of genes that make up the blueprint of humanity he decided that the complexity of it all was not a triumph of science, but a triumph of faith. He considered it a glimpse into God's mind.

In the end, the decision to believe is between you and God, and such a belief system cannot be, and shouldn't be, forced upon you. As a Christian I can provide what I believe to be adequate information to assist you in your considerations, but it is your decision whether or not to come to faith. I hate no one, and I love all that I encounter, regardless of faith, and I won't threaten to chop your head off if you reject Christ. Those that support Allah beg to differ.

You are entitled to believe what you may. But wouldn't it be prudent to consider the possibility that there may possibly be a living, loving God?

Just for fun, watch this: The Watchmaker.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

And now a few words from our guest. . .

Paul Couterier was the guest tonight on Political Pistachio Radio. He gave us great insight of how the war is viewed from a soldier's perspective. Now, in the form of the written word, he has a few more things to say. The following is an e-mail he sent myself and Kit Jarrell to be posted on our blogs. I am more than happy to oblige.

I’m currently in the Chicago area on business for a few weeks, so on May 19th, Armed Forces Day, I decided to go down to the Navy Pier in Chicago to check out some USO-sponsored events. I’m a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, so I’m familiar with the USO and all the good things they do to support the troops. Upon leaving the Navy Pier I saw a most unpleasant and ugly sight; a mob scene of gutless anti-military extremists seeking to abuse passersby with their hate-filled signs that seek to demoralize my brothers and sisters currently overseas fighting the war on terrorism. As sick to my stomach as I was, I decided to take them on. I wear an “Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran” hat, so I just stood in front of one of their hate-filled signs being held by two of those dirtbags. They spoke first, with one of them asking if I agreed with them; of course I said “NO”. Then I asked one of them if he had ever been to Iraq; the obvious answer was “no”. I them proceeded to tell them that their hate-filled signs and displays are getting my brothers and sisters assassinated by gutless ragheaded terrorists. At that point, one of them decided to change the subject by asking me what do call blacks. (Black, of course) What do I call Jews? (Jews, of course) This idiot obviously didn’t want to deal with the fact that his gutless hate-filled speech gives aid and comfort to his ragheaded terrorists buddies. He was offended by that fact that I described them perfectly; they’re gutless, they wear rags on their heads and faces to hide their identity (especially when they make videotapes of executions of innocent Americans like Nick Berg), and they’re terrorists; there you go, gutless ragheaded terrorists! (What else would I call them?)

While I was there putting those gutless anti-military extremists in their places, two other guys came along to defend me and help me take on these aging hippies, first shaking my hand and thanking me for my service. Also, a woman approached me to thank me for my service and tell me she has two sons in the Marines; these gutless anti-military extremists angered her as well. A few of these dirtbags wore veteran-related hats like my Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran hat. Their hats looked awfully clean, like that had been purchased recently on ebay and just taken out of the box that morning just for this occasion, and worn for the very first time! One guy claimed to be in WWII and claimed to be in the 1st Division. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a liar! If he really DID serve, then he’d be supporting my brothers and sisters overseas, AND THEIR MISSION! One of their signs had that famous ridiculously high number of dead Iraqi civilians that small-brained rosie spouted recently on the “view”. These people obviously have been brainwashed with the usual anti-military doctrine. And these poor excuses for human beings were VERY intolerant, one of them even called me a punk! For the record, I’m in my 40’s, clean-cut type of guy with a developing gut; I hardly look like a punk! One ugly old broad went into a trance and repeated “warmonger, warmonger” over and over again when I asked her a question that she just didn’t want to deal with. I wanted so much to slap that broad all the way across Lake Michigan!

Also while I was taking them on, I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye a young woman holding a microphone and aiming it in out direction. I asked her if she was from the local media; she said they (her and her cameraman partner) were journalism students! What a deal; these extremists are now on some journalism student’s videotape captured forever making fools of themselves! The journalism students didn’t stay too much longer.

I walked down a few more feet where two more imposters wearing veteran hats and holding another sign with anti-military crap on it. I started to engage them, and one of these dopes asked me “would you ever follow a coward into war?”. I replied “I would NEVER follow Bill Clinton”. He repeated the question again, and I replied again, “I would NEVER follow Bill Clinton”. Then this idiot went into some drug-induced diatribe about President Bush never serving (for the record, he served in the Air National Guard back in the 60’s and 70’s as a pilot), and about the so-called “illegal” war and how Iraq never attacked us. So I said to him “Bill Clinton sent troops to Bosnia for no reason; did Bosnia ever attack us?”. After about two seconds, he replied “no”. I then said “Thank you very much” and left! Needless to say, this mob scene of anti-military extremists were BEYOND over the edge! Fortunately for them, nearby was a group of five Chicago police officers who found these leftover hippies from the 60’s just as amusing and entertaining as I did! These officers were watching them VERY carefully to make sure they didn’t turn physically violent! I only wish emotional violence by anti-military extremists was against the law too.

How I wish there had been some Eagles from the Gathering of Eagles there! These anti-military extremists felt emboldened only because there was a gaggle of them together in one place. If any of those cowards had ever encountered me individually somewhere else, they would have turned and walked the other way! I can only imagine what their plans might be for Memorial Day, next weekend. :o(

Anyway, over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about starting my own radio blog; the anti-military extremists I ran into today convinced me to finally do it! I’m in a position where I can speak for the troops, and I intend to use it to speak for the troops as well as discuss other issues. All I need now is a name, and I’m stuck between a few of them. They are;

1. Operation Independence

2. Independent Talk Radio

3. Independent Opinion Radio

Anyone have any other suggestions?

The independence I refer to is political and moral independence primarily (no affiliations with any political party here!) so that’s what I want to emphasize regarding my radio blog. I promise to tell it like it is, with no political correctness from either side! And for me as a Soldier, I need to be politically independent. I took an oath to obey the lawful orders of the President of the United States regardless of what political party he belongs to, even if he’s a draft-dodging, pot-smoking womanizer like the last occupant of the White House was!

I’m looking to do my first show the evening of Memorial Day. I’ll ask callers to tell me what Memorial Day events they went to locally (parades, memorial services, a wreath laying, etc). I’ll be marching in my town’s Memorial Day parade myself. Those of you going to Washington DC for Rolling Thunder or going to West Point with the Gathering of Eagles to take on the anti-military extremists there, I would love to hear from you too, and your thoughts on those events.

Comments of course are welcome, either here or directly to me at


Also, check out my latest article at Conservative Crusader on Human Nature and Utopia.

Are You Ready For The Truth?

So there I am, in my office trying to explain something to somebody, and I am contacted by a Soldier that is Politically Incorrect, and proud of it!

Paul Couturier received the call to go to Iraq in 2003 to be a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am sure he didn't know what truly to expect. Or perhaps he did. After all, Paul had already been in the Army National Guard for over 20 years at that point.

In my past correspondence with him it became immediately clear that Paul has a lot to say. He lives in Massachusetts, so you can just imagine what he thinks of his two senators (more or less his words - BTW, those Senators are: John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy), and one of his biggest gripes is about the anti-military extremists in general, especially (his words again) "those hypocrites who say they support the troops, but not their mission!"

Well, tonight on Political Pistachio Radio, Paul will be able to say what he desires about the war, and about the libtards that seek to undermine the effort. The show airs live at 4pm Pacific Time/7pm Eastern Time. Listen live if you'd like, or access the archive later. You are also free to call in to talk to Paul at (646) 652-2940. I will field questions when I can from Yahoo Instant Messenger if that is how you want to participate - my ID is douglasvgibbs.

All that Paul asks is that we all remember that he is still serving in the Guard, and though he wishes to be honest about the war, he will not say anything that may place the troops currently serving overseas at a disadvantage in any way.

Looking forward to hearing from you tonight. Until then, Blessings from Political Pistachio.

P.S. I will also update you on my son's situation with cancer - we spent a long time at the hospital with him this morning.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cancer Sucks & Border Patrol Agent's family responds & My Point Radio Tonight!

GMRoper knows about cancer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, and so far it looks like he's beaten it. Now cancer has decided to visit my home. My son has been diagnosed with testicular cancer (the young man's cancer) at the age of 22. Right now he is in considerable pain and we are doing all we can to get him into surgery as soon as possible. As with any form of cancer, there is a fear of the disease spreading to other parts of his body, in this case, through his lymphatic system. At GMRoper's An Army of Bloggers site, the goal is to unite bloggers in this worldwide battle against cancer. Your prayer is greatly appreciated, and you can just ask Mr. Roper, the power of prayer is amazing. He is proof.

I will keep you updated regarding my son's progress here at Political Pistachio, and at my Christian Site, Carried By Christ.

At one of the sites I contribute to, American Pundit, I posted the story regarding the Border Patrol Agent, Richard Goldstein, that was killed recently near the Salton Sea. The response at that site has been unreal. One response was by the brother of the agent, Howard Goldstein. The following is the e-mail we received from him regarding this story:

"My brother Richard is the border patrol agent who died on Friday. Richard was a great young man who loved his job, his family and his dog Carlo, his partner. He was liked and respected by his fellow agents and loved by his friends and family and will be deeply missed. We all believe what happened to him was an accident and we only hope his death was quick and that he did not suffer. He was instrumental in capturing drug runners and other criminals. He served his country with honor and should be remembered as a hero. Services for him will be held on Thursday in Calif and hopefully on Sunday in Buffalo, NY where he was from. Your prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you."

Our prayers are with him and his family. The photo above was snatched from a site I just now have begun to visit regularly, Of Bullets and Bibles.

My friends over at My Point Radio is having a special Friday Night edition of their show tonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, and I plan to call in during the second half of the show tonight so that I can talk about my son's situation with cancer and how it is affecting our family. During my own show at Political Pistachio Radio I will have an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran on the show, and will talk about my family's newest battle with cancer as well. Tune in tonight to My Point and listen to my good friends (and me during the second half) - and call in to the show, if you'd like. I am sure that Dave and Jenn would love to have you on, and I would love to talk to ya.

God Bless, and don't forget, We know that all things work together for good and His glory.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Laws of Human Nature

The law, or rule, of right and wrong used to be called the Law of Nature, and it is really meant to be the Law of Human Nature. The idea of this is that humanity has an inherent idea of what is right and wrong. Unlike the laws of gravity or chemistry, a person can choose to obey or disobey a Law of Human Nature.
To put it in a simpler way, the human idea of decent behavior is obvious to everyone (or should be naturally). Some may say that the definition of decent behavior being known by all is illogical because different civilizations and different eras have contained different moralities.
Actually, that is a false statement. There may be small differences, but nothing that has amounted to much, until now.
The moral teachings of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Babylonians, Hindus, Romans, Greeks, and even Europe and America of the last couple centuries (before each of those societies demoralized and fell), taught similar moralities regarding how to treat your fellow man. Even as these civilizations were being plagued by rampant immoralities and were in the process of crumbling, none of these cultures could ever imagine a society where people were admired for abandoning the battlefield, or where a group of people felt proud for doublecrossing the very people responsible for defending their way of life.
C.S. Lewis in his book "Mere Christianity" states that a country like that might as well believe that two plus two is five.
It bothers me that now, whether it be Judeo-Christian values, or the values we hold by instinct, that we have departed from what is right and just. We are allowing those searching for the ideal utopia of peace and safety and equal fairness and multi-culturalism and so forth (which, because of the human desire to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and to compete, is impossible) would have to be put in place by coercion and in an authoritarian way.
We are all created equal in the sense of our opportunities, but we are not equal in the way that we choose to pursue our happiness and success, or in our desire to work for such goals.
Believe me, however, that if for some reason the liberal left socialists somehow achieved such a society of socialistic teachings, the will of the people would seek out revolution to bring about freedom and democracy again, because the desire to be free is another Law of Human Nature, and it is the strongest of all of them.
Isaiah 5:20 - Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
For those that pray my son has been afflicted with a frightening medical situation. My post on it is at my Carried By Christ blog. Please read, comment if you'd like, and pray with me as he faces this difficult time of his young life.
Read about how we are being betrayed by our leaders with an immigration bill at my A Right Angle in a Left Turn World site.
Also, read about the upcoming radio show by yours truly this Saturday at Heading Right

Democrats claim that the polls represent the will of the people!

Okay, I'll bite. If that's the case, then why is Congress' approval rating at 29% on the Gallup Poll (lower than Bush's!)?

Does that mean the will of the people is to get rid of the idiots in control of Congress?

By the way, Senate Democrats Failed to Cut Off War Funds.

And why is it that rape is totally acceptable in Islam?

And as a final note, Gary W. Moore (author of Playing With The Enemy) has been confirmed as a guest on Political Pistachio Radio on June 16, 2007 - along with a giveaway to two of my listeners of autographed copies of his book - and he will be accompanied on the show by his publisher who is of the same political stripe as Political Pistachio. Should prove to be a fun show.

Oh, and don't forget, this Saturday's guest is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Paul Couturier. Tune in live at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern to Blog Talk Radio for the show.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Congratulations, Osama bin Laden, and the upcoming PPR schedule!

Last night during the Republican Debate in South Carolina on Fox News Channel something became clear to me. The liberals have succeeded in dividing conservatives, and Islam has succeeded in dividing America.

I saw a political cartoon in Monday's paper that showed Osama bin Laden (or is it Usama bin Laden? I never know anymore) sitting in a cave with an Islamic cleric sitting beside him. The cleric says, "The Democrats say the war is lost. . . they want to withdraw their troops now. . . they've lost their will to fight. . . their country is hopelessly divided!" In the next panel the cleric says, "Congratulations," as a banner reading MISSION ACCOMPLISHED unveils above them.

It seems the only people in the political realm remaining steadfast is the Bush Administration. Sure, they have fallen short because in this war what should have happened was many more troops, much more equipment, aerial bombardments, full use of our technology, and a show of military might that should have ended the conflict in a few months, rather than this slow police action that is creating nothing more than the division we see in America Osama (Usama) desired when he orchestrated 9/11. It is simple. They wish to convert us, or kill us. We wish not to be converted or killed. Answer: we go at them at full strength with all of our fire power, we profile them in this country and we quit allowing the idiocy flowing from the politically correct, anti-war loon's mouths from convincing us to do any different.

During the debate I got a chuckle when Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee slipped in a criticism of the anti-American, treasonous, cowardly congressional members at the debate, saying Congress has "spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop." This, of course, was a slap at Edwards who caught everyone's attention for spending $400 of campaign money on a haircut.

California Rep. Duncan Hunter, the candidate I believe this nation needs (but will probably have to settle for honorable mention when it is all over because of the cash machines that inhabit the first three spots) wrote the border fence bill signed by President Bush in October. He rightly criticized the Bush administration for not moving more quickly to build the barrier.
He stated, "We need to be able to ask people when they want to come into America: Knock on the front door because the back door's going to be closed," Hunter said.

McCain sought to solidify his position as the frontrunner in the South Carolina polls by saying he is willing to be the last man standing in favor of war (this coming a few months after he called the troops deaths over their "lives wasted". McCain stated at one point, "If we fail in Iraq we will see Iraq become a center for Al Qaeda, chaos, genocide in the region and they will follow us home; Americans are frustrated because of the mishandling of this war, but America's vital national security interests are at stake."

Romney began strong, then fell behind under criticism. Rudy Guiliani stood fast on his positions, but made the highlight reel when he cornered Ron Paul (the major idiot on the stage) and told him to take back what he insinuated in regards to the reasons for terrorist plots against America. That's right, there was an idiot on the stage in favor of cutting and running, and actually blamed America's presence in the Middle East for 9/11.

Uh, I think Ron Paul's seeking nomination for the wrong party.

In the end, the candidate in my mind that won was Duncan Hunter. Hmmmm, I think Jenn is right. We need a Duncan Hunter/Cary Cartter ticket.


and by the way, while I am thinking about it, check this out:

Exciting things are coming up for Political Pistachio Radio.

Political Pistachio Radio has landed some important guests for upcoming shows.

This coming Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, which is appropriately Armed Forces Day, we have a proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and a founding member of Catholic Veterans Against Kennedy, Kerry, and McGovern. Paul Couturier will be our guest to discuss the ongoing war in Iraq - and be aware, he is far from being politically correct - and he is still active duty so though I urge callers to call in and ask him questions, we must be respectful of his position as a current active member of the military.

On Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, we will have Warren Lee Culpepper who is currently writing his book, "Alone and Unafraid: One Marine's Counterattack Inside the Walls of Public Education" on as an expert guest to discuss how our children are being indoctrinated in public schools, especially in light of this recent lawsuit in Chicago over a teacher showing Brokeback Mountain in a class of twelve year olds (not only because of the gay agenda attached to that film, but the R-rating). He is not only a fellow blogger at Culpepper: Marine Teaching Maniac, but is also a contributing columnist for The North Carolina Conservative, The HinzSight Report, The Publius' Forum, and Mich News dot com.

The Saturday after that, June 2, 2007 at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, we will have a very special guest: Cary Cartter of - or as some of you know it: I'm Thinking of the "O" Word (I meant Obvious, what were YOU thinking?). He will be on the show to discuss Election 2008, his write-in candidacy, and what is needed to return our nation to Conservative Values.

Saturday, June 9, 2007 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, myself and Mrs. Pistachio are currently negotiating with a potential guest with an extensive military background, extensive weapons knowledge, and the author of a Clancy-style book that is taking the nation by storm.

The day before Father's Day, June 16, 2007 at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern, Gary Moore of "Playing With The Enemy" may join us (waiting for final affirmation). He was interviewed by Political Pistachio Radio on April 7, 2007 and that show has been the most listened to of all PPR episodes. He will be back to join Mrs. Pistachio and myself the day before Father's Day (which is almost exactly one year prior to the release of the Major Motion Picture release of the movie based on his book about World War II, Baseball, and a field of broken dreams). Maybe we'll be able to get him to tell us who the big star is that the movie landed for one of the starring roles! Oh, and his publisher has authorized me to have a book giveaway that day. Two PPR listeners will win a personally autographed copy of Playing With The Enemy during that episode. Details on how to get in on this contest will be provided at a later date.

Are you prepared to learn the truth?

Tune in on Saturday, if you dare!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Day Late, but on the Pistachio. . . a special post by Cary Cartter

Everything Was Perfect ...
A man and his wife had a son. They were very proud parents, and nurtured him through his formative years. He was a perfect specimen - ten fingers and toes, all his limbs, all the right parts in the right places.
Except for one thing. The boy would not talk.
His parents tried everything they knew to get him to talk. They coaxed him, cajoled him, even consulted the specialists.
Then, one day at dinner, the boy spoke. "Pass the salt, please."
His parents were speechless. They looked at the boy, then at each other, and then back at the boy.
The father said, "Son, why haven't you spoken before now?"
The boy replied, "Up till now, everything was perfect."

Can you see the parallel to the American government? The majority of Americans have been silent - low turnouts at the polls on voting day gives witness to the fact that most Americans are/were complacent, even (dare I say it?) lazy. Well, things aren't perfect anymore.
There are minority factions who have the ears of some very high Career Politicians. The homosexual faction wants any mention of how their lifestyle is against someone's religious beliefs to be considered "hate speech" and a "thought crime." The drug culture wants their use and abuse of narcotics and controlled substances to be accepted and no longer punishable by law.
These people, instead of working to keep this country a model of a representative republic, want to have an "anything goes" attitude. Smoking dope? That's cool. Drinking and driving? No problem. Rape, assault, murder? Fully acceptable in the land of the liberal mindset. Having limits, rules, regulations, is what allows a civilization to thrive and grow. When the rules and regulations are ignored or altered to favor one group over another, then there is no longer a mindset of "All men are created equal" - there is the onset of the "victim mentality," where the individual is no longer held accountable for their own actions, but any wrong that befalls them is a direct result of events in their past; events they have no control over, and events that they will allow to control the rest of their lives.
Everything is not perfect anymore. The time has come for We the People to stand up and be heard. It's time for We the People to let the Career Politicians know that we are no longer going to allow them to rule according to how they want to fill their pocket; they need to put the United States of America back at the forefront of their dealings and negotiations.
If they can't do that, then it's time for them to be removed from their burrows and barred from politics for the rest of their lives. It's time for the Citizens to become Statesmen; for all of us who are capable and qualified to step up and run this country using common sense and strict interpretations of the founding documents. It's time for the people of this country to reclaim their birthright. It's time for everyone to be held accountable for their own actions. It's time for We the People to take responsibility for the mess we have allowed to develop.
I am campaigning to be elected President of the United States on November 4, 2008. On most states' ballots, you will need to write in my name - Cary Cartter. In a few states, specifically those that do not allow for write in candidates for the office of President, my name should appear on the ballot as an independent candidate. Either way, voting for me will not be throwing your vote away - I am a viable alternative to "None of the Above" or the "Lesser of two Evils."
A boy was told to choose between the two cotton loving bugs. He chose the smaller of the two. When asked why, he replied "I just went with the lesser of two weevils."
As President, Common Sense would be the rule, not the exception. Whining would be limited to the sound from a dog trying to get your attention. Invaders from other countries would be treated as enemy combatants, not coddled as favored guests. Armed invaders from other countries would be shot on sight. The military (both active duty, and those who need assistance after serving active duty)would be a priority at budget time. Yes, I mean VA hospitals and benefits would be taken care of before any bridges to nowhere got built.
Border Security and National Integrity would be the cornerstones of my administration. Yes, I am a Christian (actually, a Christ-follower) and I would lead with that as a background. Before anyone puts thoughts or words in my mouth - I will not advocate the establishment of a national religion. There's a rule against that, and rumors to the contrary are false.
Wake up, stand up, and let everyone know that things are no longer perfect.
If you feel you are Out of Voting Choices, then choose to Make a Difference - write in Cary Cartter for President in November 2008. Please help me get the word out.
If you would like to know more about my stand, please visit my blog. If you have any questions you would like to see addressed, or if you would like to help spread the word about my campaign, you can e-mail me here.
Thank you for stopping by, God bless you all, Wear Red on Fridays, and write in Cary Cartter for President in 2008!