Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Surprising Truth Behind the Myths About Conservatives

You know how it is. As Conservatives we are labeled every which way, and then some. We are, in the words and minds of the far-left, a conservative hodge-podge of Racists, Warmongers, Religious Extremists, and a group of stupid-intolerant-mean-selfish-greedy-extreme-out of touch jerks. If you are pro-life, then you must be a clinic bomber. If you don't support the myth of Man-made Global Warming, then you don't care about the planet and only recycle because it is either A: The Law, or B: Due to greed you recycle to get back your already paid redemption value. I have been called a homophobe, bigot, Islamophobe, extremist, and religious zealot. Fact is, the Left loves to target us with labels out of one side of their mouth, as they proclaim that labels are a bad thing out of the other side. I actually have a liberal commenter that specifically says that he refuses to use labels, but then constantly comments about me, and refers to anybody that agrees with me as "Your Side."

S.E. Cupp and Brett Joshpe are a couple young professionals living in Manhattan, and like other Rightwing Nutjobs (to use the Liberal Vernacular) have noticed the eruption of these common and offensive myths about conservatives. In their book, "Why You're Wrong About The Right," they tackle twenty of the most common and offensive myths about the Right. They interviewed dozens of experts and celebrities, drawing on their collective experiences to present a fresh view of the Right. The book's intention is to surprise, humor and educate - and it accomplishes all three.

Tonight, these two young Conservatives are my guests on Political Pistachio Radio. They will discuss their book, and discuss some of the stereotypes of the Right that have risen through pop-culture. Do Conservatives truly fit these mythical stereotypes? Or is the Left just jumping to conclusions?

Find out tonight on Political Pistachio Radio!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Early Warning Station on Lebanese Peak Places Syria and Iran in a Position to Launch an Attack Against Israel

Hezbollah, under the direction of Syria and Iran, has commandeered Mount Sannine and established an early warning station capable of monitoring U.S. Sixth Fleet movements and Israeli Air Force flights.

Israel is keeping a close eye on this, as the ties deepen between Hezbollah and Syria.

Mount Sannine is considered a strategic location, and its takeover on the behalf of Iran places Israeli security at a significant disadvantage. Recent movements of the Hezbollah military in conjunction with Syria and Iran is being interpreted as preparations for war, and it seems that these forces are in position for a new Middle East confrontation.

If the current military units remain in place, in such a war, it places Israel at a grave strategic disadvantage.

California Earthquake - More Than 90 Aftershocks

After Tuesday's 5.4 Earthquake there have been over 90 aftershocks. Some experts are indicating that there is a 1 in 20 chance of a major quake in the region following Tuesday's Earthquake (7.1 magnitude or greater).

Is Southern California prepared for a quake of that magnitude?

Liberal Left Tactics in regards to Proposition 8, California Marriage Protection Amendment

The Democratic National Committee, true to form, is working to foil the campaign to protect marriage in California. After contributing $25,000 to "Equality for All" for the primary purpose of opposing the proposed California marriage protection amendment, the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento (headed by staunch Democrat Debra Bowen) has decided to change the description of Proposition 8 in the ballot pamphlets.

The proposed change in the wording is supposed to reflect the May 15 California Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in California (even though the Courts are not supposed to be legislating from the bench). The old wording said that the initiative is designed to limit marriage to be between a man and a woman. The new wording says that the proposed constitutional change will "eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry," and adds, "California could lose several tens of millions of dollars in sales tax if same-sex marriage were banned."

Not only is it no surprise that the Democrats would use such low tactics, but it is further proof that the Democrats are slipping further outside mainstream America. By advocating legalizing gay marriage they are going against the majority of Americans, who support a traditional historic definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Further more, by donating $25,000 to a radical pro-gay organization, they are actually promoting homosexual marriage, and are alienating a group of people that they are trying to court now as voters, specifically "values voters" and Evangelicals.

Despite all of their attempts to stop it, however, the proposition has remained on the ballot. If it passes in November, the May 15 California Supreme Court ruling will be null and void, and marriage will be defined in California as being between one man and one woman.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake Hits Southern California

At 11:42 AM Pacific Time a strong earthquake struck Southern California. The earthquake was felt all over the region.

Originally thought to be a 5.6, then upgraded to a 5.8 magnitude centered in Chino Hills. It has now been downgraded to a 5.4 magnitude. So far there have been three 3.8 after-shocks centered in the Diamond Bar area, and an overall count of 27 aftershocks. Aftershocks can last for days, though most of them will not be felt.

Preliminary reports show little damage or no damage.

Earthquake was felt as far away as San Diego and Las Vegas.

My parents live a couple miles from the epicenter. News reports have indicated that most of the telephone service in the Inland Empire has been knocked out. I live 30 miles to the south of the epicenter, and still have phone service.

The quake was felt here in the Temecula-Murrieta area as a very strong episode, but not enough to knock anything off of the shelves.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Suicide Bombings in Baghdad and Kirkuk, Iraq

At least 28 people have been killed, and 92 wounded, when three female suicide bombers competed their mission of terror in Baghdad. In Kirkuk a suicide bomber killed at least 16 people, and wounded 112 others.

The attacks come despite the security gains in Iraq that are largely due to the American military surge. Though some contend that the gains in Iraq are at a fragile stage, it is important to note that violence in Iraq has fallen to four-year lows.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shooting In Knoxville Tennessee Church - Seven Hospitalized

A shooting in a Church during Sunday Services occurred this morning.

None of the church-goers were killed, but seven people were sent to the hospital after an armed attacker opened fire during a church service.

The church was the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. The weapon was a shotgun. Several of the injuries were head wounds, but the status of the injured has not been released at this point.

The gunman was tackled before he could get off any more shots, but had more ammunition on him should he have the opportunity to re-load.

There were about 200 people in the church at the time of the shooting watching a youth performance being put on by 25 children.

UPDATE: Two Dead, Killer faces murder charges.

Opportunities, But America Did Nothing. . .

Thanks, George - - -

''You had these opportunities, America. You didn't do anything,'' FBI agent George Crouch Jr. testified Friday at Salim Hamdan's war crimes trial.

The United States could have killed bin Laden in Khartoum, Sudan, before he moved to Afghanistan in 1996, Hamdan told his interrogators. They could have killed him after al Qaida's 1998 twin bombings at the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Or after the October 2000 suicide bombing of the USS Cole, at the port of Aden in Yemen, which left 17 U.S. sailors dead.

Instead, ''Bin Laden was emboldened.'' So he struck with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, leaving nearly 3,000 dead.

It is bitter irony that lawyers are conveying such through a trial. Remote controlled Tomahawks, the illusion of safety beyond the sanctuary of oceans, and the hot pursuit via attorneys and law both remote and unrecognized by murderous men who seek our death. This was how we convinced ourselves of our certain and active defense.

We were offered bin Laden in transit from Sudan to Afghanistan. But we did not want him. Our lawyers had no battle, our leaders no mettle.

Most of us, though not all, have learned nothing. After thousands smote and seven years of war, we are back to our superior ways, demanding Habeas Corpus and noting in the very first trial that bin Laden's deputy was read no Miranda rights upon his capture - or was it arrest?

They say History repeats itself. Never before has it applied so swiftly, within the same generation and within the same conflict.

A selfish society incapable of sacrifice is equally incapable of self-defense. Our greatest concern is not the pursuit of madmen or the states which feed them. It is not even the cost of oil and its affect on our economy and future. It is the cost of the gasoline that cycles through our tanks and its affect on our personal checking account balances.

Cowardice, cloaked in arrogance and concealed behind self-assured brilliance, charts a troubled path; one which appears circular, where constant motion deceptively passes for progress. Progress towards what, we disagree, though our enemies do not, as they laugh.

Many say it will take another catastrophic attack to bring us to our collective senses. But it will likely not come. For, if al-Qaeda (et al) is smart - and they are - they will leave us alone on our own soil while we rip ourselves apart. No explosives, no bombs, no weapons of war required. We are, after all, suddenly and finally waging their centuries-long war upon ourselves.


We allow ourselves to be told that we are what is wrong with the world; torturous, greedy, destructive, with disregard for the poorest and bitter intolerance for anyone not like us. We Balkanize our society and point fingers at each other, laying these same charges against one domestic group or another with the venom and aggression once reserved for distant, oppressive enemies.

Can we awaken from our own self-destructive slumber? The decisive war is not in Iraq, nor Afghanistan, nor Pakistan or any other distant place where we perceive our enemies to be. The decisive battle is right here, from Maine to San Diego, from St. Louis to Atlanta.

If we are incapable of rediscovering that which Constitutes us and what distinguishes America from every other nation on this planet, and acknowledging that America, her people, our liberty and our unequaled charity are indeed good and our values just, then what does Iraq or Afghanistan matter? Can we truly identify that which we are defending? For if we cannot, we are not. We are simply preserving soil and borders, protecting cities and people - that which can be found anywhere else on this planet.

What will America be, what will she look like when our children are thrust at the helm? Will they write that we defended her, or will they write that we devoured and discarded her? This, not al-Qaeda or the War on Terror, keeps me up at night.

For we can defeat al-Qaeda and yet have defended nothing at all in the long, painful process.

And our children will be compelled to write of us, ''You had these opportunities, America. You didn't do anything."

Steve Schippert

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Philadelphia 11 Win, Court declares hate crimes laws used to jail Christians preaching sin of homosexuality are wrong

In 2004 the Philadelphia 11 decided to be heard at a Gay Rights Rally. They carried signs conveying God's Love, and preached to the homosexuals at the rally about the sin of the gay lifestyle. The group of Christians, for their actions, were arrested, jailed, charged with a "hate crime" for preaching the Gospel, and threatened with up to fifty years in jail for their thought crimes.

The law being used against them is HB 1493, and it states:


So the original decision against the Christians were that by stating Homosexuality is a sin, they were being "malicious" and were committing a hate crime. Since when is God's Love, and His laws malicious intimidation?

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania also disagrees that preaching the Gospel is somehow malicious intimidation. The court declared that the "hate crimes" laws used to jail the Philadelphia 11 in 2004 violated the state constitution, and "Preaching to homosexuals about the sin of sodomy should not be made a 'thought crime' in Pennsylvania or any other state."

This is a small victory in a culture where politicians and the far left socialists are becoming increasingly hostile toward Christians.

I am still bothered, however, that the vote was 4-1. . . yes, there is actually one judge on that bench that believes being a Christian and proclaiming one's faith should be made illegal.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Criminalizing Christianity

The first half of the 1st Amendment reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . .

Let me repeat that second part: ". . . or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . . "

In the current societal environment our religious freedom is at stake. I understand that persecution is nothing new. Christianity, during the period of 100 A.D. to about 314 A.D. (a stretch of time known by many as the "Martyr Period") lost literally thousands and thousands of courageous people of faith during persecutions designed to wipe out Christianity from the face of the earth. But, instead of growing weaker during this period, Christianity actually grew stronger. The persecution separated the real from the false, the genuine from the fake. A true follower of Christ does not back down in the face of persecution, and gains strength in the face of it.

The Christian message really bothers some people in today's society. It bothers them that God-given absolute morality is being taught by Christianity, because it fails to validate their immoral activities; and it bothers them when true, Bible-believing Christians say, "Jesus Christ is the only way to the father," of which Jesus proclaimed himself in John 14:6 - "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." If you are a Bible-believing Christian, you can say no less.

This year, alone, we have seen in this country the Ten Commandments' presence on Court Buildings come under fire, Israel threatened as Christians worldwide are persecuted by Muslims, Communists, and Liberal Secularists, a possible return to the horrific practice of partial-birth abortion, the Pledge of Allegiance seriously targeted for removal (in some cases the words "One Nation Under God" specifically targeted), Churches intimidated into silence, Government-mandated speech through hate-speech laws being considered, and Christian literature coming under fire - specifically in Colorado.

In June of this year a new Colorado law forced Christians to teach biblical condemnation of homosexuality only behind the closed doors of churches. The law also made it illegal to deny a person access to public accommodations including restrooms and locker rooms, based on gender identity or the "perception" of gender identity - meaning it had become legal for men to enter and use women's restrooms and locker-room facilities without notice or explanation. In short, every female would have to fear a predator walking in and relieving himself in their presence.

The law provides an exemption for religion, as long as they teach the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality inside the doors of the church. However, at the time, religious publishers realized that in the fine print of the law they could be accused for "publishing" condemnation of homosexuality in their books, and even for publishing the Bible. The "public accommodations" clause also brought the fear that churches could be in danger should they deny use of a church's meeting rooms, auditorium, church schools, or recreation facility to anyone who are not in agreement with the church's religious beliefs.

Critics of the law stated that the intent of the law, which was pushed by homosexual activists, was to marginalize the church. Smaller churches would actually have to alter their programs for fear of the law, because the smaller churches do not have the resources to go to court to defend their beliefs.

Proponents of the law actually argued that the law didn't go far enough, and that they wanted Colorado's SB200 to also outlaw "bigotry" inside churches as well.

As stated by, "Homosexual Activists can continue to do rallies anywhere in Colorado preaching their disgusting agenda. If a Christian protests he, she or they can be tossed into jail or fined or both under SB200."

Ultimately, the provision of the Law -- SB 200 -- that bans the distribution of any written material that discriminates based on "sexual orientation," which reads:

...any communication, paper, poster, folder, manuscript,
book, pamphlet, writing, print, letter, notice, or
advertisement of any kind, nature, or description which is
intended or calculated to discriminate or actually

means that a judge in Colorado has the power to ban the distribution of the Bible in that state!

In the meantime, the United Nations has its own Crackdown On Christians in the works, and currently the White House is reviewing this plan what would make Christians criminals under international law!

This plan is supported by the 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and is called "Combating Defamation of Religions," and of course, Islam considers any disagreement with them "defamation."

The plan is essentially an attempt to institute sharia-based standards around the globe, and has been selectively and arbitrarily enforced most often against Christians. The plan establishes as the primary focus and concern the protection of ideas and religions generally, rather than protecting the rights of individuals to practice their religion. Specifically, according to the ACLJ, "this is a dangerous attack on faith that attempts to criminalize Christianity."

In the meantime, the perception of Evangelical Christians has become less favorable among young non-Christians, partially due to the constant negative portrayals of Christianity in the mainstream media. Christians, also, are largely to blame, for they have become luke-warm.

Christians have lost the skill of striking the right balance between grace and truth, proclaiming without the fruits echoing their words, and this is resulting in Christianity being purged from the public square. And to combat this, churches are beginning to water down the message. Universalism has crept into The Church. "Spiritual" no longer means "Christian," and "Religion" has become a man-made machine of confrontation.

The message simply is that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life, and that path was provided by His sacrifice. Rejection of Christ is rejection of that gift.

If you wish to reject the Bible, and the Gift of God, that is your right. But the Gospel teaches that rejection of Christ separates you from the Father, and in turn will keep you out of Heaven. As a flawed species, we are unable to "Earn" our way to Heaven, hence the reason for the Gift through Christ.

A part of today's society has rejected that, and is intentionally ambiguous about faith. The trend is to believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to some issues, or good and evil, for that matter. It is all up to the individual. Repenting is old-fashioned and so yesterday.

To long-time Christians, this is not a surprising development. There is ample evidence in Biblical Text that tells us the trends of the last days. But, as Christians, it is our task to pray for those that remain without Christ, and to spread the good news when we can. Persecution will come, but we must strengthen through it, as the "Paulicians" did. We must persevere, and continue to perform The Great Commission.


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christopher Laurie, Son of Pastor Greg Laurie, dies in Automobile Accident

Christopher Laurie, the Son of Pastor Greg Laurie of the church I attend, Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, died this morning in an automobile accident.

The elder of two sons, Christopher Laurie was 33 years of age and leaves behind a wife and daughter. Recent news, provided by the family during the Church trip to Israel, also reveals that Christopher's wife is pregnant with the couple's second child.

Christopher's vehicle struck a Caltrans Truck from behind on the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway in Corona. The accident occurred this morning, but was not completely cleared until 3:00 pm.

Our prayers go out to the Laurie family.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Humans On Earth: 6,000 Years? Or Millions?

Evolutionists can't get their numbers straight. I've heard estimates in the tens of thousands of years to millions of years when it comes to Science's estimation of how long the human species has been walking the Earth. Most Bible-believing Christians have determined, based on figuring out all of the "begets" and so forth in the Bible, that mankind has been on this planet for about six thousand years.

The estimation is about 2,000 years from Adam to Abraham. 2,000 years from Abraham to Jesus Christ. And about 2,000 years since Christ to our present day.

In an article passed to me by e-mail, an article that was originally published in a Christian publication over twenty years ago, a theological scholar came to a conclusion using population trends to figure it out.

According to the article:

Statistically, a couple must have 2.1 children to keep a population at the same level.

In practice, this means a minimum of three children per family.

Let us suppose for a moment that the Biblical account of the Genesis Flood in which just eight people survived is true.

Let us further suppose that each family from this point in history had 2.4 children on average. This very modest number will take into account all the deaths through infant mortality, plagues and war.

How long would it take to reach today’s world population?

Surprisingly, the answer is just less than five thousand years. This figure fits nicely into known historical records.

Now suppose we take the evolutionary view that mankind has been on this planet for two million years and we begin with two people – or eight, it will make little difference – and they also had the statistical 2.4 children per family.

We will finish up with a number so impossibly large that the universe itself would not hold them!

Aware of this problem, the textbooks explain it away by speaking of “population stability throughout this time.”

This is nothing short of an appeal to a miracle!

Frankly, the Biblical account is far more believable.

Anyway, I found this very interesting, and something to chew on.


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The Marxism of Obama, From His Own Speech

Socialism is Communism not realized. Marxism is the teachings of Karl Marx and is available in the writings of Marx in the Communist Manifesto. History shows that Communism is a failed system, failing in the Soviet Union, and failing throughout Europe. Communist China only saved itself through injecting bits and pieces of American Capitalism into its economic system. It, too, will eventually be doomed to fail.

When defining Socialism, or Communism, or Marxism, whichever you choose to identify it with, at the root of the system is the creation of a "collective social model." The "individual," in such a system, is not healthy for the socialistic society. Any remnants of individuality must be eliminated for the system to take hold. After all, in a communal, or communist, setting, the society (or village, or collective group) takes precedence over any "selfish" individual wants, desires, or needs. Serving the "community" is the most important thing to do as a member of the collective. This is not to say that serving the community is a bad thing, but it cannot be the only thing, or something not done on a voluntary basis.

Capitalism is the enemy to a Marxist system. A culture based on money, on making a better life for yourself on an individual basis through profit and success, is frowned upon and considered to be destructive to the collective. Marxism proclaims that it is better to serve the collective, than to separate yourself from the herd and chase after success, and any rewards of such success. This is not to say that one should not be "giving" once reaching success, but again, this must be an individual decision, not one that the government makes for you.

The Marxist believes that as a citizen of a communist society you have an obligation to allow anything you gain from success to be returned to the community. That way, all workers benefit, for the labor was performed for the community, not the individual. Any success, claims Karl Marx, was gained because of all of the help the successful citizen received from the collective, and it is your obligation to pay back the collective for helping you reach whatever level of success you achieved.

In a Marxist society one must cease to be an individual, and become a productive part of the collective. By being an individual, according to Communism, you are only thinking of yourself, and such ambition is bad for society as a whole. The community is larger than you are, and contributing to the community is the path to fulfillment. You will not be truly free, proclaims Communism, until you let go of your individualism, and take upon yourself your role in the great collective.

Many of Barack Obama's plans seem very similar to those of Karl Marx. Like the Communists, he supports a heavy progressive tax plan that hits all avenues, and would give the United States one of the highest tax rates among developed countries. He plans to restore the inheritance tax, which is a move in the direction of the Marxist plan of abolishing all rights of inheritance. Through his mortgage bailout plan it creates a move towards centralizing the banks. The Democrats, a plan Obama supports, are pushing for a return to the Fairness Doctrine, as well as censorship of the internet, which is an obvious move toward the centralization of communication and information transfer. He has called on all of us to share the equal liability to the community, has called for a civilian army not unlike the industrial and agricultural army that Karl Marx called for, and supports the mandatory attendance of all children in the free public schools (hence, eliminating home-schooling and private schools in the process).

I think Barack Obama summed up his Marxist aspirations, however, best in a speech he gave when subbing for Senator Kennedy at the Wesleyan (Connecticut) commencement ceremony in May, 2008.

In part of his speech at Wesleyan he proclaimed:

There’s no community service requirement in the outside world; no one's forcing you to care. You can take your diploma, walk off this stage, and chase only after the big house and the nice suits and the other things that our money culture says you should buy. You can choose to narrow your concerns and live life in a way that tries to keep your story separate from America’s.

But I hope you don’t. Not because you have an obligation to those who are less fortunate, although I believe you do have that obligation. Not because you have a debt to all those who helped you get here, though I do believe you do have that debt to pay.

It’s because you have an obligation to yourself. Because our individual salvation depends on collective salvation. Because thinking only about yourself, fulfilling your immediate wants and needs, betrays a poverty of ambition. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential and discover the role that you’ll play in writing the next great chapter in the American story.

In other words, forget your good job, any of your silly notions of individuality - You need to be working for the collective. In the end, in the attempt to achieve what he sees as a noble move towards tolerance, understanding, and working together as a team in this nation (all of which in their selves are noble intentions), he will moves us closer to Marxism, and farther away from the liberty our founding fathers, and our honorable men and women of the military, have fought so hard to give us.

Below is a video of that portion of his speech:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs joins Political Pistachio Radio Tonight!

Atlas joins us at 10:00 pm Eastern Time/7:00 pm Pacific to discuss her post regarding Obama's forged Certificate of Live Birth.

Join us tonight on Political Pistachio Radio.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Operation Wildcat

Our country desperately needs domestic oil and gas production. Drilling new wells in new places is the only sure way to find new sources of oil and gas. We realize this is this is a financially risky venture and believe the best way to insure this vitally needed activity is to modify existing tax laws for Wildcat Oil and Gas Exploration Wells.

Sign the petition for Operation Wildcat today!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs reports that Obama's Birth Certificate is a Forgery!

You have to read it to understand it, and the final report is resoundingly irrefutable, empirical evidence that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery.

Bringing to mind, why would Barack Obama forge his birth certificate? What is he hiding? What does he not want the American People to know about him?

The technical advice regarding the birth certificate was given to Atlas Shrugs by an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, International Information Systems Forensics Association - the list goes on. He also a board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, and a licensed private investigator. He has been performing computer based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet) and he has performed countless investigations since then.

Oh, yeah, Hope, Change, and Lies - - - That's Obama's stand. . .

Read About It Here!

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Obama Ignorance - and there are actually people that thinks this guy should be president!

Obama Quote: "Throughout our history, America's confronted constantly evolving danger, from the oppression of an empire, to the lawlessness of the frontier, from the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor, to the threat of nuclear annihilation. Americans have adapted to the threats posed by an ever-changing world."

This was a part of a speech Barack Obama gave on Wednesday, July 16, in West Lafeyette, Indiana. Read the quote carefully again. I'll wait.

Okay, did you catch it?

Yep, that's the one, the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor. Sure, it must've been a big bomb. After all, it took out all those boats. Perhaps he forgot that it was a lot of bombs (and kamakazees), and it was the Japanese who dropped them (they didn't "fall" on Pearl Harbor). Oh, wait, political correctness wouldn't allow him to say that! It might offend people if he correctly quotes history and said it was the Japanese that attacked us!

And the more shocking part is, this guy, Comrade Obama, was a long time resident of Hawaii. Surely, the history of Pearly Harbor, and being in the same state as the USS Arizona memorial, would have given him a clue as to what really happened December 7th, 1941. Wait, maybe he merely misspoke, or was confused. After all, it is hard to keep track of the history of all 60 states (57 of which he claims to have visited).

You know, if McCain had made this blunder, the leftist media would have been all over it, calling him a confused old man. It may have, like "potato" did for another Republican so long ago, ruined his political career. Did you hear a peep from them over Obama's revision of history? Of course not. Apparently, his teflon shield is still working at full strength.

And what's this "adapted" crap? We didn't adapt. We defended our nation. We faced the enemy and defeated them. Period.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Voters, Polls, and The Bradley Effect

Obama has consistently been ahead in the polls. But are the polls any indication of what the final result will be? Do voters answer the poll questions honestly? Are blacks saying in the polls that they plan to vote for Obama reasoning that they must vote that way in order to not betray their race, feeling obligated to answer that way, even though they may very well vote differently? Are whites saying in the polls they plan to vote for Obama for fear that they may be considered racist, while secretly considering voting for McCain?

Inaccurate voter opinion polls are nothing new, especially in American political campaigns between a white candidate and a non-white candidate. The term Bradley effect refers to a phenomenon which has led to inaccurate voter opinion polls in the past. The name Bradley effect comes from the 1982 campaign involving a black politician, Tom Bradley, the long-time mayor of Los Angeles, California. Bradley ran for Governor of California against Republican candidate George Deukmejian, who was white. The polls on the final days before the election consistently showed Bradley with a lead. The exit polls on election day also projected a Bradley win.
The following morning's San Francisco Chronicle went as far as to feature a headline proudly stating: "BRADLEY WIN PROJECTED". But after all the votes were counted, despite the heavy lead in the polls, Bradley narrowly lost the race. Research later indicated that a smaller percentage of white voters actually voted for Bradley than polls had predicted, and many voters who had been classified "undecided" had gone to Deukmejian too.

In the current race for President, it makes me wonder if the statistically significant numbers of white voters telling pollsters in advance of this election that they are undecided, or are likely to vote for Obama, are planning on taking a completely different opinion with them into the voting booth on election day. When pulling the lever, will these white voters that claimed they were undecided break in statistically large numbers toward McCain? And will many of the white voters who said that they were likely to vote for Barack Obama ultimately cast their ballot for McCain as well? And are blacks that are enthusiastically saying they plan to vote for Obama truly going to do so when in the privacy of the voting booth, without any pressure from their peers?

It may be that the privacy of a voting booth has a tendency to change people's opinions, and that change may not be favorable for Obama.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two Bodies of Israeli Soldiers Turned Over

News has come across the wire that Hezbollah has given over to Israel two coffins that may contain the bodies of Israeli soldiers that were captured two years ago. An exchange, reported to be mediated by the United Nations, is the beginning of a prisoner exchange that is supposed to continue between Israel and Hezbollah.

Is this the beginning of a peace process, or another in the long train of events that will wind up in Hezbollah changing their position and striking out against Israel as they have so many times in the past?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Death Comes

Yesterday I received in the mail a letter from my Aunt and Uncle who live in Hawaii. The letter was sent to give me some bad news. Aunt Chonita, my biological father's sister, also a resident of Hawaii (as well as Carmel, California), passed away. She is the third of the four children to pass. My Uncle Stan, the uncle in Hawaii, is the surviving child of the four. My father passed away in 1999.

Chonita was an interesting member of the family, always active in community work, as well as a member of a number of Honolulu associations. During her life she had traveled the world, working closely with Dr. Carl G. Jung at one point, and was one of 12 international therapists selected as founding members of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy. She worked with both children and adults, taught and trained students of Sandplay in addition to lecturing on the subject in the U.S. and Japan. The use of Sandplay Therapy remains in the family, used by my cousin Tina in Sausalito, California with her patients.

Today, at the end of my radio show on Blog Talk Radio, my mom called me to advise me that my step-dad's brother (remember, my step-dad has been my dad since I was two years old, so he is my dad to me as much, if not more-so, than my father was) passed away this afternoon in Arkansas. He was the youngest of the eight kids, dead, apparently, due to a heart attack.

In the case of both families, connections are being made. Old conversations are being renewed, memories have been passed along, tears are being shed.

I barely knew Chonita. That is regrettable since she had so much to offer in life. Robbie, my step-dad's brother, I mostly remember from childhood. I haven't been in touch much since then, making only a couple trips to Arkansas in the last twenty years.

After my dad died I reconnected with my Uncle Stan and his wife in Hawaii, as well as a couple cousins. After my grandmother (step-dad's mom) died a few years ago I re-connected with a number of family members that I hadn't seen since childhood. And now that these two deaths have occurred, I have connected with other members of my family. When my grandfather (mom's dad) passed away a few years ago, it gave me the chance to reconnect with the Davis part of my family.

And my wife scolded me. "Why is it," she asked me, "that you only talk to family when death comes? Why is it that a death must occur for your family to come together?"

As much as I hate to admit it, she is correct. It's a shame that it takes death, sometimes, to bring families back together, if only for a moment. The family bond is supposed to tie families together. But the rush of making a living interferes with it. We don't make the time.

Well, I am here to tell you that we have to make time. We have to be there for family. Blood, after all, is thicker than water - and even in my step-dad's family's case, the connection must be rekindled and nurtured.

And of course, being who I am, I have located a political connection as well.

Conservatives have lost touch with each other, becoming complacent, and bickering over minor differences. We complain about Barack Obama, but we don't unite to stop him. Because we have many difficulties with the stances that McCain has, we fail to rally behind him. We let other people vote. We let other people contribute to campaigns. And we lose touch with the reasons we became interested in politics, and became conservatives, in the first place.

Like I must be with my family, conservatives need to be united and there for each other. Without a united front, Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America. We must combine to defeat him. We must unite and rally behind the only candidate with the chance to beat Obama.

Remember, my friends. United we stand. Combined we kick butt.

Be involved.

Don't be complacent.

Your fears of an Obama Presidency is a call to action. Hear that call, and take action!

Don't let the death of our freedoms under an Obama regime, or the death of the Republican Party, be the only thing that may bring us together. Let's come together before death comes.


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Walid Shoebat Returns to Political Pistachio Radio

Walid's new book, God's War on Terror will be out after July 11, 2008

Walid Shoebat tonight returns to Political Pistachio Radio, this time to talk about the new book.

Walid has been a returning guest on Political Pistachio Radio since his first visit in September 1, 2007. He is a former Palestinian terrorist who became a Christian. After marrying his American wife, Walid tried to convert her to Islam. He bought a Bible and read it in hopes to disprove his wife's religion. This actually backfired and then Walid learned the truth about God, and Christ's promise of salvation. Walid has re-dedicated his life to speaking internationally about the lies of Islam, the treachery of child indoctrination in Israel of the Palestinian children by Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Hezbollah. He teaches that Israel is a land God gave wholly to the Jews. He had to give up family and his homeland to take this position.

His first book, Why We Want to Kill You, reveals:

- How the Muslim Terrorists invaded America 30 years ago

- What their plan was and how patience was key

- How perseverence, recruitment, and hate fueled attacks in the U.S. and U.S. interests worldwide

- The similarities between radical Muslims and Nazi Germany

- Why Hitler failed so early and the Muslims, through patience, have increased their stronghold

This is information you will NOT get on CNN, MSNBC, or FoxNews or any other major television or Radio station as the Muslims have taken over financial controlling interests and will not allow the TRUTH to be aired.

Why We Want to Kill You: The Jihadist Mindset and How to Defeat It is part autobiographical, part confessional. Why We Want to Kill You helps readers in the West understand the Islamic mindset, what drives Islamic hatred and violence, and how to become more aware of the dangers to which many Americans and Europeans have become overly complacent.

Now we are seeing the world shape into what is really going on, and Walid Shoebat recognizes the signs at the center of the growing Islamization of the world.

In the news now are stories about Hamas and other radical Muslims and their attempts to continue their agenda to destroy Israel, the U.S., and other western countries.

Walid has continuously proclaimed that the only way to stop this is for Christians and Jews to stick together and fight.

Why should we join together against the Islamization of the world? Because we must realize that the invasion by Muslims worldwide creates a stronghold we should be concerned about, and if left alone, may become so large that it cannot be stoppeed.

Walid's latest book, God's War on Terror, is a deep comparison of Islam with the AntiChrist. Walid shows how the prophecy of the Koran lines up with the end times prophecy of the AntiChrist and how it will effect Christians and Jews. Walid also outlines how important the relationship is between Christians and Jews to protect the Jews and Israel from the evil surrounding it.

Tonight, Walid joins us to discuss his latest book. Go to Political Pistachio Radio to listen at 10:00 PM Eastern, or check out the archive later!

Obama's Secret Army

Barack Obama recently said, "Loving your country shouldn't just mean fireworks on the 4th of July. Loving your country must mean accepting your responsibility to do your part to change it. If you do, your life will be richer, our country will be stronger."

On the surface, I agree. In fact, I do many things to be involved, and make my life richer, and country stronger. I volunteer my time for charitable organizations, recycle, contribute my time and money to the political campaigns I agree with, broadcast on Political Pistachio Radio seven nights a week (and co-host three other shows in addition to my shows) to help get the word out about conservatism, write on various blogs, and of course donate money to a couple choice charities. In addition to what I currently do, I am also a United States Navy Veteran, partially disabled from my service in the military. I would say that I am one that has made sure that I am involved in making my country stronger, and appreciate the fact that I have the choice to voluntarily do so.

Barack Obama, however, may have something else in mind. He wants all Americans to serve directly, nearly to the point of demanding it. And he is determined to create opportunities for Americans to encourage them to serve, just in case they somehow reject his call to serve. He doesn't tell us exactly how much of the taxpayer funds he plans to spend, and of course he doesn't tell you where that money will come from, specifically, but it will definitely result in an increase in taxes for everyone.

One of Obama plans is to increase the size of the military through using a number of incentives. Ooops, there goes that military budget increasing again. Wait a second, isn't it the Obama followers that complain most about how much money is being spent on the military? Ahhh, but increasing the military budget under the watch of a liberal Democrat by dangling carrots in front of potential recruits is fine and dandy with these people. Problem is, serving in the military is not enough. After all, not all Americans are the "military type." And we don't want to leave anyone out in this fantastical brave new world of hope and change. So, Obama, in his desire that all Americans to have the opportunity to serve, has come up with a great plan.

Are you still with me, comrades? Doesn't sound too bad, yet, right? I mean, aside from all the money he plans to spend to implement this, it is a great opportunity for us to not embarrass ourselves and our future president (remember, only knowing one language, and not teaching our children Spanish, is embarrassing Barack Obama to tears as it is).

On top of increasing the size of the military, which as I said I find interesting since the left is normally so anti-military, Barack Obama has promised to also increase AmeriCorps slots from 75,000 to 250,000, and has pledged to double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011.

But wait, my dear friends! There's more!!

In preparation for sending us into this Obama version of a brave new world of hope and change, Obama said, "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

Whoa!!! Hit the brakes! He said what?

Read it again carfully. Obama wishes to implement a civilian force that is armed and populated with never before seen numbers of people roaming our streets in order to keep us safe and protected from. . .

I first found out about this idea for Obama's civilian army when my buddy Snooper mentioned it on "A Newt One." And it got me thinking more and more as time passed. Then, on Joshua P. Allem's BlogTalkRadio show, it was brought up again. And I began to really think about the implications, and the historical precedence. What may this civilian national security force, which will obviously be well-equipped and armed to the teeth with the latest weapons of war (after all, he said as powerful and strong as the military) be tasked with? I began to ask myself.

Obama is not very clear on that. The force will be pretty powerful, though. Think about it, he said it will be as powerful, strong, and well funded as the military (as a whole, apparently) which means this civilian force will have as many service members, and be as equipped with weaponry, as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard combined. Pretty dang strong, if you ask me. But hey, this is Obama's promise of a recipe for "peace and safety," so let's entertain it for a little while, if not at least for the comedy value regarding his ignorance.

To try to determine Barack Obama's intentions with this massive civilian national security force, I began to look back at history for examples of such civilian national security forces to draw a conclusion.

My first visit to history was when Franklin Delano Roosevelt set up the Civilian Conservation Corps to put Americans to work during the worst of the Great Depression (1929-1936). FDR's inner circle had also urged the new president to deputize the American Legion as an "extraconstitutional" "private army." What he did with civilian service corps put a lot of people to work, but it bordered on dangerous because of the growing bureaucracy that placed the government in a position of control over a number of lives, and could have created the private army that FDR's inner circle was calling for.

When thinking about Obama's civilian national security force, it brings to mind that same danger. Such a program would make the Federal government the single largest employer in the nation. The millions put to work by this addition to our growing bureaucracy would constitute the largest pro-government voting block in the country. Indirectly, it would enable Federal power to grow, and grow, and grow some more. When comparing such models to those of socialist and communist models, there are some sinister undertones.

To find the more sinister examples of civilian national security forces one must delve deep into history, but not so deep that it was very long ago. In fact, the best examples all existed less than one hundred years ago. Hitler used the Brown Shirts as his own personal civilian security force. The Brown Shirts, or Storm Troopers, in their distinctive brown uniforms, were organized first to kick out hecklers at Nazi meetings, then to break up the meetings of other parties. Mussolini's Black Shirts were mainly discontent ex-soldiers. This civilian national security force was originally organized to break up strikes, destroy trade union headquarters, and drive opposing government officials from office. It was their efforts that culminated into bringing Mussolini into power.

This is not to even mention how Soviet Russia and Communist China (in addition to numerous other communist regimes in history) have used civilian forces and youth organizations (not much unlike the Hitler Youth) to create fear in the citizens - whipping them into shape - making them more than just citizens of their nation. . . it gave them the opportunity to accept the responsibility to do their part to change their country. It was promised that if they did so their lives would be richer, and the nation would be stronger. After all, the rising leadership proclaimed, they could not any longer rely only on the devastated military in order to achieve the national security objectives they had set. They argued that they needed a strong and powerful civilian national security force to keep the citizens safe.

Yes, my dear Americans, Comrade Obama has it all figured out.

Monday, July 14, 2008

P.U.M.A. - Clinton Supporters Share With The Right A Fear of an Obama Presidency

P.U.M.A. stands for "Party Unity My Ass." It is an organization launched and founded on facebook by Will Bower. The organization is primarily made up of Hillary Clinton supporters, taking shape soon after Mrs. Clinton officially suspended her campaign. P.U.M.A. is now a part of the much larger Just Say No Deal coalition of groups of like minded Democrats that have united as Hillary Clinton supporters, and are united in their opposition to Barack Obama's Democratic Party candidacy.

The formation of the group, out of frustration that Senator Hillary Clinton was not the Democratic nominee, has also led to $10 million collected to help pay down Hillary Clinton's political debt.

And, believe it or not, Will Bower and I something in common. Though I am a Christian Conservative, and he is a Clinton Democrat, we both share a strong dislike for Barack Obama's candidacy. Though he may not be real fond of John McCain because McCain is a Republican, and I am not fond of McCain because he is too moderate for me as a GOP candidate, our shared desire to stop a Barack Obama Presidency has united Will Bower and myself.

Bower, and his group, recognize Obama's inconsistencies in what he says, and how with Obama it is not about hope, change, and a departure from politics as usual. Barack Obama is the typical politician, saying what he thinks he should say in relation to which way the wind is blowing.

If Obama even has an inkling of an opportunity to gain the support of P.U.M.A. and "Just Say No Deal," he is going to have to do nearly the impossible to earn their support. Granted, Obama has been making some strides with Clinton’s supporters according to a recent poll, but Will Bower, the founder of PUMA, will not settle for Obama. In fact, Bower has openly said he will support McCain.

Bower formed PUMA to get other frustrated Clinton supporters to make a stance. This stance is to keep Obama from winning the U.S. Presidency. Bower is not just angry at Obama, he is angry at the whole Democratic Party.

And for those that say that Bower is whining and complaining that Clinton did not become the Democratic nominee, feel free to join Political Pistachio Radio tonight as we welcome Will Bower as our guest to discuss his group, and an insightful article "Backlash! 2 Million Angry Democrats Reject Obama?" written by Andrea Shea King on World Net Daily.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Phelps and the Westboro Heretics Invade Tony Snow's Place of Rest

There are some things in life that really get under my skin.

When, during the housing boom, people with poor credit, many of whom lied about their income and nature of employment, obtained mortgage loans they weren't even qualified for to buy houses they couldn't even afford; that ticked me off.

Now that house prices have stopped rising, and the house can't be refinanced or sold at a profit, Congress is asking the taxpayer to subsidize the mortgages so these dirtballs can remain in their unaffordable houses - that really ticks me off.

But when folks, in the name of Christianity, do idiotic things that are way outside what a Christian would do, that really sets me off.

Well, guess what, folks - the Westboro Heretics are at it again.

From Ms. Underestimated:

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Tony Snow’s Funeral

Dear God, please let the Patriot Guard Riders know about this ahead of time. The Phelps gang is ready to strike, and they outline their intent here.

Please pass this along to all who can get the word out so we can stop these fools. According to their site, this is when it’s going to happen and why.

I’m sick to my stomach at this, and really don’t want to give them any more press than they give themselves, but I would hate to think that their planning would go un-noticed and that nobody would respond to stop this insanity. Please… don’t let this come to pass. I know we have freedom of speech, but some things should just not be permitted. This is one of them.


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Plight of Homeschooling

Remember that story about the German family under persecution for home schooling their children - specifically because of the Biblical nature of their teachings? How about the one where the government forced a family to stop homeschooling and place their kids in the public indroctrinations centers they call schools? And finally, what about the family that were so much under attack that they fled to Austria from Germany, and have now fled to Canada?

Mike Donnelly of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), a past guest on Political Pistachio Radio, makes it his business to follow these cases, which has now gone to an extreme. He explains the latest development.

"The Plett family, who had been living in Austria after being chased out of Germany by the youth welfare authorities who had taken custody of their children, have now left Austria and have fled to Canada where they hope to be able to freely home school their children without further interference from German authorities," he says.

According to Donnelly, such cases are becoming increasingly more common in Germany. Most flee Germany, but remain in Europe, because of the ease of traveling between the countries.

"In fact, not too long ago one family actually decided to flee Germany to Iran to home school their children, if you can believe a family fleeing Germany to Iran for freedom," says Donnelly.

The Plett family has appealed to the European Court of Human Rights.

Home schooling has been under fire here in the United States, as well. In California, recently, a judge ordered homeschool children into public education. Even a United Nations protocol, and the liberal left's belief that international mandates supercede the U.S. Constitution, has endangered homeschooling in America. And that isn't even considering the fact that the liberal left wishes to take away the most effective disciplinary tool from good parents - spanking. That's right, in California the left was actually pushing a law that would jail parents, and take away their children, if they dared spank their kids. The liberal left does not believe you are capable of raising, or teaching your own children, and it will only be a matter of time that they will try to take your kids away from you if we don't stand together and make sure they don't!

It doesn't take a village to raise a child. It takes loving parents.

Tony Snow Dies of Cancer

The conservative writer and commentator, President Bush's former press secretary, died of colon cancer today.

Snow was 53.

We have lost a great man. He was a person of strong strength of character, and a conservative that had a great love for this country. He will be dearly missed.

Read the Yahoo/Associated Press News article about this HERE.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lock Up Your Bible - It is being attacked in the courts because it says Homosexuality is a Sin!

Senator Barack Obama's campaign site has a blogger on it that has decided the Bible versions being published by today's publishers have violated his rights and are instruments of hate speech because they proclaim in their text that homosexuality is a sin. The lawsuit is for $60 million against Zondervan, and another $10 million from Thomas Nelson Publishing. The lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Bradley LaShawn Fowler is a 39 year old gay man. He states that since the Bible calls homosexuality a sin he has been an outcast from his family, and it has caused him physical discomfort and a feeling of demoralization, chaos, and bewilderment.

Of course it has caused you difficulties. What you are doing is against Biblical Scripture, and against God. The calling of homosexuality a sin in the Bible is nothing new - it is just that the newest versions are actually beginning to use language that more easily identifies it as such.

Your physical discomfort is not from the Bible, it is from what you are doing. Your feeling of demoralization is called guilt. Of course you are bewildered. You are in direct opposition of God, and now you are doing something I have been expecting for sometime - you are attempting to outlaw the Holy Bible.

How long before I must tuck away my Bible, locked away in some dark corner, only to bring it out when I know Big Brother isn't watching? How long before even saying the name of Jesus Christ becomes a criminal offense? Is that what you want? To silence faith because you want to live in sin? Do you wish to imprison millions because you can't control yourself and need some legal justification to validate your activities?

The persecution of the church has reached a new level, and as predicted in that Holy Bible that Mr. Fowler desires to eliminate, the battle to be free as a person of faith has begun.

Is this the change that Obama is promising? A brave new world of totalitarianism where doing the wrong thing is accepted, and being a person of faith is a crime?

Be careful what you say, read, or do, in this new world - it may cost you your freedom thanks to the courts, and people like Obama's blogger, Mr. Fowler.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barack Obama: Your Children Should Learn To Speak Spanish

Barack Obama is embarrassed that Americans don't speak the languages of other European Countries? He seriously thinks that our children need to learn Spanish? If I am understanding Senator Barack Obama correctly, American sovereignty isn’t a big deal, and neither are our borders.

Obama doesn’t recognize America as a sovereign nation. He sees our country more as a Canadian and Mexican shared something-or-other.

Since we aren't America, and we aren't a sovereign nation in Obama's opinion, that must mean then that we’ve just got to learn Spanish (or whatever other language he wants us to learn). After all, we don't want to be embarrassing ourselves, or the noble Barack Obama, when we travel abroad.

*Turn on major sarcasm*

Gosh, it's bad enough that we offend everyone by speaking the language of our land, and only the language of our land. Wow, especially those Europeans, we don't want to be offending them, or embarrass ourselves by only speaking the language of our land.

*Sarcasm Off (for now)*

I am not saying that learning another language is a bad thing. My wife is fluent in Spanish, and has some grasp of French and German, enough to get by if she had to, and can communicate in Portuguese quite well too. Hey, if someone wants to learn other languages, that is great, more power to you, it is a fantastic skill to have. But should such an endeavor be forced upon us? Should it be shoved down our throat to learn another language because we might embarrass poor Barack Hussein Obama?

Obama, it is apparent to me, desires that globalism (and probably the idiotic lie of man-made global warming) be taught to our children. And in Barry’s hollow dome, Spanish should be just as prevalent as English in this country!

He made sure that you understand that as an American you are arrogant for daring to speak only English. He said, "I don’t understand when people are going around worrying about, we need to have English only. They want to pass a law, we just, we want English only. Now, I agree that immigrants should learn English, I agree with this. But understand this, instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, they’ll learn English, you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish."

That's right (proof positive in the video below), Barack Obama has proclaimed in his great, "lightworker" wisdom that Americans must learn Spanish - even if Obama can't speak the language.

Learn Spanish, and learn it fast. You don't have a choice. Why? Under Barack Obama's presidency part of the United States will effectively become the northernmost state of Mexico.

What about his daughters? What’s their second language? Do they speak Spanish? Huh?

He continued to tell us that he is embarrassed of his country. (Wait a second, sounds like his wife, after all, until now she has never been proud of this country.)

Obama also said the following:

"It’s embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is merci beaucoup."

Last time I checked, English is the primary business language around the world. Last time I checked, several countries in Europe have English as a primary language. Last time I checked, nearly a billion people on this blue marble called Earth speak English.

And guess what? We are in America - and our country gives continuously to these countries over and over, expecting nothing in return - And in this country we have one primary language. Personally, I really don't care what the rest of the world thinks about that.

Of course, what really bothered me is that the people in the audience actually laughed with him, and applauded this idiocy! Then again, these are the same blind followers that cheered when he blew his nose, too.


And don't miss what I had to say about Congress's poor approval ratings over at A Newt One!

A Couple Announcements

A Newt One, a site that receives tens of thousands of hits per day, requested that I be a contributor to their site a couple weeks ago. I accepted excitedly, but did not write my premiere post until today. Anyway, thought you'd like to know that my writing will be in yet another location on the web.

Political Pistachio Radio continues to remain among the top rated Conservative Shows on Blog Talk Radio - peeking at the second most listened to overall spot a couple months ago. Tonight, keeping in the tradition of providing the best conservative commentary on my radio show, and having the best guests, I will be joined by Dean Philpot of Big Oil Fields dot com. We will be talking about the high price of gas, whether or not we should be drilling domestically, and about a whole slew of related topics. Join us tonight at 10pm Eastern Time on Political Pistachio Radio.

A Test of Wills - Liberalism and Islamism versus Liberty and Judeo-Christian Values

Tyranny is extraordinarily predictable. Whether you call it communism, fascism, socialism, liberalism, progressivism, or Islamism, the only difference is the packaging. The central issue is control. Control over your actions, your economics, your speech, your ability to defend yourself, your religion - control over life itself.

The continuous shuffling of determining how much they can get away with, how they plan to sell it, if the society being attacked has been sufficiently groomed from within, and how to implement the policy or ideology, is a constant for tyrannical agendas. History to those that promote these tyrannical agendas is of little consequence, for history can be revised. The adults that value liberty are but a small obstacle to these tyrants, they can be replaced with children that have been sufficiently indoctrinated through a changing society and the schools. Government is but a bump in the road to tyranny, it can be infiltrated and burdened to the point that the people begin to demand change - not realizing the change on the horizon is tyranny. And tyranny holds little hope for anything.

America, for the first time in her short history, is at a serious crossroads. Two tyrannical ideologies are vying for control, and they are both using each other to gain the upper hand. Both liberalism and Islamism are determined to gain control in America, and both are using methods made famous by one, Karl Marx.

Socialism has made a number of attempts at replacing the American System. Each time, the people of the United States has rejected it, and for good reason, not realizing that each time it happened, a little bit of the ideology lingered, and infused itself into society. Now, the liberal left is making a strong push to implement their socialist agenda, knowing that over the years much of it has become societally accepted, and knowing that the people are ripe for socialism. They don't care if their policies don't make sense, are not practical, or actually fails to improve people's lives. All of that is secondary to the liberal-socialist agenda. Expense is of no consequence to them - The people can be taxed. Legality is of no concern - they are slowly changing the judicial system to contain judges that are in their back pocket. The truth does not matter - if a lie is told often enough (i.e. Bush lied) people will begin to accept it as truth. History will not interfere - it can be revised.

Liberal policies are extremely expensive, difficult to implement, helps no one, and chips away at the freedoms we hold so dear in this nation - and then they slap a sign that says "nice," or "fair," or "diverse," or "politically correct" on it to make it acceptable, and even desired, by the populace. Unfortunately, the people do not read the fine print where it says, "Dishonest - A danger to your liberty. Can be harmful, if implemented, to your way of life." It is no surprise that liberals are willing to go to unimaginable lengths to tilt the political playing field in their favor, using a biased media, infiltrating the school system to indoctrinate the kids, and supporting judges that turn their back on the U.S. Constitution and place their liberal goals first.

Their tactics are nothing new. Liberal disruption of conservative speeches on college campuses, the attempt to drive conservatism off the radio with the Fairness Doctrine, targeting their opponents with criminal charges without a shred of evidence (and even gaining no conviction) to ruin their good name and push them out of the arena (as they did with Tom DeLay), and even talking about jailing members of the Bush Administration for policy differences after they are out of office, are all methods that run in line with tactics used by Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Ahmadinejad, and Hugo Chavez.

And as they thirst for total control of the United States, they refuse to confront an even larger and more dangerous enemy, Islam. Why not? Because Islam is the enemy of liberalism's enemy, and so for a short time, the two ideologies will use each other to destroy and remove conservatism, and any vestige of the Christian God.

Over the last 1400 years, 270 million non-believers have been murdered by Musim Jihadists. History refuses to recognize that the Crusades were a response to an Islamic attempt to overtake the Holy Land and Europe. Instead, the revisionists of history have painted the Crusades as a dark period of Christianity, and one that paints Christians as more vile than the Islamic barbarians.

Even today the warped images are propagated. Islam is being portrayed as a peaceful and tolerant religion, as Christians are being labeled as war-like and intolerant. Never mind that the scriptural text of Christianity (specifically, the Holy Bible) teaches patience, humility, and love, while the Koran supports each and every violent behavior of the Islamic Jihadists. History, if studied carefully, proves that Islam is far from being a peaceful, or tolerant, ideology.

Non-Muslims, and specifically Jews and Christians, have always been persecuted under Islam. In fact, Islam is based upon an intense hatred of non-Muslims. Anybody they encounter must either convert to Islam or face execution. Some are allowed to live by not converting. These people must only submit to Muslim authority to avoid forced conversion or death. They become dhimmis, a protected, but inferior, non-Muslim status. However, this is not a permanent status, and death eventually comes to even a dhimmi. 100,000 dead Lebanese Christians, and Israel's besieged Jewish population, have discovered this over the years. Islamic guarantees, agreements, and treaties are worthless.

Islam is using Liberalism just as the liberals are using Islam. Liberalism's cry for unlimited diversity and tolerance is being taken advantage of by Islam, and they are slowly infiltrating our society. Europe has been Islamized even farther, and civil wars for Muslim control are on the horizon. In Europe, at a public school, two kids were placed on detention for refusing to pray to Allah. In America, as "One Nation Under God" is being questioned, Islam is bleeding into the system. It turns out that Islam is using Western liberal democracies to infiltrate from within, knowing that the West may be subverted without firing a shot (or at least for now - after all, al-Qaeda is in disarray, and from a military standpoint there is a lot of optimism in the global war on terrorism. Islam has recognized this as well, and have simply shifted the war to a different arena for the time being). Meanwhile, Islam is positioning itself to pull in the nations on her periphery. Suicide bombings in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a gunfight at the U.S. Consulate in Turkey is evidence that those nations not under the fold are being pulled in. And all of this as Iran begins testing its missiles, and flexing its muscles. Preparation to respond to a liberal in the White House is underway. Preparation to move into Iraq as American troops pull out (if Obama winds up elected) are being planned. And then after that, the attempt to cause The West to collapse will ensue.

Islam is not prepared for political change from within, and will not change suddenly into a peaceful ideology. They have one goal, and one only. Destruction of all that is not Muslim - and especially the elimination of Israel and Christianity.

This is a test of wills. Are Conservatives up for the fight? Or are you going to stay home and hope it all goes away?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

U.S. Consulate attacked in Turkey by Suspected al-Qaida Militants

A gun battle that left three attackers and three officers dead outside the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul is being labeled as a terrorist attack. This, coming on the heels of suicide bombings in the Capitals of Afghanistan and Pakistan has me thinking that Islam may be positioning to pull in the periphery nations into the grip of Militant Islam so that they may launch a move against The West.

The shootout in Turkey scattered the people that were waiting in line for visas at the U.S. Consulate, which was built in the first place because of homegrown Islamic militants linked to al-Qaida carrying out suicide bombings in 2003 that targeted two synagogues, the British Consulate and a British bank in Istanbul. Those attacks killed 58 people. The four armed and bearded terrorists emerged from a car on the roadway and were running toward a guard post outside the U.S. Consulate when the gun fight began. The U.S. security personnel went inside the Consulate because they're were "not authorized to engage in armed action on Turkish soil." (Kind of reminds me of our Border Patrol agents not being allowed to engage with the incoming illegals - the logic escapes me - if they can't engage, then why are they called security personnel?)

This attack comes as Iran tests Missiles capable of reaching U.S. and Israeli bases.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Children Given Detention for Refusing to Pray to Allah in a Public School

In England Muslims are Forcing Christian Children to Dress and Pray Muslim, or they will be punished for not participating.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Terrorism Strikes Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, killing over 40

In Central Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and a city of over 1 million people, a car bomb exploded through the front of the Indian Embassy. The blast is being reported as killing at least 41, and wounding over a hundred. Among the dead were innocent civilians and shopkeepers, women and children.

The massive explosion detonated by a suicide bomber was swiftly concemned by President Hamid Karzai, as well as the United States. President Karzae stated that the bombing was carried out by militants trying to rupture the friendship between Afghanistan and India.

The embassy is near a number of government buildings and is located in central Kabul.

Some Afghan officials have indicated that the attack may have been carried out with help from Pakistan's intelligence service, being quoted as saying, "terrorists have carried out this attack in coordination and consultation with some of the active intelligence circles in the region."

The American response by Gordon Johndroe, a White House national security spokesman, was that, "Extremists continue to show their disregard for all human life and their willingness to kill fellow Muslims as well as others. The United States stands with the people of Afghanistan and India as we face this common enemy."

Afghanistan has seen a sharp rise in violence from Taliban militants in recent months. Nonetheless, a Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, denied that the militants were behind the bombing citing the lack of claim as being evidence to that. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

This suicide bombing is the deadliest attack in Kabul since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. The explosion is also the deadliest in Afghanistan since a suicide bomber killed more than 100 people at a dog fighting competition in Kandahar province in February. This is the sixth suicide bombing in the capital city of Afghanistan this year.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Explosion in Islamabad, Pakistan

Early reports state that a suicide bomber has conducted his final act of terror in Islamabad, Pakistan, the nation's capital, leaving at least 15 dead or wounded.

The explosion happened in front of a police station, near a market, as thousands were gathered nearby marking the one-year anniversary of a deadly crackdown on a radical mosque. So far there are no reports that the events are linked.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Poison of Political Correctness

When Americans first noticed political correctness and its insertion into our society, it was the use of gender pronouns and hyphenated nationalities that caught their attention. Political Correctness has grown to become a system of alien beliefs, attitudes and values seeking to kill traditionalism in America, and impose a uniformity of thought and behavior. Political Correctness teaches that you must be careful what you say, and careful what you think and believe.

The self-censorship that results from Political Correctness easily tramples freedom of speech, giving the state complete control of speech. Political Correctness has become entrenched in our educational system, the media, the workplace, and our government. It is changing America from within, as originally intended.

Political Correctness is presented as a well-intentioned code of conduct, but it is becoming an instrument of moralistic terror. In Canada, Human Rights Commissions punish pastors for preaching the gospel in their churches, calling their sermons about the sins of homosexuality a crime of hate-speech. Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine are under investigation for claiming Europe has been lost to Islamization. The "Politically Correct" have appointed themselves the sole possessors of truth, and refuse anyone else the right to differ, and use these Human Rights Councils or Commissions to quell any "unacceptable" thought.

Using the deadly method of argument fueled by political correctness, once someone is labeled a racist, fascist, bigot, or sexist, he is degraded to the status of an outcast, left with no further opportunity to present his view.

The direct consequence of political correctness is the ability by certain members of the state to enforce politically correct modes of behavior, suggesting "sensitivity training" for rehabilitation, ultimately creating a sexless, inexpressive, and uniform mode of speech that will eventually create a society of people who have uniformity of thought and behavior.

The self-appointed guardians of morality have succeeded in extending their influence to government and the public school system. Now, using the strong arm of government and the indoctrination of our children in the school system they sweepingly categorize as extremist any political opponents, critical scholars, and every contemporary that seeks to make use of his right of freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of expression. Political Correctness extinguishes a free exchange of views, and makes any of its political opponents contemptible.

Political Correctness creates rigid barriers to thought that blocks an open discussion aimed at solving problems, impeding further intellectual development, just as it has with quelling and suppressing any opponents of the theory of Darwinism in academia.

A threat to a politically free state, the goal of political correctness is to produce a state of like-minded conformity and ideological uniformity. An example of the tactics that are now being employed by those that support political correctness is how on a growing number of university campuses the freedom to articulate and discuss ideas is eroding at an alarming rate, characterized by the increasing trend of conservative student newspapers that are stolen or publicly burned by student radicals, in many cases taking place with the full support of faculty and administrators. The perpetrators are rarely disciplined.

Using Political Correctness, the ACLU is getting crosses removed from public view, nativity scenes banished during the Christmas Season from the public square, teachers have been reprimanded for having the sitting president's (George W. Bush) picture on the classroom wall, and a principle in the Cupertino School District in California had the Declaration of Independence banished from the classroom because it, and other historical documents that were banned, contained references to "God." The history and traditions of Islam are being taught in our schools, yet the word "God" is under fire in our Pledge of Allegiance. School textbooks proclaim that our unalienable rights have been endowed to us by nature, rather than by the Creator as the Declaration of Independence states. All of this done under the guise of Political Correctness.

Worse, yet, is the origins of Political Correctness. Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism. Like Communism, at the heart of Political Correctness is the belief that the individual is nothing, and valid ideas are a result of conformity to the social group of the masses. Marxism cannot advance as long as Western Civilization stands in the way, so The West must be transformed, destroyed from within, taught to conform to the New World Order, where the citizens learn what is safe to say, and stay in line with the overpowering governmental state.

Hear my full monologue on this subject on Political Pistachio Radio, and watch a video about The History of Political Correctness on Political Pistachio Videos.

Saying Goodbye to Jesse Helms

Rest in Peace, Jesse Helms.

Former Republican Senator Jesse Helms died Friday morning. He was 86. He was a leading conservative on Capitol Hill, and the liberals hated him.

He was a five-term senator from North Carolina who formerly chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and often railed against Communism, liberalism and big government.

He was a proponent of school prayer. Helms was an opponent of abortion and gay rights groups.

A true patriot, Jesse Helms was, by all accounts, a kind person who treated everyone with the respect they were due as human beings, no matter what theirs, or his, political positions were.

God bless you, Senator, and welcome home.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Liberal Left Claims that this is a not-so-glorious Fourth

Chris Satullo of the Philadelphia Enquirer says that we need to put away the fireworks, cancel the parade, and tuck away the speeches. This year, according to him, America does not deserve to celebrate its birthday.

And the liberal left often wonders why Conservatives question their patriotism.

Listen to my take on this article HERE.