Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Terror Strikes India - the liberal press continues its idiocy - Superman no longer fights for the American Way

Radical Islamic Terrorists struck a number of crowded trains and buses killing nearly 200 people yesterday near Bombay, India.

These attacks are simply more evidence that Islam does not mean peace. In fact, the jihad warriors despise democracy, will do all that they can to resist it, and the idiots in the press (the BBC and NY Times included) fall for the propaganda spread by these people.

Islamic terrorism and violence is provided for in their Koran. The promise of virgins in paradise to those who die killing the infidels encourages suicide bombings. They rejoice in the slaughter of Christians, Jews, Americans, and anybody else that dares resist them -- and then lie through their teeth to protect themselves, and break treaties in the process.

And all the while the liberal press embraces the terrorists, claims that Bush is the real terrorist, and that our country is going into the toilet because of him.

These very same journalists fail to mention that the economy is growing thanks to the Bush Tax Cuts three years ago, the federal deficit has shrunk a bit, and millions of new jobs have been created. They fail to notice the growth of democracy in Iraq. They forget about the fact that 500 WMD's have been found, only providing more proof justifying the war in Iraq. They fail to mention to the viewers while stating that millions of dollars are going into the war that the Iraq War is actually consuming far less of the U.S. GDP than other wars in the past. The liberal press denies that strong conservative leaders have been winning straw polls in state conventions around the country.

It's nuts. They are nuts. Sometimes I think it is their goal to destroy America, and the American way.

By the way, not that this is any surprise, but here's more evidence that the press and Hollywood nut-jobs are doing whatever they can to undermine America:

The Original line of Superman was "truth, justice and the American Way."

The new Superman movie cut out the words: "the American Way."

Word is, Warner Brothers doesn't want to offend any foreign viewers with pro-U.S. sentiment.

That's pretty sad when the left wing wack-jobs even have enough pull to pull the pride of being American out of a movie about a traditional, American comic book hero.

Then again, what is the American way now? Thanks to the leftists, it is not what it was when Superman had flown by before. The new way is far from American. The new way is liberal, idiotic, and anti-American. I'm surprised they didn't decide to put a Koran in Superman's hand.

The only thing that seems to remain the same is the fact that Superman's hidden identity is that of a newpaper journalist. Of course, as I have said before, that makes sense, because no one would ever guess that Superman works for a New York Newspaper during his non-hero hours -- simply because a journalist is exactly the opposite of a hero - and if anything, would probably print information that would lead to Superman's death if they could anyway.

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