Saturday, September 16, 2006

Having a problem with Illegal Aliens does not make me racist.

There are three kinds of people in the United States of America. Citizens, legal residents, and illegal aliens. I have a problem with the third group.

This said, I have received a lot of flack over that position. In fact, one old man, the grandfather of a friend of mine, read my post about Mexico's plan for the American Southwest, and swore that if he saw me on the street and recognized me, he'd kick my racist ass. This gentleman is Mexican.

One of my sisters in law, my wife is Mexican as well, calls the illegals "my own people."

Everyone knows my position. Illegals are a serious problem, and are a part of a larger agenda. Agree or disagree with me, that is your perogative. Before you decide against a stronger fence along the border, however, remember this:

The problem at the border goes way beyond the Mexicans crossing into the country. My main drive for how I feel is not the illegal aliens. My main drive is what might be crossing over the border with them - - specifically, terrorists that have one motive in life - - to kill us.

Secure the borders, if not to stop illegal immigration, at least to stop another terrorist attack on American soil. I just wish Bush and crew agreed. The amnesty thing is such garbage.


Jersey McJones said...

Mexicans would never allow some Arab loony to sneak into America in their midst, you idiot. And even if you're concerned about bad guys sneaking in with the good - if we had a realistic immigration institution with realistic quotas of workers from Mexico, the only people left to sneak in would be the bad guys and we would be better able to focus on keeping them out.

Yes, I think you are a racist. Either that, and/or a moron.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

JMJ, interesting comment, and dead wrong. Over 500 terrorist agents have crossed the Mexican border since 9/11. And I don't think a worker's program for immigration is necessarily a good idea, myself. We have over 13 million illegals as it is, the bleeding needs to be stopped with a secure border now - - what do you think we will be doing when the next ten million or so crosses, and then the next ten million - - and as that's happening the next 500 Islamic radicals as well? My opinion that the border must be secured doesn't make me a moron, or an idiot, it makes me realistic.

Jersey McJones said...

"Over 500 terrorist agents have crossed the Mexican border since 9/11."

Please provide a link. I've never heard such a thing.

And if you think "securing the border" is realistic, you're insane as well. And not only is it unrealistic, it's extremely poor diplomatic form.

If we simply dealt with our good neighbors to the South truly realistically, with realistic quotas and realistic immigration institutions, we could manage the issue rather than rail against it futily.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Sources regarding terrorists crossing Mexican border:

just a couple of many - - along with a couple print articles I have - - and of course now you'll come back with something Michael Moore said, like, "hey, if they were crossing the border, we'd have been attacked by them by now, so since we haven't been attacked they aren't crossing," which is complete lunacy. Obviously, your world is not based on realism. Fine, believe that the border is fine as it is, and let's continue to spend our hard earned taxes on these people as we take away from ourselves - - all the while they sh** on us in the process. The illegals don't care about America. They have their hand out, and letting them in scott-free is a slap in the face to legal residents such as my wife - - and to allow such a criminal element along with a terrorist element into our country and looking the other way is downright treason.

Sage said...

Ignore him Douglas, people with the IQ just above their shoe size are the first ones to call others names like "racist" or "morons" when you disagree with their ideas.
They can't have a decent discussion so they fall back on labels and barbs.
Did I just call him a name, depends on how you read it. And my shoe size is just above these guys cerebral capacity output.
Sticks and stones and all the rest.
I dont think you're a racist btw.
Keep blogging and remember your delete comment button. I use mine when some donkey rants then screams about our crime or border problems and it's all GWB's fault.

Anonymous said...

Well said to the both of you( Douglas and Sage ) You can't back up nothing without ammo, looks like you had a full metal jacket ready for him. :)

Jersey McJones said...

You linked worldnetdaily?

Are you retarded?