Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cut and Run, cut in funding to troops, and taxation

As always, the comments are jumping. I enjoy reading them, and sometimes I am able to participate. I, however, am not a top 5% wager earner, so I am unable to spend my entire day glued to my computer, visiting other sites (which I do about once to twice per week), and research across the internet everything I write about. The majority of my information reaches me via the radio on the way to jobsites, on the radio on the way home from jobsites, the newspaper (Press-Enterprise, San Diego Union-Tribune, and Orange County Register) and various magazines (although here's a recent article about Dems wanting to cut and run). When I help my wife with her homework, be it at home, or at the University Library, I tend to read Journals as well as other similar publications. I don't always have sources at the ready because most of what I use in my posts is based on what I read or heard, and often I have no more than an hour to write posts for this site, as well as a dozen or so others (Speaking of other sites, I have just been added as a contributor to an anti-abortion site, www.withoutavoice.org).

When I mention the "Cut and Run" as voiced by Liberal politicians, or the idea of cutting funding to the troops, I am met with things like: "That is a Right-Wing myth." Not so. Problem is, with all of the flip flopping in the liberal ranks, when a politician states something they change what they say so much, and deny saying the previous, that what was really said becomes forgotten. A complete pullout of Iraq, and cutting funding, has been uttered a number of times by the left. Where are my sources? I read about it, and I didn't cut out and file the articles. And now, if you try to find some of this stuff on the world wide web, it's near impossible to find. Heck, I remember when Pelosi accused Bush of adding troops so quickly so that she couldn't cut funding for fear of being accused of placing those new troops in danger because of the cuts. Here's what I find interesting, though. I hear statements like: "The troops can't even secure the borders of Iraq. . . " and other statements that makes it sound like winning is impossible in Iraq. John Murtha, recently (saw it on Sunday on television while I was at the Veterans Administration Hospital for an MRI) said, "Iraq is unwinnable. . . we should pull out so that we can prepare for the real enemies, Iran and China." He also stated, "Numbers of terrorists in Iraq are inflated, and only number at 2,000."

That is still 2,000 too many. It only took 19 terrorists to kill over 3,000 Americans on 9/11. And he says our troops can't handle Iraq so let's get them ready for Iran and China? What? If idiots like Murtha thinks our troops are so incapable, then why would he want to get them ready for an even more complex enemy? Heck, if what he says is true, I'm surprised we survived all of the other wars in history.

Another issue that has surfaced in the comments is taxation. The left seems to think that because Conservatives complain on the over-taxation of the wealthy, that the Right desires dropping the higher brackets and raising the lower brackets to the point where the percentages are nearly even. That is insane. Where do these people get this junk? Conservatives don't expect a swing to the opposite extreme. But we, as a nation, have gotten to the point that we are starting to penalize success. The top 2% pays 80% of the taxes. That is a little extreme. Yes, it takes money to run government, but there is plenty coming in economically, I think, and many of the programs that are lauded by the Left should really be eliminated.

I take pride in my individualism, and self-reliance. I will not be reliant on the government, and I think it defeats human-spirit to do so.

Oh, and about profanity - you are right, disguising it is just as bad as writing it, and sometimes I do that (i.e. sh**head), and I ought not. I expect my commenters to follow suit. My excuse is not even good enough to publish, and I won't. But for those of you out there doing whatever you can to find holes, misswording, calling on contradictions (that often are not, your ability to see things in strictly absolutes only makes it look that way), and such, get a life. Read my posts, enjoy them, or don't. Debate in the comments section. But don't play stupid games. It's beginning to get on my nerves - and you know who you are.


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Anonymous said...

The expression, and the sentiment (a cheap sentiment, I might add) "cut and run" is only expressed by the rightwing, and republicans.

Wild Phil said...

Cut and Run has been mentioned by the Liberal Democrats, Jack Murtha is one good example.
Oh we can pull back to Okinawa. Yea right.

Wild Phil said...

Oh and Tom, I replied back to your idiotic statement from the previous post. Might add read it slowly and carefully so that you can grasp it.

David Odeen said...

Democrats= owners of defeat!

Anonymous said...

"cut and run" is only expressed by the rightwing, and republicans.


'Cut' and 'run', that's their motto!


Anonymous said...

The only people screaming cut and run are republicans.

Anonymous said...

Seven topics in one hour? Break a leg, that's rather ambitious.

Seriously - how do you plan to do justice to so many topics when you only have an hour?

Also, did you hear last Wed. Jenn and Dave show?

Anonymous said...

Douglas, you should try living in the state of the original Senator Cut~n~Run. It's downright embarrassing.

Tom said...
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Tom said...
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