Saturday, April 21, 2007

How Alec Baldwin and Partial-Birth Abortion dominated PPR

Political Pistachio Radio thanks the callers that added so much to the discussion regarding Alec Baldwin's abusive voice message to his daughter, Ireland, and regarding the touchy issue of abortion.

Touchy? It's not touchy with me, and for those that heard the show, you know what I mean. I have no problem declaring that the slaughter of innocent lives is WRONG - and abortion is one of the factors that has led to our society taking such a cheapened viewpoint of life. This has become a disposable society, and now even life has become something to be discarded if it is inconvenient to our selfish lives.

Jenn says she's a firm believer in "Responsible Choices."

Yep. That's exactly right. And until we pry the disease of Liberalism from our society, and change our societal ills fueled by socialistic progressivism, the problem will get worse.

You can't smoke a cigarette anywhere but in your car with the windows up (not that I smoke - - - anymore), you can't say Christmas in December or Easter in the Spring, the left wishes to take your ability of owning a weapon away from you. You are not capable of being self-reliant, according to the left. You must be protected from yourself.

And if you disagree, you are an insensitive, unenlightened, narrow-minded person.

But, it is okay to slaughter millions of unborn children - and now the libs are up in arms because the ban on partial-birth abortions has been upheld.


I don't care if you're pro-life, pro-choice, or inbetween, killing a child that late in term is infanticide!

The procedure is disturbing. Convicted criminals are executed more humanely.

Makes me sick.

The left believes that we are unable to live up to our responsibilities, we are unable to be self-reliant, and we on the Right must be silenced. Only the defeatist elitists know what's best for us.

Kiss my . . .

And we wonder why idiots like Alec Baldwin thinks abuse is not what it looks like when it comes out of his mouth (and it's everyone else's fault other than his own, anyway). Remember, whatever you do, it's not your fault (if you listen to the liberalistic junk).

Bunch of Marxists.


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Douglas!

David Odeen said...

Baldwin is a child abuser.. no other way to describe him.

Jane said...

Excellent post. I have a post about nominating Mr. Baldwin for "Father of the Year"!!! What a pig.

Anonymous said...

I heard one of the Baldwin brothers is a Christian, I think Stephen.

Sadly people are blind and ignorant when it comes to abortion. They'd rather think of themselves and their rights than that of another life.