Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Right To Bear Arms

The mass murderer of 32 innocents at Virginia Tech has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui. He is South Korean, here on a resident alien card. After murdering two people in a dormitory, he mailed NBC a package of his manifesto on 28 video clips, and 43 photographs, many of which show him aiming handguns at the camera. He, at one time, was declared mentally ill by a U.S. Court, considered to be a danger to others, then released by our touchy-feely "he's just a poor soul" courts.

After the first two killings, and mailing his package, he returned to the campus to slaughter 30 more people.

He should have been deported the moment they decided he was nuts.

And if he was here legally, just imagine what may be crossing the borders illegally!

And the liberal scum has come out of the woodwork over this. Mudkitty, who has been banned, left her two cents, which was worth much less, and some anonymous idiot claimed that the U.K. has been better off since they banned guns in that country.

Hey, idiot in the U.K. - since the gun ban the number of people injured by firearms in England and Wales has gone up drastically from 2,378 in 1998/99 to 4,001 in 2005/06. The number of homicides has remained the same (not dropped). Also, the number of crimes involving firearms has increased during the same period from 13,874 to 21,521. In 2003/04 the number was 24,094 (very close to what it was the year before as well).

Oh, yeah, the gun ban is doing a wonderful job.


Anyway, what happened on Virginia Tech's campus comes only a year after a complete ban of guns on campus (including security and law enforcement). Think about it. Had security been armed, or anyone in the cross-fire who knew how to use their weapon, the death toll would have been much lower.

Ever read about Nazi Germany or Castro when he took over Cuba? What did Hitler and Castro have in common? Their first order of business was to eliminate private gun ownership.

I wonder why?

Hey, liberal idiots, put two and two together.

Never mind, you are too brain damaged.

It's because an armed populace can be dangerous to madmen!

My book, The Way of Deception, is about what would happen if the Islamofascists were to take the war to us here in the states, and to give away the ending, it's the fact that the citizens are armed that it doesn't work!

That's why the second amendment exists (for you idiots that try to throw the militia word into it). What is a militia? Armed citizens taking down the enemy. Can't be armed if you don't own a weapon.

But this is only a part of the liberalistic agenda. They are attacking us from all directions.

Talking about Christ has become Hate Speech, and Pornography is no longer considered to be pornography! But wait, there's more!

During the convocation Allah is brought up, but not Christ. You don't have to be a Christian to see something wrong with that. It's the liberalistic agenda. Silence Conservatives, silence Christians. The argument is that there is no argument, and if you disagree with them you are a whole treasure trove of names, and none of them are complimentary.

We are supposed to turn our back on Christianity, the Constitution, and our sovereignty (by not stopping the leaks springing all over the borders), yet we are supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims?

And are they worried about offending, say, Christians, in their countries? I think not.

Liberals, don't comment on my site. That includes you, Mudkitty.

Mentally disturbed individuals give me the willies.

As for Cho the gunman, rather than be touchy-feely with out-patient care and drugs, they should have thrown him into a mental hospital with bars and locked doors at the first sign of his sickness.

Oh, wait, that's right, the liberals have closed all of those facilities over the years. Now we pat them on the back, hand them a drug, and say "Good Luck."

That's right, liberalism, I blame you for the deaths of 32 innocent people in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Political Pistachio Radio will talk more about this on Saturday (4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern). Then listen to My Point Radio after that with Dave and Jenn. The two best hours of radio on the internet.

By the way, I am trying to secure a retired police officer as a guest on the show to talk about what happened, and what could have prevented this tragedy. I am sure the idiotic idea of taking away my guns so that I can't protect myself in case an idiot comes into my home will be discussed too.


Unknown said...

I already knew the guy was a psycho, but the limited release of his "manifesto" confirms it in ever further disgusting detail.

Give me the willies big time.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

If anything was done wrong here, it was not getting to this guy before his rampage - blame our Politically Correct afraid to hurt somone's feelings society for that one. fifty years ago the moment this guy was found to be mentally disturbed he'd have been locked up in a mental hospital, or deported.

Unknown said...

It's not like there weren't enough signs. I mean when 63 students out of 70 refuse to come to a class because of one guy....Houston, we have a problem.

And how the heck do you live with 5 others guys and not talk to them. Ever.

Rich Johnston said...

The gun laws you speak of were specifically to target gun club members, who had been responsible for mas shootings in the UK. Since those laws came in there have been so such mass shootings. As of now, gun crime is falling, violent crime is falling and gun deaths are falling. In a population of 60 million, there were 50 deaths from guns,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Idiot form the UK here!
Just wondering where my post was? I cannot find it, so I am assuming that you have taken it down.
That's fine, but I reckon that your site would have more legitimacy if you let people with alternative views post opinions from time to time; otherwise you just look like you cannot take other opinions.

You and I both live in democracies still (at the moment anyway). Your views, however much I disagree with them, can only be weakened in the eyes of the neutral observer if you keep taking down those who disagree with you. The same goes for the abuse you dole out: it weakens your argument.

I would also like to answer those points that you made as regards my posting -

"Hey, idiot in the U.K. - since the gun ban the number of people injured by firearms in England and Wales has gone up drastically from 2,378 in 1998/99 to 4,001 in 2005/06. The number of homicides has remained the same (not dropped). Also, the number of crimes involving firearms has increased during the same period from 13,874 to 21,521. In 2003/04 the number was 24,094 (very close to what it was the year before as well).

Your points are valid, but as I said in my earlier posting, these crimes were – almost in their entirety – committed with illegal firearms. These weapons often enter the UK from the new EU accession countries and are very often ex-USSR weapons or even converted starting pistols. One such weapon was used in one case a month or two ago.

A recent report from the UK Home Office (what would be called the State Department in the US) said the following:

"Firearm offences in England and Wales have doubled in the last 10 years...the illegal drug trade underpins the criminal economy in many areas and is the 'single most important theme in relation to the illegal use of firearms'."

It continues:

"The biggest change in the last 5 to 10 years has been the conversion of imitation firearms, such as starting pistols and blank-firing fake guns used by actors in film and theatre to fire real bullets.
This seems to have increased supply and made it easier for criminals to obtain guns.

"Illegal guns are not easy to obtain for most people. The study dispels the urban myth of walking into a pub and buying an illegal gun for £50. The illegal guns are generally only available to a small minority of well-connected criminals and these weapons are often shared around. Even in the communities most seriously affected by gun crime, the vast majority of people have nothing to do with guns or crime."

Gavin Hales, senior research fellow at the University of Portsmouth and the report's co-author concludes the following:

"While gun crime recorded by the police had increased significantly in the last 10 years, the situation would probably have been far worse had handguns not been banned in the wake of the Dunblane massacre in 1996."

So the increase in gun-related violence in the UK is almost completely attributable to illegal weapons. So your comments are not really relevant to the argument for legalising guns, because these weapons are illegal anyway. Instead, it is a question of finding and destroying those illegal guns and preventing the entry of new, illegal weapons.

A few facts:

In 2004, there were nearly 11,000 homicides involving guns, according to the FBI

Total number of victims from firearm incidents was 477,000 in 2005

16 children and teenagers are killed by gun accidents in the US each day

Guns that are kept for self defence are 43 times more likely to be used to kill a friend or family member

Possessing a household gun increases the chance of suicide by five times.

And finally: A UK citizen is 50 times LESS likely that a US citizen to be a victim of gun homicide.

I hope you leave my posting to be discussed democratically. You have a 'comments' section - this would suggest the site is a forum for discussion. Otherwise, it may be less misleading to change the word 'comments' to 'agreements', so that you only allow those who concur with you opinions to make a posting.

Tom said...

I know I said I would respect the "ban" and not comment here.. but seriously Doug.. you've lost your mind. That was the most disturbing commentary I've read on this tragedy anywhere..

And "idiot from the U.K." Doug will delete all contradictory viewpoints regardless how they are framed. It's part of his pathology... He doesn't care what that signifies about his "views". This is not a debate forum. This is a propaganda forum. He makes that quite clear and has no qualms about it.

You are quite correct - the "comments" should be renamed "agreements".

Anonymous said...


I must admit, I agree with Tom on this one, you've seemed to have gone off the rails completely on this one.

You have a point about the possibility of deporting him, but the rest is crazy.

Handguns in the UK have never been freely available, and the rise in gun crime deaths has been due to the increased illegal supply.

We have nutters in the UK too, but they usually end up punching someone or hitting them with a cricket bat.

Lord Brown Mouse (UK too)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Idiot from the UK -

Your comment is in tact on the post you placed it on - April 17th.

Hope you apologize for getting upset when it is evident that the only problem is your reading ability.

Thanks for proving your name.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you libtards, you all must be more of an idiot than most people ever realized. Progressives, now that's a funny term for a Libtard to use because everything that they stand for is more regressive than progressive.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I do not delete trolls because they oppose my point of view. I delete trolls because this is my house and in my house you follow house rules, or else my invited guests begin to leave, and that is not acceptable. But, for argument's sake, I will leave these ones up. Honestly, though, you all are insane. Like the old saying goes, Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Read this about how well gun control works in Australia:

kris said...


I've seen the Grandma clips. Gma1 says she was arrested for "presching the Gospel outside a homosexual event". I don't know which one she is alluding to: Pride? A GLBT survivors of abuse support group meeting? She doesn't specify.

In my experience, people don't get arrested for "preaching the Gospel". They get arrested for harassment or disturbing the peace.

If there really is a ban on "preaching the Gospel" then hows come Pastor Fred and the Topeka Taliban get to spread their version of the Gospel with impunity at people's funerals?

As for gun control in the UK: the UK has never had a right to bear arms as part of their constitutional history. They have a completely different view of the police. In fact, most cops are unarmed.

kris said...

I am sorry that you have said that "liberals" need not ccomment on your site.

I consider myself conservative in some aspects, and you would consider me liberal on others.

Leaving trolls and bad language to one side, I hope you re-consider if for the only reason that you would run the risk of merely becoming an echo chamber for your views.

Gary said...

idiot said "...You and I both live in democracies still (at the moment anyway)..."

CHeck your facts. The United States is NOT a Democracy, it is a Republic. THe Majority does not rule, we are ruled by laws written by elected officials.

Tom, doug banned you not because you are a liberal, but because you tend to attack people rather than statements. There is a significant difference, and I believe he made that very clear in previous comments.

The only people that will abide by gun laws are people that abide by the law in general. If countries ban guns, then only criminals will have guns. Why is that such a difficult concept for liberals or anyone who hates guns to get? I believe simply because they are so passionate about their hatred, they feel they must be right and everyone else is wrong.

Tom said...

Gawfer, if you can show me anyplace where I attack people instead of just linking or discussing issues, then I'll agree with you. I thinK I bent over backwards to try and avoid that after people started calling me names and such. I'm not that thinned skinned.

Just read Doug's post again. Here, I'll just paste the "attacking people" parts for reference.

liberal scum
idiot in the U.K.
liberal idiots
brain damaged
Mentally disturbed individuals

Now, that's fine. I don't mind a little name calling.. but lets not be hypocritical about it.

Tell you what. I don't think what bothered Doug about me was that I referred to one of his more out-spoken readers as "Magnum P.I." I think it was that I fact checked his assertions.

I'm perfectly content to take the verbal abuse and stick strictly to the issue at hand. That's not a problem for me at all, but then Doug has said he doesn't want any left leaning comments, period. It's a bit confusing.

But the main point on this topic was just the tone. He blamed liberals for the deaths of 32 kids. I thought that was really "out there", and don't think I've seen that sort of diatribe anywhere else on the blog-o-sphere.

That's the only reason I said anything at all. It was breath taking in it's inhumanity.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Googled Mudkitty and the word troll a while back when she was harrassing me, this is what I found:

I'm a troll. For real. I literally hang out on rightwing sites and post (that's when I'm not catching mice.) It's sport to me. And yes, it gets a little rough and tumble, but for the most part, they love me for some reason. Literally - I start out a troll, but I end up a pet troll. I'm mildly famous over in those circles...I've been invited on right wing radio podcasts, and just yesterday I was interviewd for a site called Political Pistachio as kind of a resident leftie. All because of trolling.

As for French...has anyone noticed that it's easier to read than to understand or speak? I get around in France very easily for that reason.

Posted By mudkitty / Posted At 1/14/07 6:48 AM

LOL....yes you are.

Anonymous said...


Leave it to a brain dead lefty to thi..., er, feel that being a troll is something to be proud of.

Another prime example of the bass ackward thinking exhibited by "progressives".

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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