Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yet another reason not to watch FOX's "24" - and yet another mid-week Political Pistachio Radio!

Do you remember when "24", FOX's hit show starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, went green? In short, "24" decided to do whatever it could to offset it's carbon footprint.
Apparently, the mind-control advocates of Global Warming shoved a hybrid up. . . anyway,

Some folks believe that the current warming trend of our planet is destroying the world. Many actually believe that we are causing this change in the climate, as well. I suppose they wish us to believe that if we change enough lightbulbs into compact flourescent bulbs, drive hybrids, and pray to Al Gore and Michael Moore, we might just be able to avert the climate tragedy on the sun-drenched horizon.

The Global Warming kooks fail to mention, as they pack their pockets with the money they make from the swindle, that:

- - The Earth has often been hotter than it is now (and that was long before the first SUV hit the road). Recent changes evidenced by this NASA data shows 1934 to be the warmest year of recent record, followed by 1998. Notice the cooling trend that ended in 1972 (these Global Warming folks of today are the same dummies that were warning us of a "Global Cooling scare" during that time period).

- - "Climate Change" is not making Hurricanes happen more frequently and worse. The hurricane season began June 1st and the lack of hurricanes has forced forcasters to down-grade the season. Notice how at the end of the article the writers are quick to try and counter the argument of the editorial written by the scientist the article is about.

Now, "24" has given us another reason to not watch the show. In an obvious reach for the liberal left, which infests Hollywood beyond repair these days, actress-comedian and outspoken liberal Janeane Garofalo will co-star on the drama in the upcoming season. I suppose after her gig with the failed Air America, this was all she could get.
Maybe we'll get lucky and her character will be enlightened by a WMD, and become a supporter of the war on terror.
Yeah, right. There's a better chance that Hollyweird will recognize the lies of Global Warming.
By the way, Wednesday night Political Pistachio Radio rides again! Justin from Right on the Right will be my guest to talk about the upcoming Gathering of Eagles event. Tune in.

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