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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vegas Adventure (Fires, and Liberals, and dirt, oh my!)

Well, after a measley two posts last week, it is time to get back into that "post per day - or maybe more" mode.

The Radio Show, thanks to my sudden trip to Las Vegas for my employer, was run from the internet end, by Mrs. Pistachio. Tuesday's and Wednesday's shows came across just fine, and in fact Wednesday's interview with Jason Robertson earned the best live numbers in the short history of Political Pistachio Radio. As for myself, I was conducting the show through the landline at the Hotel I was staying in while in Vegas.

We departed from Southern California on Tuesday and passed through the area where the San Bernardino wildfire was burning. Meanwhile, the winds were strong (I believe I saw a report stating they were hitting 90 miles per hour), and I saw a couple rigs topple to their sides on the shoulder of the highway. At one point the flames from the fire were burning against the edge of the freeway, and the only thing that kept the embers from blowing onto our vehicles was the fact the wind was blowing away from us.

The trip lasted about six hours, and when we arrived in Las Vegas, we pulled the Big Rig onto the Air Force Base we were going to work on, went through paperwork and received our passes, and then commenced to work for six hours.

And what a dusty mess that was. We quit working simply because dust control, as the wind whipped up, was unable to keep the dust down, and we received a warning for the dust. In fact, as it was explained to me, even walking and kicking up dust with your boots is technically a violation. The fine is, from what I understood, $5,000.

Oh, and the fine is higher for getting near a particular plant in the area considered to be endangered.

Isn't Nevada wonderful?

After taking a look at what I think was the endangered plant, by the way, I decided it looked like a weed to me.

That night we had the "Max Lucado" episode of Political Pistachio, but unfortunately the guest failed to call in, but Mrs. Pistachio and I ran the show anyway, speaking a little about Max Lucado, and a lot about our marriage, and our faith. Listen by clicking the link just a little above this sentence.

The following evening, before the Jason Robertson interview on Political Pistachio Radio, I met with a fellow Blog Talk Radio host (though a liberal). He hosts a show called No BS Found Here. And he asked a question that caught me off guard. It was regarding the prospect of Universal Health Care. He asked how I was going to provide pap smears and breast exams for my wife and daughter when health care costs became impossible to pay.

Personal Responsibility is my answer. The Government can't even balance the budget but people like KJ wants the government to run our health care? How insane is that? Besides, as a responsible citizen it is my duty to ensure I provide for my family, and I do so. Just because there are those that failed at it doesn't mean we should all be forced into a system that has been proven to fail. Just take a look at Canada and Europe. Absolute failures. Our health system isn't the best in the world for nothing. Turn it into a government beaurocracy and the best minds will stop becoming doctors because rather than being lucrative, being a doctor will be nothing more than just another government job. Wake up, people. Socialized medicine is a failure and takes away freedoms. One question: What if I don't want to participate? Buzzzzz. Wrong answer. According to the Dems, participation is mandatory. What are they going to do? Put me in jail for failing to participate in this Marxist health care system?

We returned to California on Friday, and because some dirt was on the machine, we were required to clean the machine again at a Truck Wash because California (now get this. . .) does not allow out of state dirt to enter the state. That's right, Agriculture here in California will not allow out of state dirt into California.


Okay, I won't complain too bad, because the reasons are pretty noble. The reason primarily centers around keeping out of the state elements that may prove detrimental to California crops.

Then, we returned to the Fire Storm affected areas, and to our homes. The fires were less severe by then, but were still burning. Entire neighborhoods, in some cases, burned to the ground during our absence. A couple of times fires came relatively close to my own home, but thank God it was still there when I arrived. And during the trip home, I joined CIR Radio in a discussion that you folks will probably enjoy.

Now, I am just glad to be home.

On Saturday I was joined (about twenty minutes into the show) by John from Cuba Companioni - and his discussion about being a Cuban exile and escaping the tyrrany of Fidel Castro on Political Pistachio Radio is also worth a listen.

And Monday? Well, that's when I once again join Andrea Shea King on her Blog Talk Radio show, and the guest will be John Podhoretz, Fox News Contributor who is a best-selling author. He will be on the air to tell us why we need to stop Hillary, and how to stop Hillary Clinton in 2008! The show will start at 9pm Eastern Time.

Tuesday will be the Halloween Episode of Political Pistachio Radio. It airs on October 30, 2007 at 10pm Eastern. No Wednesday show this week so that I can go trick or treating. No, just kidding. Actually, October 31st is Mrs. Pistachio's Birthday, and as much as I love you guys out there in the blogosphere, Mrs. Pistachio is more important. :)

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