Sunday, October 07, 2007

A World Gone Mad - Between Hillary Care and the Slaughter of Christians

Word has it around the blogosphere and forums that Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant that crossed the border illegally originally before finally qualifying for a visa. For those of us that follow the illegal alien invasion closely this is indicative of Hillary's position on the immigration issue.

But. . . if Hillary supports the illegals, how come under her Hillary Care illegal immigrants would not be covered?

And speaking of Universal Health Care/Socialized Medicine/Hillary Care (so many names or such a ridiculous idea), it seems that some states are passing state sponsored health plans for children, paid for by smokers, and the Democrats would like such plans to be dictated by Federal regulation. Okay, I have a question. What if, as The Truth dot Com pushes for, everybody quit smoking? Then how would you pay for it?

And what if, as the Democrats seem to push for, we became a socialist state and everyone became dependent upon the government to pay for everything? And we all just quit working because the Government, as promised by the Democrats, will give us free health care, free this, free that. . . then how would they pay for it?

Oh, that's right, tax the rich, make them pay for it.

But what if, because of all of your social programs, Democrats, there is no longer anybody wealthy either? Then how will you pay for your programs?

Honestly, they don't know how to pay for such programs. The Liberal Democrats seem to think that increases in taxes are necessary. How about changing spending tendencies instead? How about cutting taxes, which enables more spending, which energizes the market, which grows companies, which increases incomes and jobs, which brings in more taxes as a result of the increased incomes and growing free market economy?

And while I'm writing my thoughts down, I have an example of how the world has gone absolutely mad.

In Nigeria, Muslims have killed ten Christians, injured 61 others, and burned down 9 churches. Why? A high schooler apparently drew a cartoon of Muhammad on the wall of a school's mosque, and when word got out about it, the rampage ensued.

Yet, Christianity is constantly attacked, and you don't see Christians going into riot mode over it.


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