Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's the Point?

I hear the question, "What's the Point?" often. It seems that folks are becoming tired of business as usual, but don't seem to think their voice carries much weight in the broad scheme of things. Republicans of late desire a resurgence of conservative values, a kind of Red November, hoping for the emergence of some kind of Reaganesque candidate, but quickly realizing that none of the Presidential Candidates fit the bill. It seems as if Conservatives fear that during these uncertain days only the worst possible scenario looms on the horizon.

And as the concern for a return to conservatism arises, the news offers little solace. In Annapolis a Middle East Peace Summit is about to embark. The West, headed by President Bush and Condi Rice, wishes for Israel to give up more land, it seems, in search for peace (as if they haven't given up too much as it is in the search for peace). And even if such concessions results in the so far elusive brand of peace they desire, the peace will be temporary as proven by history. Besides, the Islamic radicals don't want the peace conference to occur anyway, because they don't wish for peace. The wish for the destruction of Israel, and death to America. Fact is, these radical jihadists understand only one thing to be true in their eyes: There is no durable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem outside of the destruction of Israel.

A cease in hostilities will only be temporary. Negotiation is futile. Palestinians and her Muslim neighbors will not rest until Israel is destroyed and the United States is under Sharia Law. I appreciate the fact that there are those to this day that wish to find a peaceful solution, and I commend them for trying - - - but in this bizarre world of Islamic Hatred against all non-Muslims, and a special hatred for Israel and The West, there is no resolution that can be bought, negotiated, or begged for.

During the 1930's Great Britain behaved similar to today's Democrats. They proclaimed that they were weary of war (World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars, wasn't it?), and they did not truly believe that Hitler would actually act upon his threats. Winston Churchill, after proclaiming that Britain should begin to build her military again in preparation for a clash with Germany, was called an alarmist and war monger. They even sent Neville Chamberlain to Germany in an effort to appease Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideology.

Sound familiar?

Generations of Islamists have grown accustomed to this turmoil, fueled by a hate for Israel and America that we, as individuals, I doubt will ever understand. Besides, the leaders of these Jew-hating nations have made it a point to blame Israel for every one of Islam's woes. Peace sought by The West is a noble hope in that region, but to truly believe that those Islamic nations will actually abide by such accords is simply playing into their hands, and will place Israel in grave danger.

And as Bush, some members of the Republican Party, and the Democrats place their hopes into an Annapolis Middle East peace conference doomed to failure, Iran is hosting an alternative meeting aimed at countering the U.S. hosted peace conference.

Bush believes that peace "requires difficult compromises," while Iran's Ahamdinejad believes that chaos is the plan of the day. I am sorry, President George W. Bush, but I disagree with you. Compromise is all that Israel has ever done, and what it has given her is grief, and a long line of broken promises by her neighbors. Imagine, if you will, if we had made such difficult compromises with the Nazis, Japan, or the Soviets?

In short, the only thing that these Islamic Jihadists understand is strength and military might. They will take advantage of every concession, shake hands with their fingers crossed behind their backs, and stab you in your back with the hand they shook yours with. History shows this to be true. The words of the leaders of these nations support my opinion on this.

Simply put, we need to be tough on our enemies.

And with victory approaching nearer and nearer in Iraq, this is not the time to let up, run away, or give concessions to the cold blooded murders of the Jihad.

After all, terrorism is still out there, and they still target American Targets (as proven recently with their plans to attack a facility in Arizona with the aid of Mexican drug cartels).

Well, since our President seems to have holes in his positions of National Security, and none of the candidates for president seem to fit the mold, it is imperetive that we choose Congressional candidates that best represent what we desire in regards to a Red November. One such candidate, one that I believe represents the conservative perfectly, is running for the 12th district in Pennsylvania against John "The U.S. Marines are cold blooded killers" Murtha. This Conservative Candidate's name is William Russell.

William Russell is a true conservative that believes in the sovereignty and security of this one nation, under God. He believes the primary role of government is to provide for the common defense and a legal framework to protect families and individual liberty. He supports the need for a strong National Defense, the need for strong borders, and for us to create a system that breaks our culture of dependence upon government. He embraces the sanctity of life and proclaims that life begins at conception. He undertands that marriage should be between one man and one woman and that children should always be loved and sometimes spanked. He maintains that all children in our school systems should be educated in English and taught the civic duties and responsibilities of citizenship and patriotism.

And William Russell is the guest of Political Pistachio Radio on Wednesday, November 28 @ 10pm Eastern Time. Tune in live to listen and participate, or catch the archive later. If you tune in live, please feel free to join the chat room, yahoo instant message me at douglasvgibbs, or call into the show at 646-652-2940.

Oh, and to answer the question, "What's the Point?" - - The point is that we can change government, and turn things around for conservatism. Our power lies in our votes. The power of the people is in the ballot box.

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