Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lawsuit Filed Against A Teacher For Making Offensive Statements Regarding Christianity!

The War on CHRISTmas, and against Christianity, has now been stepped up.

At Capistrano Valley High School in Southern California a student, Chad Farnan, has made the claim that one of his teachers violated his constitutional rights with "highly inappropriate" and offensive statements regarding Christianity in the classroom. The teacher, James Corbett, has a history of making statements against conservatives and Christians in his classroom. The teacher has made it clear, to his students, that he feels a sense of hostility toward religion, and that he was not afraid to vocalize his opinions in the classroom. Christian students in Mr. Corbett's European History class felt ostracized, and felt they were being treated as if they were second class citizens.

One day, to help with his note taking, and at the urging of his mother so that they may capture some of the teacher's statements, Chad Farnan decided to record his class discussions, and on that recording the teacher says a number of inappropriate statements. On one such recording the teacher said that "when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth," that "religion is not connected with morality," he compared Christians to "Muslim fundamentalists" who want women to "stay pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen having babies until your body collapses," and suggested to the students that churchgoers are more likely to commit rape and murder.

Chad said of his teacher, "He's against Christianity and bashes it all the time. He's been indoctrinating us and not teaching the class; we don't need to be hearing his political views during school time when we should be learning."

Chad Farnan's parents contacted Advocates for Faith and Freedom, a non-profit organization located in the town of Murrieta east of Capistrano that is dedicated to "protecting religious liberty." The group filed a lawsuit on the family's behalf, believing that Mr. Corbett's behavior was in violation of the clause of the U.S. Constitution which requires government neutrality toward religion. The lawsuit requests removal of the teacher. If he is removed, no damages will be sought.

The school system has already taken away the students right to individual expression of faith (as noted by numerous school districts disallowing students to wear any clothing that may have Christian symbols, for example), but now these teachers believe that on top of taking away a Christian's individual right to express his or her faith, they think that they have the right to bash Christianity verbally to our children?

Honestly, this situation is pretty shocking, but no surprise. This is a blatant example of the indoctrination that our children go through in the public school system. Fact is, the U.S. Constitution not only requires that the government be neutral toward religion (of which this teacher is clearly in violation of), but also the U.S. Constitution requires that government shall not prohibit the free exercise of religion thereof. So, anytime a student is denied his or her individual right to express his or her religious beliefs in a school setting the school is also in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

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