Tuesday, January 15, 2008

All of the Laborers Are In Mexico

Tonight I was going to originally post about the Michigan Primary, but I think a link and a quick explanation is good enough. Romney won, with McCain in second.

Tonight's post, however, actually began to grow within the depths of my gray matter during my eventless drive to the construction jobsite I was to labor at today. The place I had to go was a long drive south from where I live. Normally, in the morning, to go down to San Diego and her many suburban neighbors, it takes me about an hour and a half. Sometimes it takes me longer, rarely shorter. Yesterday morning and this morning I arrived very early to my destination.

Here in Southern California a freeway void of heavy traffic during rush hour (and often during any hour, for that matter) is relatively unheard of. Sometimes around certain holidays the traffic will be light, but the norm is heavy, bumper to bumper, nauseating, horn blowing, head-splitting, I just can't take it anymore traffic. But not yesterday, and not this morning.

As a result of the housing slowdown I am not on the freeways as often anymore, and I suppose I just never noticed before today how light the traffic had truly become. Today, I brought this up to one of my co-workers, and he says, "Of course the traffic is light, with the slow-down all of the laborers are in Mexico."

I thought about it. Hmmmm, he might be right. So, when I got home, I began to do a little research. Apparently, many illegals are departing the United States and heading back to Mexico, but not just because of the housing slow-down, but also because of the tougher new legislation regarding illegal immigrants.

Another interesting development is that with all of these American manufacturers heading to Mexico with their manufacturing plants, many of the jobs illegals came here hoping to land are popping up back in Mexico.

So, to answer the question of those that say we can't just deport all of the illegals in the United States, and that's why we need to give them amnesty - - - I say that we don't have to deport them. Along with the current conditions all we need to do is penalize employers for hiring illegals, quit handing out freebies to them, and enforce the law that is on the books, and they will all go back to Mexico willingly.


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