Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton Defeated By Obama in Maine Caucuses

Yesterday, Barack Obama grabbed a majority of delegates in Maine after winning that state over Hillary Rodham Clinton. Despite the snowy weather, the turnout was "incredible." In response, Obama said to a crowd of 18,000 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, ". . . we have won on the Atlantic Coast, we have won on the Gulf Coast, we have won on the Pacific Coast, and places in between." This comes after Barack Obama's sweeping victories in Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington; bringing the delegate totals to Hillary Clinton leading with 1,136, and Obama's 1,108. These totals include the superdelegates.

Amazing how voters have no problem with Obama's refusal to place his hand on his heart, or even look at the flag during the National Anthem. . . or is this simply because Hillary Rodham Clinton frightens the Democrats just as much as she horrifies the Conservative Republicans and independent Conservatives?

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