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Obama-Rama ::: Reasons Why A Barack Obama Presidency is Bad For This Country

Thanks to Gawfer for the following video that will shock and amaze you about Barack Obama. . .

Barack Obama's rise to fame is a mystery. He is an unknown, inexperienced junior senator with no accomplishments. There is no content to his speeches. He preaches change for the sake of change, but fails to explain in full how that change will be brought about.

Here is what we do know about Barack Obama.

He claims to be against going to war in Iraq from the beginning. Perhaps he would have voted against it in 2002, had he been there to make a vote. But, in reality, his history of being against the war is hardly a staunch opposition as he claims; and is rather a more nuanced and cautious position on the war than the full-bore opposition.

He has repeatedly told America that as president he will end the war, leaving us to believe he will conduct an immediate withdrawal of all troops, leaving Iraq bare and unprotected, an action that even Joe Lieberman claims would create a more dangerous world, and create a safe haven for terrorists. Question: Mr. Obama, if we pull out of Iraq, what do you think will happen after that? Utopia?

Recently, Barack Obama has been urging us to negotiate with the terrorists, to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with the Islamic Jihad and the nations that sponsor such terrorism.

In a rational world with a rational enemy, Mr. Obama's recommendation would be a solid one. Of course it is better to try to talk things out with someone before committing to a bloody battle or war. We tell our kids to talk before fighting. We talked to the Soviets. We talked to China. Of course, when the left uses those examples, they fail to recognize that it wasn't presidential visits with the Soviet Union that brought down the Berlin Wall. The Soviet Union collapsed because President Ronald Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union with a military buildup. And we didn't decide to talk to the Chinese because we feared them. We talked with the Chinese because we wanted to drive a wedge between them and the Soviet Union.

Besides, Islam is not an ideology of rationality. They have committed to eradicating Israel, and destroying The West.

In his inexperience, Barack Obama has not thought through this issue. By his statements on foreign policy he is showing America how new to this he really is. And folks, inexperience like this is the last thing we need in the White House when it comes to foreign policy during a time of war with an enemy like none we have ever faced before.

A premature pull-out of Iraq would essentially be handing over Iraq to the Islamic Jihad so that the region could be a base of operations for terrorist activity, as well as providing additional funding for their ambitions of world domination by way of Iraq's oil riches. A withdrawal from Iraq would also send the message that America is unwilling to complete its commitments, and that when faced with the adversity of a ruthless enemy, we are weak and are willing to turn-tail and run.

But the reasons for not withdrawing from the region prematurely goes deeper than that. One must enter the mind of the Islamic Jihadists to understand the mentality of who we are dealing with, and why withdrawal, or negotiations with an enemy that brings nothing to the table except the will to defeat us, would be disastrous.

I believe that Islam is an inherently violent religion, but that there is a large number of Muslims who are unaware of Muhammad’s evil actions and his call to violence. Islamic clerics are loath to teach their people about their faith’s dark deeds. Islam has made itself an enemy to all that does not adhere to its rules, and only understands violence as a means of dealing with its enemy. Only strength will be successful against the Islamic threat, and concessions, negotiations, and the withdrawal of forces is seen as a weakness by the Jihadists. And signs of weakness are answered with aggressive action.

Answer me this. After Israel pulled out of Gaza, how long did it take before Hamas proclaimed victory, and then began lobbing rockets over the border at Israel?

Barack Obama has also indicated that he plans to cut investments in "unproven missile defense systems."

That's brilliant. The missile defense system, for one, is not unproven - in fact, our technology along those lines was crucial in bringing down a crippled satellite recently. Besides, if you are so determined to rid the world of nuclear weapons, why would you discontinue a program that would essentially make long-range missiles obsolete?

He also wishes to slow the development of future combat systems.

Uh, Mr. Obama, how do you wish this nation to defend itself? With sticks and stones? Believe it or not, talking doesn't work with irrational tyrants. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Unilateral disarmament does not work, either, Barack. If we disarm, the enemy must do the same as well. If they don't, and we do, they will perceive themselves as stronger, and attack. That, Mr. Obama, is how tyrants in the real world play the game.

Obama supports the gruesome partial-birth abortion. Partial Birth Abortion is killing a child in the womb that is far enough along in pregnancy to survive outside the womb. Any abortion, in my opinion, is murder, but "late term abortion" is especially horrid.

I am taking Obama's word that he is not Muslim. However, Barack Obama was raised around the Muslim culture, and one's life experiences shape who you are. Therefore, though Barack Hussein Obama may not be Muslim, because of his upbringing, he will undoubtedly be sympathetic to Islam. And as I stated earlier, Islam is a religion rooted in violence and hate dreamed up by a murderous pedophile named Muhammed. The jihadists have a very real goal of converting us to their false religion, or destroying us in the process, and any sympathy to this murderous enemy is foolish, and irresponsible. I wonder, though, considering all of the Muslims in Obama's life, how the Islamic Jihadists view Obama. Do they see him as a fellow Muslim? Or an apostate?

Understand, I realize that not all of the citizens of these Islamic Dictatorships are the problem. In fact, the population of Iran is very pro-American (residual from the popularity of the Shah, and his pro-American attitude), and Christianity is the fastest growing religion in that country.

When we entered World War II we did not go to war against the German People, but against Nazism and Fascism. Now, we are at war with Islamism, a fascist tyranny spreading across the globe, and Barack Obama's weakness regarding Foreign Policy (lack of experience, talking to the irrational) would place us in great jeopardy.

That's not even counting his liberal viewpoints of Government Control over the citizens, a Health Care program similar to Europe and Canada's Universal Health Programs (think about it: do you really want the same government that runs DMV to run your health insurance programs?). If the current health insurance system is so bad, then why would government wish to keep the same model, but change the payer of that system over to the same government who didn't get the postal service running in New Orleans until 3 months after Hurricane Katrina, while Federal Express was delivering to the area in a week, and UPS in three weeks? (source: Winning the Future by Newt Gingrich)

Of course this is a man that is a member of the Democrat Party, the same party that has decided Income Taxes Are Voluntary, even though you are forced to pay them (Reid idiocy):

The Government Should Seize Control of our Oil Companies as Hugo Chavez has:

Our Troops are Cold Blooded Killers:

and is content with emboldening the enemy:

Barack Obama is not even willing to take McCain up on his offer of the two of them going to Iraq to see what's going on first hand. Amazing, isn't it? Obama wants to talk to the enemy before he's willing to talk to any Republican, or go and see for himself how Iraq is going.

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