Friday, July 11, 2008

Lock Up Your Bible - It is being attacked in the courts because it says Homosexuality is a Sin!

Senator Barack Obama's campaign site has a blogger on it that has decided the Bible versions being published by today's publishers have violated his rights and are instruments of hate speech because they proclaim in their text that homosexuality is a sin. The lawsuit is for $60 million against Zondervan, and another $10 million from Thomas Nelson Publishing. The lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Bradley LaShawn Fowler is a 39 year old gay man. He states that since the Bible calls homosexuality a sin he has been an outcast from his family, and it has caused him physical discomfort and a feeling of demoralization, chaos, and bewilderment.

Of course it has caused you difficulties. What you are doing is against Biblical Scripture, and against God. The calling of homosexuality a sin in the Bible is nothing new - it is just that the newest versions are actually beginning to use language that more easily identifies it as such.

Your physical discomfort is not from the Bible, it is from what you are doing. Your feeling of demoralization is called guilt. Of course you are bewildered. You are in direct opposition of God, and now you are doing something I have been expecting for sometime - you are attempting to outlaw the Holy Bible.

How long before I must tuck away my Bible, locked away in some dark corner, only to bring it out when I know Big Brother isn't watching? How long before even saying the name of Jesus Christ becomes a criminal offense? Is that what you want? To silence faith because you want to live in sin? Do you wish to imprison millions because you can't control yourself and need some legal justification to validate your activities?

The persecution of the church has reached a new level, and as predicted in that Holy Bible that Mr. Fowler desires to eliminate, the battle to be free as a person of faith has begun.

Is this the change that Obama is promising? A brave new world of totalitarianism where doing the wrong thing is accepted, and being a person of faith is a crime?

Be careful what you say, read, or do, in this new world - it may cost you your freedom thanks to the courts, and people like Obama's blogger, Mr. Fowler.


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