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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember

I remember 9-11-2001 clearly. I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news. I remember the circumstances that led to my first viewing of the images of those planes flying into the World Trade Center. I remember the pain in my soul. I remember making that phone call in an attempt to re-enter military service, only to be told my time has passed. . . Thank you for your service, but you are not eligible to return to service, Petty Officer Gibbs.

I remember the day the towers fell down, and I remember visiting that site a year later. I remember the story told to me by a man that once worked in those buildings, running late that fateful day, watching the horror of that day from his car as he drove on a nearby roadway. I remember the look in his eyes as he told the story. I remember the silence that fell upon him after he finished telling me about how the New York Skyline just does not look right anymore. I remember how as I walked away how he stared down into the hole that was once the base of the twin towers - searchin - crying. . . for this day I met him was the first day for him to return to the site of the World Trade Center since then towers fell.

I remember my visit to the Pentagon, the people, the lives that mourned the losses on 9-11-2001.

I remember that day in 2001 when a nation joined together to mourn the deaths of fallen Americans. I remember that day as a day the nation united in firm understanding that this nation must be defended, and that any and all nations and peoples that harbor, fund, or support Islamic Terrorism must be brought to justice. I remember the brave men and women that became heroes that day as they did whatever they could to save as many lives as possible. I remember the lives of our military as they sacrifice to keep this nation safe.

I remember the day the towers fell down.

I remember.

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