Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Voted For Tom McClintock

In 2003 when the California Recall Election put Arnold Schwarzenegger into the Governor's mansion in California in the place of the ultra-left liberal Gray Davis, I voted for Tom McClintock. McClintock finished third in the overall vote.

Tom McClintock appealed to me because he is a Conservative . . . A True Conservative.

Now, McClintock is running for Congress in the 4th District, which is located in the Northeastern part of California, north of Lake Tahoe. His race, like most of the Congressional Races, is critical in this election. If Obama somehow pulls off this election, and does it with a Democratic Majority Congress, the damage they could cause this great nation would take generations to resolve.

Here is Tom McClintock's views on some of the issues we face:

McClintock believes in bringing fiscal sanity back to the federal government. The fiscal problems are primarily due to wasteful and mismanaged spending by both parties, and the increased size of government. McClintock believes that we must reduce the size of government and increase its efficiency while limiting federal spending and cutting out the waste and mismanagement.

Tom McClintock believes we must secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. Completing the border fence along our southern border will dramatically stem the tide of illegal immigration in this country. The federal government needs to take the extraordinary step of enforcing all of our current immigration laws, not create new immigration laws which will simply be ignored.

McClintock wants to encourage proper management of our federal forests and lands needs so that unnecessary wildfires will cease. The Angora fire in 2007 proved that an overbearing federal bureaucracy will put your property and lives in danger. Reducing the bureaucracy and returning management of federal lands to the local communities will prove the situation dramatically.

McClintock believes in a strong National Defense, and that we need to fully fund our nation’s military in order to protect our nation from any threat in the world. Reagan’s idea of “peace through strength” is an idea we need to return to.

Tom McClintock agrees with the Founding Fathers of this nation that local government is better suited to deal with local issues. Recognizing this, he is for returning local control to our children’s education. Returning control and decision making power to our local communities and families regarding our children’s education is crucial in making our education system work again. It is not the federal government’s role to force every school district into a predetermined one-size fits all formula.

Tom is a tax-cutter, and understands the economics behind reducing taxes. Reducing the burden of taxes on our families and businesses is the way to spur growth in our economy. We need to make permanent the Bush tax cuts of 2003 so that our families and businesses are not faced with the prospect of a tax increase in the near future. We need to restore the freedom to our businesses to grow and expand their own companies; a strong economy is built on freedom

Go to Tom McClintock's site and read more about him - and while you are there, donate to his campaign. We need his Conservative Voice in Washington!

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