Thursday, November 06, 2008

Socialism, And The Fate of the Republican Party

Today at 5:30 pm Eastern I was a guest on a show called "Blog Bunker" on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 110. Since this is a couple days after the election the interview centered around the coming Obama Presidency, and the fate of the Republican Party.

People, I believe, did not vote for Barack Obama, per se. They voted for change.

Conservatives have been growing angry with the Republican Party with each passing year. George W. Bush, as much as he claimed to be, was not a Conservative in the strictest sense of what a Conservative is. The Republicans in Congress have not stood up for Conservative Values and Principles since the early 90's, for the most part. And the candidate the Republican Leadership offered for president in this election, John McCain, is a moderate famous for bucking the party and sitting with his Democrat buddies across the aisle. The Conservatives like myself that did vote for McCain did so reluctantly, primarily because an Obama presidency was just too frightening to imagine. Don't get me wrong, I agree with McCain on many things, but in turn, there are many positions of his I disagree with as well.

This is why Sarah Palin energized the Conservative Base so much. She was drawing crowds larger than what McCain was drawing because the Conservatives of this country saw her as a breath of fresh air. I could almost hear a collective "Finally" being shouted out by the Conservative Base when it was announced she was McCain's running mate.

Now, the Moderate (or should I say Liberal?) Republican leadership is throwing Palin under the bus. Some are claiming she is at fault for the John McCain loss in Election 2008.

Had McCain chosen anyone else to be his running mate, he would have lost the election by more votes.

Now the liberal left is frothing at the mouth at their victory, and people are asking if the Republican Party can survive this defeat, or will the party fade away as did the Whigs in the mid 1800's.

That depends on a lot of variables.

If the party continues to believe, as McCain does, that leaning leftward is what it takes to win elections, the Republican Party will continue to lose. Ronald Reagan won two elections by a landslide because he based his campaigns on Conservative Principles. His campaigns were about raising up America. He understood that peace is achieved through a strong military stance in the world. He brought back our economy from the brink of disaster (a much worse economic situation than what we are seeing today) by cutting taxes and encouraging businesses to grow.

The fate of the Republican Party rests in the hands of Conservatives like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and John Boehner. If the party does not return to its base, and continues this slide toward "centrism," the Democrats will continue to win elections.

Obama was right about one thing: People do want change. . . But the Republicans are not much of a change from the Democrats. Obama won because Republicans have abandoned Conservatism, and people voted against the Republicans out of anger of that fact. The proof of that is that the Democratic Congress has the lowest approval rating of any Congress in history, yet picked up 25 seats. People are angrier at the Republicans than they are at the Democrats right now, and if change towards conservatism does not occur in the Republican Party soon, the GOP will go the way of the Whigs, and this country will complete its journey to a one party, socialist nation.

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