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Last Night's Anti-Socialism Rant on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution

Last Night on Political Pistachio Radio, after discussing the birth of my grandson, and the Rick Santelli Chicago Tea Party CNBC audio and discussion, I go off on an anti-socialism rant that rocks Blog Talk Radio. Below is the transcript of that rant:

When McCain called Obama a Socialist, and the Conservatives said "redistribution of wealth" means socialism, the Liberal Left said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second, you can't call him a Socialist. That's conspiracy, that's crack-pot, right-wing, nutcase talk, you calling him a socialist. What kind of crazies are you?"

Now, the socialism is written on the wall. It's obvious this is what Obama is all about, and Newsweek proclaims that we are all socialists now. Certainly, it is okay to use this word even though they are not really using the word. They use progressivism, they use liberalism.

Understand this, folks, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev; they proclaimed they would bury us. That they would take us over from within. When I bring that up, and I tell people in political conversation that that is exactly what is happening.

Loki then adds: Well, hey, let's bring something else up. Putin is over there sayin' "Hey, you guys better calm down here."

Oh, absolutely. As a matter of fact I am going to bring that up. I am going to bring it up in a second, but I'm. . . and you can bring up the List of 45. You know, Snooper, if he was listening, he'd be calling in the moment I said List of 45, and we'll discuss that later on in the show. But the Liberals, I mean, here's how they respond when I talk about, well, you know, that Lenin, Stalin, and Krushchev are taking us over from within, that we are, we are right now, what is happening right now is exactly what the Soviet hardliners predicted. When I say that, the Liberals, do you know what their response is? "Oh, what are you talking about, the Soviet Union doesn’t even exist anymore."

Loki: Oh, yeah, I mean, come on, now, come on, this is the Soviet Union from the 1940s.

Well, they miss it. When the Communists said, when these Communists, when Lenin, Stalin said they're going to bury us, they're going to take us over from within, they weren’t talking about the Soviet Union taking us over. They were talking about their ideology. They were talking about Socialism. Because they were Socialists. They were brothers in arms, and it was all about socialism, even if the Soviet Union were to collapse, and wither away and vanish. That's what it was about. They knew that the seeds they had planted to lead this nation in the same direction as Russia had been planted. The ideology of socialism they knew would gain control of America from within. And, indeed, they are burying us from within. And, indeed, we are becoming the very socialists that they were.

And you mentioned this a moment ago: Vladimir Putin has even given a warning to the Obama Administration (and I am paraphrasing), "Don’t take the route we took! It destroyed our economy and destroyed us as a nation."

Communism, or the pursuit of it, was socialism, and it is a bad idea. Period. I don't care what you call it.

Loki: Well, and people. . . Richard Nixon, and he was in charge of the House of Unamerican Activities Committee, and Joe McCarthy, they were not wrong. There were Soviet spies and Communists infiltrating the United States Government. Those folks were not wrong.

You want me to validate that? One of my good friends, he, uh, we disagree with each other completely politically, we can't politically argue, we argue like cats and dogs. But he's a friend of mine, he's a small publisher, uh, Dan Bessie; his father was one of the ten Hollywood blacklisted. (in lower voice) And of course that was horrible, you know, you can't go around calling people Communists, and blacklist them. But guess what? His dad was a Communist. Absolutely. So is Dan. Damn near close, anyway. They were exactly right, you know. Now, does that pose something dangerous? Could it be abused? Absolutely. I mean, I don't agree with lynch mobs. But I do agree with doing what you've gotta do to protect your nation against the enemy. But the Liberals say, because of what's happening now, "Well, it's not that kind of Marxism, err, uh, socialism, I mean. You can’t call it that. We’re not taking over by some military coup."

Then what is it?

Loki: You don't have to take over an individual, or a group, by a military coup, you can sit their and legislate them out. And that was one thing - if you go back and look at the turn of this country there were people that were looking at this fact that, you know, a tyrant three thousand miles away can, you know, is no different than a thousand tyrants three miles away. They knew that. They realized that.

So, what is it? What do you call it? If this is not the, if what Obama is doing right now the socialism that, that, it's not that kind of socialism, we are heading for, then what do you call it? Because it is not liberty. It is not capitalism.

Loki: It's Socialism! It's Socialism! Come on!

Of course it is. Of course it is. Capitalism has become the enemy. Listen to the Liberals! The sound like party members of the Soviet Union during the 50s, and 60s and 70s.

"Those Capitalist Pigs are the enemy!" is essentially what they are saying. "We need more government, and nationalized banks, and the government needs to nationalize oil, and healthcare, and this and that!"

Loki: Energy, oh, yeah. Listen to the infrastructure of what they want to do with the Energy, with the, uh, Power Grid. "We need to nationalize that, we can make it better," - NO - the people that make it better are the people that produce the power and send it. They need to send it to these different places.

Well, you know, folks, socialism is socialism, whether it is caused by the hand of the military, a great revolution like the Russian Revolution, or if it's simply - liberty dying amidst thunderous applause as it is happening now - because people are too stupid to realize that the very thing we’ve been fighting against throughout most of the last century is taking us over. I mean, Reagan delivered us from socialism by causing the collapse of the Soviet Union. We were excited about that. And here we are. We are becoming that very same socialism, we are welcoming it with open arms, we are excited!

I had a show, you probably remember this, it was the one when that guy, Ken, called in. I had a show a few months back and I named it "American Socialism," on purpose. And about every liberal on the Blog Talk Radio wave length was tuned in. I mean, I had huge numbers because of all the extra listeners. All the Liberal listeners. Because they were all excited because of the the words "America" and "socialism" in the same sentence.

If what we are seeing the Obama Administration pushing isn’t the same socialism that Lenin and Stalin and Khrushchev loved so much, and proclaimed would take us over, then you tell me, what is it?

What do you call it, Liberals?

Do you call it liberalism? Do you call it progressivism?

Because, I am going to tell you right now, folks, and I know you've heard this before, if it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, and has a bill like a duck, guess what? It's a duck. And no matter what you call this ideology creeping across the American government, and through Hollywood, you can call it as many names as you want. You can call it progressivism, you can call it liberalism, you can call it Obamaism, you can call it "Hope and Change," you can call it whatever you want - but in reality, this is straight out socialism, and Obama is America’s Lenin.

And here's something, and I know you are familiar with it, a lot of folks are familiar with it, Obama hates freedom - I believe Obama hates freedom, I believe he hates liberty, I believe he hates the American way - and this is one piece of evidence to support this statement. Obama hates freedom so much that when he got into the White House and he saw a statue, or bust, actually, it was a bust of Winston Churchill in there, a champion for liberty and freedom from Britain, and the bust was loaned to us as a gift from Britain after 9/11 (, Obama wanted it out! He sent it back to the Brits! What a slap in the face of our ally. I thought Obama was supposed to make the world love America. But, boy, he sure sent the Brit's gift back real quick.

And why was he so appalled by Winston Churchill's bust being in the White House? He was appalled by Winston Churchill’s bust being in the White House in the same way that you and I would be appalled if Karl Marx’ statue or bust was in the White House. Freedom sickens the man. Capitalism sickens the man. Liberty sickens the man. I believe that.

He’s a Marxist. We’ve called him a Marxist many times, and we laugh it off like it is some sorry joke, but if he isn’t a Marxist, then what is he? Because I guarantee you he’s not the same freedom loving champion of liberty that Ronald Reagan was, that his hero Abraham Lincoln was, or Kennedy was, or that any of our founding fathers were. This guy, just like the rest of the Democratic Party, has fallen prey to the wiles of the enemy. And now speaking to you few liberals, and the one's listening here later, you people, the folks that voted for Obama, you put him into office. You put an American Lenin, or Stalin, or whatever you want to call this socialist, you made him the most powerful man in the world, and he's a damn Marxist. You people voted for him because you wanted change - change to what? What did you want it changed to? To socialism? And now some of the people that voted for Obama are actually beginning to have a little buyer’s remorse. "Well, we didn’t realize he was going to do all of these socialist things. . ."

We’ve been telling you all along! What part of "He’s a socialist" did you not understand?! What part of "The man is going to tax you to high heaven and the government is going to take over every aspect of your life under his control" did you not understand?

I don’t believe you people (and I mean the people who voted for Obama), that you were so foolish, and so blind - Can you hear them now? "Oh, but he’s going to make everything so wonderful for us. He’s gonna be there for the workers and the poor and punish big business, and pay our mortgage." So said Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao tse tung, so said every communist and socialist leader in the history of this world.

As Europe is waking up from their socialist nightmare, and they have begun to vote out the socialist leaders, and they are voting in more conservative leaders, WE are taking a spiraling path into the path of a speeding train. And you people, the liberal Democrats, do you even dare to argue? I am sick and tired of arguing over these little points, like how much the Community Reinvestment Act affected the economic downturn, and which entitlement program needs to be tossed, and how progressive taxes are modeled, are or are not, modeled after Marxist ideals - - - and whether or not we should nationalize the banks, nationalize healthcare, nationalizing oil - Hugo Chavez, is very proud of you, liberals! - And what is going to happen is we are going to become, if we continue down this path, so weakened economically, and with our pluralistic, relativistic morality, also, we are going to be too weak to defend ourselves, too morally weak, too economically weak, the next time Islamic terror comes to the U.S. Because this time they are not going to settle for a single attack. They are not going to settle for downing a couple of towers.

You know, its funny, I popped a cork, was upset when I wrote this, when I originally ranted this. Because, really, I am sick and tired of arguing this point, because it's so obvious! I don't understand how people can't get it. More government causes problems and takes away your freedoms! Government is about power. And when the people in government get that power their concern is not YOU - their concern is not whether you are going to have a better life. Their concern is whether or not they are going to be able to stay in power - period. That is their only concern. That is why there is already talk about doing away with the 22nd Amendment, you know, the one that limits the terms of the President ( Like Hugo Chavez, Obama and the Democrats would like to be the permanent rulers of the United States. That’s why they are discussing eliminating, doing away with the 22nd Amendment. And that’s why the White House has taken over the census bureau (, or that's part of the reason.

It’s about power - and you’re falling for it, Liberals! Every last one of you that voted for Barack Obama, you're falling for his deception! You have a power-hungry, socialist, Marxist-style American - well, we’re not even sure he’s an American - in the presidency of the most powerful nation on Earth. And in the first thirty days of his presidency he has done so many radical things that it’s making my head spin! And you are dancing in the streets with excitement! You are condemning capitalism, blaming the free market. What do you think made this nation great the first 233 years? What do you think made this an exceptional nation the first two centuries? It wasn’t socialism! And it damned straight wasn’t government control. It wasn’t an expansion of government so huge that you can’t spit without the government knowing about it.

Now, I am an optimistic person. I believe that the American People will pull out of this. I hope that the American People will realize the damage that this radical Marxist in the presidency is causing. And I pray that we can undo the damage before it’s too late.

Our nation became great under principles not unlike conservatism.

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried with no exception. And socialism has been the enemy of the U.S. because it is the opposite of freedom - it is the opposite of liberty - it is the opposite of the American Way - and I am going to add this: It is the opposite of a Godly society. There is no relativism about it.

Nationalizing everything gives the government too much control. Socializing medical care, and so forth, is a one way ticket to this nation becoming a failure - destroying the 233 years of building this nation on a foundation, laid by our founding fathers, that was nothing like what Obama, and these disgusting liberal Democrats, are doing.

This is not the America that Adams and Jefferson and Washington fought for to create.

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