Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So, What Are We Going To Do About The Massive Takeover By The Federal Government?

After my anti-socialism rant was posted, a liberal on Political Pistachio asked, "So, what are you going to do about it?" In subsequent comments he suggested that Conservatives are willing to take matters into their own hands in ways that make them no better than what the Liberal Left is doing, and perhaps worse.

Of course, nobody is suggesting that an armed conflict is anywhere on the horizon to stop this rapid change to socialism in America by the Obama Administration and the Liberal American Democrats.

Getting involved politically, or by helping to spread the all important message, or both, is the key in this fight.

Ronald Reagan did not win in a liberal dominated environment by force, but by appealing to America's Conservative sense of values.

But, as we wait for Palin, or Jindal, or whoever the next big conservative in the GOP is, it is important to realize that the founding fathers gave us the apprpopriate Constitutional channels to deal with a tyranical government should the American Government impose itself on citizen's and state's rights. The right to bear arms is there as a last resort, and is an important factor in our ability to keep our liberty, but that is not the action we must take until necessary.

The steps being taken now by the states is impressive. The was mentioned recently in a comment by "Call Me Mom." This is a step being taken by the states with a Constitutional ability for states to stop further infringements by the U.S. Government on States. The states rights being specifically addressed that the federal government has no right to enforce or control is free speech, Religion, press, right to bear arms, potential servitude, or implementation of martial law. The Federal government has gone far enough. We need to draw a line in the sand. If there is further egregious, serious disrespect of the US Constitution by the Federal government, it leaves the states no choice. New Hampshire and 21 States are passing Sovereignty Resolutions because they feel the federal government has far exceeded their Constitutional role mandated by the 10th Amendment. In New Hampshire the resolution is HCR6. Oklahoma passed thiers last week - HJR 1003.

Stay tuned, more on this will be forthcoming as the smoke clears.

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