Tuesday, April 07, 2009

President of Political Correctness

Obama, in an attempt to avoid offending Germany, rejects Normandy trip

President Barack Obama rejected visiting Normandy because they didn't want to be seen as giving France special treatment. A White House spokesman was quoted as saying that "we wanted to maintain a balance between the British, Germany, and France."

In other words, as the Liberals always try to do, they are trying to be fair to everyone.

You can make some of the people happy some of the time, but you can never make all of the people happy all of the time.

So, basically, keeping everyone happy was more important than visiting the site of an American Cemetery established in 1944 just after D-Day where 9,387 Americans are buried. Was this fair to America? Was Obama's decision fair to the memories of our fallen heroes? Since when is being politically correct in a situation where nobody would probably have cared anyway more important than giving your respect as President of the United States to the dead American Military that fought for the protection of freedom?

The Democrats seem to think that fairness is acheivable, even if at the expense of common sense and liberty. In an attempt to promote fairness, their programs and international actions are hardly fair at all.

In the name of fairness, with the Employee Free Choice Act (card check), the secret ballot vote will be eliminated to approve the installation of a union, eliminating fair elections and protection against retaliation.

In the name of fairness, with progressive taxation in place (of which "income tax" was originally unconstitutional, in my opinion), the top ten percent of earners paid 70.8 percent of all income taxes in 2006 - and the left is screaming that they don't pay their fair share! Meanwhile, the bottom third of the nation, after low income tax credits, and such, don't even pay any income taxes at all! Personally, I am in favor of eliminating the income tax completely, and possibly replacing it with something like the Fair Tax, or National Sales Tax. I am not completely sold on the idea of a national sales tax, but I believe it to be a more "fair" method of taxation than the Karl Marx inspired progressive income tax.

Point is, President Barack Obama, who is quite eloquent as long as he has a teleprompter, or the notes of a speech that somebody else wrote, in front of him, is hardly as fair as he claims he wants to be. Fact is, fairness has nothing to do with it, anyway. "Fairness" is a selling point. "Fairness" is the eye-popping tidbit that makes the product sound good. Honestly, "Fairness" is not the goal of the Democrats.

The ultimate agenda of Barack Obama and his laughing gang of socialists is much more insidious than what most people are willing to admit, I believe. "Fairness" to Obama means America becoming a socialistic state. He envisions America to be a government controlled entity where social programs provide everything, and individualism dies. "Fairness," to Obama, means a massive increase in the size, scope, and reach of government - not only in ways that Britain, France, and Germany are headed, but oppression that only the former Eastern Bloc, Cuba, and the citizens of Russia, fully understand.

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