Thursday, May 28, 2009

Extremist Offensive American Flag

Coming to America as an immigrant used to be motivated by the wish to become an American, and assimilate into the greatest free society in the world. The Stars and Stripes have always represented Liberty, and the greatness of the United States. When my wife naturalized, the new Americans waved small American flags enthusiastically, as tears of patriotism and joy ran down their faces.

If you don't like America, or you find our way of life offensive, feel free to go back to your country where you belong. It is a privilege to be an American, and if you find America offensive, common sense dictates that you should return to a place where you find yourself less offended.

Political Correctness, unfortunately, has people jumping in fear every time a single person, or group, makes a complaint, even if that complaint is ridiculous beyond belief. The Liberal mindset in this nation preaches that America must be apologetic for its exceptionalism, that somehow we should be ashamed for being the greatest nation on Earth.

In Texas, a woman's American flag was removed from the office she worked in because an office worker originally from Africa complained that Old Glory was offensive to her.


How insane is it that a national symbol of America, and a symbol of the liberty this nation stands for, is considered offensive to someone, and the management actually complied with the complaint and removed the flag?

A later statement indicated the complaint was over the size of the flag. This is obviously a false statement since earlier a comment that "the flag outside" should be adequate. Somehow, the President of the United States bowing to a Muslim leader in Saudi Arabia in an apparent show of subservience, and the nomination of a lifelong racist like La Raza member Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, is not considered to be anti-American in the least, but a request by a non-citizen in the United States for the removal of the American flag is followed without question. Do these people want us to be apologetic for displaying our own flag too?

It's bad enough Barack Obama spent his entire trip overseas apologizing for America, but we should not. There should be no apologizing for being an exceptional nation.

If foreigners think America is such a bad nation, don't come here in the first place.

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Texan Woman Told to Remove 'Offensive' American Flag From Office - Fox News

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