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Definition Natural Born Citizens

Growing up one of the truths I learned along the way is that if people start freaking out with hateful responses it means you have probably touched a chord. When you touch a nerve in that manner, more often than not it means there is a speck of truth in what was said. This may not always be true, but often it is.

In an Email thread I am a part of a blog post by Third Wave Dave called "A CHALLENGE TO BILL O'REILLY, ED MORRISSEY, AND SENATOR JIM DeMINT" became the topic of discussion. In the piece Dave simply asks that if Obama's birth records are in order, and Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, then why is it that with the last group of presidents each and every one of their birthplaces are known, to the detail, in the sense of exact address, attending physicians, etc., but with Barack Obama, all we have is a computerized birth certificate provided by websites (rather than by Obama) that gives only the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. Granted, in an attempt to verify Obama's birth in Hawaii, Dr. Chiyome Fukino even recently proclaimed that she has seen the original birth records confirming Obama's birth in Honolulu.

(Turn on Sarcasm Pump #1) - Oh, well, since some Doctor claims to have seen the documents that are not being released, that settles it. He must've been born in Hawaii after all!

Of course nobody is making mention that if Dr. Fukino's statement is true, she broke Hawaiian law by violating Hawaii's Revised Statutes Section 338-18, which pertains to the disclosure of records.

In response to the "A Challenge!!" Email, one of the folks on the list responded with concerns, asking ". . . what if it is proven conclusively that B-HO was not/is not eligible to be president? What then? I know what should happen; I'm asking what will be the consequences? There's the real challenge, and that could be why some are on the right are ridiculing those of us with questions, trying to get us to STFU."

In a short answer, there would be blood in the streets.

But on the Email thread I provided this response:

If Barack Obama is not eligible, every piece of legislation he signed will be null and void, and he will be guilty of criminal actions. After all, it would mean that he willfully lied, and misled the American People. In fact, if Obama was found to be ineligible for the presidency, he could be tried for treason.

I don't know if Barack was born in Hawaii, Kenya, or Mars. I wasn't there when he was born. What makes me pay attention regarding this issue is the fact that Obama's response to the allegations has not been to simply provide proof. Instead a computerized version of a short-form birth certificate appeared on liberal websites, and Obama sealed all of his personal records while hiring a dozen lawyers to fight the allegations. Hardly the actions of an innocent man.

However, something to consider further stems from my conversations with my good friend, the U.S. Constitution expert, Loki. Does it matter where Barack Obama was born? Notice the words: Natural Born Citizen. A citizen is simply someone born in the United States, someone who has been naturalized, etc. Notice the 14th Amendment does not say anything about "natural born citizen" in its definition - it is only about being a citizen. This is because the 14th Amendment was written specifically regarding the expatriated slaves. To understand the true nature of what a natural born citizen of the United States is, one must go back through history, and ultimately, to "common law" of the time period the U.S. Constitution was written.

Common Law, at the time of the founding of this nation, indicated that a Natural Born Citizen was an American born from two American Citizen Parents. The reason for this was to combat any possibilities of dual loyalties. Since Barack Obama's father is Kenyan, based on Common Law of that era in regards to being a Natural Born Citizen, Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, and no birth certificate from Hawaii will change the fact that Barack's father was a citizen of Kenya.

A reply from a different person in the thread came quick, beginning with the salutation, "Hey, Retards. . . "

Without relaying his complete response, I am sure simply by the greeting it is apparent to you what the reply essentially said.

Why does questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president make me a retard? Should we not question when we believe foul play is afoot? The Left sure didn't hesitate from accusing Bush of much worse during his presidency.

Furthermore, if you understand my explanation of the definition of natural born citizenship, it would also mean that conservative champion Bobby Jindal, a son of immigrant parents, would not be eligible to be president either. After all, the law applies equally to all persons, right?

Why would I inflict that kind of potential damage on one of my own favorite politicians if I didn't believe my assessment to be true?

It is one thing that Barack Obama is asking America to follow him as he steps off the edge of a cliff. But for America to do so following a president that may not be eligible in the first place is astounding. For Americans to go on the warpath, and enter into a rampage of name calling and hateful attacks against people for merely bringing up what I consider to be a legitimate question is downright shameful.

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By Douglas V. Gibbs


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