Thursday, July 02, 2009

Liberals are almost comical. . . almost

One liberal commenter, who doesn't deserve the attention of being named, loves to call me the dumbest person on the planet because he is too stupid to understand what I say.

Far left commies like him are so crazy-insane, that it almost makes me want to laugh.

Rather than laugh, however, in the end it saddens me that someone like that has been so deceived that they can't even understand the rudimentary basics of common sense.

These people just don't get it. They are so head-up-their-butt concerned about their own selfish desires, and so fooled by the Marxist propaganda of the Democratic Party, that they can't even recognize the idiocy of their own beliefs.

These are the people that support murdering unborn children, and then call members of the military "baby killers."

These are people that accuse the Republicans of being all about greedy big corporate America, and then applaud Obama for spending tax dollars on bailing out greedy big corporate America.

These are the same people who scream and cry when Christians have a student club on campus geared toward Christianity, yet wishes to push secular-humanism at all levels of the education system.

These are people who accuses conservatives of dictating to them what they can do in their bedroom, and then shoves the gay agenda into our living room, schools, and streets - and uses thuggish behavior when Proposition 8 passes in California.

These are the same people who claim they believe in the rule of law, and then encourage illegal aliens to not only continue to come to America, but get driver's licenses, and other perks of legal residency.

These are the people who proclaim that racism is evil, then supports racism against White firefighters in Connecticut.

These are people who scream and cry whenever it is even mentioned that Creation ought to be taught alongside Evolution as a possible alternative in our schools, then pushes for homosexuality to be taught as normal in the school system, regardless of what parents think, or desire.

These are the people who enjoy the prosperity of the United States, and then blame Capitalism for a struggling economy that is the result of decades of liberal economic tactics.

These are the same people who believe that the best way to solve the struggling economy is to more than double the national deficit.

These are the same people who believe that the best way to make health care better is to allow the government to take control of it, and ration care.

These are the same people who believe that freedom is a wonderful thing, unless Iranians, or Hondurans cry out for it.

These are the people who believe hate crimes laws should be in place in case a straight male beats up a homosexual, but does not call it a hate crime when a Christian is jumped and beat up by a gang of gays.

These are the same people that looked the other way when John F. Kennedy cheated on his wife, or when Clinton not only cheated, but got caught, and then lied about it under oath. However, they are beside themselves when Governor Sanford is caught cheating (this in no way is condoning Sanford's actions).

These are the people who scoff at Supreme Court judges that vote as Constitutional Originalists, proclaiming they are voting along ideological lines - but has no problem with a Supreme Court Nominee that has proclaimed that judges should set policy (which is unconstitutional), and that Latinas are better at being judges than White Males (which is racist, and hardly unbiased).

These are the same people who were angered by George W. Bush's spending habits, and then celebrates Obama's spending, despite the fact that he is spending more of the taxpayers money than all past presidents, combined.

These are the same people who scream and yell at the "hypocrites" for failing to uphold their standards, but are perfectly comfortable with being scumballs with no standards, and no scruples.

These are the same people crying over our warming dying planet, even though the warming trend ended a decade ago, there is no evidence that mankind was the cause of any warming trend, and the polar bear population has increased times five in the last fifty years.

These are the people who call those that attend the tea parties "extremists" only a year after proclaiming during the anti-war rallies that dissent is patriotic.

These are the same people who worshipped Obama, and are now realizing he might not be what they thought he was, but aren't willing to admit it - and will lose a whole slew of Congressional seats in 2010.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

By Douglas V. Gibbs

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