Friday, August 28, 2009

The Transfer of Camelot to the Borg

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Leftists don't understand why the GOP doesn't have a "leader." They see it as some kind of weakness, or disorganization. Symbolism, and Royalty-like figures, are important to the Left. That comes naturally to them. They have trouble with conservatives considering themselves individuals.

It's a liberal "collectivist" thing, I suppose.

With the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, the closest thing the Democrats had to royalty has come to an end. Camelot is no more. The Liberal Lion has left the Left without a roar.

In the "Star Trek The Next Generation" television series there was a character group called "The Borg." The creatures were organic beings, turned machine. Their individuality had been abandoned for the betterment of "The Hive." They thought as one collective mind, and served under a queen that kept them occupied with activities that were for the common good of The Hive.

Sound like the Left?

With each passing election cycle the Democrats become more and more like those fictional Borg. They become more about the collective every time they speak, and you can almost hear the sucking sound as their individuality incrementally fades.

The problem with Teddy Kennedy, though he was a very loud Liberal Senator that fought hard for what he believed, is that he was not going to ever be President, and the Democrats knew it.

What good was it to have a royal family like the Kennedys if they were never going to retake the throne?

Enter, stage left, the Obamas. (Bill and Hillary have got to be spitting flames, being passed up like that).

Even Chris Matthews has proclaimed that Camelot has been transferred to Barack Obama. Obama is the new liberal royalty, and the liberals are willing to blindly follow him, and his policies, like the trained doggies that they are. That's why the politicians don't read the legislation. They trust his majesty's liberalness. Why read the bills? Oh, Mighty Obama, will make it all be good.

I can hear that Borg chant now.

"We are the Democrats. We are here to assimilate you. Resistance is futile."

Hate to break it to you lefties out there that are in the minority (remember, most of the country considers themselves conservatives). . . Resistance is working. The Town Halls and Tea Parties have taken a toll on the Democrats.

I am almost enjoying watching the Democrats running around in a panic - like a Borg separated from The Hive.

Shall we name them Hugh?

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