Friday, September 04, 2009

"I Pledge" Video Pledges Servitude to Obama

Watch the video closely, listen to what they are saying, and observe the tone and attitude:

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Goofy Hollywood Lunatics are at it again. The video you just watched is their offering for "change." Much of what they pledge is a good idea, and individuals ought to take heed. Some of what they pledge was loony. Some, like the one about stamping out hunger, gives the impression their is an epidemic of hunger in this nation, when there isn't, or at least not like they make it out to be. The man-made climate change mythical hysteria is also intertwined throughout the video. And what's-his-name from the Red Hot Chili Peppers was just downright spooky.

Alarmingly, this video was shown to a bunch of kids (yeah, real appropriate propaganda to be showing the kiddies) in an elementary school in Farmington, Utah.

One question on that one: What the hell were you thinking?

As I said above, much of the video is pledging reasonable stuff (like Tyson's "American rather than African-American" pledge). But then they say that they pledge to be a servant to the President.

Servitude to Obama? I thought they wanted to stamp out 21st Century Slavery (which is dominant in the Islamic World)? Now they want to enslave themselves to Obama?

Obama, as much as I hate to say it, is the President of the United States of America.

Being a servant of someone does not apply to the President - he is supposed to be "our" servant.

You give servitude to God, a Messiah, a king, or a "master" (as defined by history and common beliefs). We should never be servants of the President.

Notice also that they add "mankind."

Servitude to Obama, and Mankind.

Is this liberalism that wishes servitude to Obama some kind of religious substitute, since they reject religion otherwise?

Of course, they reject Christianity. These people in the video obviously reject the Christian God. A Christian would never pledge servitude to a human being like they did to Obama.

The have rejected God so that they may worship a man, and mankind.

I will not be a servant to government, the president, or "Mankind." Mankind does not replace God.

In my experience, one speaking of being a servant like this is normally religious speech. If they wish to replace God with mankind, and Obamessiah, you can count me out.

This Obama worship is starting to really get spooky.

First they called him a "light being," and now this.

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