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Israel: Obstacle To Evolution

By Douglas V. Gibbs
As ridiculous as it may seem, the fight over Israel is not about land. The Palestinian demand for Israel is not about gaining the land for Muslims, but about eliminating Israel from the face of the Earth.

Islamic Nations have repeatedly proclaimed that Israel will be destroyed. Their goal, from day one, has been a world without Jews. Unfortunately, their anti-Semitic rhetoric has not fallen on deaf ears. Progressives share a similar goal with Muslims. They also desire a world without Israel, but for different reasons.

According to A. Ralph Epperson, the following definitions explain how each political ideology views the issues of man's relationship to the world:

Conservatism: The conservative appeals to the spiritual nature of man, believing that man's problems arise because of the nature of man himself. The solution to the problems of the world lies in the changing of man himself.

Liberalism: The liberal appeals to the materialistic nature of man, believing that man's problems arise because of the environment. The liberal's solution is to change the environment so that man will be happy.

When one examines the issues, the above definitions become very clear in regards to the positions of the two political viewpoints currently dominating American politics. For example, when an unwanted pregnancy arises conservatives believe the woman (and man that fathered the child) should own up to their responsibility, and accept the consequences for their actions, taking care to either keep the child and give the child a good home, or put the child up for adoption so that someone else can care and raise the child. This response to abortion appeals to the spiritual nature of humanity. The problem arose because of the person's actions, and therefore the solution is for the person to take responsibility. The liberal sees the unborn child as an unwanted factor in the person's environment, a material obstacle, and sees as the best solution the removal of the problem through abortion.

Another example takes gun control into consideration. Fire arms, according to the Right, are simply tools. Tools are under the control of people. The misuse of these tools caused by the bad behavior of the person wielding the weapon is the cause of gun violence, not the existence of the tool itself. After all, if not the gun, then the nature of the man determined to cause violence will find another weapon. If criminal actions are taken, the individual should meet justice for their violent actions. Liberals see the guns as the cause for problems in society, and sees as the best solution to the problem the removal of all weapons from society. No guns, no violence - or at least until someone decides to grab a baseball bat.

War is the ultimate problem that arises because of the nature of man according to Conservatives. Wars arise constantly, and like it or not, are unavoidable. Conservatives believe that when evil rises up throwing sticks, the nations that embrace liberty should be ready with bigger sticks. Under the threat of retaliation, the individuals in charge of the regimes threatening war will change their behavior for fear of being beat back by the bigger sticks. This view is often referred to as "Peace through strength." Liberals see war as just one great big misunderstanding, and so the cause of the misunderstanding must be removed so that everyone can get along. In the Middle East, according to liberals, the cause of the great big misunderstanding is Israel.

By removing Israel from the equation of the world environment, liberals believe the conflicts will cease. After all, in their version of the truth, isn't everyone fighting over the land of Israel, of which the Palestinians desire to control? If that is the case, removing Israel would remove the cause of conflict.

Liberalism is rooted in the believe that government is the solution to problems, and as government grows, eventually the natural progression is toward world government. To achieve a system of global governance through liberal means it is necessary to remove individualism. After all, a strong central government teeters on the idea of collectivism, or the "common good." Individualism is seen by these people as the selfish drive for profit, while paying no regard to those that can't keep up. Conservatives, however, view such individualism to be beneficial to the "common good" in the long run, because as an individual becomes successful, he will eventually enlist help to become more successful. This in turn results in the creation of jobs, and the teaching to other people what made the first person successful in the first place. Products are then manufactured for consumers to purchase, and as it all grows, the community prospers as a result - all because an individual became successful.

Individualism is a trait that Israel possesses, which is in direct opposition to the collective nature of Islam, which surrounds the tiny nation. Collectivism, after all, is a goal of world governance. Islam, through the collective nature of their political ideology that masquerades as a religion, desire global domination in the form of a caliphate. Their aims are not unlike those of the liberal persuasion, therefore they make for great temporary allies.

Progressivism teaches that nations who believe they are individually better are a threat to the rise of a global political system. The United States, as a super power, poses itself to be an obstacle, then, to the global desires of secular liberalism. America, however, can be reduced through a gradual process of conditioning the citizens. Israel is not so easily altered. The tiny Jewish nation is wealthier than her neighbors, and constantly exhibits superiority over her Muslim counterparts. Israel, according to the Jews, and Christians, is God's chosen people. Such a belief in divine favoritism would never allow Israel to be conditioned in a way that would accept a loss of their national individuality. Islam, in turn, is dead set on destroying Israel, willing to achieve their aims through religious fervor. Therefore, to achieve global governance, and a worldwide environment that is without war in that region, Leftists believe Israel must be removed from the equation.

Israel has been protected by the hand of God, and her success and survival has angered Israel's enemies. As a result, the enemies of Israel have applied greater pressure on Israel. The Muslims are bent on destroying Israel and driving her people into the sea. Repeated attempts by Western nations to negotiate peace deals, or force sanctions on Israel through the United Nations have failed. Therefore, in the minds of people like Barack Obama, and the hard left, Israel is the cause of political unrest in the region, and must be removed.

Understanding that liberalism believes the problems of the Middle East is because of the existence of Israel, and simply removing the Jewish nation will solve all of the problems of the region, the Left's political decisions regarding Israel becomes more clear.

The existence of Israel in its current form on that sliver of property they were given in 1948, according to most historians, can be directly attributed to the Holocaust. Any sympathies for Israel, as far as the Left is concerned, exist because of guilt by Westerners that Hitler killed over 6 million Jews. The Jewish Homeland is sort of like hush money. "Here, Jewish people, have this land, and hush about the atrocities we allowed you to suffer."

If the nation of Israel exists because of the sympathies afforded her because of the Holocaust, then part of the plan to remove the existence of Israel would be to remove the very cause of the guilt among Westerners. If the West is no longer feeling guilty about the death of 6 million Jews, then they won't care if Israel suddenly disappears.

Ahmadinejad, Iran's maniacal president, recognizes this strategy as being one that should be pursued. As a result, he pushes a denial of the Holocaust. If the Holocaust never happened, after all, then Israel doesn't need a nation to call home. No guilt, no nation. And if, in his opinion, the Holocaust never happened, the guilt-ridden Westerners won't care when Israel is driven into the ocean. After all, if Jews were not victims of the Holocaust, then that reduces Israel to an irritation in the Middle East that needs to be dealt with. It would mean that they possess "Palestinian Land" under false pretenses. Islam, then, could be justified for removing Israel from the region, since, if the Holocaust never happened, Israel shouldn't be where she is in the first place. With the sympathies gone, Israel becomes nothing more than a blotch on Muslim land that must be surgically removed, and thrown away.

Barack Obama wants peace at all costs, and if Israel is the cause of war in the Middle East, then like an unsightly mole, Israel must be removed. This is why during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Obama threw Israel under the bus. President Obama said in his speech that "America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements" because it is those settlements, at this moment, according to his Leftist thinking, that is the cause of all the problems in the region. Never mind the fact that Israel gained these lands after victory in wars they didn't even start.

Interesting how Obama told America that the Iraq War was wrong because we were imposing our will on Iraq. He also refused to say a word about Russia's invasion of Georgia because he didn't want us to meddle. Yet, when it comes to Israel, Obama believes it is up to him to change Israel's policies, and force the tiny nation to play by his rules.

Who is Obama to tell another nation that their settlements are legitimate, or not?

More shocking than Obama's stark declaration was the fact that the anti-Israel statement drew enthusiastic applause from the members of the U.N. General Assembly.

Remember, these people see Israel as the cause of all of the war in the Middle East, and true to their belief that man's problems arise because of his environment, they wish to change the environment by removing Israel from the scenario. Or, at worst, at least neutralize them.

You have to realize, these people believe the evolution of mankind is toward an order that does not include trouble-makers like the United States or Israel. A complete control of man's environment cannot take form as a world government with the current organization of the world into nations. Israel is too nationalistic, and would be unwilling to give up her sovereignty to the control of global governance. Plus, war after war has erupted in the Middle East, according to this mindset, because of Israel's existence.

The World Health Organization is on record as stating:

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism and religious dogmas. . . "

In America Leftism, to achieve the goal of global governance the social fabric of humanity bust destroy man's basic loyalties to family, nation and religion. The Left is conditioning us to believe borders of nations are oppressive, family units do not raise children to understand what is best for the "village," and religion (as in the case of Israel) is the cause of the world's ills. So, the solution is to change the environment: Erase all borders, dismantle the family unit, and eliminate religion from the face of the Earth.

The Left is achieving there goals of a progressive society without nations, families, or religion through the gradual process of creeping incrementalism, which is a process of conditioning the citizens to change their behaviors and belief systems to be more in line with secular globalism. We are not to believe in God, raise our own children, or believe that America is an exceptional nation. As Obama said to the General Assembly, no nation is better than any other nation. No nation should be elevated as being superior, or more prosperous.

The Jews are not willing to relinquish loyalties to their nation, families, Jewish identity, or religion. They refuse to live no better than their Muslim neighbors, or to become citizens of the world. Israel rejects losing her individuality to a world order that caters to the whims of the Islamic community, or a power structure that would allow a one world government to dictate to Israel what she can, or cannot, do. Therefore, according to people like Obama, Israel is not a team player. Her individuality, and national pride, makes her dangerous to the rising global political system. Israel is an obstacle to progress, and the evolution of mankind, and therefore, must be removed.

Barack Obama, like usual, has miscalculated his agenda for worldwide change. You see, despite his anti-Israel sentiments, and pressure on the tiny nation, Israel will not go quietly.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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