Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan: Pulling Out The Magic Eight Ball

Remember, Obama doesn't care about the troops' safety - His health care bill is much more important to him than the troops - hence the reason his health care bill gets daily attention, and General McChrystal is told to wait.

The argument by the Left is that Obama is taking his time to make the right decision. Military decisions must be rapid decisions, or lives are lost. Hesitation costs lives, and denying reinforcements, equipment, fuel, and ammunition is like giving the troops a death warrant. Obama's continued delay is more evidence that he is unfit to be the Commander in Chief.

And to think this is the same guy that demonized Bush, accusing Dubya of not listening to his Generals.

Obama has taken it a step further, taking the position that he knows more about war than the generals - Though he has no military experience.

Ultimately, I believe Obama would like to disband the U.S. Military, and hand our security concerns over to a global entity made up of multi-national forces.

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