Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climategate Deniers

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Man-made Global Warming is a hoax. When the Earth stopped warming, without the environmentalist wackos realizing it, the Global Warming Hysteria-makers changed the name of it to Climate Change so that they could manage the hoax irregardless of what the temperatures did. When it was discovered the Antarctic ice shelves were expanding, they ignored it an began to concentrate on polar bears. When it was indicated that the polar bear population is increasing, they denied the truth of matter, and proclaimed it was a lie. When Gore's model was discovered to be wrong, and that a rise in Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere did not happen before the rise in temperature, but the other way around, they denied the facts. When Global Warming deniers in the scientific community spoke out against the environmental hysteria, they called those scientists liars, and ultimately labeled them as "not real scientists." After all, how could there be a consensus with so many scientists calling the Global Warming supporters a bunch of politically motivated liars?

Then came the leaked Emails that exposed the junk science of man-made Global Warming for what it is - A Great Big Politically Driven Lie!

Computer hackers obtained 160 megabytes of Emails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in England. The Emails contained communication between many of the scientific researchers and policy advocates who in the Emails brazenly discussed destroying and hiding data that did not support their man-made global warming claims.

Professor Phil Jones, head of the CRU, and professor Michael E. Mann at Pennsylvania State University (an important player in the climate change debate), had a number of Emails between them come under special scrutiny. In their Emails the word "trick" was used, for example, when referring to adding in the real temps to each series and to hide the decline in temperature. The scientists responded saying that the word "trick" was used to describe a way to solve a problem, not something secret, and the Climate Change faithful bought the explanation.

Other Emails among these men included, regarding requests for Freedom of Information Act data, that they would delete a file rather than send it to anyone, or hide behind other legislation to ensure they can keep their files from reaching the public. Other "dubious" tricks of the trade were also discussed to hide the truth.

Global Warming science is "fudged science," and the wannabe scientists are too entrenched in their liberal agendas to reveal the truth.

It has also been leaked, as the scandal grows, that in addition to the New York Times ignoring the greatest scandal in modern science, the BBC also did, refusing to cover the story a month ago when they were sent the files.

Despite the scandal, and the fact that about a third of America believes in the tainted science of Climate Change (according to Rasmussen Reports), the trip to Copenhagen to discuss the details of creating a world government with direct power over financial and trading markets in an attempt to "deal with the crisis" is moving ahead. The next question, then, should be, "Why?"

A global economy, and a one world government, cannot come into being until the United States is willing to come on board. The American People would never allow the loss of American sovereignty unless the United States' economy collapse, and our industrial complex, was destroyed. This is why the Obama administration is proposing policies, in the guise of saving the planet from the ravages of Climate Change, to make it too expensive to manufacture products in the United States. The Affordable Energy Act of 2009 (Cap and Trade) will raise the cost of energy, forcing industrial production to go to other countries, and then ship the products back to America, further exacerbating the advantage China and India currently has when it comes to a significant cost advantage over American producers.

The liberal left won't cover the story, they ignore the significance of the Climategate Scandal, and the leftists are denying it to the very end.

I suppose it would be like finding out you were adopted, and your adopted parents only took you in because you had a fortune in the bank, of which they were planning on tossing you aside once they got their hands on the money. I suppose with that kind of pain, denial is easy.

Nonetheless, and I am addressing this to the Climate Change addicts that are reading this article, "your science is not only wrong, but a politically motivated lie - and you fell for it. Now, quit denying the truth, and own up to it. If you don't, and the Obama Administration continues full speed ahead, it could result in America's demise."

The survival of this nation depends on you, the Global Warming hysteria believers, in admitting you were wrong.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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