Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts Voter Turnout Double for Senate Special Election

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In Massachusetts the polls have just closed.

After the polls opened in Massachusetts this morning double the number of voters showed up at the polls than turned in votes during the primary. In a matter of hours Massachusetts was in full swing of voting to determine the successor of the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy: Republican Scott Brown or Democrat Martha Coakley.

Within the Democrat Party there is inner turmoil. Democrats have to be asking themselves that if in Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, the Democrat is struggling (whether she wins or loses), what will happen in November in the rest of the nation for the rest of the Democrats?

The Democrats better be taking this election seriously, and understand that the mood of the American People is against what the leftists in Washington are doing. Should Coakley win this election, the Democrats attitude is that it will be business as usual, and they will to continue to ram through their big government legislation, despite the message of a close race, and despite the fact that their agenda is exactly the reason this is a close race, and exactly why in November the Democrats may very well lose their majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Fox News is reporting that Brown is currently ahead 52-47, having 60% of the independent vote and 22% of the Democrat vote.

With 116 of 2,168 (5%) precincts reporting a local television station (WHDH-TV 7) is reporting Scott Brown ahead 52% to Martha Coakley's 47%.

Obama put his credibility on the line by campaigning for Coakley, as he did with Christie in New Jersey, and McDonnell in Virginia - and each time he lost. Obama will be tremendously damaged if Brown wins, and the Congressional Democrats will implode with all of the internal fears and bickering. However, don't underestimate the left's ability to lie and cheat, and expect the vote certification to be delayed, and the final results to be challenged legally, if Brown wins. Of course if Coakley wins, she'll be seated within a couple days.

My prediction? Brown will win by a point or two, there will be weeks of certification, and then the legal challenges will arise. . . all a dirty tactic by the Democrats to delay Brown taking the seat as long as possible so that they can force health care legislation on the American People - whether you like it or not!

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