Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obama's EEOC Nomination Chai Feldblum: Society Should Not Tolerate Private Beliefs, Including Religious Beliefs

By Douglas V. Gibbs

President Obama's nomination for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission head is Chai R. Feldblum, a law professor at Georgetown University Law School. She wrote in 2006 that society should "not tolerate" any "private beliefs," including religious beliefs, that may negatively affect homosexual "equality."

Feldblum's "radical" beliefs fit in lockstep (or should I say "goose-step") with Obama's school safety czar, and gay pedophile, Kevin Jennings. The view these people have is based on a "zero-sum game" between religion and homosexuality that ultimately provides that "a gain for one side necessarily entails a corresponding loss for the other side."

I suppose this explains liberal Tom's proclamation that "we will destroy your movement." It is an all or nothing game for the gay agenda, and their militant thuggery is because of the "winner take all" attitude of the agenda.

Feldblum further wrote that, "For those who believe that a homosexual or bisexual orientation is not morally neutral, and that an individual who acts on his or her homosexual orientation is acting in a sinful or harmful manner (to himself or herself and to others), it is problematic when the government passes a law that gives such individuals equal access to all societal institutions."

"Conversely, for those who believe that any sexual orientation, including a homosexual or bisexual orientation, is morally neutral, and that an individual who acts on his or her homosexual or bisexual orientation acts in an honest and good manner, it is problematic when the government fails to pass laws providing equality to such individuals."

Ultimately, then, Feldblum believes that for the gay agenda to succeed, belief in God must be eliminated. This means that Feldblum either does not recognize, or does not care, that the gay agenda will infringe upon religious liberties. In fact, she is willing to enable victory for the gay agenda at the expense of people of faith.

So much for the First Amendment - you know the one - the one that says that "Congress shall not prohibit the free exercise thereof" when it comes to religious belief?

One group's liberties, in her eyes, are more important than others. Governmental favoritism is warranted, she seems to think, and if she sees gay rights as the eventual victors, then she will be willing to destroy all opposition, regardless of the protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution.

The Senate has yet to vote on Feldblum's nomination, but if she is accepted, as EEOC commissioner, Feldblum would rule on cases involving alleged violations of federal employment law, including gender, age, and race discrimination.

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Obama’s EEOC Nominee: Society Should ‘Not Tolerate Private Beliefs’ That ‘Adversely Affect’ Homosexuals - CNS News

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