Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tea Party leaders Interviewed by Katie Couric

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Katie Couric interviewed Tea Party leaders Michael Johns and Kellen Guida about the The Tea Party movement and the perception of the movement by those who identify with it.

Notice, by the interview, contrary to some opinions, the Tea Party Movement is described by the guests as being about a whole lot more than taxes, as the name may suggest. The Tea Party Movement is a genuine, authentic American movement that is at odds with a misguided government agenda the founding fathers never intended this nation to fall under the iron grip of. As the current administration attempts to impose an agenda with policies that follow the socialist programs of failed governments of the past, the American People have risen up to exclaim that the Obama Administration and the Congressional Democrats cannot continue to do what they are doing without the consent of the American People. Government is not bigger than the law, and it is not bigger than the people.

Government does not solve problems. Independent, self-reliant people with liberty, and opportunity does.

Michael Johns, one of the persons in the interview in the video above will join Political Pistachio Radio next weekend - don't miss it!

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Katie Couric Interviews Tea Party Leaders - CBS News

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